21 Nisan 2021

Turning Wife Out

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How I turned my wife into a shared wife.

Our first meeting was totally by chance. I went along with a co-worker to visit his aunt and uncle in a nearby city near our military base back east, and that’s where I met Tammie. She wasn’t stunning to look at but she had a great smile, a great sense of humor and a nice figure. And the clincher was that damned southern accent!

Since there seemed to be some sort of spark there, I set up a date about a week later on a day that I was off duty and could drive the 60 miles back to her city to pick her up. When I arrived, I was met at the door by her entire family, which was a little strange, but it was the south and maybe that’s how they did stuff. What did I know? So they invited me in but made me wait at the base of the stairs for her to come down. Once I was in for a minute or two, I guess the fascination with me wore off, as they all went back to whatever the hell they were doing before I arrived.

So when Tammie finally came down the stairs, she looked pretty hot! She was wearing a pretty short, flowing skirt, a low cut blouse that showed off a fair amount of cleavage, and some nice high heels. As she walked down the stairs, I could see that she was wearing very light grey stockings, held up with a garter belt. I couldn’t be sure but I could have sworn at the moment that as she stepped and her skirt moved about, that she wasn’t wearing any panties either, but I couldn’t be for sure and of course I hoped for the best!!

We said our goodbyes, promised to not be out too late and split. I walked her out to the car, opened the door for her and she didn’t try to hide the tops of her stockings as she got in, which got me thinking right away that she liked to be a little daring and flirty. My kind of girl!!

As the night went on, things were going pretty well. She sat across the dinner table from me, but rubbed my leg under the table with her foot, and I’m pretty sure she was leaning forward on purpose to give me a better view down her blouse at her tits. After dinner, we went out to local’s bar that she knew of and she sat very close to me, put her hand on my leg and when we danced, she really started to press herself up against me in all the right places.

As the night sped by, I knew that I had to get her back on time, or I wouldn’t get the chance to see her again, so I had to get her back. But I got a really hot, passionate kiss before walking her back to her door. As we were walking up the walkway, I had my arm on her waist. Before we got all the way up to the door, she took my hand and slid it down to her ass, which then I could confirm, NO PANTIES!

We talked again 2 days later and she happily agreed to another date, which was music to my ears. So about a week after choosing when to get together, we talked early in the day and she suggested that instead of canlı bahis me picking her up at home, why didn’t we just meet at the bar that we went to, and we could hang out, dance and have a few drinks and could give her a ride back home later. Sounded pretty good to me, so I went to the bar, but I was a little anxious so I got there a bit early, and waited for her. I was there about 30 minutes when she came in. As I sat there and watched her walk in, I’m pretty sure I drooled a little bit, as she looked really hot. She wore an even shorter skirt than our last date, a very tight blouse that was off of her shoulders and obviously no bra! She couldn’t have been wearing stockings this time, because her skirt was way too short, but I was pretty curious about if there was anything else under that short little dress. She walked straight over to me and gave me the kind of kiss that gave me an instant boner and we immediately hit the dance floor. After a few dances, we found a place at the bar and I tried not to stare at her hard nipples too much, but man, they were too yummy not too. Obviously she caught me when she asked “So, you like what you see?” Affirmative, was my immediate answer.

After a few drinks and a few more dances, she said that it was getting close to when she was expected to be home and thought that I should get her home soon. As sad as I was at that moment, I would be equally happy not long after, since she had a plan. As we were driving towards her house, she had me take a side road that led to a series of darker alleyways, which she had me pull over and stop in one. She unclipped her seatbelt, looked around and leaned over and gave me another one of those kisses that just got my blood pumping. As she was kissing me, I heard that she was also unclipping my seatbelt, let it slip in between us, then I felt her hands at my pants button. It didn’t take her but a minute before she had me out in the open and in her mouth. She made it pretty obvious that she knew what she was doing and I came hard in short order and she didn’t miss a drop.

After she was done, she sat up, she made sure she didn’t miss any left on her lips and said that we better get going if we were going to be on time. As we pull up to her house, she unbuckled her seatbelt and told me to stay in the car, instead of walking her to the door. She leaned over and gave me a very salty kiss, lifted her butt off of the seat and peeled off her panties and handed them to me and said “these are your reward for giving me a ride home. I always like to give a guy something as a reward for giving me a ride home.” They were so sexy and I was instantly hard again. As I stared at her ass as she walked towards the door, she reached back and gave her little skirt a flip to show me her bare ass, then was gone.

