3 Mart 2021

Two Blousy Landladies

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My second job, after leaving school with one ‘A’ level, was working as a Work Study practitioner in Croydon for a Pension company. During the Miner’s Strike they saw fit to send me to Leeds, which in those days was the very out of fashion. There were three of us trying to write notes about the method of operation by torchlight, as half the fluorescent tubes had been removed by order of Edward Heath. I went out with the ‘boys’ from the office one night to a club and the highlight at midnight was a topless female juggler with tassels attached to her nipples who juggled lighted flaming brands. Our only excitement was waiting to see if see if she burnt her tits. At one o’clock we were all served mushy peas to comply with the licensing laws; and the beer was flat, thin, and cloudy.

I was put up in a small bed and breakfast with a youngish landlady, name of Glenda. She left me pretty much alone to write up my notes but was friendly and smiled nicely. On Saturday night I went by myself out to the pictures. This was not a nice experience as the screen was obscured by cigarette smoke. I can out after an hour, my clothes stinking of the obnoxious weed, I was glad to air them on the walk back to my ‘digs’.

The landlady came back at about at about nine o’clock very merry brandishing a bottle of champagne with another woman on her arm. She had won a hundred pounds and the champagne at Bingo, and was celebrating. While Glenda went into the kitchen for glasses, Miriam and I opened the bottle. Having been shaken on route, it opened with a bang and spumed over the top soaking my trousers at the crotch.

“Take them off!” cried Miriam and tugged at them on my legs. I had no option, so I dropped my drawers to shrieks canlı bahis of laughter. So, I was sitting there displaying all, when Glenda came in with the wine glasses. We toasted her success and drank the first glass straight down.

“O! The bubbles are getting up my nose,” shrieked Miriam, and Glenda said “Give me a kiss for luck.”

So I kissed her on the mouth and surprisingly she opened her lips and pushed her tongue into my mouth and our innocent kiss became sexy! Mary noticed my reaction as my prick stirred itself.

“Well if that’s your reaction give me a good kiss as well!”.

So I did, an even longer one. Miriam grabbed my prick at the same time and stroked it gently, until it was fully stiff. Things went quiet for a moment.

“I feel a bit hot” Glenda said, and took off her blouse and skirt, Miriam followed suit. Underneath they both had white bras and knickers and white suspender belts holding up their brown stockings,

“Let me help you” and I kneeled in front of Miriam, and slowly pulled her knickers down, revealing a full brown bush between her legs. I leant forward and kissed her again and started to fondle her twat. She opened her legs to my touch, and she quickly became wet. Miriam pulled me down onto the sofa and with her guiding me, I slid into her quim.

Glenda meanwhile was watching avidly for the armchair. We fucked quite swiftly, with me doing all the work. She felt wet and smooth though a bit ‘loose’; the feeling was enough to bring me off very quickly. I think Miriam came as well.

When I pulled out, I looked over to Glenda and saw she had her on her twat rubbing hard. moved over to her to divest her of her knickers. She lifted her bum to help bahis siteleri me as I pulled them down. I kissed her knees then kissed the inside of her thighs. They opened for me and I moved upwards to her twat. Her pubes were trimmed nicely.

“Nice bush Glenda ” I said.

” Yes, well I swim regularly and I don’t like to show my curlies”.

I pressed my mouth to her nether lips. They were open and wet. I forced my tongue right into her vagina, and then licked up to her clit. I could feel her suspender buttons rubbing against the side of my head She pressed my head into crotch and moved her thighs open further.

“Oh that’s lovely, keep on licking me” and she fucked my mouth with her cunt. Then she collapsed with a sigh.

“Oh, that was the first time for ages. Let’s finish the champagne” said Miriam.

So we filled our glasses and all sat with our legs splayed open. “I wonder what you taste like” said Glenda, and she came over to me and poured some champagne over my prick. Putting the bottle aside, she knelt down to me and took my limp dick into her mouth at the same time holding it with her hand.

“That’s nice, ……carry on and it might respond if you keep sucking.”

Glenda’s head went up and down and so did her hand, and I did indeed respond – I got nice and stiff again.

“Give her one, Dickie boy, its her turn now” laughed Miriam.

Glenda turned round on the floor and stuck her bum in the air.

“I want it doggy fashion,” she said. I positioned myself behind her and pushed forward.

Miriam came off the sofa and said, “Here let me help you”, and grabbed hold of my seven incher and placed it at the wet hole; I pushed in slowly; it was delicious; bahis şirketleri I gathered pace, moving faster in and out. Miriam reached under Glenda’s thighs and started frigging her clit.

“Don’t cum inside of me” said Glenda turning her head, “shove it up my bum instead.”

I was nearly cuming so I pulled back and then aimed for her dark bum hole, and pushed it inside, the cunt juice lubricating things. It was tight and dry, but the pain mixed with the pleasure, was exquisite. I pulled back twice more and then held it in as the pleasure peaked inside of me and I shoot my load. I moved back and forward inside of her, sliding on my spunk, prolonging the enjoyment.

Miriam’s fingers were moving quickly and Glenda raised her head up and cried out with joy as she came, her arse hole gripped me tight causing me yelp, she collapsed down on the floor pulling me down on top of herself.

” Wow, what a finish.”

We all helped to tidy the room up, gathering up our clothes and the two women pulling their drawers on again for decency.

“Would you like to stay the night?” asked Glenda to Miriam.

“You can share my bed, if you like” I said.

“Oh, OK then, I’ve no one staying at my B & B at the moment, so why not?” She and I went up together, while Glenda locked up.

“I what to have a piss”

“So do I ” I replied.

“Let’s go together then,”

Miriam said. She went into the separate toilet and sat on the seat with her legs opened and a stream of piss came out of her hairy mott. I pulled my limp prick out and directed my stream to between her legs, laughing as I did so. When she finished she wiped herself with the cloth hanging on a nail then leant forward and wiped me off. “Thanks.”

With that over, we both got into bed, me naked and Miriam wearing her bra and knickers. We went to sleep with her behind me with her hand holding my limp prick. So ended a memorable night in Leeds.

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