25 Ocak 2021

An Erotic Tale Ch. 06

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This story is a continuation from the series “An Erotic Tale”. To get a better understanding of these characters, it is best to read the previous 5 instalments in the series.

This story is fictional and for entertainment purposes only.

Remember, knowledge is power! Educate yourself. Always practice safe sex!

I found myself standing on the doorstep of Mike’s house ringing the buzzer…

Since the break-in and discovery of Jeremy’s pursuit of my boyfriend a week ago, we hadn’t really spoken much. Mike would text me every day asking if I was ok, and I would reply via text. That was about the sum total of our communication.

In the past week, I had been busy making the necessary changes to my apartment as well. I had hired a security firm to install an alarm system as well as a security gate on my balcony door. So almost three grand later, I felt safer in my home — almost. The only issue still weighing heavily on my mind — besides the psychotic stalker, was the discord between Mike and me.

So here I found myself standing on his doorstep waiting for him to open the door…


The door swung open to reveal Mike standing there with a look of surprise on his handsome face. He was barefoot, wearing faded Levi’s that hugged his hips and ass lovingly, and a well-worn white T-shirt that had seen better days.

Staring at him, I felt my heart give a little skip. I had missed him terribly this past week. Shame and guilt crowded my chest while we stood there staring at each other. I had done this to us. I was the reason we hadn’t seen or spoken to each other in a week. My irrational need for independence had driven a wedge between us that I hoped was not too big to bridge again.

All my life I had had no one to depend on besides myself; wishing I would find someone willing to share my joys and sorrows with — who would shoulder some of life’s ups and downs. And now standing before me was that person I had longed for, and what did I do at the first opportunity? I pushed and pushed wanting ‘independence’ when all along my independence laid in the security of our relationship with this man who loved me unconditionally.

God, I was such a fucking idiot!

“Carson? I wasn’t expecting you.”

I could hear the hesitancy and shock in Mike’s voice, and it made me cringe slightly. Again it reminded me that I was the reason for this awkwardness.

“Hey, um, could I maybe come inside?”

That seemed to jolt Mike back into reality. Hastily stepping back inside, he motioned for me to enter before he closed the door.

Feeling even more awkward now that I was inside, I shoved my hands into the front pockets of my jeans and hunched my shoulders slightly.

“We, um… I need to talk to you. Is this a good time or –“

“No, no this is good.” Mike hurriedly interjected. “Let’s go through to the kitchen. I think we can both do with a beer.”

Nodding I followed him down the foyer into the kitchen. I couldn’t help my eyes straying to the tight ass beautifully cupped by the denim moving enticingly in front of me. A whole week without Mike seemed like a year.

I moved to sit on one of the kitchen stools at the counter, while Mike reached into the fridge and extracted two cold beers. After twisting the cap off both, he handed me one before moving back to lean against the opposite counter. I could feel him staring at me as we sipped our beers but I kept my eyes focused on the bottle resting in my hands.

Finally I looked up.

“I missed you,” I whispered so softly, and I wondered if Mike had heard me. From the slight widening of his eyes, I knew that he had, and that he had not been expecting me to say that.

“I missed you too baby.”

I nodded, but remained seated even though every part of me screamed to go to him and feel his arms around me.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this past week. Firstly I wanted to apologize for my reaction the last time we spoke.”

I shook my head and held up my hand as I saw Mike was about to object. “No, let me finish first.” Even though I knew he wanted to say something, Mike subsided against the counter once again and motioned for me to proceed.

Taking a deep breath and a fortifying sip for courage, I continued.

“I acted like an ass last week. The whole break-in, as well as the Jeremy thing was not handled well. I reacted in a knee-jerk way, when I should have let you explain first. That is on me, and I am sorry I caused this rift between us.”

I took another sip of my beer, placed it on the counter, before moving to stand in front of Mike.

“All my life I’ve only had myself to rely on. Being orphaned at such a young age, and then being moved from foster home to the next has jaded me a bit I guess. I learned that nothing lasts forever, and the only person you can depend on is yourself.

