25 Ocak 2021

A New Feeling Pt. 02

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 and older.

Chapter 1: I Know How You Came This Summer

My name is Mai, and I am 18 years old. I am a big girl, weighing at 180lbs. I have massive breasts, and an ass that defies physics. This is a story about something I did that I never thought I would do, with people I never expected. I was in Hitomi’s bed. She was writhing under my merciless tongue, as I sloppily made out with her beautiful, fat pussy. She said that as fun as making me cum was, I needed to return the favor. After all, she did make me climax no less than a 20 times since I got here a week ago.

I told my awestruck parents that I finally made a friend. When I asked if I could stay at this friends house for summer vacation, they were ecstatic and gave me permission. I had always behaved and done exceptional in school, so my parents weren’t hard to convince. Of course, I left out the fact that I would be having hardcore, lesbian sex with this friend every day I was there. But they didn’t need to know that their usually shy, reserved daughter was on her way to becoming a nymphomaniac slut. I didn’t let up my slurping of Hitomi’s absolutely delicious cunt.

It tasted heavenly. The juices were gushing out, all over the bed, as well as my face. I hungrily devoured her, trying to get her back for all the times she made me squirt, and squeal at her mercy. This time, she was the one squealing. Her sexy voice was a symphony of lust as I lashed her honey pot with my wriggling tongue. I trapped her chubby clit in between my lips, and made a revving sound, vibrating them intensly. Hitomi gasped, and shook violently.

“NHAAAAAA! OH, MAI! You make my pussy feel soooooo good! I’m gonna cum if you keep that up! OOOUUUUUU!” She shamelessly screamed my name as I brought her closer to orgasm. I decided to punish her slutty pussy for fun. I stood up, and over her. I put my fingers in my mouth, getting them all wet. I hooked one of her legs behind one of mine, and held the other one apart so she was gaping. I inserted my soaked middle finger and ring finger and hooked them up inside of the incredibly tight milf pussy. I started roughly fucking the shit out of it, making Hitomi cry out pathetically.

I could tell I had her g-spot, and relentlessly grinded it inside. I was doing this for a full minute until she exploded, and my fingers shot out along with a massive stream of her love juice. She moaned loudly as she climaxed in spectacular, wet fashion. I coaxed out the last of her orgasm with rubbing from my fingers on her clit. When she was done, I released her, and immediately went in for a deep kiss. We frenched each other loudly, wetly, and lovingly. Afterwards, we sweetly coiled each other up, pressing our ultra thick bodies tightly together. We smooched each other’s faces all over, giggling, and were acting very lovey dovey. This is what usually happened after making each other cum so hard.

“Mmm, you are getting very good at making me cum, Mai. I’m very proud of you!” She dove into my neck, and started kissing and sucking it, making me shudder, and yelp in delight.

“Ahn! Miss Hitomi, it’s only because you taught me so well! I was so shy before I met you. I never thought I could be capable of doing things like this.” Hitomi had me at first sight. She was a gorgeous, middle aged woman. The body of a porn star, and a sweet, motherly personality. She ended up helping me when I fainted, carrying me all the way home by herself. One thing led to another, and now we’re sex friends. Very good ones, too. I have always been incredibly shy, not making any kinds of friends, let alone sex friends! Hitomi brought out my secret slutty side, and I loved it. I think I loved her, too.

All we do is fuck, eat, bathe, fuck while we bathe, and fuck some more. There was a time in the bath when we were both so wet, and slippery. We ended up scissoring our fat pussies together over and over again. Our clits rubbed against each other and we both came hard simultaneously. Best bath ever! It’s a bit exhausting, but not at all unenjoyable.

She recently had the idea to introduce a man to our trysts. I was reluctant for all of 5 minutes, before I melted at the idea. She said she would be bringing this person over later today. Apparently she wanted it to be a surprise, and I didn’t know what kind of man to expect. After cuddling in bed for a while, Hitomi left to pick up her “friend”. I was instructed to stay put, and look forward to the naughty fun we would be having later. When she arrived, not long after I had finished furiously fingering myself to a squirting orgasm, the man that followed behind her was a shock to say the least.

Chapter 2: Nephew Jin

When Hitomi walked in the house, I lit up and ran to hug her. When I saw a young looking boy follow behind her, I froze in place. Hitomi saw my reaction, and laughed. The boy was fidgeting with his fingers, and looking at the floor. His face was tomato red. Hitomi knelt down, and whispered canlı bahis something to the boy. He nodded, and quickly ran past me. I heard a small cute voice say something.

“I’m Jin. It’s very nice to meet you, Big Sis Mai.” I turned around and he was gone. Hitomi grabbed me in a hug from behind, and giggled mischievously.

