22 Nisan 2021

Welcome Surprises Ch. 2

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The girls looked around the room and laughed at the mess they had made while sexing each other. The bed covers were nowhere near the bed and clothes were tossed in piles all over the floor.

“Sheryl, you go ahead and get in the shower and I’ll try to clean this place up real quick. Here take this with you,” Stephanie giggled as she removed her pussy juice soaked strap-on and tossed it to Sheryl. “I still want to use it later. I’m going fuck the shit out of Darryl’s sexy ass now that I’m all worked up.”

Sheryl padded off to the shower and Stephanie quickly straightened up the room then went to use the phone to call down to ask the Front Desk people to tell Darryl to meet her in the lobby instead of coming straight up to the room. Unfortunately she was shocked to find out the phone wasn’t even working.

“I’m going down to take care of something. I’ll be right back,” She called out to Sheryl.

Stephanie slipped into some shorts, a t-shirt, and some sandals to run down and see what was wrong with the phone and try to head off Darryl. Sheryl was barely listening in the steaming hot shower as she was working herself to another orgasm plunging the fake penis in and out of her insatiable pussy.

“MMMMMMM, I wish this was the real thing. Steph fucked me good but there’s something about a man putting some force behind his dick that just does something to me.”

Sheryl began to imagine her moist pussy being filled by a man’s cock. She closed her eyes and worked the rubber fuck stick in and out of her cunt while the steaming hot water caressed her raised nipples. Her orgasm approached fast and hit hard. Since she was still so aroused from the earlier encounter her body shook as she moaned to herself while cumming for the third time.

“OHHHHHHH shit yeeeeeeeeeeessss!!”

She began to feel a little envious towards her best friend knowing that Stephanie’s evening of fucking and sucking was going to continue and hers would come to an abrupt end. Since she couldn’t expect to get any loving at home. “Maybe I can talk Steph into setting up a threesome with me and Darryl,” she thought to herself. “Naw, she probably wouldn’t go for that since she’d have to share that man’s beautiful black dick with me.” …as she recalled Stephanie’s description of Darryl during one of their girl-to-girl chats. As she washed, Sheryl began to imagine what Darryl’s cock would taste like wrapped by her full lips as it slid over her tongue…

Darryl thanked the Front Desk help for his room key and headed for the elevator. His dick began to stiffen in his pants as he remembered the events that occurred when he and Stephanie got together before. He pushed the button to the elevator and waited thinking… “I can’t wait to hold her in my arms again.” He was completely in love with Stephanie and that made they’re sexual escapades even more enjoyable. He had finally found someone who understood and shared his sexual appetite and menu. He recalled that they both had fantasized about having a threesome with her best friend. He had never met her but Stephanie had told him about the sexual encounter the two of them had shared and hoped that he could be a part of that someday. He quickly pictured himself with his face buried in Sheryl’s sweet wet pussy and ass while his cum was being sucked from his heavy balls through his throbbing dick wrapped in Stephanie’s beautiful mouth and down her insatiable throat. He chuckled and shook his head not believing that he could ever be that lucky as the elevator door closed in front of him.

Stephanie stepped off the elevator once it reached the lobby level and went to the Front Desk.

“Excuse me, when the other room guest arrives could you ask him to wait her in the lobby for me?”

“He just went up in the elevator.”

Stephanie ran back to the elevators shouting back, “by the way, the phone in the room isn’t working!”

Darryl entered the hotel beylikdüzü escort room and immediately heard the shower running. “This is great,” he thought. “I can jump in the shower with Steph, we’ll both get squeaky clean and we can get nice and cozy after that.” He quickly threw off all his clothes and headed to the bathroom. The bathroom was full of steam as he closed the door behind him and he couldn’t see beyond the nose on his face.

“Come on in, the water’s great.” A voice called out from the shower stall.

Sheryl thought Stephanie had returned to the room. She had no idea that Darryl had made it to the hotel. Darryl climbed right into the shower and slowly embrace the female form in front of him from behind. Sheryl was initially startled when the male hands began to caress her body but quickly realized what had happened. Somehow Darryl had made it upstairs before Stephanie and decided to join “her” in the shower. “I’m going to take full advantage of this.” She thought as the hands continued to fondle her horny body. Darryl massaged and tweaked the breasts and nipples of his shower partner as his hard cock became nestled between the warm full cheeks of her ass. He lowered one hand and snaked a couple of fingers past Sheryl’s wet lips into the warm cavity of her pussy.

“MMMMMMMM Yes, that feels so good.” She moaned.

