20 Ocak 2021

A Night at the Symphony

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One of the advantages of working as an usher is that you get to know everything about your theatre. All the labyrinthine nooks are yours to explore, and before long you find that you have a power over the building to move through it like a spectre. I had been working part time at the symphony for some weeks now and I was coming and going as I pleased. Nights that I had off, I would sneak in, avoiding any hassles because of my familiar face and listen to the glorious music from far above the stage. I found my favourite spot high in the belfry, where I could let the music wash through my body and never once here some yuppie fool make idiotic comments on Berlioz, or his small opinions about the intricacies of Brahms.

The only problem was that my sanctuary was fast becoming a lonely place, and I ached for someone to share heaven with. I was so secure from any interruption that I was able to open myself up fully to the music emanating up from beneath. From time to time, a particularly rousing allegro would send me into a passionate frenzy and I would use my fingers to propel myself to climax along with the symphony. And the soft, supple melodies spun out in those heartfelt solos would enchant me so that I’d dream of a companion to romance me.

It was around the time that this crisis was coming to a head that a friend introduced me to Calypso at a party. She was an art history major, and we discovered we even had an English literature course together, although we’d never met in the hundred-person sprawl. We had many common interests and hit off into a great conversation at once. I felt comfortable around her, and found her very charming indeed.

She was also strikingly beautiful. She was a creamy mulatto with delicate, shoulder-length auburn hair. Her lyrical voice rang out with a soft island accent that made my heart flutter. I could spend hours just listening to the sweet sound of her speech and be completely entranced. I tingled at the thought of her singing a challenging aria.

As we talked and talked, oblivious to the cacophony of the party around us, it came up that I worked as an usher at the symphony. To my surprise because we had such similar interests in other areas, Calypso confessed to me that she was not a music lover, and that in all her compact disc collection she had only one ‘Best of Classics’ album and the soundtrack to Walt Disney’s ‘Fantasia’. I was taken aback but she quickly expressed her desire to know more about the subject of music and I immediately offered to take her out on my next night off.

“Won’t you want to get away from the theatre on your night off?” she whispered with her oh so arousing diction. I smiled realizing that such a notion had not once crossed my mind. Calypso naively admired my passion, perhaps not fully understanding that a night at the symphony was not for me what it was for others.

Knowing her virginity to the world of professional music, I was acutely aware of the need to take her to the perfect show. It had to be accessible but inspirational or else she’d be lost to me forever in the depths of mediocrity. Of course, I also had my own ulterior motives for our date, so I wanted it to be something that I could get emotionally and physically aroused by, and hopefully sweep Calypso along with my passion. I finally decided on a night that featured Beethoven’s sixth symphony as the opener, followed by a second act that included some moderns like Dillon and Lindberg.

My plans almost came crashing to a halt when I found I couldn’t get the night off. No one I talked to seemed interested in switching with me, even when I made offers that were very unfavourable to my schedule and disposition. At last I talked one of the boys into helping me out. He was kind of an idiot, and I suspect he only got this job because he was a son of one canlı bahis şirketleri of the major contributors. He cared little for music, and just treated the work as a pay check to finance his drinking parties. He wanted that same night off, of course, for such an evening of revelry, but I at last convinced him to switch. I suppose it was me flirting with him after never showing him any attention that made him more malleable.

As our date grew nearer, I began to spend entire days consumed with fantasies about the night. I envisioned Calypso transforming under the music into a feral, passionate lover. In my daydreams, she came undone before me as her heart broke to the first twang of aural beauties she had never imagined. In my tender embrace, she felt us melt together like the complex harmonies and we made love like no human being ever had dared. I strummed her soft womanhood like zephyrs on the Apollonian lyre and she sang out with the glory of the divine. Our love making shook the earth itself, and each person in attendance was overtaken by the blissful tune of our performance. I found myself stealing away from my duties at work to pleasure myself in anticipation of this night. I became a wreck, barely stumbling through my routines with that night always in the forefront of my mind.

