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A visit to the doctor

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I was 16 years old when this happened to me. My name is Sean. I live in
Holland have one older brother, Richard, who was 18 at the time.
In Holland, kids visit a school-doctor every year for
a physical examination. When I’d gone to the doctor
before, one of my parents had taken me, but this time
my parents had to work all the day, so I was to get
there by myself.
I was a good soccer player and it was a warm day. I’d
been playing soccer all afternoon and nearly forgot
the doctor’s appointment. I was late and rushed home
to get my bike, with no time to change. I biked over
in my soccer shorts and sweaty T-shirt to the doctor’s
office. A nurse pointed me to the waiting room,
scolding me a bit for being so late and telling me I
was the doctor’s last patient of the day.
Two other boys around my age were sitting there,
flipping through boring magazines. I didn’t know them,
so we didn’t talk. As I waited, each boy in turn went
in, stayed for 15 minutes, and then left.
Finally, the nurse came in and told me it was my turn,
and that she was leaving for the day. She went out the
door mumbling about how kids didn’t have any respect
for scheduled appointments these days.
As I walked toward the doctor’s examining room, the
door opened and there he stood – a different doctor
from the one I’d seen before. He was surprisingly
young and quite good-looking, wearing casual clothing
and a stethoscope around his neck.
“Hello Sea,” he said, addressing me by my nickname.
“I’m Dr. Hartsen, and I’m filling in for Dr. Martyn
for a few weeks.”
We shook hands, and I sat down. The other doctor was
at least 40, but this guy was in his mid-twenties.
Still “old” to my eyes, but not in a bad way.
“Been playing soccer, I see. You really worked up a
sweat… that’s good! Well, I guess you know the
routine for the physical exam?”
I was barely listening. My eyes were wandering all
around his body. He must have been into sports. His
strong arms bulged beneath his short-sleeved shirt. He
had a V-shaped torso, and chest hair was showing where
his shirt was unbuttoned at the top. His well-defined
thigh muscles were practically bursting his tight
jeans. He had exactly the type of body I wanted to
have when I grew up.
“Oh; yes sir,” I said absent-mindedly, after an
awkward pause.
“OK, undress and leave your underpants on.”
I did, leaving my stuff on my chair. I was wearing
only my white Tommy boxers; the tight kind. I was sort
of proud of them. They were my first purchase when my
parents decided to give me some money to buy my own
The doctor asked me various questions about my general
condition, health, sports, eating habits, stuff like
that, and made notes on the papers on his clipboard.
The room was warm and the doctor very friendly, so I
almost forgot about standing there in just my
underpants. After a while he started with his
examination. He warmed his stethoscope before putting
it on my naked skin. He tested my reflexes, listened
to my heart and lungs, and he seemed to be very
satisfied. I liked the way his strong hands felt as he
touched my body.
Then he told me to get up on a step stool, and he
stood very close to me. Without saying a word, he
slipped his fingers into the waistband of my boxers
and pulled them down to mid-thigh, exposing my
little-teen penis and dangling ball-sack. He told me to
turn my head to the side and cough. I could feel his
hand on my balls, playing with each one. Then he
touched my penis, and my heart jumped a little. I
could feel my face turning red as he squeezed it
gently. When he pulled back the foreskin, I felt a
shiver of pleasure.
“Do you wash behind your foreskin when you bathe,
“Yes, sir,” I mumbled, though it was difficult for me
to get the words out for some reason.
He slid the foreskin back and forth a few more times
and then let go. When I glanced down, I saw that my
cock was stiffening… pointing straight out. I was so
embarrassed that I covered myself with my hands and
started to mumble an apology.
“Don’t be shy, Sean. You’re a fine healthy teen. Do
you get erections very often?”
I was speechless! I pretended not to understand his
question, and I felt my face getting redder and
“Some boys call it a boner… or a stiffy. Every boy
gets them as he matures. Do you have them in the
morning when you wake… and sometimes during the
“Y-yes, sir.”
“Good! Well use your fingers to make it as stiff as it
can get. I need to take some measurements.”
I was relieved that the doctor wasn’t angry about me
getting stiff. The fact was… I actually LIKED for
him to see me like that. I knew my body had started
changing… my balls getting fuller and hanging down
lower… my penis getting plumper when it got hard. In
the changing room at school, I enjoyed letting other
boys see me naked… and I liked seeing them too. And
of course, there were the times when my best friends
and I would get together in the woods and take down
our pants… and then there was my big brother Richard…
I teased my cock the rest of the way stiff and took my
hands away as Dr. Hartsen used a tape measure and
called out the results.