As the moans of pleasure from Sheryl reached Darryl’s he was immediately aware that it wasn’t Stephanie. He was just about to stop his manipulation when the shower door opened and there stood Stephanie out of breath from running to the room and staring at the sight of her best friend standing there with a wicked smile of her face and Darryl’s hand still between her thighs.

“I see you two have met.” Stephanie said to her two lovers.

“Well, we haven’t been properly introduced so feel free to tell me who it is that belongs to this wonderful piece of meat that feels so good resting between my asscheeks,” giggled Sheryl.

“Yeah, and while you’re at it, it would be nice to know who’s the owner of this hot cunt that’s sucking on my fingers,” Darryl smiled and said.

“Ok Mr. Wonderful Dick and Ms. Hot Pussy, I would like you to meet Sheryl and Darryl. Now let me get in there with you two and let’s all have some good clean fun.” Stephanie proclaimed as she stepped out of her clothes and into the shower.

Stephanie joined Darryl in caressing and washing Sheryl’s sexy caramel body. She kissed her friend and then Darryl to let them know that she loved them both. Sheryl was basking in total ecstasy as four hands washed and roamed all over her body. This was a completely new experience for each of them even though they all had fantasies about it. They took turns being the center of attention experiencing the joy of having two people fondle and lather their bodies. Sheryl was treated to another intense orgasm as Darryl continued fingering her steaming pussy while Stephanie massaged, kissed, and sucked her sensitive breasts and nipples.

Next it was Stephanie’s turn to experience the sexual high of having two people make love to her at the same time. She found herself with her best friend and her lover all taking a shower together and although this was not beyond her imagination, she never thought it would actually happen. Now here she is, sandwiched between her two sex hungry friends. They had her standing there with her legs spread open, Sheryl had her face buried in Stephanie’s pussy giving her lips and clit a good tongue lashing while Darryl was behind her eating out her sweet puckered asshole. The oral attack on these sensitive areas was almost more than she could take. Her body was taken through a roller coaster ride of sensations as her clit was ravished by Sheryl, while Darryl’s tongue lapped at her quivering butt hole. She shuddered holding on to both of their heads to keep from falling as her beylikdüzü eve gelen escort cumming made her muscles go weak.

Darryl was the last to get serviced under the hot waterfall. Every man’s fantasy is to have two sexy women, naked, horny and ready to please and be pleased and Darryl was no exception. Stephanie invited her friend Sheryl to kneel down beside her and share the taste of Darryl’s chocolate brown cock. Sheryl eagerly licked the shaft and head of his dick before taking it into her warm mouth and sucking it deep to the back of her throat. She loved the way Darryl’s dick felt in her mouth as she moved back and forth along its length. Steph admired the way her friend was enjoying the hard rod in her mouth she had seen her friend suck on the strap-on cock and that was nothing compared to what she was seeing now. She decided to add to Darryl’s pleasure by caressing his balls and licking along his scrotum up to the base of his cock in rhythm with Sheryl’s steady pace of sucking.

“OH, damn that feels too good. Yeah, that’s it, suck it Sheryl, suck this dick, baby. MMMMMM and lick my balls, Steph, just like that. You freaky ass girls are gonna make me cum.”

Stephanie wanted to make sure she was the first to taste his cum so she grabbed Darryl’s cock, pulled it from Sheryl’s mouth and began licking along the shaft and stroking it. Sheryl then stood up and started sucking and caressing Darryl chest and nipples. With Stephanie now sucking the head of his cock, stroking it with one hand and massaging his balls with the other, and Sheryl sucking and pinching his nipples, Darryl was ready to explode. He threw his head back as he felt his cum surging from his balls. Stephanie knew he was close to shooting and stroked his cock faster ready to feel and taste his hot cum.

“OHHHHHHHHHH Shit, I’m cummmmmmminnnnnnnng!!” Darryl shouted as his orgasm erupted and he shot his load into Stephanie’s waiting mouth.

Most of Darryl’s cum overflowed out of Stephanie’s mouth as she tried to capture it all. She got up from he knees and gave Sheryl a big sloppy cum soaked kiss. They both loved the taste of his dick juice and shared it with each other with a deep loving kiss. They smiled at each other and reached up to kiss Darryl so they could share all the tastes of each other’s sex juices. After basking in the moment of what just happened, Stephanie was the first to speak.

“Damn, that was good! You horny ass people got my pussy soaking wet. Now I really want to get my fuck on and cum some more!”

