14 Haziran 2021

A Blue-Collar Story Ch. 3

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Close Up

After having sex as strangers, then spending the rest of the day becoming acquainted as friends, now, Desi and Scott faced each other as two people falling in love. They had lit the candles placed throughout the room and the sweet scent of butter cream filled the air.

If Scott regretted anything, it was the abrupt way this relationship had started. Now he wanted to give Desi a romantic evening, a loving interlude of sensual memories. She stood before him, still soft from sleep, tiny and vulnerable. He held her close to him, breathing in her scent and her sweetness. They kissed, as old friends now, their mouths fitting together perfectly. They knew the taste of each other, yet continued to explore and search, wanting to become familiar with every tiny nuance. Scott’s hands circled her back, moving up and down her spine, memorizing the feel of her.

It seemed natural to unzip the pretty peach dress, opening it so his hands could caress the soft flesh he found there. The kisses continued, his tongue entering her warm mouth, searching and learning. Their tongues played, teased, and he heard a moan from deep within her. She pressed herself against him, melted into him, molding her body to his. Her arms wrapped over his shoulders, her hands sliding into his hair, holding him close.

He pulled away, no easy task, his body seemed drawn to hers. He looked down at her face, into her dark eyes, and smiled. The total trust he saw there overwhelmed him. He had gotten used to the corporate world, where everyone was out for themselves, everyone had an agenda. In his office, all the men wanted to become him and the women wanted to either move up the ladder the easy way or just brag they “had” the boss. He had learned to trust no one, allow no one to get close to him. It had been a lonely existence.

When he had left his office behind and started working at the service station, one of his goals was to find real people who just asked for friendship and nothing more. The guys at work had accepted him easily. He was invited for beer after work, to weekend games, even to meet their families and friends. Scott had breathed easily for the first time in years. But seeing all the happy families had made him wish for someone of his own.

He had been attracted to Desi from the first, but she never seemed to see him. He was just a nice guy with a blue workshirt who was always ready to help her with her car needs. Today, when the opportunity presented itself, he had surprised her. The events of the day ran through his mind, even as he looked into her pretty face and saw the longing canlı bahis in her eyes.

Desi trusted him. She liked him. And, she wanted him. Just him. Scott with the work shirt and embroidered name. His warm hands continued to caress her spine, making her shiver with desire. His mouth covered hers again, as she slowly began rubbing her body against his. He could feel her erect nipples against his shirt, feel her hips grinding into his.

He pulled back again, allowing a small space between them. Her sundress slid to the floor, leaving her warm, nearly naked body before him. Her breasts were uptilted, her nipples hard and knotted. He looked at her lovely tanned skin, glowing in the candlelight and he just had to touch. His fingers slid over all of her. The Braille of lovers. Her soft shoulders, her arms, holding her hands with her tiny fingers entwined with his. His hands moved to her face, tracing her jaw, into her hair, down her nose. He kissed her cheek, her forehead, her eyelids. As his mouth moved down her neck, he could feel her trembling, could hear her rapid heartbeat as she stood before him, offering herself to him. His hands slipped down her sides, spanned her waist, massaged her ribs. He deliberately did not touch any of the usual spots, relishing instead the unusual, the forgotten zones.

Desi stood before him, surrendering to him, allowing him all the exploration time he needed. His hands felt so good touching her. His fingers were gentle and inquisitive and slow. Her skin came to life as he touched her, she could almost imagine a path appearing on her flesh as he discovered her. Now, he hooked his thumbs at her waist and spread his fingers over her hips, feeling the sharp angle of the bones there. Then he circled her “inny” belly button, tickling her and making her catch her breath with delight. His hands moved over her flat tummy, up to her mid-section, massaging and soothing the skin, while building a fire within her that was roaring out of control. She swayed before him, totally his. Scott’s hands slid under her breasts, finding that tender flesh, just touching with one finger tip as he traced the curve there. Up between her breasts, so lightly massaging, so lightly moving, she almost wondered if he was there at all. Then his mouth moved to hers, softly taking possession, shaping her lips, wetting them, molding them, then opening them for exploration. His tongue slipped inside, sure of itself, knowing the feel and relishing in it. Desi stood still and allowed him all the time he wanted. His mouth moved down to her shoulders, kissing and nibbling bahis siteleri along her soft skin. He kissed his way to her hand, licking the palm, tracing the fingers, sucking each tip deeply into his warm, wet mouth. Desi felt the ache deep inside, the woman-deep feeling of desire and need.

