14 Haziran 2021

Unexpected Perks Pt. 02

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Thirty seconds after finishing, John backed away from Marie and sat down onto the chair in his office. His face was expressionless, mimicking what was going on in his head.

“See you Monday, Coach,” Marie enthusiastically said, similar to every other time she had said the familiar phrase. She put her clothes on, and smiled as she sauntered out of the room.

“Yeah, see you.” It was more of a reflex than anything. He wasn’t really processing the conversation, instead starting to wonder what he just did. He knew Marie was of age, but was he violating some legal or district mandate? And after all of this, that was just a small part of what was racing around in his mind. The sex. Jessica’s mishap on the court. The rest of the girls running around in their sports bras. How was he supposed to move forward from this point? At least he had the rest of the weekend to think about it. Maybe he should resign. Maybe he could talk with Marie and the rest of the team, let them he made a mistake. Or maybe he should just let it be, not saying anything to anyone.

Marie, on the other hand, was already scheming her next encounter. This was too hot to make it just a one-time thing. Her first task was to make her way back to the locker room to get her equipment. When she got there, almost everyone was gone. Everyone except Jessica. Jessica was wearing a towel, sitting on the bench. She was demoralized coming off the court, but her teammates had cracked a few jokes and let her know it wasn’t a big deal. She felt better even though she was the one who had a boob pop out in front of their coach. Jessica started to get dressed as Marie approached.

“How you feeling, Jess?” It was a small question, but Marie hoped it would show her teammate that she cared.

“Better. I haven’t figured out how I am going to face Coach Walter on Monday. But the shower helped get all of that sweat off, and now I feel much better. Thanks for asking!” Jessica was holding the conversation and getting dressed at the same time. She had shed the towel, allowing Marie to see her whole nude body in all its glory.

“Damn, girl. If you really think he has a problem seeing your body, you are crazy. And I think he is going to have other things on his mind rather than worrying about you. I’ll make sure of that.” Marie was not kidding. She already had some plans, and looking at Jessica’s body, she was going to have to figure out how to incorporate her into those plans. For now, she soaked in the vision before her and tried to figure out what she was going to do this weekend.

Melissa was waiting for her twin sister in the car they shared. She had showered after practice and spent a few minutes consoling Jessica before heading out of the gym. She had thought the incident was hilarious, but Jessica was not quite in the same frame of mind. She told Jessica it was no big deal, and no one would even remember it by Monday.

“About time, Marie. What kept you?” Melissa had been sitting in the car listening to the radio for about ten minutes.

“Oh, nothing. Just stopped by to thank coach. And then talked a bit with Jessica. We probably should do something to cheer her up,” Marie responded to her sister, not going into detail about what that thanking entailed.

“Slumber party? I don’t think Mom and Dad would care.” Melissa was sure that their parents wouldn’t care as long as they it was just the basketball team.

“Maybe some other time, but I was thinking about a shopping trip tomorrow. I need to get a few new things for the team dress up rules, and I’m sure you could as well. Jessica won’t turn us down, and it would be good for her to get out of her house.”

Melissa agreed with what Marie had said. They both needed some new clothes, and Jessica was always up for tagging along. They could hit the mall, maybe get a good meal after. Melissa texted Jessica to set it up for tomorrow.


John had made it home. He obviously needed a cold shower, or three. He spent a few minutes in the shower, just letting the water cascade down his forehead onto the rest of his body. He thought about what had happened, laughing at how surreal it was. How unexpected it was. He replayed all of the little details of how it started, thinking if there was anything he could have done differently. He didn’t spend more than a few seconds thinking about that, though. As he ran it through his mind, he found that he didn’t want to change what happened. He kept thinking about Jessica, both from the scrimmage and from the incident at practice. John turned the heat to a more normal shower temperature and closed his eyes. He replayed the interaction with Marie in his head, stroking his rapidly lengthening penis in his hand. He recalled Marie tweaking her nipples and then taking off her sports bra. He was quickening his pace, working himself to another orgasm. In his mind John saw Marie taking his penis in her mouth, sucking him off in his office. Her head was buried, pumping up and down on his shaft. His illegal bahis hand matched her rhythm. He was about ready to explode. His mind skipped ahead to her riding him in the chair, and that was enough. “Ahhhhhhhh!” John shouted as he shot streams of cum onto the floor of his shower. He was going to use this experience for all that he could in the near future.

