16 Ocak 2021

A Mother’s Gift

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Patricia was preparing breakfast for herself and her 19-year old son Justin.

Justin was out for his morning run, and Patricia was making his favorite, strawberry pancakes with bacon.

Justin had just enlisted in the Army and was due to report for the boot camp training in a little over a month. Patricia was already missing him and was determined to spoil him rotten with love and affection in these remaining few weeks.


It had been just the two of them for 12 years now. Justin’s father and Patricia’s ex-husband, Rob, a successful dentist, left them when Justin was just six in order to marry Rob’s busty office assistant. Rob started a family with his new wife, with whom they had two children, and he did not want to have anything to do with helping to raise Justin. During the divorce Rob insisted that Patricia get full custody of their son, with no visitations required or expected from Rob, and upped the monthly alimony for an extra $1000 to have these conditions accepted. Patricia was hurt by both Rob’s affair (his mistress was eight months pregnant by the time the divorce was finalized) and by Rob’s cold indifference for Justin’s future. She decided to make a clean break of it, and after the divorce she and Justin moved from Dallas to Maine, where Patricia got a good job as a legal secretary. She bought a modest two-bedroom house, and they made a fresh start in Portland.

Although Justin was initially shocked and devastated by his dad walking out on the family, the boy rebounded quickly. Rob had been a mostly absent and indifferent father even while he and Patricia were married, spending long hours at work and not taking much interest in his son. Justin was still very young, and a move to Portland helped with healing the wounds and starting a new life there.

Justin was a good-natured, kind, generous and sociable kid, and he quickly made a lot of new friends at his elementary school and in their neighborhood. He was studious but not particularly academically gifted or inclined. This fact disappointed Patricia to a degree, but she loved her son dearly and was determined to provide him with a happy childhood. She realized that it would be wrong to force Justin to get buried in school work, and that she had to wait for his natural talents and inclinations to develop and too manifest themselves. She was grateful that, unlike so many other kids, Justin had little interest in computer and video games and the TV, and instead preferred to spend his time outdoors. Justin loved running around with friends in the woods outside their house, kicking ball and later exploring the area far and wide on his dirt bike. For Justin’s eighth birthday Pat bought a great little tree-house, which the neighbors help her assemble and install in their back yard. The tree-house became Justin’s favorite place, and he spent many nights there, often joined by his best pals Jimmy and Ravi.

Justin also turned out to be a really athletic kid. He started running in the mornings when he was around eight, and, in addition to the tree-house, Patricia installed a pull-up bar, parallel bars and a few other exercise pieces in their back yard. Justin started playing football, first in Little League and then on his middle and high school teams. In middle school he also got into weight and strength training at the school gym. Patricia saw that sports provided Justin with extra focus and discipline, which made her very happy. By the time he was 10, Justin was easily the fittest kid in his school.

After divorcing Rob, Patricia quickly gave up the idea of dating and trying to re-marry. She felt that she really did not want another man in her life right now, and wanted to concentrate on raising her young son. She was making good money at her job, and together with Rob’s alimony checks that meant that she and Justin were quite comfortable financially. While Pat poured most of her efforts in being a mom, she did not want to be overprotective and overbearing, and gave Justin plenty of space and time to run around freely and to be a kid. Jimmy and Ravi remained Justin’s close friends through high school. Ravi, being something of an academic genius, helped Justin a lot with his school work, to Pat’s great relief. Jimmy, a skinny red-haired kid and a goofball, came out as gay in high school. Pat realized early on that Jimmy had a strong crush on Justin. But she also knew, from secretly monitoring Justin’s computer and viewing the porn sites that he visited, that Justin was incurably straight. Pat was proud to see that Justin and Jimmy remained great friends even after Jimmy came out as gay. Justin also joined the JROTC program while in high school. He enjoyed his cadet training greatly, and excelled at it.

Justin started dating when he was around 14. After a quick succession of several girlfriends, he got a steady long-term one. Tammy, who was in the same grade as Justin, was also an athlete, being on their school’s swim team. From the time Justin was about 8 and through his early teens, Pat had a series of long “talks” with him on the subject of sex, using proper protection and on treating canlı bahis others with proper dignity and respect. Pat and Justin remained close through his teen years, and he did not exhibit much in the way of the typical teenage rebellion. Justin wanted to be responsible as the “man of the house”. He also truly loved his mom and felt that she was giving him enough freedom, privacy and responsibility. Pat never pried too forcefully in Justin’s personal life but she was always available and happy to talk to him and to support him whenever he needed and wanted it. Justin and Tammy remained together until the end of high school. However, now it has been over a year since Tammy, Ravi and Jimmy left for college.

