24 Haziran 2021


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The jeep shone cherry red in the afternoon sun and Dave squinted against the glare that was reflected off the hood. He’d refused Amanda’s offer of sunglasses earlier that morning and now regretted it. His eyes darted over her and he noted the slightest smile on her lush, heart shaped lips. It was that quirky half-smile that said she was up to something. Though, through the dark lenses of her own sunglasses… he wasn’t sure what.

She drove about fifteen miles per hour too fast and had her music about a thousand decibels too high… as usual. The bass vibrated the rearview mirror slightly with its rumbling sound as she gripped the steering wheel loosely with one hand as the other arm hung out the window. Up would go that hand as it caught the wind, bobbing like an airplane as she sailed it through the harsh breeze kicked up by the car’s passing. She seemed to barely pay attention to the road at all, focused on some inner reflection that kept her quiet… but for that smile.

She wore nothing but her bathing suit and a towel that she’d knotted around her waist. The suit was a grayish silver with a crisscross pattern down the back. Two pieces, a tank-top and a bikini bottom, and wholly unflattering. Though it didn’t much match her skin tone… it was more suited to her spirit. It shimmered slightly in the sun, gray at one angle, silver at another… like a fish. He didn’t like it, but it was obvious that she did.

The navy blue towel that she’d wrapped around her waist, fell open on one side, giving him that same, familiarly arousing glimpse of her upper thigh. His hand reached out of its own volition and rested there, feeling the warmth of her flesh as it seeped into his own. Hot, her skin was hot… and though his fingers never roamed much higher than mid-thigh… he could swear he felt the heat radiating from beneath the crotch of the suit. She smiled wider at the contact and just kept driving.

The music thrummed loudly and Dave had a hard time identifying the song. He guessed it was Bush though, seeing as how she was going through her Gavin Rossdale phase. Hell, she’d even named the Jeep, Gavin… Gav for short… and she referred to the car by its name at all times. When he’d asked about it she’d gone into a rather long list as to the many traits that the Jeep shared with the singer. Sexy, she said, hot, she said, gets around, she said… definitelymale… she said. Amanda didn’t drive a girl car, she said… only a handsome man could show her off satisfactorily. And she was right…

He also knew that she enjoyed telling people she loved ‘Bush’ and rode ‘Gavin’…

Only someone as familiar with her quirks as Dave, would understand the strange insanity that prompted her to make such odd statements.

The car turned as she pulled into a parking lot that was still just beginning to fill up. Early morning and she always wanted to beat the crowds. Vanderbilt Beach, she said, was one of the most beautiful beaches she’d ever seen. As she pulled Gavin into a parking spot and turned him off, Dave practically leaped out the other side of the car. He brushed a few dark locks of hair from his face and watched her body move as she opened the trunk and pulled out a pile of towels.

God, she had the most incredible walk. It was that completely natural, completely female walk. Hips swaying, shoulders back, chest thrust forward. Her nipples were hard. Dave looked up and saw her looking at him. She smiled a bit enigmatically and thrust the towels into his hands before striding off toward the beach. He watched her ass twitch a bit as she walked. One cheek rising as the other fell… hips swaying. Hypnotizing.

Amanda had so many curves that he’d barely begun to map the geography of her body. With a D cup chest and flaring hips, she could have given Marilyn Monroe a run for her money. Her tiny waist made it impossibly to wear any kind of fitted pants. Everything was low riding, everything was conforming… molded to her body like a second skin. She was tan between the criss-cross pattern of her bathing suit, he could güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri see lighter skin underneath the straps… he could see a black, tribal tattoo just peeking out from beneath the waistband of her bikini bottoms. She turned and looked back at him and urged him to hurry with the nodding of her head in the direction of the beach.

Past an old man selling hot dogs from a vendor attached to the back of his bike, past a sign that said ‘keep off dune’ (though he couldn’t seem to find any dune but that of which the beach itself was comprised), and onto a small boardwalk that led to the beach itself. As he looked out over the sand and ocean he was somewhat taken aback. Never in his history of muddy brown lake beaches had he seen anything like this. Sand so white it nearly blinded him and water so clear it could only be the Gulf of Mexico.

Oddly enough, the people all seemed to migrate to the left side of the boardwalk, leaving the right side relatively empty. It was in this direction that Amanda headed, kicking off her shoes along the way and scooping them up into her hands so that she could traipse barefoot through the ‘dune’.

