12 Mayıs 2021

A Bar Stool Fling

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Cara stalked her way through the club, the scent of smoke and various colognes and perfumes invading her nostrils. She sat down at the bar, ordering herself a drink. She glanced across the room, sizing up her competition and scoping out possible lovers for a one night stand. There was once a time when she looked for more in a man than his sexual prowess, but things had changed since then.

A small group of men at the far side of the club caught her eye, and she decided to grab their attention by showing off some assets of her own. She leaned forward in their direction on the stool slightly, running a finger up and down one side of the low neck line of her blouse. It was ruby red, matching her lipstick, while her skirt was black denim, a very revealing outfit. Perfect for flaunting what she had. Her figure had always earned her quite a large amount of attention from any male that showed interest in women. She was 5’10”, 135lbs, and was built almost like a ballet dancer. Her chest wasn’t particularly large, but she made up for it with her legs, her long silky smooth legs. Cara would always run a hand up and down one of her legs to arouse a man, and it worked every time. She was 26 years old, and had only had two serious boyfriends; everything else was just a fling. But in all her years of promiscuous activity, she had only found a very small handful of men capable of satisfying her.

While she continued to taunt the men across the room, the bartender brought her drink over. As she sipped it, one of the men approached. His hair was black, and medium length. Dark blue eyes stood out beneath, and a small 5 o’clock shadow darkened his face along the beard line.

“Hey there, I couldn’t help but-“

“Can it,” she started. “Unless you have something interesting to say, I don’t want to hear pointless chatter.”

He turned to leave, but stopped. “After you finish that, can I buy you your next drink?”

“Sure. Just don’t expect one drink to be the ticket into my pants.” Her boldness startled him, but he didn’t exactly dislike it. Something about it made her seem… well, he wasn’t sure what he thought, but he sort of liked it.

He sat next to her, striking up a conversation, and bought her a cocktail when she finished. He was tall, 6’2″, and slim, about 135lbs. Cara chatted with for a while before she took his hand and felt it up in a very sensual way, clearly teasing him. She would rub his palm, then slowly suck each of his fingers, even running one of his fingers into her blouse. She leaned in close to him. “Meet me out back in a ten minutes.”

She stood, and calmly walked to the exit, making sure to shake her ass a little when she walked. She waited for only two minutes before he showed up. “I thought I told you to wait longer before meeting me here. This will look awfully suspicious…” Before he could respond she threw herself at him, kissing him intensely. In between kisses he tried to ask her when her last time was, and she lied, saying it had been too long. In truth she was here on a weekly basis, sometimes twice a week, picking up men to fill her needs.

As she kissed him, he began to embrace her body, feeling her breasts, running a hand over her karşıyaka escort bayan stomach. As they kissed, he reached downward. He explored with two fingers, searching. She could feel her body respond, and her hips began to thrust ever so slightly towards him on a slow yet regular rhythm. He found his mark, but instead of directly touching her, he decided that a slow-but-steady approach would win him the most in reciprocation. He ran his two fingers from her naval all the way down, parting them to go around her clitoris and lips. She began to writhe, unable to stand the wait. He continued down, running a hand down her leg.

He tried to kiss her neck, but she would not unlock her lips from his. He grabbed her hair and gave a moderate tug backwards, exposing the nape of her neck. He kissed her there with an animal ferocity, while his fingers worked the soft flesh surrounding her sensitive, delicate pussy. As he released her hair and reached for her blouse, she seized his hand.

“Wait,” she panted. “Let’s go back to my place.” They both trotted out of the alley, and jumped into her car. The little Toyota took off, the tires squealing. As they made it to her place, the halls of her house were filled with her giggles of pleasure, and his occasional murmur of approval.

They burst through the door, kissing and fondling. “Mmph, my name’s Kevin by the way,” he said between kisses. She reached for his belt, but he threw her down onto the couch, and resumed his almost agonizingly slow process of pleasuring her. After what seemed like an eternity, she felt him finally make contact with her sensitive pussy, her clit ready to explode from the sensations. As he reached down and began to work her pussy with not one hand, but two hands and his mouth, she arched her back and screamed. Lights flickered on in the house across the street, and he continued. He slipped her short black skirt to her ankles, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy, almost completely shaven, save for one stripe above her clit that was about a half inch long. As he fingered with one hand, his hand wet from her juices, Kevin kissed her, reaching for her blouse.

She reached up to his belt as best she could from her current position, and went to work exposing his cock. As he got her blouse open, Cara drew his cock out of his pants. It was about 6 1/2 inches – not very long, but it was thick, big enough to satisfy her. Kevin moved to allow her to rise, and as he stood there, Cara slowly dropped to her knees, kissing his chest as she went. As her knees contacted the ground, Cara slid his cock into her mouth, and he grasped her long, flowing brown hair and pulled her head in closer to him. Unable to fit his cock that far down her throat so quickly, she began to cough and sputter, and even though her throat was pure ecstasy against his cock, Kevin let her go. For a second she coughed and wheezed, but once her breath had returned, she looked up at him, her eyes like dark, earthy brown pools, her small nose piercing’s diamond glinting. As she looked at him, she burst into a small, quiet fit of giggles. Kevin smiled in relief that he had not ruined his chances, and awkwardly chuckled a little karşıyaka escort too.