I guess that is what I’ve been doing with us as well. I was worried that because this — us, fell perfectly into place and seemed to be the stuff fantasies are made off, it wasn’t real. canlı bahis I expected it to end soon, and may have subconsciously been sabotaging us. And when this Jeremy thing popped up it was like the perfect excuse I needed.

But that’s not what I want anymore. I want us to be real. I want this asshole to leave me the fuck alone. And I want Jeremy to realise that he had his chance and he fucked it up and that you belong to me now.”

Throughout my speech, Mike had been staring at me. I could see that his body was tensed, and as I finally finished my monologue, he straightened, placed his beer on the counter next to him and pulled me into his arms.

I went willingly. Allowing my arms to creep around his waist and hold on for dear life. Jesus how I missed this; the feel, the scent and more importantly the love I could feel pouring off Mike. I closed my eyes and held on wishing this moment would never end.

“You little shit. God, don’t you know that you are it for me? There’s no one else that can compare to you. It’s been hell trying to keep from going to you this week. I had to satisfy myself with fucking text messages. Do you have any clue how much I hate goddamn texting?!”

The horror in Mike’s voice when he spoke about texting was just too much for me. I felt the laughter bubble up, and then I was holding onto Mike for an entirely different reason — so I didn’t fall flat on my ass with laughter. Before long Mike had joined me, and we both sounded like a couple of loons standing in the kitchen cackling.

As our laughter finally subsided, I looked up into Mike’s face. Smiling softly, I turned my face up to his, intent on reaching his lips with my own. Mike leaned down, and just as our lips were about to touch, I whispered, “I love you, Mike”

Mike stilled for a second before he too whispered “I love you baby, and don’t you ever forget that.”

Our lips met and it was like coming home after years of being absent. The familiarity and comfort that kiss generated almost brought me to my knees.

Mike pulled me closer against his body as his lips plundered mine. He nipped and licked the seam of my lips, before sliding his tongue into the welcoming warmth of my mouth. Our tongues met and danced across each other, as the kissed deepened, became more erotic. Our hands began an exploration of the others body as our mouths played out its lustful battle for dominance.

As we pulled apart, our chests heaved from exertion. My body was straining the confines of the clothing, and I wanted nothing more than to press my naked body against Mike’s and enjoy him. But I knew that there was still too much unresolved between us, and we needed this time to sort things out before we rushed back into the mindless pleasure we would no doubt find in Mike’s bed.

Stepping back out of his reach, I moved back to the counter to collect my beer. I turned and glanced at Mike over my shoulder.

“There’s still a lot to talk about. Let’s get that over with before things get any more heated up.”

Mike’s left eyebrow arched a bit and a slight smirk appeared on his mouth but he nodded in agreement. He reached over to collect his own forgotten beer, before following me out into the living room.

I sat down on the sofa while Mike took possession of the recliner.

“Tell me about Jeremy. And how was I oblivious to these calls?”

I could see Mike would rather talk about anything else besides Jeremy, but I also knew he would answer. He wanted things to be right between us as much as I did.

“It started soon after he returned from his little trip. Apparently things didn’t go as he had planned, so he thought I would welcome him back with open arms. He would call about 3 or 4 times a week, wanting me to have dinner with him ‘just to talk’. He said he wanted to apologise for the way he left our relationship. I told him I wasn’t interested in his bullshit and I had moved on. Obviously he took that as some challenge to try and get me back.”

I listened quietly throughout, even though I really had to contain myself from asking if I had been the rebound guy.

“The reason you didn’t know about the calls, apart from the fact that I was an ass and hid it from you, was that he mostly called the bar at night, when he knew I would most likely be in the office. And me in my infinite fucked up wisdom thought I would be able to deal with it without you ever having to find out about him. They say hindsight is 20/20, and I guess that is true. If I had known how this would blow up in my face, I would have told you about Jeremy a lot sooner.”

Smiling over at Mike, I nodded my head. I could understand now that I had all the facts. Wasn’t it exactly what I had done to Mike about Ron? How could I be a hypocrite and punish Mike for doing exactly the same thing I had done?

“I guess we both should have trusted the other more. “

Mike stared at me for a long time before he replied, “Yeah I guess we should have.”