“Length is 8 cm [3 inches]. Girth just about 7 cm [2
3/4 inches]. Let’s see…” He leafed through the
papers on his clipboard, “You’re 16 years and 8 months
old… your measurements are maybe a little small for a
lad your age, but nothing to worry about.
Now take your underpants off the rest of
the way and lie down on this table on your back.”
I did as I was told. The doctor was so friendly and
gentle that I stopped feeling at all nervous about the
boner that was still throbbing persistently at my
crotch. His hands pressed at my belly, and I giggled a
little. Then he started examining my feet, running his
fingers along the soft skin of my instep, then feeling
each of my toes. His hands started moving up my nearly
hairless legs, feeling my calf and canlı bahis thigh muscles, but
to me it felt wonderfully exciting. By the time his
fingers were caressing my inner thighs, my breathing
was getting heavy. And when he took my boner between
his fingers again, my hips bucked up to meet his
strong hand, as if hungry for his touch.
“You have good reflexes, Sean. And I can tell you’re
got to the age when your body is going through
some changes,” he said as he continued to fondle my
penis and balls. “Now I have to ask you some personal
questions, and some boys think these questions are
embarrassing. It’s just between you and me, though,
and it’s very important for you to be honest. You
think you can do that?”
“I’ll try, sir”. I smiled at him. I trusted him, and I
was definitely enjoying the sensations his touches
were causing.
“Do you play with your erection… the way I’m
touching you now… to make it feel good.”
“Y-yes, sir. Sometimes.” I actually did it all the
“Good; very good. That’s healthy for boys. And do you
sometimes have sex-play with other boys, where you
touch each other’s boners?”
He was still fondling me gently, and exciting feelings
were swirling around inside of my body and my brain.
“Yes, sir…. Sometimes I… that is… we…” My
heart was beating so fast!
“Go on, Sean. Tell me exactly what you do with other
boys. These things are perfectly normal for boys, and
it’s important for me to know everything.”
“Well… my buddies and I… we like to go to the
woods back of the school building. And we sort of…
you know… show each other our boners. And we like to
feel each other up, and then rub our boners
together… like a sword fight.”
“Ah, yes. I did the same thing myself at your age. I
see you have a brother… ” he said, looking at the
papers. “… Richard, age 18. Ever do any sex-play
with Richard?”
“Yes, sir. We…” Then I stopped and put my hand to my
mouth and blushed hot red again. Richard had told me
that our games in his bed were a secret that I
shouldn’t tell anybody.
“Go on, Sean. You mustn’t keep secrets from the
doctor. Remember that anything you tell me is just
between us two. Now, what do you do with your
“I… we…. Well, we sleep in the same room, sir, and
for the longest time I’ve watched him when he changes
clothes. He’s got a very nice strong body. And a couple
months ago, he told me I could… well… get into his
bed if I liked.”
“Yes; go on. And what did you do?” His fingers were
still toying with my penis, while his other hand
stroked along my hip and thigh.
“Richard… he told me to get completely undressed,
and he did too. He said we could snuggle together and
play… he called it naked-games.”
“Yes; quite common among brothers. Go on.”
“Well, it was so exciting to hug my naked body against
his. And when he put his hand on my… my boner and
started stroking me, and then asked me to feel his
“Does Richard have a big penis?”
“Oh yes, sir! MUCH bigger than mine! With a lot of hair around
it and everything! And he taught me how to stroke it
and make the white stuff, his cum. shoot out of his cock! And he
said I did it really well, and I felt so proud!”
“And you’ve played the naked-game again after that?”
“Only twice, sir.”
“Did you ever take his penis into your mouth?”
I was speechless for a moment! How could he know about
“I… that is…”
“It’s ok, Sonny. It’s perfectly normal for boys to
suck each other’s cocks. Tell me.”
I was so relieved to learn that Richard and I weren’t
doing something naughty that the words rushed out of
my mouth.
