22 Nisan 2021

Well… Ch. 02

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The sun felt very warm on my back as I slowly came to the next day, and I was aware that I was not the only person in the bed.

My lovely wife was still there next to me and nestling next to her was our lady friend of the night before. It obviously wasn’t a dream then, although it was so good that it could have been, so I didn’t have to pinch myself to believe I had been so lucky.

To see the two girls together the previous night was wonderful but I wondered if the same atmosphere would still prevail in the cold, well warm really, light of day.

I sneaked out of bed trying not to disturb them so I could have a shower and as I luxuriated under the water I couldn’t help but get stiff again at the thought of last nights antics. I washed my cock time and again but still it wouldn’t get soft but rather than bring myself to a climax I decided to dry off and slip back into bed.

When I got back to the bedroom however there was not enough room in the bed as the girls had woken up and despite my worries had decided to start up where they had left off!

The secretary was laid on her back and my wife was straddling her head, kneading her breasts and pulling on her nipples as the beautiful blond underneath used all her skills to lick and suck at the amazing pussy presented to her.

I was in a terrible quandary. I wanted my wife so bad and yet I was fascinated to see what they might do yet, so despite the fact my cock was aching for some kind of contact I stayed still and watched as the girls got more and more animated on the bed.

From nowhere, seemingly, a large dildo appeared and was gently inserted into my wifes pussy. A switch was thrown and I could hear the buzz start and saw a look of supreme pleasure appear on my wife’s face, as her friend started to push and pull the toy in and out of her. She was moaning and biting her lip with the sheer delight of it all, at the same time as caressing and pulling at the other blonds erect nipples and magnificent tits.

A huge surge went through my wife as she came but instead of laying back to enjoy it for long she threw her companion onto her back and grabbing the dildo pushed it, with not inconsiderable force, into her, making her gasp with the pleasure of it and the surprise.

In and out the dildo went and at that stage I couldn’t wait any more. I went to the bed and pushed my wife’s shoulders down so her arse was raised up and positioning myself behind her thrust my cock into her pussy with one easy movement. She was so excited and wet that there was no impediment at all and when she sighed and looked round out me saying ‘Fuck me Darling, fuck me good’ I nearly came right then.

What do you do to stop yourself from coming too soon? It was very difficult not to come when here I was watching my wife pound a large dildo in and out of this beautiful blonde who was gasping for air and whispering obscenities into my wife’s ear as I was doing her doggy fashion for all I was worth.

Fortunately the thrill of it had overtaken us all and within a few minutes we all seemed to come at the same time. The secretary was screaming for my wife beylikdüzü ucuz escort not to stop, pulling on her left breast, while I was pulling on the right and rubbing my wife’s clitoris as fast as possible and shooting my cum into her drenched pussy.

We all collapsed. I lay there between these two incredible women and wondered if I would ever get an erection again! ‘ Raising the dead’ was the only phrase I could think of and started to laugh. Both the girls wanted to know what was the matter and so I told them. They both thought this most amusing and our secretary friend whispered to me ‘ Don’t worry, there is plenty of time to play and your lovely wife and I can make you stiff again quicker than a can of Robin’s starch!’

It was at this stage that my wife asked ‘Where’s your boss? And I must admit I hadn’t really even given him a thought up to now but we were told ‘ He has gone to see an old friend for a couple of hours and will be back later’.

The reply obviously pleased my wife as a small smile appeared on her face and she said quietly in my ear, ‘I’m so pleased, I can’t wait to see his lovely big cock again’.

‘That won’t be a problem’ said our friend from the other side of me; ‘ before he left this morning he told me that he had some plans for you for later, and knowing my boss I am sure he will make it very special for you!’

I suppose it must have been a good hour or so later I woke up to find the blond playing gently with my rapidly hardening cock and when I looked round to see where my wife was I was told, ‘Don’t worry my boss is looking after her’.

I knew that would keep her happy and very busy for a while so I decided the best thing to do was to lay back and enjoy the delicious feeling this incredible woman was eliciting from my cock.

I knew she was used to something a little larger so it was no surprise that she could take me down all the way into her mouth so easily, and my God could she use her tongue! One minute she was swirling it around the head of my cock and the next she was using it on my balls as the rest of my prick reached for her tonsils.

I knew that despite the climax I had had this morning that I couldn’t last as long as I, and her, would like, so I moved her head and laying her onto her back lay between her smooth thighs to return the compliment.

She hadn’t long had her bikini line done obviously and it was very pleasant to linger in the short golden hairs before I began licking her lips which unfolded gracefully to allow me full access to her moist, pink interior. In no time her juices started to flow and I tasted her sweet nectar on my tongue, so similar to my wife’s yet so different and for all that so exciting. Her fingers came down, as she writhed gently on the bed, to spread her lips as far as possible and tease out her clitoris for me to suck. How could I say no! Licking, sucking and occasionally nibbling it gently with my teeth soon had the desired effect and the next thing I know she is telling me, ‘Stick that magnificent cock in me now and fuck me before I go insane!’ Well I have never beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort been a chap not to do as I am told so I raised myself up, spread her thighs and, placing my cock at the entrance to her dripping pussy, pushed in with one easy movement.