At long last the night arrived. I arranged to meet Calypso at the nearby subway station, and I was awestruck when she arrived. Hoping to retain a bit of mystery about our evening, I hadn’t told Calypso about my heavenly loft and she had evidently dressed as if to sit in the very front row, the envy of every woman in the building. She wore a beautiful, silky dress that accented each curve in her body. Her hair was done up like a film star’s, and she was very tastefully made up. Even in my fantasies, Calypso had never been so attractive as she was now and I stared at her completely dumbfounded.

She looked uncomfortable though, and I realized how foolishly I’d dressed for the evening. I wore nothing more than I ever wear when I go to my secret place, an old t-shirt and shorts that I can easily get into. Calypso had shown up dressed like an absolute Madonna, and here I was garbed up like some slutty dormitory girl. I launched into profuse apologies and her mood shifted to poorly-hidden jubilation when the details of the night were revealed to her. More relaxed, I took her by the arm and swaggered down the street with the hottest thing in the whole city in tow.

We ducked into the alleyway behind the theatre and producing my key, I let us into the staff entrance. A quick glance told me no one was around, everyone’s always too busy this close to show time to be guarding the staff door. I took Calypso by the hand and we were off into the maze of back passageways and secret stairs that led to my sanctuary. At last we came to the final hurtle, the rung ladder that ended in heaven. I cattily told Calypso to go first, wanting a chance to gaze up that magnificent dress of hers. She lost her heels and moved as best she could a few steps up the ladder.

“You’d better grab those,” she sang to me. “I’d hate for some tuba boy to come along and find them.” I obediently picked up her shoes and was rewarded with an excellent view of her posterior as I rose to follow.

Calypso gasped as she saw the view from my perch. We were up much higher than she must have realized and we stared out over the world like a pair of goddesses. The musicians tooted away in their pre-show, the boorish audience tramped around for their seats, being guided by the ushers, my brothers and sisters. I retrieved the blanket and set of cushions that I’d smuggled up over my time here, and lay them out for our comfort. Having filled her eyes with all there was to see, Calypso slid down and joined me with her dress hiking up just such canlı kaçak iddaa that she began to look like an artist’s model.

We made small talk for a few minutes while everything settled down, and then it was time for the performance to begin. Calypso settled in but I could sense that she was more than a little distracted by my proximity. Applause swept through the audience at the appearance of this evening’s maestro, and Calypso smiled at me and giggled. He sternly silenced the mob and with the slightest signal to his musicians, the music commenced.

As the allegro began, Calypso smiled, recognizing the familiar tune. The lilting melody bounded up into our haven, painting the pastoral landscape of the Austrian countryside. I sat back and let myself melt into the atmosphere. I was quickly losing myself to the power of the music and felt myself becoming aroused. I shot a glance over to my glorious companion, and Calypso grinned back. I could tell that she was not hearing the same music that I was, but I knew her ears would be opened before this night was out.

We sat there for the first movement, me sinking deeper and deeper into depravity while Calypso enjoyed the show. Later she would tell me that her suspicions were beginning to be raised, but I like to think I took her somewhat by surprise. With the start of the andante, I knew it was time to make my move. This movement was one of my favourites. I find it to be among the most serene and beautiful pieces in the canon. The flowing, brook-like melody was more than enough to put me over the edge. I impulsively leaned over and kissed my sweet Calypso full on the mouth.

She was taken by surprise, but quickly reciprocated. I pushed her down onto the cushions as our tongues danced off each other to that wonderful music. I found her perfect breasts and began to massage them, trying to drive my lover to the same heights of arousal that I was feeling. She grabbed my firm buttocks and began to play with my ass, driving me completely wild. We lay there, far above the symphony, with our bodies intertwined. We explored our bodies together, two pinnacles of form wafting together in the ethers emanating from the depths below.

I pulled myself away from my darling and stood up before her. Her eyes moved over me in sweet anticipation. I pulled my tight t-shirt off over my head and discarded it into the blackness. Next, I slid down and shorts and panties together and stood before Calypso completely undressed. She moved to undo her own dress, but I stopped her. She looked so proper being all done up as she was, I wasn’t about to let her ruin such perfection.

