13 Haziran 2021

A genie and three wishes

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Note: This story is completely fiction.

I was normal 20 year old boy. i was 5ft 6, had a chubby body. I had a good thick 7 inch cock though. I was a very horny boy though, but girls dont go out with tiny chubby boys. I didnt like any girls in my college though, i had my eyes on someone close to me. My step sister, Irina. She was 18 and had a curvy body, 36-32-38. I wanted to fuck her and its not like i didnt try, i tried my best to seduce her but nothing worked infact things got bad. She didnt wanted to indulge in sexual activities with her brother. Although we werent blood related. Well things got bad after me trying to seduce her too much, her relationship with me got affected. She became distant and we would rarely talk.

I had lost hope with Irina. I still did watch porn and jerk off, imagining its me fucking her. I still peeped around and make videos of her taking shower or changing then jerk off to them. I had not seen her sexually active, she was still a virgin, ofcourse i didnt know that for sure but later i found out.

Coming to the life changing moment, i went to egypt on a family trip. We went to see the mummys and pyramids, we stayed in camps. One night everyone was sleeping and i was as usualy jerking off under my blanket. I seemed to hear a voice outside. I pulled my trousers up and went to look. I kept wandering and wandering, soon i realized i had been miles away from the camps. There was nothing but sand dunes. Something caught my eyes, something was shining in sand. I went over to see and i found a lamp. It looked like a genies lamps like we see in movies but i was the size of a keychain. I really thought of it as a joke, actually picked it up and rubbed it. It seemed funny to do that, but what happened was no joke. The wind stopped and i everything went quite. The lamp started shaking i felt scared and dropped it, and soon a purple colored smoke came out of it started taking a shape of a person. I was confused as fuck, am i dreaming, is the genie real? I couldnt comprehend anything. The genie came out and told me that i have three wishes blah blah blah all that movie nonsense. I was sure that its just me dreaming all that. After that i really dont remember what happened but i ended up in my tent. I woke up and realized it was a dream after all.

I went to the toilets and when i put my hand in my pockets i felt something, it was the lamp. Was it not a dream? If not then why dont i remember what happened afterwards. I decided to keep the lamp and do something about it when we got back home. I kept thinking about if it was real what wishes would i make. Fast forward 15 days we came back home. I still had the lamp. At night when everyone slept i locked the room and rubbed the lamp. It actually was real, the genie emerged from the lamp. He said i had all my three wishes left. The past 15 days i had been thinking about what to wish, i decided to wish for something that could make anyone have sex with me. I decided to wish for a potion and who ever drinks a single drop of it would be inclined to have sex with me. After that my whole room was covered in smoke, the genie went back in the lamp. I found a bottle of pink liquid on the floor. It worked, IT ACTUALY WORKED. I was jumping from excitement. I couldnt wait for it to try on Irina.

I waited for the perfect day to try this. I finally got the chance. My parents were going on their anniversary trip, it was their time so me and Irina were to stay at home. This is what i wanted. Now like i mentioned our relationship was damaged, we didnt talk unless it was something important. After we were alone, i went to her room and knocked, she didnt respond to me but i went in and said that i was going to order pizza and milkshakes for dinner. She told me what flavors she wanted and i left. When the food arrived, i mixed a drop of the potion in her milkshake. I left it in her room and waited. I couldnt eat my own food due to the excitement and perverted thoughts in my head. I waited for 3 hours and nothing happened, i thought she would come and just jump on my dick.