“Well, do you like him? Isn’t he adorable?” I was having trouble wrapping my head around what the past 5 minutes even were. I spun around, admittedly not wanting to pull away from Hitomi’s soft hold on me.

“Miss Hitomi, you’re not telling me that he’s the one…” She just guffawed like a drunk old man, loving my shocked face.

“Okay, okay! I’ll explain. I just loved your reaction so much! That was Jin, my nephew. My sister asked me to watch him for a week while she’s away on buisness. He hates having to stay home all alone, even though he’s a big boy. Oh, and to answer your question, yes. He is the one we’ll be fucking together all week.” She smiled a wide, goofy looking smile. I simply gaped in shock. She giggled, and I was starting to get mad.

“Miss Hitomi! We can’t! He seems so innocent! That would be very wrong. Not to mention, he’s your nephew! Shame on you.” She stroked my cheek, now puffed up angrily. Hitomi saw this as adorable, and pinched it.

“Actually, he just turned 18 last month. He’s just very shy. That’s why he’s my favorite. He’s super shy, but loves me to death, bless his little heart. He’ll do anything I say, considering I took his virginity on his birthday. Teehee!” She winked, and stuck her tongue out cutely. I was at a loss for words. I was stammering, and Hitomi sweetly smooched my lips, and shushed me.

“Shh, shh, it’s okay Mai. Please just come sit down in my room, and relax.” She guided me to her room, and sat me down on the bed. She knelt behind me, and started rubbing my shoulders. This instantly made me melt.

“That’s a good girl. You love this, huh?” She moved in to start sucking my neck like I liked. I gasped, and instinctually put my hand between my legs. I nodded, sheepishly.

“MHMM… You know I do, Miss Hitomi. But we can’t do naughty things with your nephew. It’s wrong… AHN!” I suddenly yelped when I felt her hand replace mine, sliding into my crotch. I was wearing a skirt, but no panties. She rubbed over my now very horny pussy. She squelched in between my fat lips, and raised her hand. Her fingers were soaked with my juices, and I opened my mouth lewdly. Hitomi let me suck the naughty liquid off her fingers. I was starting to lose my willpower.

“Wrong, huh? You know what’s wrong, Mai? The fact that that boy in the next room is as adorable as he is, and has a gigantic cock, but nobody to play with it. Except me, of course. But I want my sweet nephew to experience all of life’s pleasures. That includes having a nasty threesome with his Auntie and her new sexy bbw girlfriend. Doesn’t that sound so delicious, baby?” With her fingers digging into my meaty pussy, it sounded pretty good, actually.

“It’s totally fine! I know it’s a little taboo, but he’s at least legal! I did wait until he was 18, after all. And Mai, you will not believe the size of his meat. OH. MY. GAWD. And he knows how to use it, too. I’m sure he’d love to impale this sweet, fat, tight pussy with it.” She moved to the side, and pulled me back. I fell on the bed, and let her play with my pussy some more, mewling like a kitten. She then looked at the door, which was slightly ajar.

“I know you’re there, Jin. Don’t hide. Come in, and play with us!”

Chapter 3: Playtime Begins

I lifted my head, to see the embarrassed looking Jin shyly open the door. I realized my pussy was on full display, and wanted to cover it, but I was much too weak. Hitomi had successfully buttered me up. He was staring intently at my wide open snatch, which was being twidled by Hitomi. It made such naughty wet sounds. I could only moan loudly as her fingers sloshed in and out.

“Jin, you’re a very naughty boy for sneaking a peek at Auntie playing with Mai. Didn’t I already say that if you wanna be a part of the fun, you have to be brave and ask?” As she was playfully scolding Jin, she didn’t stop teasing my soaked pussy. He was staring at the lewd scene, but answered his Aunt.

“I know, Auntie. I’m sorry. It’s just that I don’t know Big Sis Mai very well yet…” Hitomi cooed, and lifted her hand to suck her wet fingers clean. Then she went back to rubbing over my clit, and making me squirm.

“Aww, is that all? Well you have a prime opportunity to get to know her very well! Look here, honey. Can you see inside Mai’s pussy? This is the most intimate place of a woman.” She spread apart my bald pussy, so that Jin could get a good look inside. My hole was winking, and drooling. I lied there, writhing. Hitomi’s playing and Jin’s staring was making me go crazy.

“Wow… What a beautiful pussy she has, Auntie. It looks like she really likes it when you rub her there.” Hitomi nodded, agreeing.

“I bahis siteleri think you’re right, Jin. It turns out Mai is secretly a huge slut. She loves doing super naughty things like this with Auntie. We make each other cum every day, you know.” Jin looked fascinated.

