24 Haziran 2021

Two Nameless Sluts Pt. 01

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Sometimes you can tell right away when a girl is a total slut, and sometimes you don’t realize it until you sleep with her. This story is about two girls I met on a weekend trip a couple of years ago – two friends.

I was reluctant to even go on the trip when it was suggested to me by my parents. I was busy with work and felt a little weird about taking a trip with my parents at my age – I was almost thirty. But they pressed on, and told me about old family friends I’d be able to catch up with, some of whom I hadn’t seen in years, and finally guilted me into coming when they told me I’d be the only one in the immediate family not going, and that some of my parents’ relatives from out of town would be joining as well.

Fast forward a month or two. I pulled into the parking lot at the hotel. The place was in the middle of nowhere, and left much to be desired. It was desperately in need of a remodel, I thought as I walked inside. Soon, I was escorted to a wing of the building which essentially consisted of a hallway constructed in a large square, with guest rooms and restrooms on either side of the hall all the way around the square.

It seemed like our group, whoever that was, had the wing to ourselves. All I can really recall, looking back, is that the whole wing, which was probably sixty rooms in total, seemed to have all the doors thrown open as if waiting for people to just choose one and step inside. I really don’t know what the purpose was, but I could surely see that the rooms needed work. The bedspreads were hideous, the carpet was an awful dark blue and did not at all mesh with the pale wooden furniture, and the televisions were still the old tube type and not a flat screen like I was used to seeing. “What the hell?” I thought. “Did I go back in time?”

I strolled in with a cooler full of beer and I even had a couple bottles of liquor stashed in there, and as I walked the hall, I grabbed a beer and popped off the top. Turning the corner, I ran into a family friend I hadn’t seen in years.

He looked at me holding the beer and then shifted his gaze to the cooler and then back to me. “Drinking already, huh?” He said with a smile, shaking his head.

“Yeah. What the hell is this place?” I asked.

“Well, it’s good for a weekend getaway – you know, not too expensive, there’s stuff for the kids to do not too far from here, a lake and stuff, you know.”

We talked for just a couple minutes longer before we said goodbye and I headed farther down the hall. It seemed like there weren’t many people there, or maybe they just hadn’t arrived yet. I kept making my way down the hall until I found a quiet, secluded room near the far corner of the big square.

I shrugged my shoulders. “I’ve never been to a place where you could just pick a room and walk in,” I thought. But I didn’t see any other system for selecting a room, so I carried my cooler and my suitcase inside and closed the door.

I quickly finished my first beer and opened another one before meandering over to the window. I couldn’t see much, really – just a bunch of trees. The hotel was surrounded by them. “Great,” I said aloud. “Now what the hell am I going to do?”

After I had scrolled through updates on various social media accounts, checked my email, and tried to find something to watch on TV, and wound up just as bored as I had been to start with, I decided to walk around the wing again to see if anybody else had arrived. However, I was disappointed again. There were a few more people, but nobody I really knew all that well. My parents and siblings hadn’t made it in yet either, so I decided to go out and find something for dinner.

Finding a simple pizza joint seemed to take forever, and once I ordered my takeout and brought it back to the hotel and ate, almost an hour and a half had passed. My parents and siblings had just arrived so I carried a couple of beers down to their room and caught up with them as I drank the two beers.

We had a good time, and a couple or three hours passed rather quickly before they decided to call it a night a few minutes after 10:00, saying they were tired and my dad needed a shower. So I left their room and told them we’d talk tomorrow and went back out into the hall. I thought about venturing back to my room, but decided to take one more trip around that square and see if anyone else I knew had arrived. On the other hand, I didn’t even know who was coming.

I had drunk four beers that afternoon and evening, but I didn’t feel a thing, probably because I drank them over the course of about six hours. So it’s fair to say I was sober.

I didn’t really know what to do with myself at that point. I wasn’t ready to call it a night, but I wasn’t in the mood to sit in a hotel room and drink by myself either, and it didn’t really seem like there was anyone around to hang out with. However, I was about to stumble across something that would make the dreadfully boring weekend I was anticipating much more exciting.