I got frustrated and went in my room. A wish fulfilling genie what a joke. I jerked off and tried to sleep but couldnt. I got up to drink something, i went out to and saw that Irinas room light was on, I went to check. I was hearing moaning sounds, wait what was she actually masterbating. I have spied on her for years and never heard her masterbate. The door was open so i pushed it a bit to see inside. I could see her naked, rubbing her pink clean pussy. She started calling out my name, was this the potion working? It sure was. I knew this was the moment for me to pop her cherry. I went in her room, she was so much into her session that her eyes were closed and she didnt notice me. I in the meantime was also jerking güvenilir bahis off at her. She was moaning my name again and again. It was making me more horny. I went close and she sensed me, she opened her eyes and was embarrased. She tried to cover herself but i didnt her let. I told her i saw and heard everything i needed too. She tried to resist saying its not like that and all. I wanted to test this, so i said im going in my room and if you dont want this while point at my dick then dont come there. I went to my room and laid there on my bed stroking my cock. Within 5 mins she came to my room in a red lingerie. She was scared, i got up picked her up and threw her on the bed. She opened her legs, her panties were dripping wet. She was acting like the perfect slut. I ordered her to come and suck my dick, she obliged and quickly got on her knees and sucking it. Her mouth was so warm, she was soon deppthroating my whole cock, i was about to cum. I started fucking her mouth and soon came in her throat. She swallowed every bit of it. I threw her on bed and ripped her panties off. I was licking her clit. She was moaning like crazy, her pussy was leaking cum. Her legs were shivering like crazy. She was begging for me to deflower her, she kept saying things like please fuck me bro. I was hard again and it was time. I positioned my dick on her hole. She was in my control and i myself had lost my patience. I thrusted my cock in her the tip went inside and she screamed, she was crying in pain. She wanted it to stop but she also wanted me inside her. I on the other hand didnt care about her pain, i had waited too long for this to take things slowly. I thrusted and half my cock went inside, another thrust it was completely inside. My dick was covered in her blood. I didnt stop, i kept pounding her. I pounded her so roughly till her pain was replaced with pleasure. I was sucking her tits and kissing her. I fucked her for good 40 mins and then asked her to suck my cum out. She blew me till i exploded in her mouth. She herself had cummed 3 times. This was just the beginning. I fucked her all the time even when our parents got back. I even took her anal cherry and tried bondage with her.

All this continued for the next 3 years. I had all i wanted. Over time i learned that the potions effects do wear off. They wore off about 6 months after giving to Irina and she didnt feel attracted to me. After the effects wore off it was more of a need to take care of eachothers need rather than the sexual urge to have sex with me. We were just having sex to take off our sexual needs. There were also times she said no to me, i myself have had all the fun i needed with her. I no longer wanted her, I had all the fun i wanted for 3 years. I didnt use the potion on anyone else though. Irina had a boyfriend now and she in with him. It didnt bother me as i mentioned i didnt wanted her anymore.

I thought it was time for me to use the potion again. I still had the genie and one more wishes (I used a wish to make me rich and i won 6 lotteries in a row, i know i couldnt be more predictable) but i kept one wish safe in case i needed something really important in the future. I couldnt find any girl attractive enough for me. I was a very picky person when it came to girls. After getting rich we moved into a mansion in a very expensive neighborhood.

A year later, I was all alone. I bought my parents a house near a lake where they both stayed alone, Irina had also moved in with her boyfriend. I had used the potion now on pretty models and fucked them. I dont know why i didnt enjoy it as much as i did with Irina. Like i said Irina was the only girl i ever found attractive. Well i had groupsex parties and all, you could say i was living the best life. The potion was used numerous times now, i only had a drop left. I saved it for someone i actually found attractive.

A whole year i spent fucking girls and i started to notice that something was wrong with me. It was getting frustrated to be honest, i was horny all the time but i couldnt seem to get hard. It made worried, about my manhood. I was scared something might be wrong with me. Did i have too much sex that my dick stopped working? All this was getting me pretty worried. I had also gained a bit of weight aswell, my thighs, ass were all chunkier. I had man boobs hanging aswell.

I was worried about my dick, one night i ended up drinking pretty heavily. It was constantly on my mind that something is wrong with my dick. I was pretty drunk and out of my mind. I decided to use my last wish to restore my manhood back to normal. I dont know how i reached my room in that state trying to find the lamp. I cant remember much what happened after i reached my room. I woke up the next day hungover. I had the lamp in my hand. I thought i must türkçe bahis have passed out before making a wish, to be sure i rubbed the genie out. It didnt come out, infact in a matter of second the lamp turned to dust. What did i do? The only explanation was that i used my last wish but on what? i couldnt remember what happened last night. I got worried if my previous wishes also vanished I ran and checked my drawers, the potion was still there, and my money was also there. But what did i use my last wish on.

