22 Ocak 2021

A Touch of Nerves

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The dressing room was bustling as dancers and chorus girls rustled out of their costumes. The countless conversations going at once were deafening, but most were on the same subject. A ring had formed around one girl, a Miss Daaé. The chorus girl had just gotten the part of lead soprano in the wake of Carlotta’s hysterical disappearance and the only people who weren’t talking about it were those who had already discussed it. In the middle of the ring sat Christine, still in her costume, for indeed she was being posed so many questions she scarcely had time. The poor girl, still looking dazed from the sudden turn of events answered all the questions with as much graciousness as she could muster. However, Meg, who was standing beside her could see through the façade of grace and see that the poor girl was growing quite tired of all this company. Casting a reproachful look in silence, the rest of the girls got the message and one by one they left.

Eventually, only Meg and Christine were left in the dressing room, both still in their costumes. They sat for a while in silence until Christine let out a sigh. Meg quickly moved to take her hand, “A taxing day I imagine.”

“Lead soprano…” Christine trailed off into silence, gazing at the opposite wall.

“You know you’re more than capable. From the moment you first came here I knew you were too good to be stuck a chorus girl.”

Christine continued gazing off in silence, though Meg thought she heard her mutter “I wonder if he’s behind it?”

“Who? Raoul? Christine, you got the part because you were wonderful and obviously the best voice for it. I don’t want you getting any doubts now.”Christine remained silent. Meg gently stroked Christine’s hand, “You deserve this more than anyone else. I know there’s no one who could sing it better.”

At Meg’s touch Christine broke her gaze and looked into her face. “But what if I get up on that stage and lose my nerves?”

“Christine, you’ve been on that stage a thousand times. Why suppose that it will be any different this time?”

“Oh, I don’t know…”

Meg wrapped her arm around Christine’s shoulder, taking all too much pleasure in feeling her warm skin beneath her hand. “Christine, you know that you shall be amazing tonight. Have you heard your voice?”

Christine again turned to look at Meg, and Meg was delighted to see her pale face made even more beautiful by the color in her cheeks. “I guess you are right. I am being silly aren’t I? A touch of nerves I suppose.”

“Well then, it is quite clear that we must rid you of this nervousness. Don’t want you fainting upon stage.” Standing up and moving to the back of the room, “When I feel the nerves wracked, I stretch to ease them. You should try it with me.” Guiding her by the hand, Meg took her over to a bar set in the back of the room. Propping up one leg on the bar, “Come on, work all that stress out.”

Christine followed her example and propped up her own leg. Christine may have been lead soprano, but there was no greater dancer in the opera than Meg and it showed. It was clear that Christine was less at home on that bar and had trouble keeping up with Meg’s stretched, aided by the flexibility that any dancer must possess. Seeing this, Meg brought her leg back down to the floor and moved towards Christine. “Here let me show you,” placing one hand on her bare back, the other on her leg. Unfortunately for Meg, the skirt lay between her hand and Christine’s skin, but the fabric was thin enough to allow her to feel Christine’s warmth. “Now just bend slightly, yes, like that.” Meg exerted just enough pressure on Christine’s back as she bend farther and farther over, slowly but steadily, her leg still on the bar. Meg’s eyes could not help but look down at the bottom that was becoming more and more pronounced as Christine stretched. Though she would have been content to look at it for hours more, Meg told Christine she could stand back up. Straightening her back and taking her leg off the bar, Christine turned to look at Meg. Meg was certainly glad that she had the exterior fabric of her skirt, since though she didn’t dare look down at it, she could feel that the interior fabric was getting damp.

“Feeling any better?” Christine weakly nodded. She was blushing slightly; Meg was much more flexible than her and she knew it. “Let’s move to something else now.” Meg bent over and let her palms rest on the floor at the same time as her feet. “Just arch your back as I am.”

Christine did as Meg, though unlike Meg, her back wasn’t forming a complete arch. Pushing herself back onto her feet, Meg moved over to Christine. “Let me help.” The girl knelt down, placing her hand on Christine’s back and pushing up so as to help Christine make a perfect arch. Meg could not help but notice her proximity to Christine’s breasts, and perhaps because her top was so small, it displayed the full volume of the girl’s breasts, heaving with every breath. The mere position of the stretch made it as if Christine were thrusting them canlı bahis şirketleri into Meg’s face, which Meg did not at all mind.

