21 Nisan 2021

Use What You Got

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It seemed like the best sex I ever get is in New York. Well, it might appear that way to the readers of my “online journal” entries. That’s what I should call them because as I have said before, all of my stories are true. Recently, most of my more interesting sexual escapades happen in New York. This trip was no exception. Just in case you have not been following my stories, here’s some info. I am a honey-colored complexioned, black woman from NYC in my early 20’s and I now live in LA. I am slim, 5’7″ with a nice round and firm ass and natural 24B sized breasts. As for recent sexual partners, I have been having an off and on again affair with Rich, a mid 30’s white guy who works as an editor in our LA office. He’s a very plain guy who has a nice cock and loves to use it on me only. That sounds nice, but he happens to be married, so I sometimes feel guilty about being with him, but the sex is great. He’s one of those lovers who try to cum only after I cum. And when he does, he fills me up nicely. I always had a great time with him, but he got confused on what the affair was and I had to step back. During our last coupling, we got busted by the after-hours maintenance crew at work. After that, we decided to take a break.

I have also been having a major affair with a businessman in New York named Ted. He is the company’s east-coast partner. He’s in his 50’s and very handsome but married, which to me is not a problem because it keeps the relationship fresh and interesting.

And of course, there’s the leading man from most of my stories, my cousin Leon, who has been a major sperm donor for the past 3 years. We have been fucking each other so often, that the taboo part of the relationship is not even a factor anymore. Which means, we do it any time and any place with little to no concern of being found out by anyone, except for his parents, my Aunt and Uncle. I could almost assume that my Uncle knows something is up because when I am visiting the house, myself and Leon run around the house like teens in heat, even though we are both in our early 20’s. There have been plenty of times when I would come downstairs for dinner after a tryst with Leon and have cum dripping out my pussy or ass or even have his cum in my hair. It would be our little secret. I also take pride in being a little “cock teaser” to my Uncle when I am visiting their New York home. When my Aunt is not home or asleep, I usually walk around with short-shorts with my ass cheeks hanging out, almost see-through t-shirts, cropped tops with no bra on or anything that I deem sexy enough to get a rise out of him and sometimes his Doctor buddies who frequent the house often. I never have, nor will I ever actually sleep with my uncle, but it’s great just teasing him visually. He never says or does anything inappropriate, but I can tell he enjoys it.

Since this was a business trip, I was put up in a hotel. My boss and myself got in on a Saturday afternoon. Once in the hotel, I didn’t feel like going back out. The first phone call I made was to Leon. Or should I say “booty call”? He was actually already hanging out that afternoon with his buddy Paul, who I had already fucked a couple of times within the past year. I invited them over to my room. They didn’t know the exact time they could make it, so I took it as an opportunity to unpack and unwind.

By the time I unpacked and took a shower, it was early in the evening. I put on a pair of my favorite low-rise jeans and a white button-down shirt with no bra or panties on. I left the top four buttons undone and tied the shirt around my waist, making it a belly shirt.

I walked down to the bar in the hotel and got a few drinks. There weren’t that many people in the bar so I just talked to the bartender about men and drank margaritas. She was a very sweet, older woman in her 40’s. She said she wasn’t gay, but loved my breasts. From where she was standing, she got a lovely view. After about four drinks, I was smashed and I went back to my room stripped off my clothes and passed out on the bed.

A few hours had passed and I heard the phone ringing. ataköy türbanlı escort It was a call from the lobby saying that I had guests. I was still tipsy from the drinks and said to send them up. I ran in the bathroom to check out my make up. It was fine. I slicked my hair back with some water, tied it up and hopped into bed under the covers. I was feeling a little silly, so I decided to leave my clothes off. I knew what I wanted and didn’t want to waste any time. In a few moments they knocked. I should have left the door open cause now I had to get up and open it for them. I flung open the door. It was Leon and Paul, who I hadn’t seen in a while. They both reacted to my nakedness with smiles and catcalls. Feeling ultra bold, I walked out in the hallway completely naked and greeted them both with kisses on the lips. Even though it was only those two in the hall, I always enjoy public nudity. I kissed Leon first; who immediately began to tongue me down with his hands grabbing my ass, and I kissed Paul, who was a little more reserved and shy. We all went inside and they immediately laid me down onto the bed. Leon began eating out my pussy, while Paul began to lick and suck on my neck and breasts. It felt so good having cousin Leon eating me out. He doesn’t do it that often. I loved the way his wet tongue and hot breath felt on my completely hairless pussy. The $45 I spend on my “Brazilian” bikini wax every few weeks is totally worth it at times like this, knowing that my totally shaved pussy turns men on even more. I motioned to Paul to take his pants off. He did, revealing his hard, pretty light-brown cock. As he stuck it in my mouth, my tongue darted across the head of his dick, trying to lap up as much pre-cum as I could before sucking it. I love the salty/sweet taste of pre-cum. I was in heaven from the delicious cock in my mouth and Leon eating my pussy out as well. A few times his tongue would dart down to my asshole and slide it. That put me close to the edge each time he did that to me. This went on for a while.