“The night of the break-in, he called you on your cell. I thought he only called bahis siteleri you at work.” Mike cleared his throat, before taking a hefty swallow from his beer bottle.

“He used to only call at the office. That first night you came into my office; that was him on the phone.”

Wracking my brain, trying to think back on to that night I went to thank Mike for the flowers. I was so nervous I don’t think I heard much of the conversation, but I do remember hearing him talking on the phone while I approached his office door.

“So when did he start calling on your cell?”

“It was just after we had run into him at the restaurant. I guess he didn’t believe me when I told him I was seeing someone else. Seeing you, he must have realised that I was serious about being over him.”

I could understand now why Jeremy had redoubled his efforts. He must have known that I would question who was calling Mike so often, hoping to unbalance our relationship somehow. If only he knew that he had almost succeeded!

Another thought struck me. If what Mike said was true, and I had no reason to doubt him, could Jeremy be jealous enough to want to hurt me? Could he maybe have known about me longer than he let Mike believe?

“Mike, er, about Jeremy.”

Mike must have noticed my discomfort, because he straightened in his seat.

“What is it?” I could see worry etching his brow.

“Do you think it could be a coincidence that I have this stalker after me, and Jeremy is playing the jealous bitch? Do you think it’s possible that he could be behind the gifts and the attack?” I could see the wheels turning in Mike’s mind; fitting the puzzle of my stalker into the timeline of Jeremy’s attempts to rekindle their relationship.

“Jesus, I never even thought about it before. Do you think — “

Mike broke off shaking his head at whatever he was about to say.

“No Carson, I don’t think it could be Jeremy. At least I think he would have more sense than to do something this stupid. I’ve known him for a long time, and even though he can be petty and childish, I can’t see him being this vindictive.”

Mike was scowling, staring down at the carpet.

“Shit! I can’t take that chance — I won’t take this chance, not with your life. We’ll call the detective first thing in the morning and ask him to check out Jeremy just to be sure.”

I could see Mike was having a hard time with this. He stood up and walked over to the patio door staring out into the darkness. I could see his face reflected off the glass and the concern clouding his features.

I got up from my own seat and went and stood behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist and propping my chin onto his shoulder. His hands came up and rested lightly on my clasped hands. We stood there for a few minutes in silence.

“I had an alarm system and security gate installed in my apartment.”

At first Mike didn’t move or speak, and then he slowly nodded his head once. I was surprised by his lack of reaction. I expected him to praise the fact that I had done the sensible thing to ensure my safety, but just a nod I was not expecting.

Disentangling my arms from around his waist, I turned him to face me.


He looked down at me, but didn’t say anything. He turned and moved back into the living room, sitting down on the edge of the sofa. He hung his head and used the thumb and index finger of his right hand to press into his eyes, as though trying to rub the weariness out of it.

I crossed over and stood in front of him.

“Mike, what’s wrong?”

Looking up at me, I was surprised to see anger in his eyes.

“What do you want me to say Carson? ‘Well done baby, great job of protecting yourself from the lunatic stalking your ass. Let’s hope the alarm patrol company get to you quick enough before the crazy man with the knife cuts you’. Because if that’s what you were expecting then you in for a serious disappointment.”

Ok so sarcasm so does not become Mike!

“What the hell do you want from me Mike? Just do nothing until he decides to show his next hand. I am not going to sit around fucking twiddling my thumbs while this asshole toys with me.”

Ok so I was getting pissed now as well. What the hell did Mike want from me? Why was everything always a fucking issue or fight?

“What I want is for you to move in here like I asked you million times before. We both know that if he does manage to find out where you are staying, there are two of us to deal with as oppose to just you. Why must you always overcomplicate things Carson? Just for once suck in your goddamn pride and let someone else help you.”

Fuck! We were back to the issue that started the conflict between us in the first place — besides Jeremy of course. I knew Mike wanted to protect me, but I also knew that running and hiding wouldn’t solve anything.

Once again we were at a stand-off. I could feel the anger and frustration billowing off Mike in waves and honestly I wasn’t too far off from those feelings myself.

