23 Ocak 2021

A Little Lust Between Friends Ch. 02

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Jenna woke at about 1:30 in the afternoon, which was out of character for her. She was usually up with the chickens. She went into the bathroom, peed, turned on the shower and looked at herself in the mirror while waiting for the water to get warm. A sly smile crossed her face when she ran through the events of last night and how dirty it made her feel. Mitch was definitely the one to make her feel that way. She slipped off her tank top and cotton panties and stepped into the heat of the shower. As she washed she found the insides of her thighs were still a little tender but the soreness in her pussy and ass had disappeared in her sleep. “My God, he is so fucking huge,” she thought to herself. When she stepped from the shower she looked over her wet body in the tall mirror on the door. After taking survey of her long legs, small round ass, firm stomach and lovely breasts she decided it was time for the nipple rings to go. She removed them and set them in the soap tray on the wall above the sink. Jenna went to her bedroom and dressed herself in her favorite sweats and t-shirt.

On her way to the kitchen she stopped and tuned the stereo to her favorite cool jazz station. Kenny G was blowin’ his alto sax and Jenna bopped into the kitchen to make breakfast, or lunch, or whatever it was. She whipped up some scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and coffee and carried her meal out to her new bistro dining set on the deck. While she ate she gazed at the woods surrounding her house. They were so beautiful in the summer. It wouldn’t be long until the houses would come and the woods would be gone, along with her privacy. She knew it would happen eventually when she built the house but she will still be heart broken. She was just about to clear her dishes when she heard a voice at the bottom of the stairs. “Hey there, girl.” It was Shelia.

“Well, hello Sheila. I didn’t expect to see you today. C’mon up.” Jenna took her dishes into the kitchen while Sheila climbed the stairs. Jenna came back with a cup of coffee for each of them. “So, how’d it go last night? Did he go for it?”

“We’ll talk about that in a minute. I brought us something.” Sheila reached in her bag and pulled out a joint.

“Where did you get that?” asked Jenna, a little shocked.

“I got it for last night. I thought I might have to loosen David up a bit,” replied Sheila while she lit the joint. The two girls smoked and continued talking. Jenna got back to the subject.

“So what happened, Sheila?”

“He invited Jake back to the house after we left the bar.”

“He WHAT?”

“He invited Jake back to the house.”

“But…..it was your birthday night. I thought the three of you were just going for breakfast or something.”

“It was………..and there was no breakfast.”

“Oh, do tell,” said Jenna with a sly grin and a raised eyebrow.

“Well, when we left the bar David told me that he invited Jake to the house for drinks. I was pissed. I mean, I wanted to fuck David right when we walked out of the bar. Long story somewhat short, we sat in the den and had about three drinks apiece. Now I was really drunk and Jake just wouldn’t leave so I got up, pulled out David’s cock and started sucking him.”

“Oh my God, with Jake there?”

“Oh, yes. It gets better. So I look over at Jake with David’s dick in my mouth and there’s Jake staring at us and jerking off. So David asks me if I wanted to suck Jake’s cock.”

“Are you kidding me? What did you say?”

“I said yes, of course.”

“How was Jake’s cock?”

“It was beautiful, but not as beautiful as David’s. So anyway, of course I say yes. I mean, you know what I’ve always wanted to do. So ultimately I ended up bent over David’s desk sucking Jake’s dick with David fucking me. It was great. When we went to the bedroom, I went in first and put on the strap on while they waited in the hall. You should have seen David’s face when I told them to come in. It was priceless. I gave them the choice of who would get fucked first.”

“So who was it?” asked Jenna taking a hit and sitting on the edge of her seat.

“David,” answered Sheila with a deadpan voice.

“You…are…shitting me!”

“No, it was fucking great. He took it like a pro. But you won’t believe this. When it was Jake turn…..”

“You fucked Jake’s ass, too?”

“Yes, but when it was his turn he already had my dildo in his ass. He couldn’t wait for me to fuck him so he did it himself. It was kind of funny. But it was great. I was sucking on David and fucking Jake at the same time.”

“Jesus, Sheila. That is so hot.”

“It gets better. So at this point we have Jake strapped to the bed…..”

“Jesus Christ,” said Jenna in awe.

..”….and I’m straddled over his face and he’s eating my pussy when David says ‘Happy Birthday Baby’ and takes Jake’s whole cock in his mouth.”

“He did NOT,” said Jenna. Now she was shocked.

“Oh, yes he did. I came so hard I thought I canlı bahis şirketleri was going to pass out. Then I climbed off Jake and sat in the rocker and David sixty-nined Jake. I mean, David really jammed his dick in Jake’s mouth. I thought Jake was going to choke. By the time I could stand again the seat cushion was soaked. We untied Jake and I told him, no, ordered him to fuck David’s ass.”