My eyes were closed when I felt Leon’s hard cock slide into my extremely wet pussy. Paul stepped away for a moment as Leon leaned in and began pounding my pussy with his big black cock. I looked over to Paul, who was slowly stroking his dick while watching. This was very sexy to me. I just looked him while I was getting fucked and after a few minutes of this I came, HARD! Leon stroked me in time with each wave of my orgasm and began to cum himself. I was still having my orgasm when I felt a hot flood of sperm shoot into my pussy. It was perfect timing. He filled me up with his hot cum just as my orgasm slowed down. He pulled out, walked over to my face and stuck his wet and sticky dick into my mouth. I licked and sucked our juices off. Paul walked over and slid his dick into my pussy next. His nice and thick cock felt good inside my sopping pussy. He fucked me well as the noise from my juicy pussy being fucked filled the room. I just moaned with pleasure as he slowly stroked me. Leon whispered in my ear that he wanted something to drink and that he was going to the liquor store for a bottle of cognac, his drink of choice. I just moaned out, “ok”. He went into the bathroom to wash up, got dressed and left.

Paul was slowly stroking me then he stopped. He turned me over with my ass in the air and began to slowly lick my puckered asshole. Little by little his tongue went deeper and deeper into my asshole until it slowly began to relax and open up on it’s own like a little budding flower. He also began to lick my pussy as well. That turned me on so much because I was still very sensitive from my last orgasm. As I relaxed from his tongue gently licking my love box, I felt Leon’s cum dripping out of me. He kept on licking me, lapping up Leon’s cum and my pussy juices. To be honest, this was one of the first times that a man willingly went down on me knowing that another man had just filled me up with cum. I have had plenty of men fuck me with a fresh load of sperm inside of me from someone else, but not this too often. ataköy ucuz escort I loved it and it made me cum a second time.

After my orgasm ended, I told Paul to strip completely. He still had on his shirt. I laid him down on the bed and began to kiss him all over. I grabbed the bottle of baby oil and began to rub it all over his beautiful body, paying close attention to his prick, which was standing at attention. His eyes were closed and no words were said in this moment of heated passion. As I rubbed his body down, I slid one, then two and eventually three of my oil-slicked fingers into my asshole, stretching and lubricating it. At that point, I needed it in my ass. I got up onto the bed and squatted over his dick and slowly eased it into my asshole. I went in balls deep with little effort. His thick cock felt so good in my ass. I just sat on it for a few moments, letting my ass adjust to its size. I could feel his dick pulsating, wanting to stroke me. I was in charge now. I slowly began to move, letting the head of his cock almost pop out of my ass, stretching it, then sliding back in. This went on for about 20 minutes. I was basically teasing him and myself, not letting his “slam” into me, just slow and deep strokes, the kind that easily milks out cum from the average man within 5 minutes. He was handling it very well for all this time. Suddenly I felt that familiar feeling of a cock getting ready to cum. I didn’t want his to cum yet, so I slowed down my strokes.

He started to moan, so I knew that I’d better stop or he was going to cum. I slid his dick out of my ass and began to lick and kiss his it, waiting for him to calm down a bit. It was so wet and slick from my juices and it tasted so good. I deliberately paid special attention to the head of his cock, flicking my tongue around the head and licking the pre-cum from the slit. I think I was doing it too well because his dick began to jerk and slowly a lot of clear cum, followed by thick milky cum began to ooze out of his dick onto my tongue. I swallowed it and then milked his cock some more. Suddenly his cum spurted into the air and landed in my hair, followed by three more jets of air-born cum that landed in my hair and on my forehead. He just grunted and moaned with pleasure. I took my time, licking and sucking his dick, gathering the rest of his cum into my mouth and then letting it spill out on his dick and balls. I took some of his cum into my hand and placed my fingers into his mouth. He eagerly licked them clean. I liked that. I took my hand and placed it under my pussy, then fingered myself, until more of Leon’s cum spilled out. Then I fed it to Paul as well. He licked my fingers clean again. I was ready for more sex, but he needed to recharge.

I got up and went into the bathroom. I had cum all over my face and hair. I wiped it off of my face, but deliberately left a big dollop of cum in my hair. When I came out of the bathroom, Paul was laying in the bed stroking his flaccid cock with baby oil. “Oh you want some more?” I asked. “Yes, in a minute” He responded. I was still very horny. I sat in the lounge chair with my legs spread wide open and propped up on the armrest of the chair. We watched TV and waited for Leon to return as we both masturbated. I was paying close attention to my now ultra-sensitive asshole, sliding in 2 to 3 oil-coated fingers at a time. Just the feeling on how nasty I was being got me so fucking horny again. I think it was the alcohol as well. Paul slowly regained his hard-on.