After he finished his shower, John had some work to do outside. He spent the better part of three hours cleaning up his yard and preparing it for the coming winter. It was physically hard work. He didn’t spend a whole lot of time doing manual labor, so his muscles were sore after using the shovel and rake. He would definitely feel it tomorrow. As for today, a few beers and movie would be enough. It would be an early night of sleep.


The twins swung by Jessica’s house to pick her up before heading to the mall. She had dressed in her typical conservative nature, wearing loose jeans and a zip up hooded sweatshirt. Her body couldn’t really be hidden, especially her massive chest. Marie technically was dressed in a similar outfit; her jeans were so tight they looked painted on and she wore a tight, half zip sweater. Anyone who got near her could tell she did not wear anything under it. The chill of the changing November weather meant that her nipples were proudly pointing out, and she made sure the zipper was as far down as it could go. She really did not have a whole lot of cleavage, but it was prominent. Melissa’s dress was somewhere in between, a zip up hoodie left half unzipped with a tank top underneath. Her jeans were tight, but not quite as much her sister’s.

The girls were going to be shopping for some more formal wear. The team decided to dress up for home games, meaning the typical track suits and team sweatshirts would not be acceptable. The twins had a few dresses, but they were both looking for something more stylish. A couple of skirts each would do, but with their long legs it could be a challenge to find something that did not look obscene. They could probably use some more tops as well. The big mission, at least in the eyes of Marie and Melissa, was to get Jessica some clothes that better fit what they thought she should be wearing. A nice dress that showed some cleavage and just enough leg to be intriguing. Or a short skirt and tight top. Maybe something that showed some midriff. There were so many styles that would look great on a body like hers. The big issue would be convincing her. The twins had a plan for that, though.

Their first stop was going to be the little boutique just inside the main corridor. The boutique carried all kinds of nice little skirts and dresses, but the best part was that they would trim to whatever length you wanted. They tried on a few different materials and designs. Jessica started off with a floral print full length skirt. She made it look nice, but it was not going to work for Marie. Jessica put it in her bag, but Marie gave her a black design that sat just at the knee.

“What do you think about that, Jessica?” Melissa asked. She knew it was much better than the full length one Jessica had just tried on, but at 22″ it was still too long. Baby steps, though.

“It feels good,” Jessica responded. She knew Marie and Melissa were going to hound her to wear something shorter, but she was comfortable with this one. “I think the length is good, and I have quite a few nice long sleeved shirts and sweaters that will go right with it.”

“Awesome!” Marie grabbed the ticket that went with the design and material. She wrote down Jessica’s name and waist size. For the length, she figured 16″ would probably put the bottom sitting just a couple of inches below the bottom of her butt. Jessica would not get to see the ticket before it was given to the clerk. “Let’s pick out a few more. You’re going to need them with all of the home games we have.”

Melissa was busy trying on some things for herself. She found a nice material in gray that would work well. She also made sure to grab a black, thin material and one in red. Of course, she was going to order hers at the same length as Jessica’s, meaning on her it might not even cover her rear. It would look exactly how she wanted it to. After putting in her orders, she made sure to join her sister in helping Jessica. Marie was showing Jessica some dresses. There were a few different styles. They were looking at some high waisted designs which would really pop on Jessica’s body. Of course, Jessica stayed away from the plunging neckline that Marie really wanted her to choose. Instead she looked at the halter style that showed off her arms but not much else. She liked it, and they worked to get measurements. Marie filled out the card, making sure that she marked the top to be a v-neck instead of the halter that Jessica wanted. She also made sure to subtract a couple of inches off the 32 inch bust measurement, hoping that it would tighten up the top on Jessica.

