16 Ocak 2021

Advancing Her Career

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She was in a ‘mood’ when we got home from the party.

Earlier in the car as she drove us home, she had asked: “What kind of man are you? What kind of man would embarrass his wife like that in front of her boss and co-workers? One glass of champagne goes to your head?…INCREDIBLE!”

We rode the rest of the way in silence.

My head was spinning. Not from ‘one glass of champagne’ but because I didn’t think I had said anything wrong. During the party, she finally introduced me to her boss, Mr. B – that’s what he liked to be called – so all I said was, “Jennifer’s been working really hard for that promotion, Mr. B.” That was it! That’s all I said — what is so bad about that?

In the bedroom, I watched as she stripped and admired herself in the mirror. She still had a fantastic body. When she saw me staring, she slipped on her long, cotton nightgown. I stripped down to my boxers – that’s how I slept every night.

She pulled back the bedspread on the king-sized bed in the middle of the room and climbed into bed. I went to the corner of the room where I slid into my single bed. Yes, I know, it was a rather odd arrangement, but she insisted. I turned out the light.

In the darkness she said: “You owe me! You owe me big-time! Get over here!”

I knew my way there in the darkness, and I knew what I’d find. She’d tossed the bedspread to the side, and raised her nightgown to her waist. Her feet rested on the mattress spread wide apart. I got on my knees between her legs.

I gently caressed her thighs as I lowered my face to her waiting vagina. The familiar scent of her pussy gave me a hard-on. I kissed the length of her pussy then stuck out my tongue. I slowly licked her slit – up-and-down – up-and-down. She began moaning.

My thumbs pulled apart the lips of her sex and my tongue lapped up her juices. When my tongue made contact with her clitoris her body spasmed. She had a long clit and I worked it with my lips and tongue. I felt her move above me and knew she was stroking her breasts and pinching and rolling her nipples. Her hips pushed urgently at my sucking mouth. I nibbled on her clit.


Her juices flowed into my mouth. I swallowed. I worked her pussy until her hands pushed my head away. She was panting for air.

I hadn’t moved. Finally she said: “I know that nasty thing of yours is hard. I don’t want to hear you – go take care of it in the bathroom.”

I knew my way to the bathroom in the dark, too.

Instead of the main light switch, I flipped on the lamp with the red light bulb. She used that lamp when she sat back and enjoyed a bubble bath. I sat on the loveseat beside the clothes hamper. We had a very large bathroom – she had insisted on it.

I reached into the hamper and found the silken panties she had worn that night. I pushed down my boxers and wrapped my panty-covered hand around my throbbing cock. If she knew what I was doing with her panties she’d go ballistic! She wouldn’t find out though – I did all the laundry.

I stroked my hard cock with her panties. I thought about ‘the old days’, before she became an executive with Mr. B’s global corporation.

We had met in college. I was naïve and inexperienced – she wasn’t! I took it slow. She became impatient.

One cloudless, moonlit night she directed me to a place where other college kids went to park. We sat in the car overlooking a large, shimmering lake. She moved beside me. My penis grew stiff without even touching her. We kissed. She ran her hands over me. She guided my hand to her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I was excited.

She unbuttoned her blouse and her magnificently full, rounded breasts came into view. I caressed and fondled her breasts with my hands. She pulled my head downward, and I kissed and licked the milky flesh. I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked at it – my teeth nipping gently at it. Then I took her other nipple in my mouth.

Her hand had found the bulge in my pants and squeezed and stroked the outline of my throbbing member. I sucked her hard nipples in my mouth. Her hand moved quickly on my penis. I couldn’t hold back any more: I groaned and came in my pants. She never let me forget it. Whenever she became irritated with me she would put me down by saying: “Well, don’t cum in your pants over it!”

My hand was now vigorously masturbating my cock. The panties felt wonderful on my flesh. My head fell backwards, my mouth open. I groaned softly; I didn’t want to wake her. My cock shot load-after-load of hot cum into her panties. God, it felt good!

I wiped my penis clean with her panties then tossed them back into the hamper. I turned out the light and made my way back to bed.

She was snoring very lightly. I fell asleep right away.

I was the first to wake up – I always was. I threw on a robe and went to the kitchen to make coffee. I heard her get up and move about. When I heard her shut off the shower, I placed two English muffins in the toaster, and laid a banana on the kitchen table. I lightly buttered güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the muffins, and spread strawberry marmalade on them.

