19 Ocak 2021

A Drive

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We are on a drive. Nowhere in particular, just out for a good time. We talk about some of our more exotic sex adventures. As I am driving, I can see you getting turned on. You get this look in your eye, that tells me that you are up to something. Before I know what is going on you unzip my pants to allow yourself access to me. You start licking the top of my penis flicking it with your tongue, and then you slip him between your warm lips and suck as you take him deeper and deeper into your mouth. At this time I realize that there is no way I can continue to drive with you making me so hard. I remembered that you told me once that you would love to be satisfied in a hotel room. I see a sign saying that a hotel is coming up, and I make the turn into the parking lot. I slip on my pants as I run to the desk to get us a room.

As I come running out of the lobby you are already are out of the vehicle, with a look in your eyes that you need me. I grab your hand as we race to the elevator. Once inside, I slip my hand down your shirt and feel the soft flesh of your breasts. Once on our floor we race to our door. Once we get into bahis firmaları our room, and I slam the door shut, grab you and slam you against the door kissing you in a heated passion while ripping your pants open. I slide my fingers into your pants and rub your slit getting your panties wet as I go. You pull me closer, and with one hand take my pants off, and shove your hand down my boxers and starts rubbing my penis, getting faster and faster, making him harder and harder by the stroke. I am afraid I am going to blow my load, so I pull your hand out and rip off your shirt and bra. Your breasts fall out, and I grab them and start to massage them, all the while moving you closer and closer to the bed.

Knowing that you like your nipples played with, I bite one of them and am rewarded when you let out a little scream of pleasure. As soon as you are close enough, I throw you onto the bed and pull your pants off in one smooth motion. This leaves you in just your panties. I take off my shirt and boxers. With me standing their naked, I hesitate. You beg me, “Please, I need to feel your hard rod deep inside me.” But instead kaçak iddaa of giving you what you want, I decide to take what I want by making you suffer and wait. I take your panties off with my teeth, and I come back up to your inner things and start licking your slit and tasting your warm juices. They are so good I just can’t resist licking some more. I continue using my tongue working it deeper and deeper into you as far as I can.

You yell for me to “Fuck me already!” I can’t resist this and so I get on top of you and slide smoothly into you in one motion. You moan loudly, asking for it harder. I begin to slam into you, getting constantly rougher, which of course makes you scream. This just encourages me to keep getting harder. I then make you get up and stand against the wall. I line up and slam back into you from behind making you jump. As I near the point of no return, I hear you scream in your first orgasm of the night. I feel the vibrations from you on my penis making me explode deep into you. But I’m not done with you. I am still rock hard and ready for round two. I then turn you around, wrap my hand in your hair. kaçak bahis Pulling roughly on your hair, I pull you to your knees and I slip my penis into your mouth, still covered in both our juices. You love the taste of both of us on me so you suck on me until I am clean. Just as you are finishing, I thrust as hard into your mouth as I can causing me to slide into your throat and causing you to gag. Loving this new sensation, you continue to deep throat yourself, gagging each time. I then come down so we are eye to eye and I slip two fingers into your already sore pussy making you moan.

I take this as a sign that you are ready for me again and I push you onto the ground, face down. I then get on you and slide into you again from behind hitting you in your most sensitive spots. This racks you with your second orgasm which puts me right up to the edge. I decide I want to give you my gift somewhere new. I tell you that I want to cum on you, and ask where you would like it. You ask for it on your face. As I am masturbating to finish on you, you are begging me to “Cum on my face. Please baby, give me a face full of that sweet cream of yours”. After I drop my load we make our way over to the bed and lie down and go to sleep. As we are tangled in each other’s arms, I pull you closer to me. My final words before sleep befalls me are “I love you”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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