25 Ocak 2021


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She would often catch my eye when I would visit my mother at work. Sometimes I would stop and chat with her on my way out. Her name was Ann. She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, in fact she was often overlooked but I found her attractive. It was her eyes. It took a few conversations to put my finger on it but after I had it seemed so starkly obvious. Her eyes were such a contrast to everything else about her. She seemed so shy when I talked to her, always fumbling with something in her hands with that little smile that was the only expression for her giddiness. But her eyes, when you caught them they would hold you and suddenly you felt like the shy one.

During one of our conversations she asked, “Hey Morena do you maybe want to go grab some coffee, I get out of here in about 15 minutes.”

I was not expecting this. I admit my googly eyes at her could have been more subtle but I didn’t think she was a lesbian. I thought I was just having some fun with a straight girl. I started running through all the possible ramifications of dating someone from my mom’s work when her eyes caught mine.

“Sure, I’ll meet you out front in 15 then,” I heard slip out of my mouth. How did that happen?

I walk out of the building and head to my car. Wait a minute, am I smiling? I’m moving like she is inside with a Morena remote control. By the time I reached my car I realized just how nervous I’ve become. I can’t even figure out if this is a date. “It’s probably just some friendly coffee girlface,” I tell myself. I reach for my phone to call my office, I just stepped out for a luncheon with my mom and this would definitely take longer than that. I planned to be either getting some or living out my frustrations with my favorite toy. I had, after all, been fantasizing about this girl for months. I told them that I had something come up and wouldn’t be returning, luckily I’m reliable enough at work that they don’t think twice about it. I was relieved I didn’t have a chance to go change, in work clothes it would be completely up to her whether this is just a friendly or if it’s more. I looked good anyway. I smile to myself remember how I felt that morning looking in the mirror. The fitted purple blouse showed off my flat stomach and good sized boobs, the grey pants with purple pinstripes made my ass look FABULOUS and the black pumps added an inch or two to my legs and my already tall 5’8″ frame. I unbuttoned a few buttons at the top of my blouse as I pulled my car up in front of the building to wait for her. I stepped out and went to lean near the passenger door so I can open it for her when he approached. Friendly coffee I tell myself.

Finally she walks out and as she nears the car I flash her a smile and open the door. She closes in and with her eyes on mine the whole time. When she’s close enough to talk in a whisper she says “I’m driving. Get in.” and walks to the drivers side. I start to protest but her authority and orders are such a turn on. Before I know it I get into my passenger seat without a sound.

She puts the car in gear and starts driving. I didn’t know what to say and she was contempt with the silence. We pass one coffee shop. Hmm, maybe she doesn’t like their coffee, I think to myself. We pass another, must be a picked coffee drinker. After the third one passed I roused myself to ask, “so what coffee place were you thinking about going to?”

After half a second she replied in a voice barely above a whisper, “Did I give you permission to speak, Morena?”

Now I’m thinking, Oh Dear God what did I get myself into. Then I had a moment right out of a cartoon. Two conflicted thoughts. Get out while you still can or stay awhile and have some fun. I envisioned the angel-devil on the shoulder thing and couldn’t hold in a chuckle.

“I didn’t give you permission to make noise either, you are due for some punishment,” I hear from the seat next to me.

I feel a familiar twinge between my legs. I like where this is going.

We are silent for another few blocks until we reach an apartment complex. This must be where she lives. She parks and we get out and I follow her in silence. She ascends up three flights of stairs and opens the door to her apartment. We enter and I hear the click of the door as she locks us in. Funny, normally I would think the lock was to keep others out.

“Sit,” I hear her say and immediately I plant my ass on the first sitting surface I see. She disappears in a room and I take this chance to look around her apartment. It looks pretty normal, like I would assume the Ann at work would like, but nothing like I would assume this domineering Ann would live. Hardwood floors throughout with some area rugs to cushion the lounge areas. Most of what I saw was furnished in earth tones with some splashes of red and different blues for accents.