“Did he do it?” asked Jenna letting out a cough of smoke. Her eyes were like saucers.

“Did he ever. David was on his hands and knees on the bed and Jake started fucking him. I told Jake not to cum without my permission. So I climbed under David and started sucking him. When David came I squeezed Jake’s balls and he came right in David’s ass.”

“Oh…..my…….God, Sheila! Did he like it?”

“I guess so. David did say while Jake was fucking him ‘This is too fucking good’ and he did cum with Jake in his ass. I think David really liked it when I ate Jake’s cum out of his ass.”

“Jesus, Sheila, you ate cum from David ass? You’re more of a freak than I thought you were.”

“It was fantastic. The coolest part though was when Jake was leaving. I watched from the bedroom door as David walked Jake to the front door. Before Jake walked out he kissed David and felt his cock. I think Jake is in love with my husband.” At this Sheila let out a little giggle.

Jenna sat in amazement as Sheila finished her tale. She was very high now and although she didn’t think it could be possible so soon, she was horny. She then recounted the events of her night with Mitch. Sheila said she never imagined Mitch would have such an enormous cock or that he could suck it himself. It must have been the gymnastics in high school. Jenna told Sheila that she never felt like such a slut for anybody and that feeling turned her on more than she could have ever believed. When Jenna told Sheila about the part where she slipped the beer bottle into her pussy, Sheila’s eyes lit up. When she pictured Jenna on the dildo with Mitch giant dick in her ass, Sheila’s pussy started getting damp. Her favorite part was when Jenna told Mitch, ‘You’re welcome to come back…..when I call you.’ Classy.

“I’m so glad you had such a wonderful time last night, Jenna. Aren’t you sore?”

“Surprisingly, I’m not. Actually, I think you had a better time than I did.” Jenna answered.

“Well, maybe and maybe not. Eye of the beholder and all that. There is another reason why I stopped by today,” said Sheila.

“What’s that?”

“I was hoping I could take you up on your offer from last night.”

“What offer from last night?”

“The offer to screw your ass.”

Jenna raised her eyebrows and stared at Sheila. A thin smile appeared on her face. Sheila reached into her bag, pulled out her strap on and set it on the table. Jenna reached up and ran the tips of her fingers down it, from the head to the straps. She stood up and pulled Sheila to her feet. Wrapping her arms around her, Jenna gave Sheila a passionate kiss. Sheila ran her fingers through Jenna’s hair and down her back.

“I’ve missed you, Sheila,” Jenna confessed.

“I’ve missed you too, darling,” was Sheila’s reply.

After placing another tender kiss on Sheila’s lips, Jenna began to unbutton Sheila’s flannel shirt. When she found Sheila wasn’t wearing a bra, Jenna’s pussy became wet. With Sheila’s shirt open, Jenna got to her knees and began sucking Sheila’s nipples, one and then the other. Sheila just leaned her head back and stroked Jenna’s long hair. Jenna ran her hand up the inside of Sheila’s thighs and could feel the heat of her pussy through her jeans. Looking down, Sheila could see Jenna’s hard nipples under her t-shirt. Sheila loved how long Jenna’s nipples got when they were hard. She leaned down and pulled Jenna’s t-shirt off to expose her lovely breasts.

“The rings are gone,” Sheila observed.

“Yes, this morning.”

“I’m glad Jenna. They were sexy to look at but they got in the way.”

Jenna continued licking and sucking Sheila’s tits while she opened Sheila’s jeans and pushed them down to the deck floor. Sheila kicked off her sandals and stepped out of her jeans. Jenna could se the wet spot on Sheila’s baby blue cotton underwear. Jenna stood, began kissing Sheila again and rubbed on Sheila’s pussy through her panties.

“Take me to the bedroom,” Sheila whispered to Jenna.

Jenna picked up the strap on from the table, took Sheila’s hand and led her through the house. Jenna’s leather bikini was still on the floor. Sheila was a bit disappointed that she missed seeing Jenna in it. When they walked in the bedroom, the bench was still in the middle of the room with the dildo standing on it.

“Didn’t have time to clean up?” Sheila asked.

“I was too tired last night. I was going to take care of it when I finished eating.”

“Don’t bother. We may need it,” said Sheila with a wicked smile.