A few moments later there was a knock on the door and I rushed over to open it. It was Leon, holding a large brown paper bag. He smiled and I kissed him on the cheek. “I see you were up to your old trick”. He asked, referring to cum wad in my hair. “Uh huh”! I responded as I got down on my knees and unbuckled his pants. “C’mon! C’mon! Let me pour some drinks you little nympho!” He shouted out. I let him in the room and he looked over to Paul. “How you living Paulie?” He joked. Paul gave him 2 thumbs up, then got under the covers with a huge hard-on. “You should ataköy üniversiteli escort take care of that, Couso!” He shouted at me as he walked over to the counter top to get the ice bucket. “You can’t leave poor Paulie with a hard-on like that!” He continued. “He just got it!” I responded. He smiled, motioned that he was going to go get some ice and left the room.

I told Paul to sit on the lounge chair. He walked over and sat down, still hard. I immediately mounted him and slid his oily cock into my ass and rode him. This time, I rode him hard, letting his cock slam deep inside of my ass. Leon came back, once again knocking on the door. Damn this locked door! I got up slowly letting his cock slide out of my ass and ran to open the door. Leon came in with a bucket of ice and poured us all cognac on the rocks straight. Both Paul and I were naked still. I sat on the bed and Paul was still across the room on the lounge chair with a nice shiny hard-on. I asked Leon if he was horny yet. He said “maybe”. After I shot down my drink, I slid off of the bed and crawled on all fours towards Paul.

It felt good letting my asshole gape open from the little bit of action it was getting as I crawled across the room with my ass in the air. I climbed on top of Paul and faced forward so Leon could see. Paul’s cock was at attention again and I mounted him, letting it slide deep into my ass. It went in with ease and I rode him hard, making a loud clap as our flesh smacked against each other. Leon sat on the bed and watched us and turned the TV up so that he could hear the music from the music videos that were playing on the TV. I was really ready to come, but wanted to hold off. I couldn’t stop myself. Wave after wave came over me and I was in ecstasy. After I came down, Leon was clapping for Paul and I. Leon poured us more drinks and served us two. It was funny sitting there drinking cognac with a huge cock inside my ass that just pulsated with every move I made. I could feel his pulse in the veins of his dick inside my sensitive ass. “You feel too good Lisa!” Paul moaned out as he drank his drink. “I know.” I responded. I blew a kiss to Leon, who was pouring himself another glass. “I want some more”. I whispered. “Come get it”. He responded. I slowly slid off of Paul’s dick, leaving his cock drenched with my ass juice and walked over to Leon. He poured me another glass and I drank it down in one shot. “You know what I want more of!” I told him as I laid him down onto the bed. I took off his clothes and stuck his cock into my mouth. It sprung to attention within a few seconds. I was in charge now as I mounted my cousin’s dick and slid his long black dick into my ass. I rode it slowly while I stared at Paul who was jerking himself off.

“You ready for more?” I asked Paul. He shook his head yes. I motioned him to come over behind me. Just as he stood on the bed behind me, I slid Leon’s long cock out of my ass and slid it into my pussy with one fluid move. Paul immediately slipped inside of my ass and the both pumped me like a machine. Once and a while Paul would stop and pull out in order not to cum. I would immediately slip Leon’s dick out of my pussy and into my ass. Once I get going, I love anal most of all. And just when Paul was ready to continue, I would slide his dick out of my ass and slip it back into my pussy. I came hard once again. It was magical. They Paul couldn’t hold back any longer and he started squirting his hot sperm into my ass. The sound of his dick sliding in and out of my now filled ass now filled the room. I love the sound that sex makes as well. He slipped his dick out and I felt a rush of sperm spill out of my ass and onto Leon’s dick that was still pumping in and out of my pussy. The liquid that dripped from my ass mixed in with my pussy juice and made the sex even wetter. Leon started fucking me harder and harder. Suddenly I felt Paul’s tongue on my ass. He was licking the cum off of my gaping asshole. This felt so dreamy and dirty at the same time that I came again. After that, Leon began to orgasm again, pumping a second load of his hot cum into my pussy. We all collapsed in a heap of sweaty bodies. After that, I was exhausted. Leon and me fell asleep in the bed and Paul slept on the couch.

The next morning I woke up from the phone ringing. It was Ted, who wanted to take me out to brunch. I let the boys sleep it off, while I went to brunch with Ted. We had a ball. To be continued.

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