“I think that’s enough of that.” Christine broke the stretch and sat down upon the floor. “Feeling any better Christine?”

“It did help a bit.” Christine said with a faint smile. “I would lie though to say a part of me is still not nervous”

Christine sat down beside Christine. “You know you have nothing to fear.”

“It doesn’t stop me from feeling it.”

Meg ran a finger through Christine’s hair. She had always loved the girl’s gorgeous curls. “If the prospect of that performance frightens you, then there’s no hope for anyone else. No one is better for the part.”

“I know, you told me.”

“Then maybe you’ll take heed of it this time.” Meg parted her legs around Christine and hugged her from the back. Christine remained silent but didn’t object. “We’ve known each other how many years? I know you well enough to say that you will amaze them all,” and as if to punctuate her sentence, Meg kiss Christine lightly on the back of her neck. Christine squirmed a bit but still remained silent. Almost without thought Meg ran a finger again through Christine’s hair, but this time grazed her ear. At this Christine shuddered and Meg could hear a deep breath. Unlocking her hands, Meg put them on Christine’s shoulder as Christine turned to face Meg. The two looked at each other, and Meg could still see the color in Christine’s cheeks.

“Thank you Meg. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Faint on stage I imagine,” Meg giggled. Meg’s hands, which seemed all too fond of Christine’s curls, moved the hair from Christine’s face, tucking it behind her ear. This time Meg was much bolder in letting Christine’s ear feel her finger run down it. Christine’s eyes closed for a moment and taking her opportunity Meg moved in and let her lips do what they had been waiting for and meet Christine’s.

Though the kiss was brief, Christine’s eyes snapped open the moment contact was made. Meg pulled back to see a very startled looking Christine. Meg’s smile faltered for a moment, unable to discern whether she had made a mistake or not. “Christine…”

Back to gazing at the wall, “What would he think…” barely in a whisper.

“Raoul? No need to think of the pretty boy.”

“No, not him…” but Christine would say more.

Meg was growing nervous now, but still determined Meg decided to take a tactical approach. “You need to calm your nerves, do you not?” Christine looked back at Meg in surprise but silently nodded. “Well then, I know the perfect way to help.” Her hand moved to her face, tenderly cupping her cheek. “Just allow me to do so.”Christine looked into her eyes, still silent and unsure. “I’m your friend Christine. Trust me.” As she was saying this she let a finger trail to her jaw and down her neck, her nail just barely touching the skin.

Christine continued to look into Meg’s eyes and without a word moved in and herself kissed Meg. Meg’s eyes closed in delight. Joy seeped throughout her body as Christine’s lips locked with hers. Unable to remain still in such a state of ecstasy, her hands roamed up Christine’s back, feeling every inch of skin the girl’s costume offered her. The two finally broke contact and the soprano’s cheeks were more flushed than ever before. But now there sat a smile upon her face and Meg broke into a smile herself to see that woman’s radiant smile and the equally radiant teeth within. Wordlessly she put her hands on Christine’s hips and pulled her in for another kiss. The third lasted longer than the sum of the previous two, and the two were soon letting their tongue’s invade the other’s mouth. Meg pulled back, but bit Christine’s lip lightly and pulled it slightly before breaking. Judging by the spasm that shook Christine’s frame, it had been a wise decision.

Meg looked down Christine’s body, letting her mind race with all the wonderful scenarios it could devise. Moving to Christine’s ear, “You’ve had that costume on for quite some time now. It would be easier for you to relax without it” barely a whisper. Christine let out an audible gasp and let out an even louder gasp as Meg’s hands planted themselves on her breasts. “I asked you to trust me. Letting these breath will only help.”

“But what if someone–“

“How many years have you been here? Everyone knows better than to come into the dressing room this late.” Squeezing Christine’s breasts, “We’re not the first nor will we be the last.”

Christine remained silent as Meg’s hands continued their work on her breasts. Her mouth still inches from Christine’s ear, Meg began to bite down on its rim lightly but still hard enough to get a shudder out of the girl in her arms. Emboldened by the lack of protest, Meg slipped a hand beneath Christine’s top. The fabric clung tightly, making entrance difficult, but Meg quickly enough got a hand under and was soon feeling a nipple against her palm. To her delight it was canlı kaçak iddaa hard. Meg’s fingers began to oh so delicately play with it, teasing it.