Jenna set the strap canlı kaçak iddaa on down on the bed and turned to face Sheila. She saw Sheila had already stripped off her panties and was standing naked before her. God, she was beautiful. While Jenna pulled off her sweats Sheila laid down on the bed. The sheets still smelled of Jenna’s sex. The aroma made Sheila hotter. Jenna lay on the bed next to Sheila and they kissed, enjoying the warmth of their naked bodies pressed against one another. Sheila started licked and sucking Jenna’s nipples and traced a finger down Jenna’s belly to her sweet smooth vagina. She started stroking Jenna’s clit between her thumb and forefinger like a tiny penis. Jenna clutched at the sheets enjoying Sheila’s touches. They were touches she hadn’t enjoyed in far too long. Sheila laid a trail of kisses down Jenna’s belly until her lips were on Jenna’s pussy. She licked Jenna’s clit and slipped a finger into her hole. It wasn’t long before Sheila found Jenna’s G-spot. She knew exactly where to look.

“Oh, Sheila,” cried Jenna, “I have missed you so much. You know exactly where to touch me. I want to taste your pussy, Baby. Bring me your delicious pussy.”

Sheila climbed over top of her to sixty-nine. She continued to suck Jenna’s clit and finger her twat. Jenna positioned herself with her underarms over Sheila’s calves and licked her between her legs, alternating from her pussy to her ass. The juice flowed from Sheila’s snatch, filled Jenna’s mouth and dripped from her chin. Jenna sunk a finger into Sheila’s ass and drove her tongue deep into Sheila’s twat.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, Jenna. Your mouth is so good on my cunt. Finger my ass hard!”

Jenna pounded her finger into Sheila’s ass and reamed Sheila’s pussy with her tongue. Jenna could feel the orgasm coming from the pressure on her G-spot. The two women screamed and moaned together in mutual ecstasy. When the orgasm hit her, Jenna lost control.

“Oh fuck! Sheila,” screamed Jenna, “Please fuck me! Do my pussy, Baby. Do my pussy!”

Sheila gave Jenna’s G-spot one final press and to her delight, Jenna screamed. When Jenna’s finger slipped from her ass, Sheila got off the bed and found Jenna’s vibrating butt plug. She turned it on and slipped it into her ass. The vibration in her hole was bliss. As she strapped on her cock Sheila said to Jenna, “I almost got myself one of these plugs but because I enjoy the rare treat so much when I get to use yours, I decided against it.”

“You can use my plug any time you want to, Love.” replied Jenna.

Sheila buckled the last clasp and stepped towards the bed. Jenna leaned on her side and took the cock in her mouth. Jenna’s thoughts went back to Mitch’s cock between her lips. Sucking a dildo didn’t compare but the sight of the dildo in Jenna’s mouth caused Sheila’s pussy to steam. Sheila stood and watched the cock slide in and out of Jenna’s mouth while she enjoyed the sensation of the vibrator deep in her ass. Jenna rolled to her belly and raised herself to her knees with her chest still on the mattress.

“Screw my pussy now. Fuck it deep,” begged Jenna.

Sheila obliged by pressing her rod into Jenna’s snatch. Jenna let out a quiet moan as the cock took its first plunge into her waiting cunt. Jenna turned her head to the mirror standing in the corner and watched the reflection of Sheila fucking her.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” asked Sheila, looking into Jenna’s eyes through the mirror.

“I love you Sheila,” replied Jenna.

“I love you too,” said Sheila and she quickened the pace of the cock sliding in and out of Jenna’s dripping twat.

Sheila slipped two fingers into Jenna’s ass and Jenna screamed again. Jenna’s hole tightened on Sheila’s fingers with each drive. Jenna’s fingers went to her clit and she screamed, “Make me cum, darling. I want to cum so bad!” Sheila pulled her fingers from Janna’s ass and grabbed her waist. She slipped the cock from Jenna’s slit and slammed into her ass.

“My pussy got so wet last night when you said I could fuck your ass!” yelled Sheila. “I’ve missed your body! It’s so fucking good to have you again!”

Sheila drilled Jenna’s ass and watched as Jenna clutched at the sheets. Sheila remembered this as the tell tale sign that Jenna’s orgasm was near. Jenna’s body tightened and her back arched when the orgasm hit her like a freight train. Sheila rammed the dick into her ass as deep as it would go and held it there while Jenna’s body twitched and heaved.

“Ooohhhhhhhhhhh GOD!” screamed Jenna as the orgasm raced through her. Jenna rammed three fingers into her twat and put them in her mouth. She loved the taste of her pussy after she came. She remembered that taste being on Sheila’s lips when they kissed after a night of wonderful sex.

When the orgasm subsided, Jenna’s whole body relaxed. Sheila pulled the cock from Jenna’s quivering asshole. Jenna fell to the bed and closed her eyes, smiling. She heard Sheila canlı kaçak bahis unbuckle the strap on and drop it to the floor. She kept her eyes closed and waited for Sheila to lie down beside her. Minutes went by and Sheila hadn’t joined her on the bed. She opened her eyes to see the reflection of Sheila in the mirror, riding the dildo that was standing on the bench. Jenna’s pussy started flowing again. Sheila looked over her shoulder and saw Jenna staring at her in the mirror. She knew Jenna loved watching her please herself.