After getting all cleaned up in the shower this trio of lovers were ready to get involved in some heavy duty lovemaking which they knew would soon turn into pure lust filled fucking and sucking. Right away Stephanie decided that she would be the one to take charge of this situation. Afterall, it was because of her that they found themselves in this sex triangle anyway. As Stephanie watched her two friends and lovers drying off she remembered her first encounters with each of them and realized that she never actually believed this could have ever happened to her. Sheryl had been her best friend for a long time and although they had always been close it was just a few weeks ago that they experienced their first sexual encounter. And then there’s Darryl who she considered her true soul mate. They knew each other well but lived almost a thousand miles apart from each other. They met in an online community and have only been with each other twice before this and as yet only experienced oral sex and other forms of foreplay. She hasn’t even had the pleasure of having him inside of her hot pussy or ass yet. As she looked at this situation she was still amazed at how it all happened but she was very glad that it did.

After drying off herself Stephanie looked up and saw Sheryl on her knees sucking Darryl’s cock as he stood by beylikdüzü masöz escort the bed. She looked across the room and made eye contact with him. She looked directly into Darryl’s eyes and he knew that she wanted him inside her. Stephanie continued to look deep into his eyes as she walked over towards the two of them and climbed up on the bed. She got on her hands and knees and turned so that her big sexy round ass was facing Darryl and she pushed it up and out towards him as an open invitation. Sheryl was enjoying the feeling of Darryl’s dick in her hot mouth and even though she wanted to make him cum again she instinctively knew that her best friend wanted this cock in her hot pussy and there was no way she would be denied.

“C’mon Sheryl, take that beautiful hard piece of man meat out your mouth and bring it over her so that I can finally feel it in my warm wet pussy!” Stephanie ordered her sexy friend.

Sheryl got up but kept stroking Darryl’s rigid shaft with her hand as it plopped from her mouth.

“Alright my new found friend, let’s fuck this horny ass freaky friend of mine silly with this big beautiful cock of yours.” She said as she walked Darryl over to Stephanie’s waiting ass waving in the air.

Darryl reached out and grabbed Stephanie’s gyrating ass cheeks and spread them wide exposing her beautiful puckered ass hole and the moist pink inside of her pussy. Sheryl stroked Darryl’s dick once more as she guided the head between Stephanie’s pussy lips. She slowly pushed the head until it disappeared in the folds of her cunt but not letting him push more in just yet. She wanted to tease her horny friend just a little.

“Oh hell no, you little slut, don’t you dare tease me. Give me the whole dick,” moaned Stephanie.

As Darryl pushed the length of his hardness into Steph’s quivering snatch, Sheryl laughed and knelt under him at the edge of the bed and took his balls into her warm mouth. She was able to suck on them just briefly before the were pulled from her mouth with a loud “plop” as Darryl began plunging in and out of Stephanie’s juicy cunt while she fucked her ass back hard against him. The two of them fucked in rhythm with each other and their flesh slapped together in an erotic beat. Darryl could feel the muscles of her pussy chewing at his cock as he fed every inch to her. Stephanie wanted to make sure he remembered fucking into this pussy and that nothing would ever compare to it. She was glad that she took the time to exercise her cunt muscles so she could make him feel it spasm on his cock. He was giving as good as he was getting and could tell by the grunts and moans escaping from Stephanie’s panting mouth.

“OOOH Shit, this is some good pussy! Yeah, that’s it baby, suck this big dick with your hot pussy. Move that big ass girl.”

“MMMM Yeah big daddy, you’re fucking the hell out of me, boy. You big dick bastard.”

Stephanie felt the warm tongue of her friend lapping at her clit as Sheryl got with their rhythm and tried to help work her friend towards orgasm.

“OOOH, this is too much. My pussy is on fire.”

Sheryl could hear her best friends ass smack against Darryl’s stomach as Stephanie tried to force more of his dick deep into her hot wet cunt. She cupped and fondled his balls as she watched his dick continuously slam into Steph’s pussy.

“NNNNNNGH fuck, I’m cummminnng.” Stephanie screamed. She kept driving her ass back at Darryl as her orgasm shook through her body.

“YEEEEEEAAH,” Darryl cried out as he felt his juices course from his nuts through shaft of his jerking cock. “Me tooooo!”

Hearing this, Sheryl quickly pulled his spasming dick from Stephanie’s pussy just as it erupted and felt his hot cum shoot all over her breasts and nipples. She rubbed it into her skin with one hand as the other continued to pump his spurting cock. Stephanie collapsed on the bed clutching her pussy as aftershocks from her orgasm surged through it. Darryl stood, his body twitching as Sheryl sucked the sensitive head of his dick trying to get the rest of his seed down her cum hungry throat. Stephanie laid there and thought to herself, “My best friend and my boyfriend. It can’t get any better than this.” And with that, she knew that it was only the beginning.

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