I glanced back to the room where Ann entered and was surprised to see her standing there staring at me with those eyes. I immediately dropped my eyes to the floor. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri She had changed into something a little more, well, it was a stereotypical domme outfit. Stereotypical or not it was hot. I was confounded my how easily I fell into the submissive role since I’ve never participated in this type of relationship. Imagined yes, fantasized yes, but never participated. From my view of her as I looked at the floor I saw she was in a black leather teddy that pushed her breasts up and out. She had on black stockings that were held up by suspenders. She was panty-less and clean shaven. She wore knee high black leather boots.

“Get up and go change,” she ordered me. When I hesitated she stepped to me and grasped my wrist and pulled me up, she was a lot stronger than I thought she’d be. “Do you want this?” she inquired.

“Yes,” I breathed out still looking at the ground.

“Yes what?” she demanded and grabbed my jaw and jerked my head up to look at her.

“Yes Mistress I want this,” I replied. And boy did I. I haven’t been this hot and bothered in a long time and what an experience this promised to be.

“Then go change,” she told me and pushed me toward the door she just came out of.

I went in and closed the door. It was her bedroom and on the dark comforter on the bed she had laid out the clothes she apparently wanted me to change into. Clothes, I laugh to myself, I’d hardly call them that. For all that was on the bed was a white thong, white stockings, white heels and a see-through white top that had long sleeves but only covered to mid stomach and was trimmed in a white fluff. I removed my clothes, checking my panties. Sure enough they were soaked through. That thong doesn’t stand a chance. As I put on the top the mesh pulled at my nipple rings and I grin. Fully dressed I let my hair down as I prepare to step out of the room.

Walking back into the main room much has changed. She had drawn the shades in all the windows making it almost totally dark except the light coming through her balcony door. I remind myself not to talk or make any sounds as I walk out further looking for Ann. She was behind me, tricky woman.

“Go out on the balcony,” she tells me, I look up at her about to protest and I feel the palm of her hand against my cheek. Simultaneously my cheek stings from the impact and my pussy contracts. Somehow I managed to stay silent through that and realized that I was going to protest in order to provoke a punishment. I never realized how much pain turned me on, I always encouraged nail digging, biting and spanking but damn. This was a whole new level and it both terrifies and excites me.

It took a few seconds to collect myself and I started to walk toward the door. If I was lucky nobody would be around to see me. Much to my dismay that was not the case. Ann probably scoped out the view before having me walk out here and if there was no one she wouldn’t have bothered sending me out there at all. Across the alley one floor down was a group of guys having a barbeque on their balcony. I took a deep breath before venturing out in the open in my very revealing get-up and the boys immediately took notice. I heard them exclaiming for a few seconds before one called out “Hey honey, you looking for some action?”

From behind me I heard Ann tell me “Give them a show.” I’ve never ‘given a show’ before but I have teased my lovers while they were in no situation to participate or control my actions. I figure it’s about the same thing.

I look down to the boys and ask “Why? You want some of this?” I ask as I move my hands over my breasts. They see my fingers go over every curve since it’s a narrow alley and I’m wearing an extremely sheer top. A few seconds of silence followed by loud cat calling and whistles. I egg them on by opening my top and giving them full view of my chest.

I hear, “Play with your nipples,” from the behind the scenes director. I obey and tease one nipple by tracing over it with my fingers while I submit the other to a few tugs on my nipple ring. More hoots and hollers from below. I became less focused on my spectators and more interested in what Ann is doing behind me. I let my tracing hand fall slowly over my stomach to the thong. I slip my fingers under the thin fabric and not surprisingly find myself soaked. Being out and exposed like this was definitely not a turn on but doing it for the person behind the curtain was. I curled my finger up and began circling my clit careful not to make any sounds Ann would hear but they were loud enough in my mind to drown out the boys.

“That’s good,” I heard her moan as she watched my body arch toward my own fingers.

