14 Haziran 2021

Two Weeks

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I was waiting (albeit impatiently) for him to get home from work. I had been in a mood since I woke up, but there hadn’t been any time to alleviate myself before we had both left for the day, and I was now taut as a bowstring. We had the next two weeks off work for the holidays, and you had better believe I had things planned for us every single day.

When I heard the key turn in the lock, I said, “Hey there, lover.” He smiled that half smile that always made me want to pounce on him, “Hey babe. Glad to be home…today was a long day.” Oh, he had noooo idea. I walked over to him and took his hand, bringing his fingers up to my lips and kissing each one, “Come with me.”

Once we were in our room, he turned me around to face him, “What do you need tonight?” he asked.

“I need control,” I said quietly. With those three words, his entire demeanor changed in an instant. He stood very still while I unbuttoned and removed his shirt, pants, and boxers, then he sank to his knees and put his wrists together behind him. I went to the closet to retrieve my ropes.

The shortest rope was used to bind canlı bahis his hands together. I helped him to stand and led him to our chair. The chair was huge, taking up nearly one fourth of the room. It was built to ensure maximum comfort for the one being restrained while ensuring that their partner had complete access to their body. I used the remaining ropes to tie him to the chair, and the sight of his bare chest covered in restraints made me dizzy with desire. I could feel my pulse between my legs, and had to work to calm myself down before I spoiled the fun. He watched as I removed my shirt, his eyes hungry. “Your breasts are perfect. Have I told you that before?” I couldn’t help but grin, “Once or twice. Have I ever told you,” I said as I knelt down in front of him, “that this,” I took him in my hands, “is spectacular?” He moaned softly and his ass clenched as I lightly ran my fingers up and down his salute.

When he was stiff as a board, I left him to go back to the closet. I rummaged through the armoire to find his favorite dildo and the lube. The blue, ridged toy was just wide enough to cause that bahis siteleri delicious fullness and pleasure that made ass-play so much fun. I gave it a good coating of lube, and returned to my waiting captive. His eyes sparked and his pupils dilated at the sight of our plastic friend. My voice took on the authoritative tone I reserved for these special occasions, “I am going to fuck your ass with this while I fuck you with my mouth. I will not be gentle.” “Good. I’d be pissed if you were.” With an impish grin, I nipped at his chest and sucked hard on his nipples. There was nothing sexier than being in control of those groans.

I took Mr. Blue and traced along my lover’s gorgeous ass for a while, then plunged it in. Even though he knew it was coming, he couldn’t help but gasp and tighten around it. I moved it in and out, slowly at first, then faster and harder. He was breathing hard, sweating with pleasure when I took him in my mouth, to the very back of my throat. Where my thrusts in back were fast, my teeth and tongue were slow. Reaching up with my free hand, I raked my nails down his torso, digging bahis şirketleri deeply enough to hover on that line between pleasure and pain.

He was close to release, and so was I. I took my mouth off of him and gave little bites up and down his inner thighs while continuing my onslaught on his ass. “Babe!” he cried out, “I’m about to cum.” “Good,” I purred, “You’d better give me a good meal, or I might have to punish you,” and then I took him back into my mouth.

I increased all tempos until he screamed my name to the ceiling and I felt hot liquid exploding in my mouth. I loved the taste and smell of him, and didn’t hesitate to swallow it all. Being in complete control of his body brought about my own orgasm, and I scraped my nails on the plush chair cushion.

When he was utterly spent, I gently untied him, led him to the bed and undressed, turning off the light. I curled up on his chest and felt his strong arms snake around me, his fingers lazily tracing designs on my back. “As always, that was un-fucking-believable,” he said.

I kissed his chest, “Glad to hear it. I love it when you scream my name.” “I love it when you tie me up.” A few moments of silence passed before he spoke again, “What are we doing tomorrow night?”

I smiled against his damp skin, “We’ll have to see…”

…to be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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