I passed hotel rooms canlı bahis as I walked, some with the doors open, most with doors closed. For what seems like forever, I wandered the hallways. I left our wing and wandered into another part of the hotel. It was a bit like my wing, I thought – somewhat deserted, the people that were there acting like they owned the place, probably because there weren’t that many people around.

Again I passed doors, some closed and some open. Peering in one open door with the lights off, I noticed it was a bathroom. All of the sudden I felt like I had to piss, so I stepped inside and turned on the light.

At first, I didn’t notice anything unusual about the bathroom. I went inside and went straight to the toilet, lifted the lid, unzipped my pants, and started to piss. It was only then that I began to look around the room. To my left, there was a shower, and the shower curtain had been flung open and it looked like someone had rubbed a bar of soap all over the shower wall. I couldn’t tell if it was a design or if it was just scribbling. In that moment, I began to wonder why there was a shower in that bathroom at all.

“Must be the forgotten corner of this place,” I thought. Hell, as bored as I was, I might have done the same thing if I had about five more beers. As I chuckled to myself, I flushed and zipped up and made my way toward the sink – and that’s when everything changed.

The walls of the sink were covered in paper, copier paper to be specific, and it was a little crumpled and taped to the sides and top of the sink with masking tape. What really got my attention, though, was the one at the bottom of the sink. Someone had written on it with a sharpie, clearly in a way that would get anyone’s attention who would attempt to wash their hands in the sink. It said:

Pretty faces

Will suck your cock

June 27 6-10:30 P.M.

I didn’t know what to think at first. Well, that’s not completely true – my first instinct was to check the date and time. A quick glance at my phone revealed that the date was indeed June 27, and the time was 10:22. “Wow!” I thought – “where?”

If it was true, that there were two girls with pretty faces willing to suck off whoever walked in, then that was incredibly hot. But like anything else, there were so many twists and ways it could be something other than what I imagined. Maybe it was a tease. Maybe I’d never find them. Maybe someone else had walked in and they were busy doing as they promised – and maybe they weren’t even female. “Shit,” I thought. “Maybe I’m not so lucky.”

But I had to find out. The idea of two – or possibly more – attractive girls putting themselves out there like that was incredibly arousing. It had to be more than one after all – the note said “faces,” not “face.” I just had to find out if it could be true.

I opened the door slowly and stepped out of the bathroom. “If they are around here,” I thought, “where would they be?” At the time, I was thinking possibly a neighboring room, but the handwritten note really didn’t say where to go looking for them. Maybe they didn’t want anyone to come looking for them, but that meant that if any of it was true, they had to be looking for me. Or, well, not really me, but someone.

I looked to my left down the hallway and saw nothing. There were no open doors, nothing. So I turned my head and looked to my right, and I was astonished to see, through the door at the end of the hall, maybe thirty feet away, a girl looking through the opening of a hotel room door. I just looked at her for a few seconds, wondering if she might have been the one who wrote the note.

She looked back at me for a few seconds too – I guess she was trying to figure out if I had read the note, and if I had, whether I was actively looking for its author. My face and lingering gaze must have said it all. As the seconds passed, she opened up the door and made her way down the hall in my direction.

Through the door, I could see a shirtless man lying on his side on the bed, turned away from the door, asleep. And after five seconds or so, I could see a second girl emerge from the room trailing the first one.

The first girl was blonde, very light blonde with pale skin. She was thin but not overly so, and just a couple inches over five feet tall, as far as I could tell. Clearly that was not her natural hair color, as I could see dark roots emerging from her scalp and a couple of dark highlights toward her face. She wore a pair of tight, short denim shorts with pockets sticking down past the hem in the front, and combined with her loose, semi-cropped t-shirt like a girl might wear to bed, she had a couple of inches of exposed skin between her shirt and shorts. As she turned to look at her friend, I saw that her ass cheeks weren’t completely covered by the shorts.

The second girl was brunette, brown-eyed, about five inches taller than the first girl, and had wavy long hair. She was probably just a little thinner than the first girl, or bahis siteleri maybe she just looked like it because she was taller. Wearing a long t-shirt and denim shorts that were just a little longer than her friend’s, her skin had a little more color, and she was more attractive than the first girl, but really she didn’t look quite as sexy, although the difference in sexiness was probably all due to the clothes they wore. Both girls looked a few years younger than me. “How young?” I wondered to myself.