“The next time I got in his bed, he told me he’d give
me a special treat. We were hugging each other, and
rubbing our boners together and everything. It felt so
good, and Richard… He told me to lay on my cock
with my legs together and raise up my bottom… and he
got on top of me and put his big boner between my
thighs… and he started sliding it between my legs…
and he told me how good it felt! And then he pulled it
out and started rubbing his boner against my bottom,
between the crack, and holding me close, and he
groaned and his cum came out of his boner, all
over my back! And after he wiped it off, he hugged me
so tight! After that he stroked my body and got down
and took my boner in his mouth and he used his lips
and his tongue on it, and it felt so wonderful! I got
this incredible shiver-feeling that was the most
wonderful thing I ever felt! And then he showed me how
I could do it to him, and… and I liked it, even
though I had to open my mouth wide! And I kept doing
it until the white stuff shot into my mouth! And
Richard was so happy with me that he kissed me on the
mouth and hugged me! And even kissed me with his
tongue touching my tongue!” I was practically out of
breath from talking so fast, and my body was squirming
around from the sexy feelings that Dr. Hartsen’s hands
kept generating.
“Did he kiss you like this,” whispered the doctor, as
his mouth came down to mine. Our lips pressed together
softly, for several long moments, and then he lifted
his head slightly and looked down on me with a loving
smile on his face.
“Yes…. Oh, yes! Just like that,” I sighed, and we
kissed again.
I was so horny that I could barely stand it!
When our mouths came apart again, the doctor said,
“Sean, would you like it if I got naked too?”
I couldn’t speak, but my head nodded up and down,
signaling my excited consent.
The doctor stood up straight and pulled off his shirt.
The soft brown hair on his strong chest was so
incredibly masculine! And the line of hair going from
his navel down into his jeans made me impatient to see
what would next be revealed. I noticed for the first
time that the front of his jeans had a prominent ridge
running up at a slight angle beside his zipper… a
man-sized boner… very hard!
“We’ll have a bit of fun together. OK, Sean?” bahis siteleri he said
as he undid the button on his jeans.
Again I nodded my consent.
As he pulled the zipper down, exposing his boxer
briefs –white Calvins, wow, I love them. The outline of his cock made
it clear it was even bigger than Richard’s. I sat up
on the examining table, hypnotized by the sight of him
stripping down. He rubbed his big cock through the
“O.K. boy, ready to see all of it?”
“Oh yes, sir!” I croaked out. He pulled down his
underwear, and his big erect cock slapped against his
belly, freed now from its confinement.
I couldn’t take my eyes away from his big manly cock.
“You like what you see, Sean?”
“Yes! Oh, yes! I think it’s beautiful! Do you think
mine will ever grow that big? I mean, when I’m older?”

“Oh, I’m sure of it, Sean. You’re already a strong
and healthy boy, no doubt about that.”
I knew then that I would do whatever he asked of me.
“I’ll bet you want to touch my boner… don’t you,
Sean… to feel a man’s cock?”
“Oh, yes, sir” I eagerly reached out to touch his
proudly erect cock. But he stepped away, smiling,
teasing me.
“Are you sure, Sean?”
“Yes, sir”, I wanted to scream it out. I wanted to
feel him… and I wanted him to feel me again too. Dr.
Hartsen walked smiling to the table where I sat. He
stroked my hair and gave me a gentle kiss, full on my
“Go ahead. Touch it.”
I stroked his cock with my still small teen fingers.
Following the lines of the blue veins on the shaft, up
to the cock head. Wow! The skin was so smooth and so
warm. It felt so good! A small amount of fluid leaked
from the slit… just like when I had stroked
Richard’s cock. I rubbed it onto Dr. Hartsen’s cock
head, and he groaned with pleasure.
“Keep stroking it, boy,” Dr. Hartsen moaned. “That
feels great!”
As I masturbated his boner, just the way Richard had
taught me, Dr.Hartsen toyed with the tiny tan nipples
on my still smooth chest. I was in heaven! This naked man
standing in front of me was so handsome and sexy and
friendly. His huge boner, slippery with pre-cum, was
thrilling beyond my dreams.
“Ugh… you’d better stop, Sean, I’m afraid I’ll
shoot my cum too quickly all over your beautiful teen body.
We should enjoy our game for a while longer, don’t you
I reluctantly pulled my hand away, and I waited
for him to tell me what he desired. The doctor
whispered in my ear: “Lay back down and spread your
legs for me.”
I did as I was told, spreading my still slender legs as wide
as possible. Richard had touched my boy hole a
couple times, and it felt good. Would he do that?