Instead, I sat down on the cushions in front of her and offered myself. She smiled as she moved to me and kissed me with her delicate lips once again. But I was not content with kisses and nibbles and I suggestively pulled my head back so that my breasts bounced forward. She got the hint and started to flick my nipples with her tongue while her hands found her way to my dripping pussy. To the tune of the magnificent sonata, Calypso played my body with as much skill as any virtuoso. Her fingers penetrated deep within me. Her tongue ran all over my breasts and I gagged myself to keep from squealing with delight. I felt the pressure building up within me, and I knew that I was so close to climax.

Calypso stopped suddenly and pulled herself away from me. She had brought me to the very edge and stopped. She knew what she was doing to my body, she was in complete control of the sensations she gave me. “You were having so much fun,” she whispered huskily in the dark, “that I thought I’d better join you.” She reached around to the nape of her neck and pulled the delicate tie that was keeping her dressed. As the fabric fell away, I saw her incredible breasts unbound. They were so creamy canlı kaçak bahis and dark, so much more exotic than my own. I wanted nothing more than to ravish them, devour them completely while driving my love to unknown heights of carnal passion.

It was then that the movement drew to an end. We stared at each other, taking in one another’s bodies, oblivious to the world around. A rain of applause wafted up, as if all those hundreds of people were cheering on our lovemaking. It quickly died down as the symphony launched into the next allegro. To my surprise, it was the thunderstorm movement. I had been so distracted that I hadn’t even noticed the scherzo pass by.

But now the energy of the storm raged throughout the hall and Calypso and I threw ourselves at one another like beasts. Our tongues mashed together and our hands ran over the intricacies of each other’s forms. I kissed her on her sweet lips, on her brown cheeks and played with her delicate ear with my tongue. She gasped at my touch and silently pleaded me for more. Her breasts were the next to be mine and I kissed and licked them, returning every speck of pleasure she had given to me.

“I can’t stand this any more,” she moaned with none of her previous concern for being overheard. “I want you to turn that wicked tongue of yours loose, where it will do the most good…” I turned end for end with her, bring her darling cunt to my mouth while I shoved mine into hers. Calypso tasted so sweet as I ran my tongue over her lips. I pushed my fingers deep within her from two sides, attacking her asshole with my other hand. She wriggled in pleasure as my two-pronged assault was joined by my tongue diving right to her clitoris. And Calypso gave as good as she was getting, putting her expert skills to good use. I was burning inside now, the pleasure that had just recently subsided was now returning in greater force and I knew that I was close. Calypso’s tongue just kept probing and playing and her fingers were pumping harder and harder. I couldn’t hold on a second longer, so I shoved my middle finger as far up her ass as I could and came hard. My lover followed me over the edge and I collapsed on her as the music and sex overloaded my system.

It was part way through the intermission when I recovered enough to think in words and not in music. In my daze, I must have rolled off Calypso and lain by her side. I sat up and saw that my lover was in a similar state. I leaned over and kissed her back to human consciousness. Her eyes fluttered open and we stared at each other, lovingly, silently. My hand ran lazily over her tight stomach and I thought about the nights we had ahead of ourselves. For now, I wanted to take my angel back to my apartment and make love to her all through the night. Oh, the be able to hear her sweet voice ring out through the night, without fear of being discovered…

It was much later when we made our way back down to the earth below. We had spent the second half in each others arms, cuddling, kissing, professing our love for each other. I told Calypso of all the things I was going to do to her when she had room to scream. She told me a few things that I hadn’t even imagined. When our plans were made and the show concluded, we dressed quietly and descended. As we got to the staff entrance, I remembered some little thing or other that I forgot. I told Calypso to wait while I ran to my cubby for it. The audience and performers had all left by now, and if I did bump in to anyone, it would just be another usher. I could easily make an excuse for that.

But I was distracted as I walked by one of the dressing rooms from a sound within. The door was slightly ajar and I peered in when an abundance of flesh tone caught my eye. It was Paula, one of my fellow ushers, and she was passionately kissing another woman. I recognized her, she was one of the violists, and she was very beautiful even though she was nearly twenty years Paula’s senior. I felt myself starting to become aroused again, so I dashed back to my Calypso and, taking her hand, pulled her out into the night.

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