Scott turned Desi away from him. They stood before the full-lenth mirror, her body tiny against his. They looked together at the couple in the mirror, the fully dressed man and the bikini clad woman, lovers already, embarking on a new adventure. His fingers now explored her back, her shoulders, her hairline. His kisses along the tender nape of her neck made her growl deep in her throat, his fingers along her hips made her sway back against him. She felt herself melt, felt the dampness between her legs increase and flood the lips, wetting her panties, making her swollen and aching. She watched in the mirror as his most capable hands traced her skin, avoiding her throbbing nipples and just caressing her full breasts. She licked her lips, looking into his eyes, her lust evident. His arms wrapped around her, his bare arms tickling her tummy as his hands held her tightly against him. She could feel his excitement pressed against her back, feel him throbbing with passion and need. In his eyes, she saw tenderness and caring. With one last look in the mirror, Desi turned back to Scott, intent on exploring him.

Her fingers moved to unbutton his shirt, stretching to reach his throat and kiss him there, then kissing his chest with each button undone. She licked his firm skin, tasted his delicious flesh. Finally, his shirt was opened and she could see his lovely, toned chest. Her breath caught. She slipped her fingers under his shirt and helped him remove it. Her mouth wandered everywhere, kissing and nipping as he stood still before her. Finally, her lips found his right nipple and closed on it. She pulled it deeply into her warmth and heard his sharp intake of breath as his hands slid into her hair, holding her in place. Oh, she loved this. The tiny nipple was rock-hard against her tongue, the tiny bumps telling her of his pleasure. She had never sucked a man’s nipple before and had not expected this reaction. Her mouth moved eagerly from one to the other, pulling them deep, then circling with her tongue, then flicking, then nibbling. Scott moaned and she heard her name repeated. Desi felt she could easily remain here all night, giving him pleasure, but there was so much more she wanted to see, to do.

Her hands against his chest, she pushed away. Looking up at Scott, she saw his eyes glazed bahis şirketleri with passion. He leaned down to kiss her, distracting her from her plan.

After a thorough kissing, Desi once again resumed the undressing of Scott. He tasted so good. He smelled delicious. The scents of Obsession and Scott combined to make her nearly delirious with longing. Still, she moved slowly, not wanting to rush the discovery of her man.

Her hands rested on his belt buckle, while she kissed his abdomen. She let her fingers work on the buckle as she continued to make love to his chest. Finally, she had it opened. one button and then the zipper, making the most erotic sound she had ever heard. She closed her eyes, relishing the rasp of the metal on metal. She slid his pants down his hips, admiring the fit of his short, tailored boxers. She noticed his erection, pressing hard against the fabric and smiled to herself. Now they were twins. She turned him to the mirror, standing behind him, completely dwarfed by his body. She peeked around his body, looking at her handsome lover reflected in the mirror. She slipped her hand around his midriff, her tanned fingers blending with his skin, her shiny bright pink fingernails gleaming. She touched him as he had touched her, never making contact with the usual sweet spots, but finding some new ones of her own. She ran her fingers along his elastic waistband, dipping her fingers under the fabric, hearing him moan his appreciation. She kissed his back, licking it with her tongue, tracing words of promise and longing. Her nipples pressed against his lower spine, hard and pointed. Her fingers ran up to his hard nubbins, stroking and scratching them, causing him to thrust lightly with his hips.

He turned, she couldn’t stop him. He held her to him, feeling her velvet skin against his. He kissed her, trying to inhale her soul. “Scott”, she thought. “Scott, my lover”, her mind repeated his name, her most favorite name in the world. Being with him was like Christmas morning, so much to discover and have for her own. He picked her up and held her against his body, skin to skin, nipple to nipple, mouth to mouth. They both seemed to be starving for the sweet contact of kissing. They kissed deeply, slowly, nibbles and nips, long breathes of the other, short gasping excitement. The passion building between them threatened to overtake them both.

Scott turned to the bed, walking with his treasure still caught in his arms. They kissed and shared breath, their hearts beating together. Desi wrapped her arms around his waist, and he felt the dampness of her panties against his flesh. His cock was rigid in his straining shorts, his desire making a wet area on the fabric.

Tonight was a night for lovers, and Scott and Desi wanted it all.


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