I reached up to touch Dr. Hartsen’s belly. I ran my
fingers across the fine hairs that covered his
muscular abs. My own cock was pointing up, lifted from
my belly into the air. My nearly smooth balls were drawn up
hard and close to my body. Looking at his handsome
face, I saw the doctor wetting a finger in his mouth.
With a big grin on his face, his finger stroked my
sensitive balls… stroked them slowly…
feeling my nuts in their sack.
“Mmmmm!” I murmured.
It felt so good! Then his finger traveled down along
the skin behind my balls, until he came to…. ahhhh!
His fingertip touched my clenched hole. Slowly he took
my legs and bent them to my chest.
“Can you keep them there?”
I smiled up to him. Of course; I would do everything
to satisfy this handsome man!
My legs were close to my ears. Leaving my slender white buns totally exposed.
After I quick kiss on my lips he went down, his whole
head disappearing from view behind my upturned ass. I
felt his tongue, seeking access into my crack. Licking
and sucking at my most secret place, making me so wet
down there. Oh, this was awesome! His tongue pressed
against my smooth rose-bud hole, and I couldn’t
believe the sensations as he slowly pushed his tongue
inside me.
Then I thought how dirty and smelly I must be down
there. Wouldn’t he be turned off and stop this
wonderful game? My body tensed as I worried. But he
could feel my tension, and his big hands gently
stroked my belly and my eager little teen cock.
Then he lifted his face away from my ass and said,
“Your ass is perfect, Sonny. You taste as sweet as
honey down there.” Then he reached for a tube of
lotion on the table, and coated his fingers with it.
“Relax, Sean. Just tell me if I hurt you, and I’ll
stop immediately. Just relax… and trust me!”
I did trust him, and I relaxed and enjoyed the
heavenly sensations rushing through my body again. His
finger pressed against the ring of muscle, pushing at
my most secret part. Slowly, the finger slipped
inside. He looked me straight in the eyes.
“OK so far, Sea?”
It was a strange feeling… not painful… not
entirely pleasurable. “I think so, sir…. Yes; I’m
The finger began to move slowly, in and out…
twisting around inside me, relaxing my clenched
muscle. Then the doctor’s head dipped down again, but
this time he took my little teen boner into his mouth…
tonguing and sucking it as he continued to finger-fuck
my tight ass.
“Oh, please, sir,” I muttered, “Please do keep doing
“I will, boy, but we’ll do it nice and slow!” he said,
as he returned to sucking my little boner.
My ass was on fire, it did’t hurt, but a strange hot
sensation filled me. And my cock was in heaven. I
liked both so much. I couldn’t wait for his big cock
to rub against my young teen body, just like my brother Richard had
done. I breathed deeply, excited. Desperately, I
gripped his head, entwining my rather small fingers in his
beautiful short hair, shoving his mouth further down
on my shaft.
Ever-so-gently, his finger glided into the depths of
my bottom. He pushed deeper and deeper, twisting it
around, stretching my pucker little by little, still
sucking and nibbling my eager cock.
“Oh, sir!” I whimpered.
He had found a special place deep inside me, stroking
it. bahis şirketleri He lifted his mouth off my cock to watch the
expression on my face as he continued to fuck me with
his finger, smiling at my eager reactions.
My breathing came quicker. I only could breath with
sort gasps. His finger in my virgin butt felt so
incredibly good! Slowly he withdrew his finger.
“Ready for some more fun, Sonny?”
“Yes! I’m ready for…anything, sir.”
“I knew that, from the moment you walked in here. You
are so beautiful and so eager for the fun that a teen
and a man can share. Tell you what…. Call me by my
first name – Alex. OK?”
He bent over me, kissing me again and traveling down
to my chin and my throat. This handsome man… my
Alex… my hero! He was gently biting in the nape of
my neck, maybe to distract me from what was coming
next. He slowly pushed two of his fingers deep into my
tight still virgin hole. I held a yelp behind my teeth as
they slowly went knuckle deep!
“Is that okay?” he tenderly whispered, nibbling
affectionately on my earlobe.
All I could do was hiss an urgent and almost silent
Soon his fingers were slipping easily inside my hole.
Using a lot of lotion, he made it easy to take. His
fingers worked faster and deeper. Making me so horny
and desperate to take his cock into my body.
“Please, Alex! Put your cock in me!” I pleaded.