“So, you read our little note?” Asked the blonde as she approached the bathroom. My greatest hopes had just been confirmed. There really were two girls willing to suck my dick after having just met me. How slutty! How sexy! How awesome was that! All I could do was nod.

As they approached, the blonde waited for the brunette to catch up, and I backed into the bathroom. The brunette entered the room behind me, and the blonde came in just behind her and closed the door as the brunette approached me. From there, it was a quick flurry of conversation – everyone in the room seemed to have one or two things that needed to be mentioned before anything happened, if anything happened at all.

“So, how old are you girls?” I asked. I had to ask. As aroused as I was, I had to make sure the girls were old enough.

“Okay, two things – no names, and no condoms!” the blonde said.

“We’re nineteen,” said the brunette. Awesome, I thought. Man, I didn’t remember nineteen-year-olds looking quite that young when I was their age. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. The older you get, the younger other people seem, even at the same age.

The brunette was closest to me, and I reached out to her, trying to pull her in with my right hand as I placed it just on the hem of her shirt and lifted my hand up, taking the shirt with it, until I felt the bare skin of her stomach and left side.

She stopped me cold, reaching out with both hands and removing my hand from her body. “No. I’m not having a threesome!” She exclaimed.

“You fantasize about this, you told me you wanted to try a threesome!” The blonde objected.

“Yeah, well, my – my fantasies – they were always with two guys!” The brunette’s face quickly became red with embarrassment as the blonde had just revealed something that was supposed to be kept a secret. “I’m not bi, or anything, you know? And besides, you’re my best friend! I can’t sleep with you, you know?”

“Well, you can – you just won’t. I wouldn’t mind, you know,” said the blonde. She then turned to me and put her arms around my neck, and spoke to me. “She really wants it, she just won’t admit it,” she explained. Her shirt rose as she lifted her arms, and my hands moved instinctively to feel the exposed six inches or do that the sexy girl was teasing me with.

“No, I mean, I don’t know – I’m just not sure if I want to try anything like that, you know? Two guys, I might try – I don’t know,” she objected as I began to caress the exposed part of the blonde’s sides with both hands, gently feeling what she was offering me.

“Fine, suit yourself,” said the blonde. She turned to look me in the eye as the brunette, sensing that she was encroaching upon something intimate, began to slowly back away. “Watch me have all the fun,” she said voluptuously, stopping her friend in her tracks. It was incredibly erotic the way she said it, and the way she looked at me, conceding that she was letting me, a total stranger, have my way with her, and conceding how much she liked the idea.

“You – you want me to watch? Are you serious?” The brunette asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, I’m serious. We both know how this works. I try to get oh to have some actual fun, you chicken out and watch me have fun and fantasize about what it would be like.”

“This is different – this isn’t getting drunk or skydiving or bungee jumping,” the brunette said, alluding to events I imagine she watched from nearby. “This is you having sex with a stranger!”

“He might be an axe murderer! You can’t leave me alone!” The blonde turned toward me, moving her face out of her friend’s sight, and winked. I could tell she really didn’t think I was capable of such a thing, but she was just doing whatever it took to keep her in the room, whether it was because she just wanted to be watched or because she was holding out hope that her friend would join us.

“Ok, fine. Oh my god. I can’t believe I’m doing this – just – just – wow.” The brunette shook her head, defeated, and slowly took a seat on the edge of he shower.

“Good. Only this time I imagine you’ll be fantasizing about this later with your fingers buried deep in that pussy,” she said, laughing. I thought it was a joke, but I hoped it wouldn’t be.

Satisfied for the moment that her friend agreed to stay, the blonde turner her attention back to me and raised her head and looked into my eyes. “So, you want your dick sucked, right?”

“Sure – no names and no condoms, right?” I asked as I began to erotically bahis şirketleri squeeze her exposed sides, jamming my thumbs into the flesh just above her hip bones. It drove her crazy, and me too.

“It’s so fucking hot this way,” she said. “The risk, the – feeling, the – it just,” she sighed. “It fucking turns me on so much.” She dove in for a kiss, and within seconds, our lips parted and our tongues met. Our mouths opened and she bit my lip gently and I massaged her tongue with mine.