She looked fantastic when she appeared in the kitchen. Very professional looking. Her blonde hair tied back, and she wore a smart, and somewhat-sexy business suit: her breasts pushed against the silken fabric of her beige blouse. She knew how to play the corporate game!

She didn’t speak to me. She was still angry from last night. She ignored my small talk, finished her breakfast then was off to work.

I set about doing my chores. I retrieved our clothes hampers and started two loads of laundry – separately, of course, she wouldn’t allow me to inter-mingle our clothes.

I dusted and swept then used the vacuum cleaner. I barely heard the phone ring while I was vacuuming.

“Hello,” I answered.

“Please stay on the line for Mr. B,” the voice said, and I was put on hold.

What could he possibly want? I wondered. I waited a long time.

“Hello, John?” I heard his voice – it was him!

“Y-yes, sir,” I said.

“John, I was wondering if you would join me for lunch today. I’d like to discus something of importance with you,” his voice sounded serious.

“Ah…yeah, sure, I…” He cut me off.

“Good! Barry will tell you where and when. Goodbye!”

‘Barry’ came on the line. He told me the name of the restaurant and the time I should be there, and he added that I should be there early, “You don’t keep Mr. B waiting!” He sounded like a snot. Then he hung up.

Lunch with Mr. B! What could he possibly want with me? Did this have something to do with what I said last night? I decided I wouldn’t tell Jennifer.

It was already late morning and I was a little nervous about the meeting. I showered and shaved, and decided to wear my best suit.

Who knows? I thought. Maybe I could somehow land a job with his company!

On the drive to the restaurant, I became excited at the prospect of working again. It had been over two years when my old company had laid me off (“Nothing personal – just business!”), and the economy hadn’t gotten any better. Maybe if I were working, Jennifer would treat me like she used to – with respect!

She started working for Mr. B right out of college but, it wasn’t until a couple years ago when things began to get ‘weird’.

She and a few other executives had met with Mr. B. He stressed the importance of loyalty to the company over all else. He’d said to move up in his company, hard work came first, and family came second. He didn’t say, but made it very clear that anyone who wanted to reach the highest positions in his company would be better off celibate. He went so far as to eliminate all birth control devices from the company insurance.

It was at that moment when Jennifer stopped having intercourse with me. She would still use her hands and mouth to satisfy me, but ‘no fucking allowed’ was the new policy! It wasn’t much later when she came home from work completely irrational.

Jennifer said a female co-worker of hers had inadvertently gotten pregnant and was now banished from all executive meetings, and she had no chance for promotions. I argued that was illegal – Jennifer said since it was a private company, and Mr. B owned it, he could do whatever he wanted. From then on, Jennifer has steadfastly refused to even touch my cock. She didn’t want to be anywhere close to my sperm.

When I parked the car at the restaurant, part of me wanted to kiss-up to Mr. B for a job, while another part wanted to punch him in the face for ruining my sex life.

I was feeling pretty good about myself when I went inside. My 300 dollar suit was sharp, and I looked great in it. Then I looked at the men around me: their 2,000 dollar suits looked even better! Jennifer and I had never eaten here before: it was semi-private, and very exclusive. We’d heard stories.

The hostess ignored me for awhile, but when she asked, and I said I was with Mr. B, she suddenly became alert and attentive. She showed me to a booth that had a curtain that could be closed for privacy. I squirmed into the half-moon shaped booth and waited. The leather cushions were deep and rich.

I didn’t wait long. Suddenly Mr. B appeared before me. About 6′ tall and 180 pounds. He had gray hair, and looked to be in great physical condition. I guessed him to be around 60 years old. Very distinguished looking.

I tried to stand but the table prevented it. I gave a nervous laugh and we exchanged pleasantries. He effortlessly slid into the booth and sat next to me. He sat very close to me.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a waiter appeared with two Martini’s. The waiter closed the drapes around the booth and we had total privacy.

“Hope you don’t mind, Johnny, I took the liberty of pre-ordering our lunch.” He said. “Cheers!”

I coughed after the first swallow of the Martini. I heard Mr. B chuckle.

“Now Johnny, You’re probably…” I cut him off.

“Ah, Mr. B, I, ah, I like to be called John.” I corrected güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri him.

The smile vanished from his face. Then it slightly reappeared.

“Now, like I said, ‘Johnny’, before I was rudely interrupted, you are probably wondering why you are here?”