Though this side of the beach was nearly deserted, there was a restaurant toward the street where people sat at an outside balcony and dined. A few yards away there was also a small family. A mother, father, and a young boy who charged up and down the beach pitching shells at low flying seagulls and trying to scoop up minnows in a purple bucket. Amanda laughed at the boy, shaking her head at his antics. That small rustle of her hair sent the clean scent of her shampoo wafting to his nostrils and he inhaled deeply. The dark brown curls were pulled up in a loose half-ponytail that was really more of a bun… but wild ringlets escaped and clung to a bit of moisture that had begun to build up on her skin.

He had the strangest temptation to lick away the salty beads of sweat that gathered just at the hairline. God, she was so tan. Four months in paradise had done her good. She slathered herself in some tan enhancing SPF 4 lotion that smelled like oranges, then came after him with a stronger bottle of Banana Boat. With the twirling of her finger she gestured for him to turn around and he did so, peeling off his shirt as he went and presenting her with his bare back.

He heard her chuckle, and glared at her over his shoulder. His disgruntled expression just made her laugh harder. He was white. He knew it. Canada wasn’t anywhere near sunny Florida.. and winter had been especially cold this year.

She squeezed a bit of lotion onto her hand, then placed it flat on his back. He gasped slightly and shivered as the cool liquid came in contact with his hot skin. She rubbed then, easing the lotion into his flesh in gentle circular motions. Down his back, around to his waist, up over his shoulders. Her arms slid around his chest from behind and, as she leaned into him, he leaned back and closed his eyes, breathing in the scent of her hair. She massaged his chest, flicking her thumbnails over his nipples before tickling her way over his stomach and following the little trial of hair over his bellybutton and down beneath the waistband of his trunks.

He was semi-hard in an instant. The second her fingers touched him his cock stirred, coming to life beneath the warmth of her fingers. He groaned roughly and leaned his head back, resting it on her shoulder. Amanda laughed, shoving him forward and stepping away from him. He groaned then, agonized and torturous as she skipped away from him to the water’s edge. Slowly he followed after, walking slowly until his erection subsided.

Amanda dipped her feet into the water, then waded in to her calves. The gulf was so clear that he could see straight through to the bottom several feet out. He could make out everything… the swarm of minnows milling in the sun-warmed sea just offshore, a clump of seaweed swaying beneath the surface, the black tattoo on Amanda’s foot as it was slowly buried by each crashing wave. Everything.

She güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri cast off the towel an instant later, and flung it back toward the rest of their belongings. Dave set one foot in the water and shivered before retreating backwards. Amanda looked back and laughed and gave him a look as if to say: “You lived in Canada for chrissakes… and you think –this- is cold?” That look steeled his resolve and he strode forward again… following her deeper into whatever madness she insisted on inflicting.

Once in the water, it wasn’t so bad. His body grew accustomed to it quickly and soon he was standing chest-deep with Amanda paddling idly around him in circles. For a few moments he tried to ignore her presence, feigning indifference to her nearby flesh. He watched the little boy run up and down the shoreline chucking shells at the minnows now in lieu of catching them in his purple bucket. The circles she swam became smaller and smaller until she was brushing against him, reaching out to run her fingers along the slick planes of his wet skin. That, he couldn’t ignore.

His hands shot out and he caught her and dragged her back against him. Amanda laughed and splashed salt water in his face, causing him to splutter and spit momentarily. Once he managed to open his burning eyes he saw her smiling at him as she pushed the dark classes up on top of her head.

By the Devil, there was something about those eyes. Something that drew him like a magnet and made him crazy with wanting. Blue… the were so… blue. Dark blue, like the ocean and just as deep. He watched her for a moment, so intently that he saw her brow furrow in question. Her perfect lips opened over words that he never let her utter and her questions were hushed to instant silence.

Dave’s mouth descended on hers with a fury so violent that he cut her lip slightly on his tooth. As he plunged his tongue into the warm recesses of her mouth, he tasted her… coconut lip gloss and a pineapple lifesaver. And yet there was something else.. that slight flavor of salt that belonged not to the sea.. but to her. The individually sweet darkness of her mouth intoxicated him and drove him half-mad with wanting her. He drew away and then leaned forward again to lick the tiny rivulet of blood from the cut on her lip. It tasted metallic, slightly so and so maddening that it possessed him to steal another kiss. It was her tongue that slid into his mouth this time and he refused to allow it. He thrust back, pushing into her again and effectively evicting tongue from within his mouth.

She moaned deep in her throat and accepted his invasion. His hands came up and he caressed her breasts through the layer of spandex that made up her swimsuit. Her fingers smoothed over his developing erection and he pushed her hand away, reaching for both and clasping them behind her back. He held her there like that, immobile as her body bobbed a bit on the waves. He held her up, he held her away, he held her… period.