They were told to stop by illegal bahis siteleri after about three hours, and the skirts would be ready. They would need to pick up the dresses later in the week. The girls moved on to a few different stores. They bought some tops, mostly simple button up style blouses. Some had shoulders cut out, others were only half button polo style. The girls worked hard on Jessica, getting her to try on a couple of more risqué styles. She tried a keyhole blouse after Marie convinced her she could wear a scarf to cover up the keyhole. Of course, Marie did not tell her that the scarf would not last long when she actually wore the blouse. The twins also had her try a lace up style using the same ruse. Her large breasts really showed well in both styles, and the twins were excited to see her dressed up for home games.


John had spent the early part of his Sunday doing laundry. He had a special dinner reception to attend later in the week, but after going through his wardrobe, he did not think he had the right outfit for the black tie event. A trip to the mall was not a huge inconvenience; he texted his coworker Christy Johnson to accompany him. John was not great with mixing colors and styles, so he always liked to have a female give advice when he could. Christy and John had worked together for a few years. She was in her early 30’s, had a cute face and body, and a pleasant disposition. She and John had never considered having a relationship more intimate than friends, but they were both single at the same time for more than a few weeks. She was always happy to help him out with his sartorial dilemmas as well as any other personal or professional issues he may have. He would do the same for her.

John and Christy arrived at the mall, and headed towards the nearest department store. John wasn’t picky, he just wanted to get the shopping done. He went straight to the suits, looking for just the right outfit for the formal event.

“I don’t know what you are going to, but I don’t think you will find something extra formal in a department store. I think you would have better luck renting a tuxedo or finding a formal wear shop if you want to buy something.” Christy’s suggestion made sense, so she and John went around the mall looking for the more appropriate store.


Jessica and the twins had spent about four hours or so at the mall, the last two just killing time by mostly window shopping. They had stopped in a few different stores, buying a couple things here and there. Thank goodness they still had a bunch of money left from their 18th birthdays, because they had spent a little more than they thought. With a little prodding, the twins had gotten Jessica to purchase some bralettes and sexier panties. They had also convinced Jessica to try out some lower profile bras that barely covered her nipples. She did not think she would wear it, but Marie paid for one so she took it. They each had also picked up some workout clothes before stopping to get a bite to eat. Finally, they decided to head back to the boutique to pick up their skirts they had ordered.

As the high school girls approached the store, they saw Coach Walter and Ms. Johnson walking into the tuxedo rental store. They were going to be right next door; Melissa decided to walk over to say hi. The other girls followed, Marie enthusiastically and Jessica less so.

“Hey Ms. Johnson. Hey, Coach!” Melissa was her cheery self, smiling as she approached the two teachers. The other two girls followed Melissa into the store; Marie smiled widely, while Jessica hid behind a somewhat forced smile.

“Hi girls, what are you doing today?” Ms. Johnson was the first to respond, which actually helped Coach Walter out. He was about to stumble out a response but was beaten to the punch by Ms. Johnson.

“Oh, just shopping for some clothes. We need to look pretty for basketball games!” Melissa continued the conversation, but Marie was thinking about engaging Coach Walter in a little game.

Marie butted in what had been a one-sided conversation, asking “Would you like to see us model some of our choices?”

If John had his choice, he would have just left. But Christy was more than willing to have the girls model some clothes while he tried on some tuxedos. “Yeah, girls, show us what you have bought.”

The girls went back to the little boutique, picking up their order. As the store wasn’t very busy, the staff allowed them to use the dressing room area to put their bags from all of their shopping and to change into their purchased wears. Jessica was not too keen on the idea, so she chose to model her long floral skirt and one of the more conservative tops from their shopping. Melissa slipped on one of her black skirts; it just barely covered her ass cheeks. She paired it with a white button up sleeveless blouse that was mostly sheer. Her typical set of panties showed underneath, but it revealed less than a bikini so she canlı bahis siteleri was comfortable with it.

Marie, on the other hand, wanted to push the envelope. She wore a short gray skirt and paired it with a sheer ¾ sleeve light blue blouse. She decided that she needed to give Coach Walter a show, partly because of the previous day’s experience but mostly because she wanted him to think of her today instead of Ms. Johnson. She wore no panties, and her bra was a half cup style that did not cover her nipples. From a distance it looked very similar in look to her sister’s outfit. But as she got closer to the mirror, Marie could see her proud nipples clearly through the shirt. She draped a scarf over neck, covering the nipples for the time being.

