22 Nisan 2021

Twin Packages

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Dr. Deanna’s office is in a converted mansion on New York’s Fifth Avenue, across from Central Park. The structure was spacious. Her interior designer found an effective way to divide the space into workable units: accordion partitions. They are solid enough to create exam rooms and offices with privacy, yet flexible enough to easily fold up so a larger space can be created when needed…

… Like when she wants to see two patients at once. One room; two exam tables pushed together; two male packages to examine; and her.

Dr. Deanna meticulously plans her threesomes. She has her office manager schedule the patients with the packages she desires for the end of the day, so their “exam” can continue past office hours and into the deep recesses of the evening. The “exam” could even carry through the night until the dawn of the next day.

Some packages need that much attention.

It is a simple matter to give each charge their own exam room, adjacent to one another. She can then move back and forth between them easily, as physicians will do, giving each the professional urological consult they need; then, when the staff leaves for the day and no one else is expected, she can simply fold the partition, and presto! her two partners can come together for… an additional workup.

Her patients who get that 5 o’clock appointment, know they will be getting the “package deal.”

Today, she is having two of her favorite packages join her.

Kyle and Doug are identical twins. Except for Kyle having a beard, and Doug being clean-shaven, they’re exactly alike: same dark hair with blue eyes. Same mischievous smile. Same husky build. Same strong hands.

And same package. BIG package. Lovely package.

As twins, they are super-close. Can communicate illegal bahis through nuance. Not only that: they are both musicians who play in the same orchestra (viola and cello, respectively.) They are so highly attuned to each other musically, it’s like they are playing the same instrument.

When they have an appointment with Deanna – their “physician with benefits” – she becomes the instrument they play together.

She uses them when she wants her sex to have a soft, classical touch…

…such as when she’s in the mood for outercourse.

Kyle and Doug are naked, and lying on the exam tables pushed together. Their eyes are closed. Their breathing is deep and getting rapid.

Dr. Deanna is also naked, and kneeling in between their hips. Her eyes are focused entirely on the penises she is stroking. Her breathing is also getting rapid because she is so enamored with these burgeoning erections in her grasp.

She has examined, played with, and lusted for the packages of these guys for the many years they have been her patients. They get huge and potent and beautiful.

The look, the taste, the feel, the smell of each is deeply engraved in her sensory memory. Yet it never ceases to amaze her how identical they are. She considers herself a connoisseur of male sexual anatomy, and an expert at identifying the very special attraction of each set.

But truth be told, if she was to close her eyes while she was enjoying one, she really could not tell you whose it was. She is so delighted to have two of the exact same male wonders for her pleasure.

Dr. Deanna is stroking each hard-on with the same grip, same rhythm. She wants to see if one will get bigger and harder than the other. She knows from experience with the twins – extensive experience illegal bahis siteleri – that they will end up with the exact same length and girth. Exact same.

Yet another wonder.

But it’s the thrill of the competition that makes it all worthwhile. And it has to be a fair competition – she is a scientist, after all. The exact same stimulus has to be applied to each man’s package.

Softly stroke one; then the other.

Lick the head of one; then the other.

Caress the balls while you lick one; then the other.

Take one deeper into the mouth; then the other.

Suck harder on one; then the other.

Fondle and stroke while sucking one; then the other.

At this point the moans of Kyle and Doug are getting louder – together. Same increasing volume; same increasing pace. Dr. Deanna is so tempted to drink each one dry.

But this is a competition, and both contestants must be aroused the same way at the same time.

So she increases the pace of her stroking, and watches intently as they each come to the finish. Same shudder. Same thrust of the pelvis. Same ecstatic groan. Same spray from the same engorged penis.

Her own personal twin package fireworks.

What a thrill. What a wonder.

Dr. Deanna snuggles in between Kyle and Doug as they each catch their breath. Everyone has enjoyed the fireworks display. Dr. Deanna has once again delivered a stupendous package deal.

In fact, the two musicians are so warmed up and tuned up, they are more than ready to start playing… her.

Her bod made for sin is the perfect instrument.

Kyle and Doug each lean in close to Dr. Deanna. Close and tight. Their warm breath caresses both sides of her neck, up to her ear lobes. Eager tongues continue canlı bahis siteleri the caress around her ears, and then probe inside.

She shivers with a warm chill, and then gasps as the nibbles turn into bites. Tiny little love bites around her ears and onto her neck. Harder bites at the nape of her neck. Deeper bites.

At the same time, they each raise a hand to the nearest breast. Gentle twist of the nipple as they bite her neck. Now back to nibbling her neck and ear, and caressing the breast. Gentle squeezes.

Dr. Deanna is caught in a delicious tug-of-war between gentle arousal that makes her warm and acquiescent, and feral arousal that makes her hot and demanding. Forget outercourse! Time to get laid! She reaches for their crotches to get them big and hard fast, so they could take turns penetrating her over and over.

But they know this is outercourse night. The instrument doesn’t get to choose the song.

Doug senses she is getting very excited and pulls her to face him. Kisses her hard and sticks his tongue into her mouth. He knows she needs to suck, and she latches onto his tongue greedily.

In the meantime he brings his hand down to her crotch, and starts working her very swollen clit. A probing finger over her opening tells him she is very wet. The finger penetrates.

With her fully facing Doug, Kyle has full access to her from the rear. He presses against her real tight, and wraps his arm around her to grab her breast. He squeezes. He grabs a butt cheek with the other hand. He squeezes. He digs his mouth deep into the back nape of her neck. He bites.

Kyle and Doug are now in perfect synchrony playing their instrument. Their hands and mouths are working as one. Dr. Deanna is completely swept away by their music, to a point where she can no longer tell where she feels pleasure. It is everywhere.

As they leave for the evening, Dr. Deanna gives them each a loving kiss, and an appointment card for their next exam. Can’t go too long without one.

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