“Really? Is it okay if… I join you, Auntie? Please? I wanna play, too.” Hitomi finally stopped teasing my cunt, and got off the bed. She stood in front of Jin. She was a whole head taller than him. Jin looked up at his Aunt with big, doe eyes.

“That’s exactly what I mean, young man. You asked like a brave boy, and very politely. So Auntie is gonna let you play with us. Okay, baby?” She bent down, and planted a smooch on Jin’s lips. He was very happy with this, kissing her back, and wrapping his arms around her neck. I watched the naughty scene unfold, and couldn’t help playing with myself.

Hitomi and Jin made out for a while. Jin was grabbing at his Aunt’s huge tits, fumbling them with his hands. Hitomi giggled and moved away from Jin.

“Now, now. No need to rush. We have a lot of time to play. Now, please take off your clothes, Jin.” Jin nodded, and started stripping. He peeled off his shirt first, then unbuckled his pants. He let them drop, and I gasped in unison with Hitomi when we saw the bulge. It was very big. As we stared, it started to make a tent in Jin’s underwear. He winced, and pulled them down. His enormous, 12 inch long cock sprung out, full of energy.

“Hyaaahn! Every time I see it, I still can’t believe how big and manly it is! Mai, didn’t I tell you? Look how long and thick it is! Ooouuu… it’s making me drool!” She was right. It looked amazing. I had never seen a dick this big. I had watched porn before, because I was curious. None of the men I saw were this gifted. I felt a longing deep in my womb. I suddenly wanted this huge cock to ravage my pussy. My mound was still spread for all to see, and I definitely couldn’t stop rubbing it now.

Chapter 4: The Ass Is Aggressive/Sharing is Caring

“Hey Mai? Jin is actually quite an ass man, you know. He can’t get enough of big, juicy asses. Isn’t that right, nephew?” Jin gasped, covering his face.

“Auntie! Don’t tell her that! It’s so embarrassing…” He was fidgeting, hands behind his back. His massive cock swung back and forth like a baseball bat, fully erect. I was in love with it. Hitomi laughed at his embarrassment, but winked and blew him a kiss.

“Oh, poor Jin. His naughty fetish is out! Hey Mai. Don’t you have a big, juicy butt?” My head was starting to lose all sense of decency. I got up and onto all fours. I looked back, and started twerking my ridiculous booty for Jin. I could easily make it clap, like any professional stripper. Jin gaped and his jaw dropped. Hitomi whistled, hooting and hollering like a dirty old man at a strip club. She pursed her lips and moaned as she also enjoyed watching me twerk.

“OOOUUU FUCK! Just look at dat booty! So phat and luscious! This right here is a hoe’s ass!” She knelt down in front of my jiggling ass and smacked both hands onto it. She slapped it playfully over and over. I cried out at her mean treatment, but immediately relaxed when she started kissing and licking where she had smacked so hard. As I jiggled my butt, Hitomi noticed Jin getting even harder. His cock throbbed at the sight of my wide hips, and meaty bum.

“Well, well. See what I mean? Look at how desperate that dick is to get a taste of this rump. But you can’t have any yet. Auntie needs to get that yummy cock ready! You know what that means, right dear nephew?” Jin tore his gaze away from my ass, to look at Hitomi. He nodded, and went to lie down on the bed. His dick stood straight up, and my face was very close to it. Hitomi stripped off her constricting clothing.

She let her massive titties burst out from her extremely tight top. Her pudgy belly bulged deliciously. She peeled off her yoga pants that strangled her ass that was just as thicc as mine, if not more so. I sat up, and watched her crawl into bed with us. Seeing his voluptuous Auntie naked made Jin’s dick twitch. She got her face right in front of the huge dick, and moaned loudly. She looked like she wanted to eat it up. And so she did.

Hitomi sucked the tip into her mouth, and started eagerly slurping all over it. Jin threw his head back at the sudden pleasure. She only focused on the tip, churning wildly on it. Jin started mewling as his beloved Auntie worked his fat mushroom tip. I watched in awe at this. I wanted to join, but I didn’t want to interupt this intimate moment. I decided to just watch and enjoy the show.

Hitomi began slowly inching down Jin’s long shaft. Jin watched helplessly as his Auntie gobbled him up. She looked up at him, and slid off. Hitomi began to slowly work the shaft with her saliva as makeshift lube. This made the huge piece of meat throb hard, and glisten beautifully. Jin made an O face as his Aunt stroked him off so slowly. I began fingering myself, opening bahis şirketleri my legs directly beside them. Hitomi looked at me, apologetically.