All three girls walked from the boutique to the tuxedo shop. The twins walked like they were models owning the runway, while Jessica was a bit less confident and a little more awkward. The girls approached the teachers; John’s jaw did not quite hit the floor, but the short length of the skirts definitely made it drop. Marie stood in front of him, facing him, just to his right. Ms. Johnson was on his left, and Melissa stood to his left mostly facing Ms. Johnson. Jessica was a little but behind her and more towards his left, just past Ms. Johnson.

“Wow, that’s pretty short for a skirt, girls! Except for yours Jessica, it looks wonderful on you. On couldn’t you find a little something less see-through? I don’t know if those are appropriate tops, Melissa and Marie,” Ms. Johnson critiqued.

“It’s soooo hard finding something the right length when you have legs this long, Ms. Johnson,” Melissa responded, trying to get some sympathy from the female teacher.

“Yeah, so HARD!” Marie added, looking straight into the eyes of Coach Walter.

“And you just have to learn to bend down properly, and cross your legs when you sit, in order for them to be respectable.” Melissa was pleading her case to the teachers. “See, if we squat this way, you can’t even see anything!” Melissa spun half way around and squatted, showing proper form by bending at the knees to lower herself down.

Marie also spun around, moving slightly closer to Coach Walter. “That’s why I like these longer skirts, you don’t have to worry about that,” Jessica said, finally joining the conversation. As Ms. Johnson turned slightly towards Jessica as she was speaking, Marie bent over at the waist. Her skirt rode up high enough for Coach Walter, who hadn’t looked away from Marie, to see her beautiful young box from behind. While it was a similar view to the one he had yesterday, the public show was having an immediate effect on him. His bulge started to grow, and he hoped the other girls and Ms. Johnson would not notice.

“Does your skirt flow as you turn around? That material looks like it would move nicely,” Ms. Johnson asked Jessica, causing Jessica to spin slowly around. Marie stayed bent over, continuing the show she was giving her coach. When Jessica finished her spin, Marie stood back up, faced Coach Walter, and moved her scarf of the way. He got his first look at her nipples through the thin blue material of her blouse; his pants showed a considerable bulge, which Jessica noticed as she settled back to facing the two teachers.

Melissa wanted to respond about the shirts, so she told Ms. Johnson: “You know, these shirts show way less than a bikini or some of the other tops that girls these days wear. And with a properly placed scarf, it really is just a tease of something, not a true see through. Look at how Marie’s covers her front.”

As she heard this, Marie scrambled her hands to move the scarf back in place over her exposed nipples. “Yeah, you can’t even see anything,” Marie added with a shit eating grin. Her eyes had not left Coach Walter’s, making contact throughout. Jessica’s eyes were making contact with Coach Walter, but not his eyes. She hadn’t moved her vision off his not so subtle manhood tenting out the front of his slacks.

“And a good scarf will even help someone like Jessica when she wears a keyhole top. Wouldn’t want to give too big a show, would you Jess?” Melissa asked. “Jess?” she said again with a little more volume, turning to look at her friend.

“Huh?” Jessica responded, finally breaking the spell his bulge had on her.

“I guess we agree to disagree on your clothing. I am sure my parents said the same about our clothing, even though it was nowhere near as revealing as this. Got anything else you want to show us?” Ms. Johnson asked the girls.

They quickly responded with a chorus of yes and headed off to change.

“You really have your hands full with the twins, don’t you?” Ms. Johnson said to John as the girls were gone.

John responded “Uh yeah I guess.” It sounded like he was out of it, and Christy turned to face him. He was in the process of turning, but she could see what had Jessica entranced. The tent in his pants was clearly visible as he turned and headed into the dressing room. She did not know what to think. It looked like he was adequately equipped, and the girls were a little on the more risqué side, but was he really worked up over that little show? She thought to herself that maybe he needed a release just as much she did.

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