My face turned beet red. I guess being called ‘Johnny’ isn’t so bad.

“When we spoke at the party last night you were adamant that your wife deserves the promotion. Do you still feel that way?” he asked.

“Oh…well, yes…Yes, she deserves it!”

The waiter appeared with 2 more drinks. I had to quickly gulp down the first one to keep up with Mr. B. The liquor was beginning to go to my head.

He continued: “Her work ethic is unquestionably first rate. And her results are outstanding. Unfortunately, she’s competing against two other candidates who are equally as impressive as she.” He looked me in the eyes: “My question to you is, what can you do to enhance your wife’s possibility for promotion?”

What can I do? What does that mean? I wondered.

The waiter came with 2 more Martinis. My head was already spinning, and I had an empty stomach.

Mr. B tried to put me at ease. “This, my boy, is what is called a ‘3-Martini-Lunch’. The food will arrive very soon. Drink up!”

He changed the conversation to light-hearted topics: sports, weather, etc. etc….

When the food finally came I must have looked like someone who hadn’t eaten in a long time: I tore into it like a cannibal.

Mr. B changed the topic of the conversation again. “Johnny, if I may be so bold, how is your sex life?”

I blushed a deep red, again.

“Well…I…I really don’t have one!” I admitted. Then I couldn’t help myself. Whether it was the liquor, or my frustrations, a torrent of words came out of my mouth. He sat and listened to me; he showed interest. When I was finished I continued devouring the food.

Then he asked: “So, for a long time now, your sole source of pleasure is to sit in your bathroom masturbating into your wife’s panties?”

I sadly shook my head in resignation.

We came to the end of the meal. He moved closer to me, our legs touching. “Remember I asked what you could do to improve Jennifer’s chances for advancement?”

I nodded.

He took my hand and placed it on his thigh. Then he moved it to his crotch. There was a huge bulge in his pants. He forced my fingers around the bulge.

He simply said: “Squeeze it!”

I’ll never know why I did what I did. I’m not gay! I squeezed it.

He released my hand and said: “Hold it for me while we talk.”

I held his erection. It was very warm, even through the fabric of his slacks.

He described what would be expected of me. In graphic detail, he explained how I would service him sexually. By the time he finished talking my own penis had betrayed me and was stiff inside my pants. He laughed; then he squeezed and stroked it. It was the most pleasure I had felt in a long, long time.

He took his hand away, and looked at the bill for our lunch. He signed the bill. All throughout this I held his erection.

“Time for us to go,” he whispered. He had a broad smile on his face. Then he added: “By the way, IF your wife wins the promotion – she’ll receive a very handsome increase in salary!”

Our suit coats hid our erections as we walked out of the restaurant.

We stood near his car. My thoughts and emotions were running wild. I had to say something. “Why do you want this from me?”

He smiled. “You’re a cute boy. I like you. I think you might even enjoy it. And, like I always say: Women are for procreation – men are for recreation!”

He told me to call him in a couple hours to make the arrangements then he drove off.

I stood beside his car in stunned silence.

I drove home carefully. The martini’s were still making my head spin, and now I was thinking about what Mr. B had said.

This is absolutely crazy! I thought. I can’t go through with this. I like women – not men! The only question now was how to get out of this without jeopardizing Jennifer’s promotion. If she didn’t get the promotion and found out it was my fault she’d make my life a living hell!

I was at home, and the liquor had finally worn off. I took a couple aspirin, and the headache disappeared. My hands were trembling as I dialed Mr. B’s phone number.

“Mr. B’s office – Barry speaking — how may I assist you?” asked the baritone voice.

“This is John…”

He interrupted: “Oh, yes, Mr. B is expecting your call. Stay on the line and I’ll transfer your call.”

Mr. B answered: “Johnny, good to hear from you so soon!”

“Mr. B,” I began. “I…ah, well the thing is, Mr. B, I really can’t do what you want. You know, I, ah, I like girlsl! I can’t have sex with a man. Now I hope you still consider Jennifer for the promotion. – I don’t want this to hurt her chances.”

Mr. B cleared his throat then said: “Johnny, my executives are all ‘team players’. I expect their spouses to be ‘team güvenilir bahis şirketleri players’, as well. I am very sorry to hear your decision. I won’t even try to talk you out of it. But just so you know, I have no choice but to terminate Jennifer’s employment with us. Good bye.”

The phone went dead!