Needless to say, I thought long and hard about that night and before bahis siteleri long, there were many just like it. As time when on, it was becoming pretty obvious that she liked to show off her body, which was just fine with me! She would tell me that when she and her girlfriends went out dancing that liked discovering that guys that she would dance with had hard on’s and they would rub it up against her and it made her wet. She said that she wouldn’t ever let things go further than that, but she got really horny after she went dancing and needed to see me soon after. Hearing about guys rubbing their hard cocks up against my girlfriend made me kind of hard too. It was becoming quite a regular occurrence to see her come out to the base where I worked wearing a very short skirt and a white tank top, and I’m sure no bra or panties, to bring me lunch in front of all of the guys, so I knew what a showoff she was.

We did get married about a year later. Our sex life was just getting more and more hot. It wasn’t until we got married and moved in together that I discovered she LOVED anal sex. So there were many times when I was fucking her that I used a toy to fuck her ass while I was in her pussy. Being DP’d made her cum really hard and many times. There were days when she begged to have her pussy and ass fucked at the same time, that it made her cum so hard. So after seeing how much she loved having her pussy and her ass filled at the same time, I decided to recruit a few of my friends to give her the real thing, which I knew she would love.

Having been living off base in a stinking trailer for several months, we discovered that they have pretty thin walls, meaning that when a neighbor told me one day that “sounds like you kids had fun last night”, meaning that when I was really pumping her asshole with a big black dildo while I fucked her pussy, she was cumming hard and was pretty loud. After that, we would always put on some rock and roll and turn it up loud, to help drown out our sounds.

One particular day, Tammie called me on the base to say that she had just got back from town and bought a really sexy stocking and garter belt set that she was looking forward to modeling for me tonight. I told her to have it on when I got home. That’s when I decided to put my plan into play. I told 3 of the guys that she was going to be ready and waiting for me. That we would get busy soon after we got off of work and to follow me out to the trailer but wait for about an hour. Once the music was up good and loud, I made sure to leave the door unlocked and I wanted them to come in and wait in the living room. With the music so loud, neither of us would hear them come in.

My plan was to get a couple of good stiff drinks in her, take her back into the bedroom and tease the shit out of her until she was crawling out of her skin to be fucked. bahis şirketleri Really tease her bad, get her as wet as she’s ever been, do everything except start to fuck her. Then when I see that she can’t take anymore, tell her that I needed another drink and go into the living room, where the fella’s were waiting, leaving her in the bedroom, completely hot and bothered. I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before when wouldn’t be able to wait any longer and she would come looking for me, but what I didn’t anticipate was what she said as she was walking down the hall from the bedroom to the living room.

Not knowing what’s waiting for her in the next room, as she steps into the living room in only her garter and stocking, and nothing more, holding a big black dildo to fill one of her holes while I filled the other, Tammie screams out “How long are you going to make me wait to have my pussy and ass fucked at the same time?” There, standing in the living room are 3 other guys besides me, naked and all’s that I hear is “ohhh” from her. We immediately push her down to her knees to start sucking cocks. We all start telling her that her pussy, ass and mouth are going to get all the cock that she can take tonight, but she better get those cocks good and hard first. And that’s exactly what she eagerly did. She was gulping and gasping and choking and taking us all, one after the next.

Then I said that it was time to fuck that ass, so I had one of the guys lay on the couch so she could take his cock in her pussy, then got one of the other guys to get up behind her and dripped a little lube on her ass and there were two “Real” hard cocks in her pussy and ass at the same time. She was moaning and getting louder, so Brett, my other co-worker, started to fuck her mouth to quiet her down. Well, at least she was a little quieter! After she came a couple of times, the guys switched and all took turns with different holes. After about an hour of fucking her hard, they guys started to take turns cumming in her and on her. Then we all decided to take turns leaving a load each in her ass.

Once the fella’s left, she stumbled back to the bedroom and fell asleep immediately, filled with and covered with cum.

The next day, when she finally woke up, she took a shower and said that she never been so sore and so happy at the same time. We talked about it for some time, and I asked her how she felt about what I had set up for her. She was amazed that she was able to take all of that cock, but was glad that I had set that up for her. It wasn’t until a week went by, when the soreness went away, that she came to me to say that she may have become a whore, because she came up with an idea for another adventure. She said that she wanted to invite 2 of the guys to come with us to a drive in theater, and have them do whatever they want to her in the back seat.

So, from there, she’s become a whore for whomever I tell her to be a whore for. She will suck cock for anyone that I bring to her, with a smile on her face. She has become the perfect shared wife.

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