I bahis şirketleri wanted Mike to understand and realise that if we weren’t a couple, and I was being pursued by an anonymous threat, I wouldn’t have him to run to; I would be fending for myself with the help of the police. And I understood too, that I did have Mike, and we were in a relationship, but that didn’t mean he could realistically fix every one of my problems.

I knew Mike was offering his help, wanting to share the burden. I understood and appreciated this about Mike, but something deep down was telling me that the only way to catch this person threatening me was to make myself seem accessible. If I was to hold up in Mike’s house for an indefinite time, who was to say this maniac would ever surface?

I knew I was playing a dangerous game, but I also knew our best chance of catching this asshole was to function like normal, letting him know I was on guard, but also that I wasn’t totally inaccessible to him. This may be the stupidest thing I have ever done in my life — and I might not live through it to regret it, but intrinsically my gut was telling me to let this game play out.

“I know what you’re saying Mike, and believe me I know the risks, but my gut is telling me I’m doing the right thing. I know you think I’m being stupid and irresponsible, but have you ever felt so strongly about something that it was like it was a tangible part of you?”

Mike was staring at me like I had completely lost it.

“Look I know you want to do what you think is best for me and Jesus so do i. I don’t want this fucker hurting me or anyone more than he already has, but I need you to believe that I know what’s best for me. I need your support and understanding more than ever now.”

I knew I sounded like I was begging, but I didn’t care. I wanted Mike’s help, but I also wanted this shit-assed situation to come to an end. I could see the struggle on his face; part wanting to throw me over his shoulder and lock me in his bedroom, and part wanting to agree to what I was asking.

“Goddammit, you’re going to make me grey before I hit 40.”

I let the breath out I didn’t even know I’d been holding.

“But before I agree to anything, I want to set some conditions. “

Now it was my time to look wearily at Mike. I nodded for him to continue.

“Firstly, anything remotely seeming like a threat to you physically and you pack your bags and get your ass over here immediately. Secondly, anymore attempts at a break-in and the same apply. Lastly, so much as a bad feeling about someone looking sideways or staring too long at you, you let me or the detectives know immediately. Do I make myself clear?”

Knowing when I was beat, I promised, and basically sealed my fate.

Mike stood up and walked over to me. Pulling me into his arms, he buried his face in my neck and just held on tight. We stood like that for a while before Mike turned and led me from the room.

I followed him to his bedroom. He turned and closed the door before leading me to the bed. I could feel my heart pounding in anticipation of what was to come. It felt like our first time all over again.

I placed my hands on his waist and his lips met mine halfway. The kiss was soft and erotic, before quickly escalating to hot and lustful. Our tongues reached out and teased, before slipping inside wet and eager.

I felt his cock rubbing against mine through the denims, and I quickly reached the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it over his head. Running my hands over the hard ridges and planes of Mike’s chest made me desperate to feel his hard cock in me.

We grappled with each other’s clothes, until we were both blissfully naked. I reclined on the bed, as Mike came over me, kissing and biting my neck as I ran my hands all over his body.

“Please, Mike, don’t make me wait any longer.”

Reaching inside his bedside drawer, he withdrew the lube.

“Turnover baby — I want you on your hands and knees.” I immediately scrambled to obey, aching to feel Mike’s length sliding deep into me.

I waited for the feel of his fingers coated in the lube, but jumped when I felt his tongue swipe across my hole instead. I dropped my head onto the bed and moaned. Over and over his tongue lashed my hole, making me squirm for more.

When I started begging, Mike held my hips firmly in his hands before driving his tongue deep into my passage.

I cried out. Oh God, it felt fantastic as he tongue fucked my ass. Sucking and biting the puckered hole, before forcing his tongue deep inside. I writhed as his tongue threaded into me, making my cock jump and twitch, dripping with precum.

Soon he was withdrawing, only to replace his tongue with a two fingers and then three. It burned a little, but I was so wet from his tongue that his fingers slid right inside me.

I heard the lid of the lube being opened and then the coldness of the gel being spread between my butt cheeks.

“Oh God Mike, that feels so good,” I whimpered in need.

I felt Mike place kisses all over my lower back, while his fingers worked to stretch me. He worked my tight passage, searching out and massaging my little pleasure spot, before spearing his fingers apart — stretching the tight ring of muscle.

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