I was getting so worked up I wanted to have something else, I glanced around the balcony looking for anything suitable. I spied a huge 12 inch mag-lite flashlight on the floor in the corner. I removed my hand from the thong in order to fetch it but returned it hastily to my throbbing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri clit. The flashlight was cool against my skin and very heavy as I lifted it up to my face. I heard a “No way!” from below and a groan from behind me as I licked the tip of it before letting it slide into my mouth. I had my way with the flashlight for a moment before propping my leg on a chair and lowering the now wet and warm device to my very wet and warm spot. I held it angled and gently pushed it inside me, it was a tight fit despite how aroused I was. It’s been awhile. I pulled it out and back to my mouth where I let them watch me taste myself on it.

I was so engrossed with playing with my clit and sucking off the flashlight I failed to notice Ann had stepped out on the balcony with me. She ripped the flashlight out of my mouth and threw it to the street below. She grabbed the back of my neck, forced me to my knees and smashed my face into her pussy. My tongue ran across her wet slit in several long hard licks before seeking out her clit. Once I found it I worked it hard and fast and soon after her body started bucking against my face.

“That’s right lick me like that,” she cried out. “Harder you little whore!”

I licked her hard little clit for everything I’m worth. Suddenly her body tensed up and she screamed out “You want me to cum all over your face you little slut?!” I pulled her clit into my mouth and sucked on it fiercely in reply. Her orgasm sent a flow of hot liquid into my mouth and rolled down my body drenching the front of the outfit.

She abruptly moved toward the door yanking me up in the process “That’s all you get to see boys,” she hollered down to them. I had completely forgotten about the audience. She dragged me inside and closed the door and blinds behind us which plunged us into almost total darkness except a few candles she must have lit while I was teasing the boys. She grabbed my wrists and pulled me to the center of the room where she had placed a sturdy looking sitting chair. She tied leather strips to my wrists then forced me to bend over the chair with my ass hanging out over the back rest and my hands at the front of the armrests. There she secured me. Tying my wrists to the armrests and my ankles to the back legs of the chair so I couldn’t move and my ass was up and out. Fuck I could feel the wetness from my cunt drip down my legs.

“It’s time for you to be punished for earlier,” she whispered in my ear as she moved from behind me. I had forgotten about the car ride over here, and I wondered what she had in mind for punishment as I watched her vanish into her room again. Like I said I haven’t been this deep in a sub role so I started to get very anxious. I got my answer very quickly when I say her walk out of the room carrying a whip. It had 12 inch thin leather strips coming out of the handle. I suddenly began to panic. I’m never been subjected to this. I think ‘well I’ve never been slapped before but I liked that’ thinking that calmed me down and prevented me from protested which would have resulted in more of the punishment I was protesting.

“You deserved to be punished you slut,” she sneered.

“Yes mistress, punish me,” I replied. Now where the fuck did that come from? You ever hear the saying the ‘body is willing but the mind says no’ well talk about the complete opposite. Apparently she was just as surprised by my response because the whipped dropped to her side and she stopped in her tracks for a second before continuing to me.

“Oh really?” she asked “what wrongdoings should you be punished for?”

“For talking without permission mistress,” I replied.

“Indeed,” is all she said as she dragged the whip from my shoulders over my ass before drawing it back and landing a square hit on my left ass cheek. The sensation was sharp, stinging and electrifyingly welcome. Despite my attempt to conceal it a moaning gasp escaped my lips.

“Why else do you need to be punished?” she demanded as she stepped to my front and propped the end of the handle against my chin forcing it up to look at her.

“For making noises without your permission mistress,” I whispered with shame, knowing I was about to get the beating of a lifetime.

“Correct,” she said “though the correct answer will not remedy the action.”

I stood firm, ready to suffer what she had to deliver. She moved back behind me and continued to trace my ass till I began to wonder whether I was going to receive a punishment at all or if I was just going to be forced to stew in my own juices until the anticipation kills me. Promptly I feel the gentle tracing of the whip leave my ass, half a second later I feel the strips of leather being flogged against my ass. I struggled against the first few whips and began to feel a longing and pleasure filled instinct accompanying each connection. The strikes were not hard enough to break skin but hard enough to leave a distinct outline of each tentacle güvenilir bahis şirketleri of the whip. I became lost in the dizzying effect the contact from the whip on my ass had on my pussy. Each strike left my muscles clenching around an object that wasn’t occupying it.