“Yeah, it’s really hot, sexy, just the way I want you,” I said as our lips parted. As soon as she heard my words, she just dove right back in, spurred on. Our tongues met again and danced around one another, feeling each other for several minutes. My grip on her sides loosened and tightened again with each thrust of our tongues, and then loosened as I moved my hands first to her ass and then to her stomach and finally to her sides again. I began to lift my hands, and slowly she complied, lifting hers as well as I grabbed her shirt and smoothly slipped it over her head, opening my eyes to admire her body.

“Yeah, it’s really slutty,” she said, looking me in the eye. “It fucking turns me on,” she said before kissing me again.

“Yeah, it’s slutty,” I said as the kiss ended, “and it fucking turns me on too.” My hands were now feeling the mostly exposed upper half of her body – her back, her stomach, her chest. I was lightly moving my hands across every inch of bare skin I could find – before finally moving my hands down to her ass and feeling her cheeks underneath her shorts.

“I like being slutty,” she said seductively as she broke off another kiss and looked into my eyes.

“Are you going to suck him off or what?” Said the brunette from behind me.

“You just want to watch me, don’t you?

“I just don’t want to be in here watching you all night!”

“Yeah, right, you are horny as hell and you know it!” The brunette did not respond this time, only watched, eagerly it turned out, as the blonde took off my shirt and pressed her bare skin into mine as she kissed me again. We kissed passionately for several minutes before she began to unsnap and unzip my shorts and let them fall to the floor. She quickly followed suit, and in a few seconds, she was on her knees, pulling down my boxers and pressing my hard cock between her tits.

“Ready to watch me be a little filthy slut?” She said, turning toward her friend, who again was red with embarrassment. I slipped my hand behind her back and unhooked her bra, which fell to the floor as she continued to tease my cock with her now bare tits.

“Talk dirty to me,” she said, looking up into my eyes. “Like, call me a slut and everything. And I want you to mean it. It turns me on,” she said. “And it turns miss prude over there on too, she just won’t admit it – but you’ll see.”

“You want me to call you a slut?” I said.

“Mmmhmmm,” she said as she slipped her hands around my cock. “Because,” she said, pausing to lick the tip of my dick, teasing me. “I’m a slut.” I needed no more encouragement.

“Then suck my cock, you filthy little slut.” She already had my dick halfway in her mouth before I finished speaking. “Ohhhh, yes, show me how much of a little slut you are, ohhhh yes!” I moaned. Pausing only long enough to turn 90 degrees so she could let her friend watch from the side, she leaned forward again and pressed her lips down on my shaft, taking most of it into her mouth.

“Oh my god! You don’t even – ” the brunette said.

“Don’t even what?” The blonde replied, stopping herself for a moment.

“You don’t even know him – don’t even know his name – and you’re blowing him!” Looking up at me, she spoke again. “I’m sorry, but it’s true!”

The blonde looked over at her. “Exactly – and its fucking hot!” The brunette just shook her head in disbelief. “You knew what we were getting into when we left that note! And I know you think it’s fucking hot too! What did you want to do, just watch me suck cock? Here you go – watch this little slut suck this random guy’s cock!”

With that, she engulfed almost all of my cock with her mouth, teasing it gently with her tongue, all along its length as she took my dick into her mouth and then pressed her lips together over it and sucked as she removed it from my mouth, teasing the tip with her tongue. My cock was now fully erect.

“See how I take cock from strangers? Hmm?” She asked her friend. “Watch – watch me blow him. Watch me blow this random cock!” She again pulled my cock into her mouth and flicked her tongue around my shaft before easing it out as she sucked, flicking across the tip, eagerly pleasuring me. “See what a little slut I am?” She asked her friend as she paused again.

“Yes, you’re a good little cocksucking slut,” I said.

“See, he thinks so for sure, right?” She looked at me; I nodded. She turned back to her friend. I turned to look at the brunette too,

“Well, are you going to suck him off or are you going to keep looking over at me? What do you want, my approval?” Asked the brunette.

“That’s not all I want! I tell you what. You admit you want to watch me, and you tell me I’m a nasty little slut, and I’ll go back to sucking him off. OK?”

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