“Get your hand out of there!” Christine snapped. All of Meg’s joy suddenly evaporated but was just as quickly returned when Christine continued, “You’ll need both your hands to get this off of me.”

Nothing but eager, the top was quickly on the floor as Christine’s breasts stood free in the air. Her mounds were even paler than her face which made her stiff pink nipples stand out all the more vibrantly in contrast. Gently pushing Christine to her back, Meg bent down, letting her tongue circle one of those entrancing nipples. Every so often she would punctuate the act with a flick of her tongue against the nipple until Meg heard a moan escape Christine’s mouth. Taking this as her cue, Meg took the nipple into her mouth giving it even more attention. Feeling particularly bold, she gently bit it, but if Christine minded, she said nothing to make Meg stop. Meg soon turned to the other breast, giving it the same care. While her mouth was engaged, Meg’s hand slipped down and rubbed Christine’s slit through what little fabric was shielding it. At this, Christine arched her back pushing her breasts even closer to Meg’s attentive mouth.

After pulling back from Christine’s bosom and giving the room a quick survey, a thought came to Meg. “You trust me Christine, don’t you?”

At first Christine looked hesitant, but eventually nodded. “I let you get this far, did I not?” with a smile on her face.

“Well, I’ll need you to close your eyes.”

A moment of doubt flashed across her face, but Christine closed her eyes obediently. Christine swore she could hear the sound of Meg tinkering with something and then suddenly felt something clamp around her wrists. Her eyes snapped open but before she could even think Meg was straddling tightening already fasted cuffs around her wrists. Meg had taken one of the prop chains from Hannibal and looped it around the bar, chaining Christine in place. Slipping out of them was completely out of the question as Meg had made sure to tighten them even more than the stage hands.

With a devilish grin, “You’d be amazed what props people leave lying around here.”

Christine took a moment to take stock of her situation but eventually returned Meg’s grin. “So, now that you have me here with no escape, what are you going to do with me?”

In answer Meg stripped Christine of her skirt and slippers, leaving the girl naked beneath her. Delighting in the sight, Meg let her hand trail down Christine’s torso. When her hand came to her hips though, it diverted down to Christine’s leg, much to her visible displeasure. “Be patient. All good things come in due time.” Meg’s hand worked back up Christine’s leg and Christine’s breath began quickening as it when trailing down her torso. But again to Christine’s dismay, Meg’s hand trailed down her other leg. Christine titled her back in disappointment and looked up at the ceiling when suddenly her whole body jumped. Meg’s hand had moved from Christine’s leg straight to her clit, and her teasing of it was sending waves of pleasure throughout Christine. Her fingers moved to Christine’s lower lips, tracing their outline as she moved her head forward and gave her clit the briefest of licks. Christine’s body nearly jumped off of the ground, but Meg persisted in teasing her clit. Slowly, the flicks of her tongue on it grew longer and Meg eventually, deciding that Christine had been teased enough started softly sucking on her clit. Christine’s began audibly moaning as Meg let her mouth work on her, and when she slipped a finger into her, Christine only moaned the louder. Meg herself was soaking, but now was her time to focus on Christine. Meg went at it, eventually making one finger become too and working harder at Christine’s clit with her tongue.

Pumping her fingers ever faster in and out of Christine, Meg look up and asked, “So, my ‘little Lotte’, am I helping your nerves? If not I could always stop.”

“Don’t! Please don’t” Christine’s eyes pleading.

“Well, that is as much an endorsement as I could wish” and Meg went back to sucking on her clit. Christine was beginning to writhe beneath her. Her moans were getting all the louder and her excitement at the sound only goaded Meg into working with increased speed. Suddenly Christine’s moan gained pitched, as if she were singing. When the trilling moan finally ceased, Meg raised her head briefly, “I always loved sopranos.”

Christine said nothing in reply, only arching her back as Meg’s fingers continued their job. As Meg’s tongue started circling Christine’s clit again, she felt her shudder and knew that Christine getting close. And sure enough Christine threw her head back releasing a silent scream of ecstasy. Meg’s fingers felt juices flow out around them and pulling them out released the flood waters. Christine’s body writhed as she climaxed and Meg herself felt close to it as she watched canlı kaçak bahis her. Finally, the spasms subsided and Meg’s tongue lapped up the leaked juices from Christine’s lower lips as Christine bit her upper lip.