I don’t know how long I endured this treatment but I let a whimper escape when it abruptly ended and I hear Ann rummaging behind me. She reappeared with an addition to her wardrobe. She strutted till she was standing right in front of me with a thick 9 in strap on dick hanging off her hips. She grabbed my head by my hair and brought the cock to my mouth. Without speaking I opened my mouth and she thrust it in with such force I almost gagged. It had thick, sweet tasting liquid on it and by the second thrust into my mouth I realized that she must have had the cock inside her while she was delivering my punishment. With that realization I felt a violent throb in my pussy and I doubled my effort to fit as much of the giant dick into my mouth as I could in order to obtain as much of her nectar as I could.

She stepped out of reach of my mouth and I felt her position herself behind me and the sensation of the dildo poised just outside my cunt and she let it slide under me and against my throbbing clit once before entering me. After almost two hours of aching for something inside of me the relief of finally being filled almost made me cum. Ann must of sensed this and held herself still inside me, delivering a few smart smacks on my still red and sore ass with her palm. I felt the monstrous orgasm retreated a bit and signaled to Ann to continue by slowly backing myself against her as far as the restraints allowed. She understood and pulled the cock out leaving a large void before reentering me, gently but forcefully.

She reached up and grabbed a handful of my hair pulling my head up “Make some noise, like the little slut you are,” she hissed as she threw my head back down and slammed into me with an urgency that was absent before this moment.

Relieved I no longer had to stifle my noises, I moaned loudly with each entry and gasped when I was left empty. My knuckles were turning white as they grasped the armrests I was bound too. I could not hold my orgasm under control for any longer. “Mistress may I come please?! may I come mistress, please?! mistress may I come?!” I cried between my moans. I’m sure they were unintelligible and hoped Ann knew what I was pleading for.

“Yes you little whore, come all over my thick cock!” she demanded and I was racked with a violent orgasm. My body tensed against the chair and the pussy contracted with such force the dildo was pushed out despite Ann’s attempt to keep it buried inside of me. A hot stream of juices followed and I felt Ann kneel on the floor and lap up all she could of my juices. The contact of her tongue on my hot pussy encouraged a second massive orgasm only a few seconds after my first one. I was delirious with pleasure and was struggling against my restraints to escape her tongue. Mercifully she stood and I collapsed on the chair gasping as I recovered. I felt her untying me but it didn’t register that I was no longer restrained until she lifted me and led me to her bedroom.

She gently urged me onto the bed and as I lay enveloped on her duvet she gently traced my face with her fingers and smiled down at me. Then we kissed. A soft gently kiss. It was a nervous kiss, as if we just shared a first date at a romantic restaurant and this was the nervous kiss goodnight. It was the signal that this was the nervous, shy Ann that was used to. I took control of the kiss and slide my tongue into her welcoming mouth. I eased her onto her back and gently ran my fingers through her hair and continuing the caress down her neck and to her breasts, barely gracing her nipples. I felt her gasp into my kiss. I smiled as I rolled her nipple between my fingers and felt them harden under my touch. I followed the path of my hand with my mouth leaving a trail of kisses down her neck pausing momentarily at her nipple before continued to new uncharted ground.

I fell in between her legs and again began to lick her sweetness. This time slowly and deliberately. Teasing her hole, nipping at her clit, blowing cool air onto her sex, planting soft kisses around her sensitive spot. I continued my torture until she was squirming under me and whimpering for more. I pushed two fingers into her and they disappeared so easily I inserted another on the next thrust, and another the next. I mutter a curse when I realize she can take my whole hand. I attack her clit resulting in a loud moan from her and I cupped my hand and gently eased it into her. I watched my hand vanish into her dripping pussy. I positioned my hand into a fist and felt her body tense and her muscles inside clenched around my hand. I gently rocked against her while returning gentle attention to her clit. Quickly she was panting and screaming and rasping out my name. Her hands reached up and grasped her headboard and I felt her body shutter, and tense, then suddenly collapse onto the bed. Careful not to move inside her I gently kissed around her sex, nursing her recovery. After a few minutes her fingers ran through my hair and I slowly eased myself out of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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