After graduating from high school, Justin decided to take a year off to figure out what he wanted to do next. As usual, Patricia offered her love and support to him. They both realized that college was not really his thing. Neither was he sufficiently interested in football to pursue it professionally. Justin got a nicely paying job as a clerk at a local Ford dealership, and also signed up as a volunteer fire-fighter. In addition, Justin took a few foreign language and computer programming classes at a local community college. He continued to vigorously train and exercise every day, keeping his body in top shape. As his year-off was ending, Justin made the decision to join the Army. He thought that after a couple of tours of duty, if things go well he might try to go for officer training and make the military service his long term career choice. Although Patricia was, of course, worried, about Justin choosing a career path that could put his life in danger, she understood that this was something he really wanted to do. She also realized that the military service was well suited for Justin’s talents, temperament and character. So she fully supported his choice and was enormously proud of him.

Justin did not look much like either of his parents. Patricia, who was mainly of Italian heritage, was a slim olive-skinned petite woman of about 5’4”, with dark brown eyes and luscious long coal black hair. Rob was also a slightly built skinny man, only an inch or so taller than Patricia, with light brown hair and brown eyes. By the age of 19, Justin was a 6’2” giant, of 220 pounds of solid muscle, with short wavy golden hair and eyes of deep sparkling green. He was, using a common phrase, built like a brick house, with powerful thickly muscled thighs, chest, shoulders and back, strong muscular arms, and a flat muscular stomach. Despite his mass, he was agile, quick on his feet, and could do 40 pull-ups with barely breaking a sweat. The only thing that he seemed to have clearly inherited from his parents was his athletic ability, which came from his mother. Even now at the age of 40, Pat still had a slim pert athletic figure. The topic of this lack of Justin’s familial resemblance came up a few times in their conversations over the years. Pat knew that Rob was the father as she never had affairs during their marriage. She sometimes joked that maybe she had been visited and impregnated by one of the Olympian gods, the way Zeus fathered Hercules with Alcmene. In fact Patricia thought that Justin looked a bit like the actor Kellan Lutz in the 2014 movie “The Legend of Hercules”, only, as she jokingly put it, Justin was better looking and with better hair. She sometimes teased her son calling him “my little Hercules.” Justin took it all in stride.


Justin re-entered their house, back from his morning 4-mile run.

He was wearing short white running shorts and a white A-shirt, and was covered in sweat.

“Mom, I am home!” he shouted.

“In the kitchen, honey,” she responded.

Justin walked into the kitchen, inhaling the delicious smell of breakfast that his mom was cooking.

“That smells great, mom, what are you making?”

“Bacon and strawberry pancakes, your favorite,” she replied.

“Oh, mom, thank you, you sure know the way to your son’s heart!” Justin exclaimed.

They both laughed.

“How was your run, sweetie?” Pat asked.

“Pretty good, mom, but I seemed to have sprained my shoulder muscle a bit while doing pull-ups. It feels really sore.”

“Oh, I am really sorry, honey. Come and give your old mama a hug.”

“Mom, you are not old!” protested Justin. “And I am all sweaty and stinky.”

“That’s OK, baby, I love your stink,” she reassured Justin. “I am going to miss it terribly when you are in the Army.”

Patricia hugged her sweaty and blushing teen son tightly.

“Now, you should take a nice hot bath, and maybe I’ll give your shoulder a good deep massage later. You don’t want to get an injury just before your deployment.”

“OK, mom, thanks!” answered Justin and headed for his bedroom to take a shower and a bath, as his mom suggested. He winced a bit as he moved his shoulders around, and Patricia realized that he was indeed still hurting.

In about 10 minutes she finished making the breakfast and heard the shower shut-off in Justin’s room.

She hesitated a bit and then bahis siteleri entered Justin’s bedroom. Her son was still in the bathroom, his underpants and his running clothes lying on the floor of the bedroom.

Patricia was still wearing her blue nighty, with a white bath-robe on top.

“Honey, how are you doing there? How is your shoulder?” she called.

“Mom, I am OK, I am taking a bath as you suggested,” her son answered.