Content with her job, Meg rose to her feet and Christine followed her with her eyes. “So, are your nerves bothering you any longer?” “I think you have pushed the performance completely from my mind.” Once again Christine was wearing her radiant smile and the glistening sweat on her body only seemed to enhance it. Leaning her head back she sighed and looked up as the ceiling, feeling as if she were in a waking dream. Looking back at the bar she was still chained to, “So when exactly are you going to take these cuffs off?” But as she looked up she jumped to see that Meg herself was disrobing. Turning to Christine, “You are not quite done yet. I have nerves of my own that must be calmed” and once again, Meg was wearing her devilish smile. Christine looked nervously at a now naked Meg. While Christine was pale, Meg had more color to her, the shifting lights of the dressing room, whose candles had shrunk considerably since the two had just been left alone together, played off of her skin. Meg’s breasts were larger and the nipples already stiff. Perhaps noticing Christine’s gaze, “Don’t worry, your breasts are as good as any I could ask for,” rubbing them once again as if to confirm her statement. Now completely naked, Meg moved over Christine and Christine could see that Meg herself was considerably damp. As Meg got down on her knees over Christine’s head, her intent became clear.

Once again feeling nervous, “I don’t know if I can. I mean, I wouldn’t know the first thing…”

“Christine,” with a soothing air in her voice, “the mere fact that it will be you will be more than enough. Just do as I did.”

Unsure, but sincerely eager to return Meg’s favor Christine tentatively lifted her head and gave Meg’s clit a flick of her tongue. It was all that Meg could do not to let her legs give out and let her body shake. She didn’t want to scare Christine off, not this early, so she bit he lip and did her best to contain herself. Christine continued on. She was clumsy at first, and her inability to use her hands did not help, but surely her tongue became more confident and bold. Remembering the effect Meg’s tongue had on her, Christine traced Meg’s lips with her tongue, tasting the preemptive juices that had been lingering on them. Meg’s body began to shake, but far from scaring her, it goaded Christine into more. After confirmation that she was making progress, Christine returned to Meg’s clit, no longer gingerly flicking but rather circling it with her tongue.

“Oh yes! Yes… just like that.” Meg was beside herself. She had been building up even before her and Christine had shared their first kiss. Now with Christine beneath her, it was threatening to overwhelm her. But she held back the flood of ecstasy, for she wanted to feel Christine’s tongue for as long as possible.

“Oh, but I was growing tired of that.” Meg looked down in confusion. “I was thinking of something else. Perhaps this…” and with that Christine pushed her head up and took Meg’s clit into her mouth.

It took everything within Meg not to scream in delight. The feeling of Christine sucking on her drove her delirious with pleasure. Eventually, containing herself was impossible in the face of so much pleasure and she moaned freely. Encouraged by the sudden vocal support, Christine’s tongue started pressing on her clit while still in her mouth. By now Meg was shaking and her moans were getting ever louder. Meg was starting to worry about someone hearing them, but Christine seemed not to care as she pushed Meg further and further towards the edge. Meg grabbed hold of the bar to steady herself and her knuckled turned white as she clenched it as if her life was on the line. “Christine…” half a sentence, half a moan, “Christine, I fear I’m getting close.”

Whether Christine heard her or not, Meg could not at first say, but soon the ferocity at which Christine picked up speed convinced Meg that she had been indeed heard. Meg was beside herself, and though she tried to prolong it as long as she could, the welled up pleasure finally crashed against her walls and an orgasm stole upon her. The pleasure seared through her body. It was not one orgasm, brief and distinct, but a flood of them, meshed together without beginning or end. Meg’s whole body shook and she bit down upon her arm to keep herself from screaming. Christine continued on, goading wave after wave from her.

Finally, after what had been timeless for Meg, Christine pulled back her head and the wave subsided with Meg. Still quivering, Meg tried to stand up but had it not been for the bar she was still gripping, she would have fallen. Her legs shook under her. Meg could not remember ever getting a climax as good, and as she stumbled from the bar, she wondered if she ever would get one to top it. She looked back down at Christine, juices still on glimmering on her chin. Meg could not help but laugh, but Christine for a moment looked worried. “I’m sorry if I wasn’t good enough. It was my first time, and if you didn’t know it before tonight, I imagine my performance made it clear…”

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