28 Ocak 2021

A Tentative Venture Ch. 01

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A/N: I do not advocate or encourage anorexia. I do not encourage damaging oneself in any way. This is only a story, okay? :] Just enjoy.


For weeks, I stared at Naomi during our “wellness” class at the community college. She and I were both English majors, and the so-called “wellness” program was a way of keeping the students in shape, or so the administrators said. Never a fan of sweating in public, I hated the class at first. The instructor was a bastard and he was only there to stare at my enormous tits anyhow- and I was paying for this? But I didn’t get enough exercise, anyway, and the first day I saw Naomi, I knew I’d made the right choice.

Naomi was five and a half feet tall, modest compared to my six even. She wore long sweatpants and a baggy tee shirt the entire time, but even so I could see the contours of her narrow, thin shoulders as the shirt hung off of it, and I could see the slightly protrusive bones in her wrist. Sometimes her short sleeves fell back when she raised her arm, and I couldn’t help staring once I realised how thin it was- how thin she was. Naomi fascinated me in a way that I had never been fascinated before. When we ran in class and were cooling down, I watched her panting and fanning herself with those delicate hands, and I was mesmerised.

It took me a good month to admit that I had feelings for Naomi. I knew already that I was gay; men did nothing for me. I’d had a string of short-lived relationships and a lot of bad sex, and it seemed that the joy was out of life. Nothing excited me on the spot the way it used to, even masturbating was hard because I didn’t know what to think about. It took five, ten minutes just to get aroused enough to feel like continuing.

That was my condition when I first saw Naomi. Then everything changed.

She caused a funny feeling in me, and at first I couldn’t place it. Whenever she smiled her dazzling, toothy smile, I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri smiled too (though Naomi never noticed.) When she got frustrated in class, I felt frustrated for her. When she tripped and scraped her arm or was sick for a day, her pain was mine. I didn’t feel sexually attracted to her until it got cold one day and she forgot her sweats, and came out to the track dressed in shorts and shivering. Of course, Naomi was always cold, but /I/ was even chilly on that day. Naomi’s nipples stood out like bing cherries on her small, round breasts, and for the first time I could see the gap between her long, thin legs.

I went up to her and timidly offered her my sweatshirt. With shaking hands and a grateful smile, she accepted it and dove into the warmth, and a brief period of slight flirtation began. Naomi never gave me “the vibe,” but she flirted back when I flirted, so I kept on doing it. She didn’t seem to mind.

Every time I looked at her, I felt a familiar twinge between my legs. I had wet dreams about her and thought about her in class and wondered where she was, all of this for another month. We barely spoke, but now she knew I existed, which was a better start than I realized. One day when we were chatting in the locker room, cleaning up after a particularly rigorous mile run, we started hedging around the subject of dating. I blurted out that I wanted to take her out sometime. I waited for the pang of rejection, for that “Oh, you’re such a nice girl, Sara, really, but I’m just not into you.” It never came. Naomi smiled and said, “That would be really great.”

That Saturday, we went on our first date. She showed up at the restaurant in a dangerously short black miniskirt and super low-cut black halter. When she took off her jacket, I stared outrightly at the way her soft, messy, adorable blonde hair kissed her thin shoulders and almost painfully sharp collar bone.

Naomi was obviously anorexic. During güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the meal, she only picked a little at her food and drank three glasses of water, only deigning to sip at her wine once. She said that she’d had a big lunch, but I doubted it. How else could anyone get that thin? Guilt began to mix with my burning physical desire- how could it be so sexy for someone to be so messed up? Wasn’t anorexia basically slow suicide? And yet when Naomi and I left the restaurant and I held her hand as we walked inside my apartment, I felt that tingling and throbbing again. The guilt faded temporarily, and Naomi and I went inside and sat on my sofa.

“Want something to drink?” I asked, grinning. “Fully stocked bar, soda in the fridge-“

“No thanks,” Naomi replied, smiling deviously. “Actually… I hoped we could get a little more personal. I want to get to know you better, Sara.” She surprised me as she advanced on me, thrusting her mouth into mine while climbing into my lap. I felt my nipples tingle and harden as Naomi’s rail-thin arms wrapped around my neck, and my hands slid around her tiny waist. No way was I going to fight this.

First to come off was Naomi’s halter. I ran my hands down her bare chest, gently fondling her modest, pert breasts inside their lacy pink trappings. Naomi struggled with the buttons on my shirt as she and I kissed harder, our tongues warring for dominance. My generous D-cups burst free when the buttons of the tight red shirt came undone, and I ached to be out of my bra. Naomi’s tiny hands crept round to fool with the hooks on my bra, and I reached back and slipped off hers. Soon her frail body was pressed against mine as we panted into each other’s mouths.

I tugged off her skirt and was elated to find that she wore no panties at all. I hastily slipped out of my short black skirt and kicked off my heels. Naomi’s shoes had fallen off somewhere in the process of getting her güvenilir bahis şirketleri skirt off. Now, we were both totally naked except my red Felix the Cat boyshort undies.

Naomi felt brittle and too small in my arms. I loved it. I layed her back on the couch and pressed her into the cushions with another kiss, holding on to both of those oh-so-small wrists, her weak arms pinned above her head. She was breathing hard as I pulled my tongue out of her mouth, and little gasps of pleasure escaped her slim lips as I sucked on her neck, kissed her collar bone, and lavished her erect nipples with attention. Her heaving chest was like an aphrodisiac to me as I ran my fingertips down her protruding ribs in the wake of my almost frantic kisses. It was so hard not to rush things and go straight for her hard little clit, but I kept myself under control.

The heat of her shaved pussy ghosted my chin as I kissed her angular hipbones and nuzzled her inner thigh like a cat. Her legs spread reflexively in anticipation of me giving her oral pleasure, and I was well on my way to doing so. But I wouldn’t make it so easy. Teasingly, I kissed her swollen labia and wasn’t surprised when she gasped. I licked then sucked on her lips, caressing her inner thigh with my warm hand. Naomi swore and arched her back and begged me to do it- fuck her good, she needed it so bad.

I inserted one finger first and Naomi moaned as I explored the slick, warm wetness. My lips meanwhile kissed her clitoral hood, my finger found its way into her pussy. I found her G-spot and stroked its sponginess and Naomi moaned again, her hips twitching slightly. I lifted her hood and my tongue found her clit and flicked it. Vocal Naomi gasped, then moaned. My free hand found its way into my Felix undies and started rubbing my own hard clit. My tongue moved up and down, side to side, alternating and eliciting even more noise from Naomi until she throbbed around my pulsing fingers and came all over my face and neck.

I came in my panties a second or two later, then climbed up on the couch and wrapped my arms around Naomi’s frail frame. She snuggled into me and sighed.

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship,” I sighed back, and Naomi only smiled as she dropped off to sleep.

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