One strong push and he could drown her. He spun her around so that her back was pressed against his chest and released her hands. Immediately she began shimmying out of the bikini bottoms, and he let her. His hands drifted over her belly and beneath her top to caress the hardened tips of her nipples. She had gooseflesh and she shivered every now and again. When his hands slipped downward and between her legs, she sighed. Her head fell back against his shoulder and he kissed her neck, licking and sucking at the flesh there. His fingers massaged her, smoothed over her wet labia lips and swirled around her clit, the erect little nub remained warm though the rest of her skin was chilled.

He wondered what they looked like from shore. Would those dining realize what they were witnessing? Would the boy and his parents understand? Or did they just look like two lovers embracing in the waves? Quite frankly… he didn’t care.

Amanda’s bikini bottoms floated to the surface as she let them go, and the errant piece of clothing went drifting güvenilir bahis şirketleri toward shore. Spreading her legs slightly apart, Dave slipped his boxers down over his straining cock, and positioned himself at her entrance. Pulling her body tightly against his chest, Dave hugged her tightly to him and slowly, began to slide inside her body.

Inch by subtle inch he progressed, the head first, pushing past her swollen lips and disappearing inside. Then every inch after it even slower. He felt her shudder and bite back a moan, her body convulsed as he entered her. She was so tight, still so tight… and so warm. She’d press herself back against him, begging for more of his cock, but if she moved… he pulled out.

Amanda whimpered and tried to wait patiently… but she was sorely strained. Again he started, the mushroom head of his shaft spreading her labia lips slowly. He watched through the water, the incredibly clear water. Watched as he slipped inside, as he fed her his cock an inch at a time. Finally he was buried to the hilt and yet he remained still. Amanda bucked back against him, grinding her sex against his. She wanted him to move, wanted him to thrust, push, cum in her and sooth the ache that he was creating with his delay. He remained still.

She whimpered deep in her throat, her head rolling slowly from side to side on his shoulder. Her hands clutched at him, grasping his hips, clawing at his buttocks, reaching up to thread their way through his oh-so-black hair to bring his mouth down for another kiss. She tasted of blood, salt, and coconut… she tasted like temptation, salvation and sex. That raw, elemental flavor, of sex…

He thrust hard then, pulling back and ramming his full length back into her. She bit her lip to stifle a startled scream. Pulling back, he thrust again, filling her with himself and leaving no space for anyone else. Back again and then forward… thrusting, pounding. Her breasts shook in his hands and he grasped them, squeezing them and kneading them roughly. He bit her neck and felt her lean forward a bit so that he could go deeper, thrust deeper.

She felt him there inside her, thrusting against her womb, pounding his flesh against hers and creating ripples in the water around them. Dave’s attention was somewhat riveted. His eyes were plastered to the place where they were joined. He could see it clearly, his shaft disappearing into her only to emerge again a second later. He thrust faster and faster, all the time watching as his cock slipped so easily into her soft, so hot cunt and then slipped back out again. Once he pulled himself from her completely… just so that he could feed the length of himself to her again… completely.

Then he pumped into her in earnest, starting a rhythm so unbreakable that even the waves couldn’t change it. The slap of their skin was muffled by the water but she was so wet, he could feel it. Her passage sucked at him, drawing him in and refusing to let go. His hand still played with her clit, tweaking and massaging the little nub that had grown a bit more prominent beneath his devout worship. She was perfect, fitting him like a glove, taking him all.

He felt orgasm building and closed his eyes as he felt her lips against his neck, so warm, so soft and full of sweet whispers.


That was all she said, over and over again in that devilish voice of hers even as her skin warmed, then turned to flame beneath the onslaught of desire. She was flushed from head to toe and he squeezed her warmth to his chest. In, out, in, out, in out…

Again and again he thrust until finally orgasm burst over him. He thrust once, hard, and felt her come too in that instant. The muscles of her passage contracted around his shaft, milking his cock as he shot jet after jet of hot cum into her body. His thrusts lessened and eventually he stilled. One hand still lay within the curls of her mons, the other kneaded a breast. Her fingernails dug crescents into his buttocks, her head fell back against his shoulder, and his rested on hers. They panted and came down slowly.

The people at the restaurant ate their lunch. The little boy kept throwing rocks at the minnows, purple bucket forgotten in the heat of his frustrated passion. The world and time went on…

But he remained inside of her…

Refusing to let the moment go…

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