“Oh, where are my manners? Mai, baby. Did you want a taste of my nephew’s huge dick? I’d be happy to share.” I giggled mischievously, and nodded excitedly. I no longer cared if this was right or wrong. My pussy wanted to fuck, and that feeling overthrew every sensible thought in my head. I inched up close, opposite the side of Hitomi. We looked at each other longingly. We kissed our plump lips together, with Jin’s meaty tip between them.

“AHN! AUNTIE! BIG SIS! What are you doing?! Both at the same time?!” We looked at him and delighted in his shocked expression. I began to kiss and slurp all over his cock. As I thought, it tasted divine. Hitomi looked on, proud at the slut she had trained.

“Of course, nephew. Did you think we were gonna take turns? No, no. A real woman is willing to share even the biggest, most delicious cock with a dear friend.” After suckling the rod off for a bit, I popped off, and let Hitomi have a go. She wasted no time, and licked up and down the veiny shaft.

“Jin? I’m sorry if I seem like a super slutty, scary girl right now. I swear I’m not usually like this. But your Auntie brings this behavior out of me. And when I saw your huge fuck meat, I just couldn’t help myself! So please, let your big sis use your cock to feel good, okay? Don’t worry about a thing. Let us take care of you.”

Jin looked like he was trying to listen, but found it difficult, since Hitomi had started deepthroating his huge dick easily. I gasped at this talent. I wanted to try taking all of it. Hitomi looked at me, and read my mind. She came up and off the soaked dick.

“Here, Mai. Try testing your gag reflex. This is a perfect dick to practice.” I ate him up yet again, and churned my head all over the absolutely delectable penis. Jin shook and squealed as I made my way slowly down the shaft, and before I knew it, I had taken every inch down my throat! I realized I had no gag reflex, to begin with. Hitomi looked impressed.

“Wow, look at you! Very impressive, Mai. But now I think we should give him a taste of our sweater meat. Wouldn’t you agree?” After sucking the massive cock for just a bit longer, I finally pulled off of it. Jin looked relieved, but also like he didn’t want it to end. Then he realized what “sweater meat” meant.

“Auntie? You don’t mean… boobies, do you?” He looked down at both of our sizable racks, visibly sweating. I nodded, and took off my own shirt, and let my cow tits bounce out. My inverted nipples looked shy as always. Jin’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head. Even more so, when Hitomi and I smushed our giant titties together around his poor cock. He cried out at the immediate pressure. I felt a tingle when Hitomi’s nipples rubbed against my areloa. This would make my nipples pop out in no time at all, I thought. Meanwhile, Jin was sandwiched between a pair of enormous, soft breasts with no escape.

Chapter 5: Tittyfuck Paradise/Gorilla Grip

Jin’s cock tip started leaking precum profusely as we started to massage him with our obscene, giant tits. This only made it easier to work him over, as it made perfect lube. Our breasts started to get all slimy and shiny. Hitomi and I expertly gave Jin a double tittyfuck, and he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Auntie! Big Sis! This is too much! If you don’t stop, I’ll definitely cum!” Hitomi and I looked at each other, not slowing down our lewd treatment of the enormous pole wedged in between us. Hitomi giggled, and I couldn’t help but do the same. I loved how cute Jin was when getting worked over.

“Oh, nephew, you and I both know that won’t happen. You can last much longer than this. That’s the best thing about youth. Near infinite stamina. Remember when we fucked the first time? You lasted all night! So don’t give Auntie that silly talk. You’re gonna hold it in, and that’s that!” Hitomi wrapped ber arms around me, and that told me that I should do the same. We squeezed our breasts together extremely hard.

Everything was so slippery, however, that Jin’s giant shlong popped out of the top of our cleavage, and rested on top of our meaty chests. He moaned loudly as this happened. We both gasped, and Hitomi sighed.

“Hmm… now this could be a problem. How can we satisfy your huge cock when it won’t stay inside properly?” Jin, after regaining some composure, looked like he had an idea.

“I think I know, Auntie. Keep both of your chests together like that.” We complied, and our wet tits remained smushed together. Our nipples were kissing obscenely. Jin poked at the spot where they met, and Hitomi and I both whimpered at the sensation. Jin slowly inserted his long, thick meat into out titty pussy. He groaned, but slid all the way in until he was tightly wedged again. His veiny shaft rubbed our nipples, and I couldn’t help but squeal. Hitomi also seemed to like the feeling.

Jin started moving back and forth, fucking our tits from his standing position. He rubbed along our nipples, over and over, and eventually my inverted nipples emerged. They were scraped by Jin’s expert thrusting, and I looked at Hitomi.

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