Well the next few months i searched everywhere to see if something was irregular. Everything was fine, my family, my money and everything around me was normal. The only thing wrong was in me. I tried to cure fix my manhood, but in state of drunkenness’ i ruined myself (I found about this later).

Well fast forward a few more months. I had lost the ability of getting erections, i had gotten chubbier. I had lost all hope and even forgot that i had lost the last wish. I moved on with my life. I hadnt had sex or jerk off in months.

It was then a new family moved in next door. It was a black family. They were pretty rich aswell. The owner, Mark was a businessman. He came and introduced himself. We became drinking buddies. Mark was 6ft 6 tall, he had a hunky body. He is in his 50s. He had huge biceps. We became good friends and all, he tends to take an interest in me. We used to spend time drinking alot. He considered me as his son. We spent time like i would have with my father.

We usually drank at my place as his family was at his. But one day i got a call from Mark, he said we could drink at his place since his family had gone for a trip abroad. I went over to his place. He welcomed me at his door in his bathrobe. We went in his living room and drank. We were super drunk. He randomly said he was horny, this caught me off guard. I just thought he was drunk well i was too. He then got up and played porn on TV. I was drunk and didnt mind it. I was not gay and never thought i would be. I dozzed off for a moment, and went i opened my eyes i saw that mark had opened his bathrobe. I saw something, it was his dick, a huge 12 inch monster. He was stroking it. I had never seen something this big even in porn. I felt electric shocks in my body. He looked over to me and said why dont you join in on the fun. I couldnt tell him that i cant get erections anymore. I then noticed my dick getting hard. Was it the booze or the fact that i saw a huge monster cock? I took my trousers off, and started jerking off. The video wasnt arousing me, it was his monster that was making me aroused. I couldnt stop staring at him. After minutes mark burst out a huge load on his chest and watching him made me lose it aswell. I too burst out my load, after so long i had experience this sensation. After that we both fell asleep there. I woke up in the morning, he was still sleeping. He was also rocking morning wood. I dont know what happened i went over to him. I dont know what got into me, i grabbed his dick. I was holding another mans dick who was about 25 years older than me. It was making me hard. I covered him in his bathrobe, left his place and went to mine. I was having a raging hard on, i quickly got naked and began jerking off. I couldnt stop thinking about Mark, i was imagining his hard cock. I ejaculated in seconds.

After that i couldnt believe what had happened. I was getting hard on for my old neighbor daddy. Was i gay? I brushed off all those thoughts and tried to think positively.I had regained my ability to get boners. I thought i should have sex, i missed having sex. My maid was at my house cleaning. I thought i should fuck her, i went to look for the last drop of potion. I saw the vial was completely empty, what? when did i use it? and on who?

I said fuck it. I put on some straight porn but i was not getting hard. What was wrong with me? I started imagining me in place of the female pornstar, that when i got hard. I was imagining me getting fucked, and i came. I was getting this feeling in my asshole, i was like i wanted to insert something. I went down and inserted a finger, i hurt at first but then i started enjoying it. I was fingering my hole, first with one finger then two then three. It as an experience i never felt before. I ended up shooting a huge load without touching my dick, my own cum sprayed on chest, neck and face. I dont know what got into me, i ended up licking my own cum. I felt so good.

Fast forward a few days, i hung out with mark alot, He was eager to spend most time with me. We also jerked off to porn when we got super drunk. Well i jerked off to him. I also ended up ordering dildos and used them to satisfy the hunger of my hole. I was really become gay. Mark and I my relationship was also getting weirder and weirder. güvenilir bahis siteleri He was getting close to me. One day he proposed we jerk eachother off, ofcourse i wanted that. I agreed and we jerked eachother off till climax. After he dozed off i also ended up licking every bit of his cum.