What did he say? What just happened? He can’t fire her! I was mad as hell. I quickly re-dialed the number.

Barry answered.

“B-Barry,” I said. “this is—”

“John, Mr. B no longer wishes to speak with you – do not call here again!”

“Barry – BARRY! WAIT!” He was still on the line. “Barry, Mr. B can’t fire my wife – she hasn’t done anything wrong!” I pleaded.

“John, I guess you’re not aware that we live in an ‘at-will’ state. That means the employer can terminate anyone at anytime for any reason. Good Bye!”

My heart leapt into my throat. I felt full-on panic. THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!

I called again. No answer. They must have caller ID, I thought. I called again. No answer. My head was pounding – I was sweating profusely. Jennifer will kill me! I called again. The phone rang and rang.

Finally, Barry answered, “You hurt Mr. B’s feelings, Johnny. Mr. B told me to tell you there’s only one way he’ll reconsider your wife’s termination.”

He told me what it was, and what I’d have to say to Mr. B to smooth this over. The blood drained from my face. My hands trembled and shook.

Mr. B came on the line, I said: “Please Mr. B – I want to bend over for you and feel your hard cock fucking my asshole!”

“Louder and more convincing,” he calmly said.


He transferred me back to Barry. Barry would make all the arrangements.

I was going to become Mr. B’s bitch to help my wife advance her career.

Jennifer was in a good mood when she came home that night. She told me about her day, and about a big deal she was about to close. She ate the pot roast I’d fixed, and even complimented me.

Then she said: “Oh, by the way. I have to go out of town tomorrow night. You know, out of the blue Mr. B asked me before I left if I could go to Milwaukee and take care of a problem there – I said, ‘Sure, I can!’ – you know, this could help me with the promotion!”

“Yeah,” I said. “Yeah, it could…” I said as I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

“John, make love to me.” I heard her voice in the darkness.

Oh God, I thought. I went to her bed and kneeled between her wide-splayed thighs.

“No,” she said. “I want to feel you inside me!”

Now what? I couldn’t let her touch my raging hard-on.

“I, ah, I’m not feeling too well, hon,” I said as I hurriedly buried my face between her legs. I kissed and licked her pussy and clit until she had two explosive orgasms. She then fell asleep.

I went into the bathroom. I wanted desperately to cum but I could hear Barry’s last words in my head: “…and Johnny, Mr. B doesn’t want you jerking-off in Jennifer’s panties tonight. No orgasms tonight – he wants you ‘fresh’ for him!” Barry was laughing hysterically when he hung up the phone.

I hung my head in shame as I waited for my throbbing penis to calm down.

The next morning I helped Jennifer pack an overnight bag. She would be going to the airport directly from work. She was quiet and subdued. I assumed she was thinking about the problem in Milwaukee.

I had a long day ahead of me, and I busied myself with scrubbing and cleaning the house. I paid extra attention to the bedroom and bathroom.

I looked at the clock – it was 4 o’clock. ‘Barry’ would be here in an hour to get me ready for Mr. B – whatever that meant. I fixed myself a snack and ate. I tried to think of anything but what was about to take place.

I wasn’t dreading the thought of being with Mr. B – truth-be-told, I was a little curious. The idea of sex with a man didn’t excite me, but it didn’t turn me off, either.

I heard the doorbell ring. It was exactly 5 o’clock. I opened the door and in walked Barry.

He was different than I had imagined. He was a couple inches taller than me, a good-looking guy who appeared in good shape. He looked young, but I guessed we were about the same age, or he was a couple years older. He was calm and confident. He carried a large gym bag. I offered to shake his hand – he ignored me.

“Johnny,” he said, “You made the right decision.” He winked at me. “I think you may even enjoy yourself tonight!”

My face reddened. “I…ah, I…” I couldn’t speak.

“We better get started — where’s your bathroom?” he asked.

We walked through the bedroom to get to the bathroom. He stopped as he noticed the single bed in the corner.

“Yours?” he asked. I nodded. “Well, at least for tonight you’ll be allowed on the big bed!” He laughed.

In the bathroom he turned to face me then said: “Take off your clothes!”

I hesitated long enough for him to say: “FYI Johnny – when Mr. B tells you to do something – do not hesitate, or say ‘no’.” I nodded my understanding. “And I expect the same courtesy!”

“Okay,” I said and began undressing. It startled me to see him taking his clothes off, too. He saw the look on my face and smiled without saying a word.

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