As she started to suck his dick again, Kevin leaned back and pushed his pelvis forward, and he felt the tip of his cock brush against the back of her throat. While she continued working his cock with her mouth, Cara opened her bra in the back, holding it on in front with only one hand. As she grasped Kevin’s cock with her left and started to bob her head along the length of his shaft, she slowly revealed her perfectly shaped breasts, a large B-cup hidden well under her pink bra.

She was not very happy with the size of her breasts, but Cara had the most beautifully shaped, perky, well-proportioned rack he had ever seen. Her pink nipples, almost the same color as her lightly-tanned skin, were not very large, but looked larger than they were on her smaller breasts. Her breasts did not sag, but they were very soft, like silky pillows. Despite her feelings about her own breasts, Kevin could not take his eyes off of them, infatuated with their glorious form. On the right side, Cara had a tiny hand print tattooed on her breasts, toward the top.

Gripping his cock, Cara planted it firmly on her chest, pushed her breasts together, and tucked her chin, allowing her tongue to stick out of her open mouth. As he began to thrust, the tip of his cock would slide along her tongue, and Kevin had to resist with all his will just to keep from blowing now. He had slept with many girls, pleasuring each and every one of them, but Cara was nearly a pro, greatly contrasting from the usual girl Kevin would find himself with.

“Mmm, I think I’m ready to move ahead,” he said after a few minutes of Cara’s breasts. Cara stood and finished undressing Kevin, using her teeth wherever possible, and once she finished, she led him to her bedroom.

As he watched her slim figure walk down the hall, he anticipated her body’s full embrace. Her long, lean figure was a tempting vision, and coupled with her gorgeous breasts and pretty face, Cara was going to be an experience to remember. As she strode, he took her hair and moved it to one side, kissing her soft neck, rubbing her shoulders. He ran his hands down, holding her by the hips, one hand straying across to her naval. Her beautiful skin felt extraordinary under his hands, and he began to imagine how her pussy would feel, wrapped around his cock.

Once they arrived in her bedroom after a short walk down the hall, she playfully flopped down on her bed. Kevin approached her, thinking which position he should take her from. He grabbed both of Cara’s ankles in his hand, lifting them high. With both of her legs together and raised, he had a clear shot at her. Driving in steadily, he had soon established a comfortable pace that would not only pleasure her, but afford him both pleasure and endurance.

Her pussy was the softest he had ever penetrated, though Kevin could feel that it was no longer as tight as it once was. Cara cried out, rubbing her clit fiercely with three fingers. In her other hand, she grabbed one of her breasts and began to squeeze it, working it on her chest. Kevin was turned on even further by this, and gave escort karşıyaka a loud grunt with his next thrust. Cara let out a soft moan in response, her soft voice pleasing in Kevin’s ear. He spread her legs ever so slightly, creating just enough room for his head to fit between, and he left her legs resting, one on each shoulder. Cara stopped fondling her breasts briefly to stroke Kevin’s abs with her finger tips, very lightly. As she did this, Kevin began to thrust at a pace Cara was unable to handle. She cried out once more, this time louder, and in a more coarse voice. She started to moan uncontrollably, and Kevin couldn’t stop now even if he wanted to.

Suddenly, Kevin grabbed her hips and pulled her in deep, holding her there for a second. Waiting for the urge to release to pass, Kevin slowly withdrew. He laid next to Cara, propped up on one elbow. “Ready to continue?” he asked softly after a few moments.

“That was fantastic,” she panted. “Gotta keep going.” She rolled onto her side, practically begging for him to spoon her. Kevin began to slide in again, and quickly reestablished his previous pacing. Holding one leg up in the air, Kevin reached over to her breasts with his free hand. Gently feeling them as he plunged in and out of her pussy, they seemed to be near perfect. Cara’s breasts were like small treasures, and they were all his for the night.

After pumping her from that position for a while, Kevin got onto his knees, and Cara followed, leaning forward onto all fours. Kevin gripped her hips, and immediately began to thrust away, each one bringing him closer to the end of his restraint. She continued moaning, almost as if to indicate that she was near orgasm. Only four more thrusts brought another wave of load groans and screams, indicating she had climaxed once more. Kevin wasn’t sure he would be able to give her another, but he focused on going for as long as his body would permit. He withdrew, before being toppled onto the mattress by Cara. She mounted him, her hands planted firmly on his chest, her long legs straddling his waist. She slowly lowered herself onto his dick, and began to bounce herself up and down on his cock. The bed springs squeaked under the strain of them both rising and falling so rapidly. Her usual moans crescendoed briefly, before dropping to their usual volume, and Kevin felt the end approach. He grabbed her on either side of her chest, pulling her to the bed before rising himself. He rapidly pumped his cock in his hands while Cara rose onto her knees. As he worked himself to cumming, Cara kissed his chest, encouraging him onward. He finally came, plastering her chest with streaks of his cum. As he did so, she gripped her nipples between two fingers and a thumb on either side, once again caressing her breasts, pushing them together a little, massaging them.

As Kevin finished, she took his cock on her hand, slowly stroking it, licking ever strand of cum still hanging from his shaft. her other hand smeared the white fluid across her chest, letting out a low, satisfied laugh at the same time. “Hmm, that was nice, we should do this again sometime,” Cara said, looking up at him, fluttering her eyes slightly.

Kevin hesitated. “Well,” he started, but she cut him off.

“Relax, I’m only fucking with you. But seriously, I think I need to be cleaned up a little, you wanna have a lil fun in the shower?” She took his hand and led him towards her shower. They stepped in, turned on the hot water, and slid the curtains closed.


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