The feeling was exquisite and whilst I had fucked her the previous night, that had been a little more hectic and this time I could take my time. I started at a steady pace pushing my cock all the way in and then withdrawing as slowly as I could until I nearly pulled out and then repeating the same move. My friend obviously enjoyed this and soon began to encourage me with little phrases like, ‘OOOh that is wonderful’ ‘Go a little faster’ and ‘Push it in me harder’ all of which had the appropriate reaction from me. I could tell she was getting close to coming with the movements her body was making and then she whispered to me the sort of phrase that had always made me shoot my load, ‘I bet your wife’s having a great time being fucked by my boss’.

That was it. I couldn’t hold back any longer and pushed myself in and out of her so hard I thought my cock would burst. This seemed to be just what she needed as well and as I felt myself spurt into her she came with a long wail that I thought would wake the dead.

The applause seemed oddly out of place at that time but I looked up, as shattered as I was, to see my wife and the boss standing in the doorway clapping at the scene that had presented itself to them. They were both naked and he was obviously a little aroused with my wife’s hand doing its best to make him fully aroused!

I ignored them, and sensed, rather than saw, them drift off into the bathroom while I cuddled up to the back of the secretary reaching round to cup a magnificent breast while running my thumb over a succulent nipple.

‘As happy as Larry’ I think the saying is, and that amply summed up my state of mind as I lay playing with that lovely body, but I was also curious to see what the others were doing. I crawled out of bed and quietly walked to the bathroom door to see what was happening.

The bathroom was even bigger than ours and the shower stall looked like it could hold an entire rugby team! There was a bench on one side of it with my wife standing on it, the boss’s head between her legs, one of which was hooked up over his shoulder so that he could reach the parts that really matter. The look of ecstasy on her face was beyond belief and the way she was pulling at her breasts and nipples simply astounding, but I knew that she couldn’t take this for too long and would want to get his huge prick into her mouth and pussy as soon as possible.

Sure enough she pushed him away and dived to her knees grabbing at his cock and lavishing kisses and sucking him as far into as mouth as she could get him. She wasn’t as accomplished as his secretary but managed a good half of his length and from the look on his face he certainly wasn’t complaining!

They stayed this way for five or so minutes with my wife orally worshipping his prick and then he took control beyoğlu escort and turned her round to face the wall. Instinctively she reached out, stood back and bent at the waist so that his cock was lined up with her pussy and he advanced forward and slid in to her like a knife into melting butter. She gasped at the size of him and then as he rocked backwards and forwards she adjusted, settled into the rhythm and was soon pushing back onto him with every press forward that he made.

The boss’s hands couldn’t leave her amazing tits alone and occasionally one hand would drop to rub her clitoris bringing even greater volume to the moans coming from her lips. Then the storm began to break. His pistoning became more urgent and as it did so did your verbal entreaties.

‘Harder, you bastard, I want more of your cock. Give it to me, make me cum’. None of these words were lost on him and his efforts became more and more Herculean as you both raced towards a climax.

I’m not sure who came first, whether it was your orgasm that triggered his or the other way round but I do know it was monumental for both of you. He slammed into you and you pushed back taking the full power of his pulsing cock and demanding more. Both of you had spasms as you milked his cock to get all of the juices from him and when he finally withdrew from you a tiny whimper left your lips as if you didn’t want him to leave.

That was when you looked up and saw me standing there watching you. You smiled and asked me, ‘Are you OK?’ and I replied with a smile ‘I am if you are’. ‘Most certainly’ you said and sunk down on the bench next to the boss.

I was at a loss as to what to do at that stage because |I didn’t really want to interrupt the two of you cuddling on the bench under the shower but a certain part of my body seemed to be eager yet again for some action.

I decided the best thing to do would be to take a shower myself, and hopefully cool off, so I entered the shower and was sluicing myself off when the statuesque secretary came in as well. That put paid to the cooling off bit as the first thing she did was pull her boss to his feet, place him along side me and dropping to her knees she took it in turns to suck our pricks.

Despite his recent orgasm he didn’t take long to rise to the occasion and not to be out done my wife joined her on the floor of the shower to take me in her mouth while the secretary looked after her boss.

What a sight. Two beautiful mature women sucking cock and two very happy men looking down at them.

The rest of the afternoon was somewhat of a blur, but I remember you two girls playing with each other, caressing breasts and clitorises as the boss and I fucked you from the rear, me sinking myself further and further into you as he thrust up into her.

The day had taken its toll to some extent as it took us both along time to reach orgasm, whereas you girls seemed to be having them on a regular basis as we pummelled your pussies with our rampant pricks. I don’t know either whose idea it was for you both to turn at the appropriate time and falling to yours knees take our cum on your magnificent tits but it just seemed to sum up the closeness that had arisen between the four of us in a short space of time.

I think we all slept for some time after crawling back into bed and the tangle of arms and legs didn’t really matter, we were all safe with each other.

What would happen when we woke goodness only knows.

24th September 2002.

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