“Honey, I am coming in to give you a hand with that shoulder,” said Patricia while entering Justin’s bathroom.

“Mom, I am naked in here!!” he protested, although it was too late.

Justin was sitting in the bathtub, filled most of the way with hot water and with a thick layer of soapy foam on top.

“Don’t mom me, young man, you need help and I know what I am doing,” Patricia said with a laugh. “Now, sit back, close your eyes, relax, and let mommy take care of you.”

Justin knew better than to argue and did as he was told. He was grateful that his privates were concealed under the water and the soapy foam.

“It’s your left shoulder, yes, honey?”

“Yes, mom, the left one,” he confirmed.

Patricia sat down at the edge of the bathtub and started massaging Justin’s shoulder. She had learned pretty good massaging skills from her yoga classes and was happy that she could now help her boy.

Justin had thick, powerful well-developed shoulder, chest and back muscles, much more impressive that Patricia saw on any guy except some athletes on TV. She expertly massaged Justin’s shoulders, enjoying the feeling of his young, smooth muscled body, so warm and pliant under her hands, feeling the movement of Justin’s muscles under his silky soft skin.

“Oh, mommy, this feels sooo good, thank you!” he purred.

“Look at Mickey, he likes it!” Patricia teased Justin. “And you are welcome, honey, I am glad I can make you feel better. See, your good old mom is still good for something other than cooking you breakfast,” she joked.

“Mommy, don’t say you are old, you are …,” Justin started protesting again.

“Shh, sweetie, I am joking, don’t worry about it. Just lean back and enjoy.”

Justin did as his mom ordered. Patricia again concentrated on kneading his shoulders and on the wonderful warm feeling of his silky smooth young skin. Justin already had a massive body of a fully grown adult man, but his skin still had the beautiful soft sheen of youth.

Pat felt a wave of tenderness and love, as well as painful pangs of soon to come Justin’s departure. It had been a long time since she felt so close to her baby boy and she wanted to hold on to this special moment.

She picked up the wash-cloth and a bottle of bath soap, poured some soap on Justin’s shoulders and back and started gently washing them, stopping up some warm water from the tub from time to time.

Justin was surprised but did not protest. It felt too good.

Patricia put away the wash-cloth and started using her hands to continue gently and tenderly washing Justin’s shoulders, neck, arms, and chest. Pat was lost in the subtle sensual enjoyment of the process. She realized, with a start, that she had not touched a man sexually in years, and the current experience was feeling erotic and exhilarating. Justin was still a teenager, but physically he was quite a stud, a magnificent young male in his early sexual prime. Pat tenderly caressed his hard well-developed pecks, allowing her hand to wonder a little lower down his stomach.

“Honey, stand up, please, so that I can wash your back properly,” Patricia directed.

“Mom, I am naked under here!!” protested Justin.

“Don’t you ‘mom’ me, young man!” she retorted. “I am your mother and I still know what’s best for you. Now do as you are told.”

Again, Justin did just that, covering his privates with his hands.

Pat marveled at the beautiful sight of her boy’s back side, as he was standing naked in front of her. Justin’s back, thigh, and calf muscles were also thick, powerful and extremely well developed, especially for a teenager. He really looked magnificent, and his firm round buttocks were particularly inviting. Patricia felt her pussy starting to get wet under her nighty.

Very slowly, tenderly and gently she proceeded to wash Justin’s behind, lovingly caressing every muscle she touched. Justin remained silent but was emitting a low purr, clearly enjoying his mom’s ministrations. Patricia paid particularly close attention to washing Justin’s beautiful youthful bubble butt, gently squeezing and caressing each of his buttocks. She had to resist the urge to bury her face in them. She did thoroughly clean her boy’s butt-crack, as well as his tight young pucker, eliciting a yelp of startled surprise from Justin.

Patricia finally felt that she was finished with his backside.

“Now, turn around so that I can do your front,” she ordered.

“Mom!” Justin protested again.

“As I said, don’t ‘mom’ me, young man! I am your mother and you haven’t got anything I haven’t seen many times over. You have nothing to be embarrassed bahis şirketleri about. Now turn around, and let mommy wash you good and proper. Keep your hands at your sides.”

