24 Haziran 2021

Waking Her

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You lay, gently sleeping, your hair a tussle on the pillows, like the sheets wrapped loosely around your naked torso. I slide into bed and you begin to float up through the light slumber into the twilight halfway between awake and asleep. My lips find your neck and begin to tickle and nibble the soft skin. My hand finds your thigh and begins to roam along the outside, tracing the womanly curves of your hips. You moan, not quite awake as my roving hand finds the edge of your breast.

My fingers trace the edges of your erogenous zones. Teasing and touching as you begin to feel aroused. I can sense your awaking by the low moans in your throat and the stirring of your hips. My lips find yours and we lightly kiss, tongues just barely teasing each other. My fingers dance across your stiffening nipples as I venture to move along, cautiously proceeding. You can feel my penis, pressed hard against your hip as your legs spread, almost involuntarily.

I gently take your nipple between my fingers, mobilbahis güvenilir mi rolling it and pulling it. My head moves, as you cradle it, bringing it to your other breast I suck your nipple between my lips with hunger to taste you. My tongue swirls and explores, the hard nipple like a cherry seed in my mouth.

I slide my hand slowly down to the lace panties you are wearing and gently stroke your sex. Light fingers through the fabric can feel the heat and moisture of your ripening pussy. Your hips roll, trying to push against my fingers, but I keep the touch light, teasing you. My mouth is absorbed with your breast, sucking and licking your nipple. As you moan, now awake and yet still in a dream.

You take my hand and guide it, sliding it down under your panties, showing me the way to the hard nib of your clit. I let my finger dance across it once and your sharp intake of breath tells me you need it. But, ever the tease, I pull away. You mewl, questioning, mobilbahis as I rise up and move down. My hands swiftly remove the blocking panties and I position myself between your legs. My face moves to kiss your lower lips, gently lightly, my lips just brushing your swelling labia. My tongue darts out, parting the folds, and then retreating as your hands grab my hair trying to pull me into you.

I succumb to your urging and my lips close around your clit as my tongue gently swirls and tastes you. My fingers slide into your tunnel and your back arches in excitement. I find your thick spot, deep inside and begin to stroke it while my tongue slides effortlessly around your clit. Your breathing comes harder and the low moans of earlier have evolved into ragged gasps as your climax builds. I’m done teasing you and want you to cum, hard on my face.

My stroking and licking and sucking reach a payoff and your orgasm grips you. Your hands grab my hair as your hips buck mobilbahis giriş against my face. You moan, loudly and wantonly, music to my ears and fuel for my fire.

As your orgasm subsides, I move and reposition you. Your hips, just barely on the bed as you lie on your back. I stand between your legs, holding your ankles as I look deep into your eyes. I love this view, your whole body laid out before me, I pause and soak it in. Your hair still tussled from sleep, and your eyes aroused and wanting. Your breasts, full and round, with erect nipples. But especially, your pussy, wet, swollen, waiting for me. My cock, purple and throbbing, wanting to enter you.

Finally, I can resist no longer and I slide deep inside you in one stroke. You can feel my balls slap against your ass, my hands holding your ankles, I control the situation. At first my strokes are long and

slow. You can feel each thrust as my penis penetrates your vaginal tunnel. But soon I am swept away by the tight warm sensations and my thrusting becomes automatic and animalistic. I explode and the sound of our coupling changes to low grunts and slip-sloppy thrusts as I pump my cum into your wetness.

I collapse next you on the bed, our feet dangling over the edge and pull you into my arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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