Things were escalating rapidly between us. We used to jerk eachother off when we were drunk but now it was happening when we were sober. He had also noticed that i was eager to do things with him. One day i went over to his place, he grabbed me and started kissing me. I couldnt stop him or should i say my body wasnt allowing me too. It was like was my hole wanted him to enter me. My dick just leaking just by him kissing. He took me to his bedroom and strip me down. He started sucking my dick off, i came in seconds. He came to my face and shoved his cock in my mouth. I was barely able to fit 1/3 of it. He got on top of me and forced more and more of his dick inside. His tip was touching my throat. I was still not able to suck him completely. i soon sensed a warm liquid in my throat. He came inside my mouth. I swallowed all of it. Then he made me sit on his face, he was licking my hole and rimming me. I also went on to suck his cock. He was hard again. He pushed me off, grabbed my neck and kissed me. He was choking me, i was liking it, it made me even harder. He got off and took out his wifes lingerie. He made me wear it. I felt kind of nice in it, it was kinky. Then he tied me up in doggystyle and blind folded me. My ass was facing the ceiling. I soon felt something hit my ass, he was spanking me. The pain was pleasurable, he spanked me still my ass got completely red. He then slid the panties and lubed my ass up. I was in ecstasy. I felt something on my hole it was his dick. He came close to my ear and said “I am your daddy” and rubbed his cock on hole i moaned. He then said “will you be my son” i responded with a moan. My hole was opening up on its open eagerly wanting him to put it inside. He wanted me to beg for it. He kept teasing me, i was asking him to put it in. He said ask nicely, i responded with ” Please fuck my ass daddy” thats what he wanted to hear. He pushed his cock inside me slowly. I was in pain, i never took something that big inside. I was in pain but i didnt want him to stop, slowly and gradually he inserted his whole cock inside. I could feel his monster in my belly, once he was inside he said “do you want me to stop?” i said “no daddy please fuck me and fuck me hard” He started pounding me hard. He was fucking me furiously. The pain was gone. His cock hit my prostate and i came. My prostate was so sensitive i ended up shooting a load everytime he hit it. He fucked me for hours. I came 5-6 times, i couldnt remember. It felt so good. He ended up cumming in my ass. Filling me up to my belly. After that he fucked me again and again. I came so much that i passed out. I finally woke up, i was lying in his arms. He was there smoking. My asshole was gaping and i could smell cum every where. He noticed i was up. He told me he enjoyed it very much and i told him the same. He even told me it was his first time with a boy. It was my first too. He told me that ever since he drank at my house the last time he couldnt stop thinking about fucking me. It was then when i realized did he drink the last drop of the potion. He actually did but he didnt remember it since he was drunk.

After that Mark fell asleep and i went up to take a shower. It was then i gave it a thought, did i also make a wish for me to be gay when i was drunk. Did i waste my last wish on this. Regardless it was the best thing to happen to me. I did have a fair share of sex with women and even before the wish i had lost interest in them. I had a sexy black daddy who could satisfy me. We had countless sex for the next few days. Then his family returned. After that we could still find time here and there for sex. His wife did get suspicious and they ended up getting divorced. After that Mark moved in with me, After the potions effects wore off he realized he made a mistake and he did try getting his family back but it failed. He ended up blaming me for all of it and decided to use me. He even moved in with me. I am complete gay bottom , Mark fucks me all he wants infact sometime he calls more men and i get banged by all of them. I dont like the idea of getting fucked by other men but its due to mark i have to. I am also subjected to bondage and all. He treated me like his slave. I cant leave him, i tried but this urge in my hole to take his dick brings me back. He knows this and uses it to my advantage.

One day i sat down and thought about all this. The genie did give me everything i wanted. I also thought about how i used the potion on Irina and subjected other girls to things they probably didnt wanted to do if it werent for the potion. Now i am on the other side of it, i am being used by a black daddy and doing things for him that i made others do for me.

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