Justin slowing turned around, blushing profusely, finally revealing his privates. Patricia audibly gasped. The last time she saw Justin naked was about six years ago, when he was 13 and she had to take him to a pediatrician because of a bad tummy ache. Already then Justin was developing quite an impressive male package, but nothing prepared her for what she saw now.

Justin, her beloved 19-year-old son, was indeed hung like one of the ancient demigods. He had two giant low-hanging balls, each of the size of a small orange and lightly covered with golden hair. His uncut cock was at least 7” long while still soft, with a large head, and impressively thick even in its flaccid state. Pat thought that Justin’s cock was beautifully proportioned, straight and symmetric, without the gnarly wins that men’s cocks often acquire later in life. She found the experience of staring at her boy’s fully adult cock almost hypnotic and extremely arousing.

“Oh, my, you are certainly not the ‘little’ Hercules any more,” she joked. Justin’s blushing got an even deeper red, and Pat thought that even his cock blushed as well.

“Now, let’s see if we can clean you up good and proper,” she directed.

Patricia poured liquid soap on her bare hands and gently clasped Justin’s balls, beginning to slowing massage them. Justin audibly gasped but still said nothing.

She let go of Justin’s nuts and started using both her hands to soap the length of his shaft. She found the experience unbelievably thrilling. As she kneaded the pliant young flesh, she marveled as to how wonderfully alive, warm and silky, both soft and hard at the same time, pliant yet firm, how beautiful, natural and at home her son’s love muscle felt in her hands.

She was instantly addicted to this feeling and could not let go of Justin’s cock, which was quickly growing and hardening to her ministrations. Justin, of course, noticed that too.

“Ah, mom …,” he tried to caution.

“Shh, baby, it’s ok, let mommy take care of you,” Pat silenced him.

She was now unabashedly jacking her boy’s fully erect man-cock with her soapy hands, with little pretense of washing it. She did not forget the boy’s now engorged bright-red cock head, peeling back the foreskin, teasing the piss-slit, squeezing, massaging and pinching the cock-head with her fingers. She then moved back to handling the length of Justin’s shaft, which was standing fully erect at about 13” long, and which has greatly grown in thickness. Pat found that she now needed two hands to fully wrap around the girth of her boy’s member. She marveled at the thickness of Justin’s cock, and at the heat of his love muscle, feeling all its ridges and grooves below the silky moving skin. She scooped with her fingers the copious precum oozing from his swollen cock head. She found its smell intoxicating and magnetic. Justin, with his eyes closed was too shocked and startled to say anything, and nothing except for heavy breathing and low murmur was escaping his lips. Patricia felt her head drawn to her son’s cock almost involuntarily. She kneeled further down and licked Justin’s cock head with the tip of her tongue. Justin shuddered, and opened his eyes:


“Sshh, baby, it’s ok,” Patricia reassured her son.

On one swift swoop motion she closed her lips around Justin’s engorged cock head, burying as much of it as she could in her hot wet mouth.

“Mo-o-o-o-m!!” cried out Justin in shock.

“Shh, baby, just let it happen and let mommy take care of you,” his mother replied.

Patricia went back to sucking her son’s cock, now hungrily and in earnest. She generously bathed his cock head in her saliva, lapping up his salty and slightly sour pre-cum, and exploring all the surface of the mushroomy head with her tongue, running it through his piss-slit , under his forsaking and along the ridges. She gently bit on his cock head, eliciting a low moan from Justin.

“Open your eyes, baby, and keep looking at me,” she commanded.

Justin did and his mom told and locked his gaze with hers. Without breaking this lock, Patricia went back to working on his cock.

She deep-throated as much of his cock as she could, holding it inside her mouth for about 10 seconds, while applying maximum suction. Still, since Justin’s erect cock was so thick, she could only get the head and a small portion of the stalk into her mouth. Pat then went to work on the entire length of her baby boy’s cock, licking it like a tasty lollipop, bathing it and loving it with her tongue, her lips and her mouth. She sucked on his huge sensitive balls, suckling them as delicious ripe fruit. She continued alternating between the head, the stalk and the balls, making love to them with her mouth as a hungry she-wolf. She marveled as to how beautiful, natural and at home Justin’s cock felt in her mouth, how alive and precious his it felt, breathing, throbbing and trembling like a delicate bird. The musky smell and taste of her teenage boy was extremely arousing. Patricia continued to use her hands as well as her mouth to work on her darling son’s member. Justin was moaning loudly to his mother’s sexy ministrations.

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