Alex needed no more encouragement. I heard him
breathing excitedly for some time. I felt his hand
stroking my young nearly smooth body. With a movement so
swift I hardly noticed, his two big fingers slipped
out of my stretched hole. They were replaced by the
head of his big manly cock.. pressing in… spreading
my ass lips wide apart…
A cry of agony came from my lips. Alex stopped
immediately and was kissing me softly on my lips. He
stroked my hair. I fought my own fear and pain.
“Please, don’t stop!” I begged. “Do me all the way,
Alex, please, don’t stop.”
After some hesitation, Alex obliged my wishes and
slowly put his cock back at my tight hole.
“You are sure? Sean, it is no problem to stop now and have
another way of fun.”
He shoved his cock through my ass-ring. My next
muffled cry was the last complain he heard. He stroked
my nearly smooth teen legs giving me his big cock all the way. I felt
his cock-hair touch my smooth bottom as he took me all
the way!
I had done it! I was taking his big cock inside me…
and loving it!
“You like this my little man? You’re not a virgin
anymore. You’re now a strong, beautiful little man.”
“Oh, YES!” I gasped, overwhelmed by my feelings and
emotions. I took his butt in my hands, wanting him
deeper! He stroked my body, and brought one hand to my
eager erect little penis.
“You are ready to come, my sweet lover?”
“Ugh!” Which was neither yes, nor no. To be honest, I
could have come in a split second. His big cock deep
inside my willing ass was a thrill, but I wanted him
to come first into me. I wanted him to continue
fucking me. I wanted him! I felt Alex quickened his
pace, fucking me hard and deep. He was stroking my
dick with his lubed fingers… running his other hand
over my smooth body, tweaking my little erect nipples
and stroking my wide-stretched legs.
“Fuck me Alex… it feels so good to have you inside
Alex drove into me fast and deep.
“I’m coming, little one! I’m gonna come deep inside
your beautiful ass, my boy.”
He drove his big cock deep inside my bowels. He pumped
my cock vigorously in his lubed hand. My
foreskin slipping rapidly over the super-sensitive
head. My legs, now resting on his broad
shoulders, were trembling. The sensation was so great!
“Oh, Sean, it’s so good! Take my cock, lover! Here it
He rammed his big cock all the way inside my
young bottom and shuddered as he filled me up with his
warm cum. “Yeah, Sean! Can you feel my cock shooting
off inside you? Now you do it… Come for me! Give me
your first blast of spunk.”
His encouragement wasn’t necessary. He took me over
the brink.
I cried out, as my own sperm shot from my body in a
flash. It hit my chest between my nipples.
I saw stars of joy.
Alex hugged me close, stroking my body. He carefully
dropped my trembling legs from his shoulders. He
licked my cock clean and kissed me deeply. I could
smell and taste my own spunk on his lips. It was so nice!
Slowly he took his big cock from my bum.
I felt empty.
Alex sighted deeply. He stroked my short hair.
“Let me tell you something, my little lover… you
were the best fuck I ever had. Believe me. You are
He helped me with a boost down from the table. I
looked at his big tanned body. His now-limp cock was
still beautiful, and it has been all the way inside my
young body. I smiled up to him.
“Little guy, let’s have to shower… otherwise your
parents will be worried. Or shall I call them and ask
if you can stay over for dinner? I know your father,
and he will have no problem with you staying at my
place for the evening. And later, there’s so much I
want to show you. Be my guest and my friend. OK?”
I smiled to him a little uncertainly. Did he REALLY
want me to stay?
“You are sure, Alex?”
“What do you think? Of course I’m sure! “
I was so happy! “O.K. make the call, please,” my voice
almost begging him to do it.
Alex walked naked across the room and took his cell
phone from a cabinet. I admired his strong body and
his self-confidence… the manly look in my eyes. My
secret thoughts about maybe being gay ran through my
mind. Maybe he was too… and he certainly was no
He got Richard on the phone and asked for my parents.
After a short chat, he told my father that I was very
interested in medical stuff, and he wanted to have a
long discussion with “their future doctor”. My parents
agreed, saying Richard could pick me up at 10 p.m.
Alex smiled to me and kissed my forehead tenderly.
“Well my man-boy, we have a lot of hours together. Let’s take
that shower.”
We walked to the shower. Alex put his big arm around
my bare shoulders, holding me close. I felt incredibly
happy and secure.

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