Jenna stood on weak legs, picked up the strap on and put it on. She straddled the bench behind Sheila and let the dick slide into Sheila’s ass on her down stroke. “This is one of the ways Mitch fucked my ass last night,” she whispered in Sheila’s ear.

Sheila’s juice started flowing down the rod in her twat as the mental picture of that huge cock in Jenna’s ass filled her head. Jenna put her arms around her lover and filled her hands with Sheila’s tits while Sheila pistoned up and down on the rails filling each of her holes. Jenna took a hold of Sheila’s nipples and pulled, hard. Sheila let out a gasp and her legs would no longer support her. With Jenna’s help, Sheila lifted herself off of the two cocks and made her way back to the bed. She lay on her back with her ass at the edge of the bed. Jenna went to the still open case on her dresser and took out a vibrator and turned it on. Standing back at the edge of the bed Jenna lifted and opened Sheila’s legs and put the vibrator to her clit. Shelia let out a moan as Jenna plunged the cock into her ass.

“Oh, God Baby! Fuck me hard! Fuck my ass hard!” screamed Sheila.

Jenna plowed the cock into Sheila’s ass and alternated the vibrator on Sheila’s cunt from her clit to her hole. Juice gushed from Sheila’s pussy. Jenna quickly slid her fingers in and out of the sopping snatch and put them to Sheila’s lips. Sheila eagerly took the taste of her cunt. She grabbed her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and yanked on them hard. This was her tell tale sign that she was about to cum. Jenna slapped the vibrator into Sheila’s hand and positioned it to Sheila’s clit. She then wrapped her arms around Sheila’s thighs, lifted her ass off the bed and savagely drilled Sheila’s tight asshole.

“This is it! Oh, God, this is IT!” screamed Sheila as her orgasm overcame her. “Oh, Jenna! Fuck my ass! FUCK IT HARDER!”

Jenna watched Sheila’s ass as the cock pounded into her. Sheila kept the pressure of the vibrator on her clit. The stimulation from the vibrator and the ecstasy of the strap on pounding her ass cased Sheila to do something neither of them knew she was capable of. She ejaculated! A river of fluid poured from Sheila’s slit, covering her asshole the dildo and Jenna.

“It’s so fucking hot. Your cum, it’s running down my legs! It’s so fucking hot!” Jenna wailed.

Jenna yanked the cock from Sheila’s ass, got to her knees and ate Sheila’s delicious cum from her pussy. Sheila’s body continued to twitch and shudder while her orgasm abated. She grabbed Jenna’s hair and pulled her mouth away from her snatch. Jenna’s warm tongue was too much to bear after such an intense orgasm. Jenna unbuckled the strap on, dropped it to the floor and lay down on top of Sheila. When they kissed, Sheila held Jenna’s head until she got all of the flavor of her ejaculation from Jenna’s lips and tongue. Sheila put her fingers to her cunt, then to her mouth to enjoy more of the wonderful taste.

“I’ve missed you and I love you,” said Jenna, rolling to Sheila’s side and gently kissing her.

“I love you too,” replied Sheila as she looked at Jenna with a smile in her eyes.

* * *

After some time the two women rose from the bed and, without dressing, walked to the kitchen. They poured themselves fresh coffees and went to the bistro table out on the deck. The warm sun beat on their naked bodies and they looked out into the woods, listening to the quiet.

“I’m going to miss this privacy when it’s gone,” remarked Jenna.

“I know. Me too,” replied Sheila.

“Are you going to tell David about this?”

“No, Jenna. David knows that you and I fool around occasionally and I think that he would like me to bring you home so the three of us could enjoy each other. It would be fun, I’m sure, but I don’t want to share you with my husband. Besides, he might not like it that you were able to make me cum like that and he never has. I love him but the love and enjoyment you and I share is very special to me, almost sacred.”

Jenna sipped her coffee and smiled at Sheila with her eyes over the rim of the cup.

“So how did it make you feel when I told you about Mitch and me?”

“It turned me on, and made me a little jealous. You have your life, though, and I understand that. If it were another woman you were with and not Mitch, I think that would have upset me. That’s why I was so happy that you shot down Corrine when she made that pass at you.”

“Sheila,” cooed Jenna, “you are the only woman for me.”

The End

Author’s Note: If you wish to read in detail about Sheila’s experience with David and Jake, please read my submission “More Than She Hoped For.”

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