3 Mart 2021

Beth’s Little Secret Ch. 11

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We slept in a tangle of limbs, and I felt Alice stretch as she woke. “I’m sticky everywhere,” she mock-complained.

I chuckled. “Tim can help you shower, then, seeing as he’s responsible for most of it.”

I untangled myself and slid out of bed, feeling distinctly sticky myself. “I’ll make coffee,” I volunteered, “and if you’re both really lucky I’ll put some bacon on.”

By the time I returned with a tray, they were both back on the bed in towels. “Can I – is it OK if I borrow some clean panties, Beth?” Alice queried.

I grinned. “Of course – but Tim and I don’t usually bother to dress when we’re at home.”

Tim glanced at Alice. “And I definitely won’t complain if I get to look at you all day.”

She smiled. “I could get used to this, um, relaxed way of life.”

A thought dropped into my head. “Alice…?”


“Well – I might be jumping the gun a bit, but – you could spend most of your time here with us, couldn’t you? I never planned to sleep in the residence much, and now you’re…”

Alice raised her eyebrows, grinning. “I see how it goes. Tim meets a friend of his sister’s at the hospital, we – well, we don’t have to be too specific – we get together, and I move in, mostly.”

Tim nodded. “I wonder… Maybe Paul fades out of the picture a bit, we never really needed him for much – Beth’s moved out anyway, and now I have a girlfriend myself, there’s every reason for Beth to come over here all the time.”

“Perfect,” I agreed. “Now, I’m going to have a shower – leave me a couple of sandwiches, at least?”

“We will,” Alice promised.

When I got back, the towels were in a pile on the floor, and Tim’s arms were wrapped round Alice as they cuddled. “Room for another?” I queried, and Tim turned onto his back, an arm around each of us. “Mm…”

“So what shall we do today?” I ventured.

“I’ll help you change the bed,” Alice offered, a tinge of pink in her cheeks. “Seeing as I made most of the mess.”

Tim chuckled. “Then we can mess it up again later.”

I wagged a finger at him. “Alice and I have to be in class tomorrow first thing, so we need an early night. None of this freelance work-from-home slacking you get away with.”

“Oops,” realised Alice. “I need to get some bits from my room – my uniform, at least.”

I saw Tim’s expression, and I shook my head, grinning. “You’ve done it now, Alice – I think you broke him, making him think about two nurses.”

“Ah -” began Tim, and I kissed him. “Don’t worry. Even if we go to bed early, I’m sure there’ll be time for a treat. You just can’t mess up our uniforms, we won’t have time to wash them again.”

“I promise,” he held up his hand.

“Come on then,” I said reluctantly. “Alice, you and I can strip the bed before we go out, then Tim can make it.”

We pulled sheets, pillowcases onto the floor, then Tim watched us dress. “It even turns me on thinking about you wearing Beth’s panties, Alice,” he confessed.

She grinned wickedly. “Well, maybe later you can see whether you can tell them apart when we’ve taken them off.”

“You’ve broken him again,” I chuckled. “Come on, Alice, we’ll leave him with that thought while he does the housework.”

We walked the few minutes to the residences, and as the door of Alice’s room closed behind us, she turned to me, her expression easy to read. “Beth?”


“We don’t have to rush back, do we?”

I shook my head, smiling. “You have something else in mind?”

Her eyes lowered. “I don’t want you to think -“

I put my hand under her chin, lifting her face to look at me. “Darling – you can ask Tim how ‘right now’ I can get when I feel like it.”

Her response was to kiss me, her fingers fumbling for the hem of my t-shirt. I lifted my arms to let her tug it over my head, off, then her mouth was on my breasts. “Mm, glad you decided on no bra.”

I was already slipping my jeans down, off. “Bed?” I gasped as Alice moved from one nipple to the other.

She shed her clothes, leaving only panties, and we ended up on the bed, hands and mouths roaming, both of us giving quiet gasps when the other did something especially delightful. “Mm – oh god -” gasped Alice. “Can I put my mouth on you?”

I helped her slide my panties down, off, and laid back, head on the pillow, smiling. She knelt between my parted thighs, burying herself in me, her tongue already seeking my most sensitive place. “Shall I use my fingers?” she queried half-shyly.

“Remember my favourite,” I hinted, and her eyes widened. “Oh, yes.”

She used her fingertips to explore me a little, then hesitantly casino oyna moved them further back until she found my pink star. “OK…?”

I nodded, and felt the exquisite sensation of one finger sliding past my ring of muscle, then slowing, stopping. “Oh – don’t forget your mouth,” I begged, and I felt Alice smile against me as her tongue started to flicker again. My hands were drawn to my breasts, and – mm – I enjoyed the sight of Alice’s panty-clad bottom moving as her hips flexed unconsciously in response to mine. “Oh, god, Alice, this is heavenly,” I panted. She varied her touch, trying to push her tongue as far inside me as she could, then as she returned to my nub, I felt the irresistible approach of my climax. “Mm – yes – like that – ohhhh!”

Alice kept her mouth on me, tonguing until I put my hand on her cheek. “Oh – enough -” I gasped, and she lifted her head, lips and chin glistening. “Mm, thank you, Beth…”

She moved up to hold me. “My pleasure,” she smiled.

I cupped her bottom through the thin cotton of her panties. “Now, what shall I do to you?”

“Wish we’d brought one of your toys,” Alice confided. “But later?”


“I know,” I decided. “This is a bit like something Tim did to me – funnily enough, I was wearing my uniform that time.”

Alice nodded. “So where do you want me?”

“Let’s lose those panties, first.”

She helped me take them off, then I guided her onto her stomach on the bed. “Lift up a little?”

I slid the pillow under her hips, and she complied with the gentle pressure of my hands, parting her thighs, drawing her knees up. “I feel so… exposed, but safe too,” I heard her whisper.

I bent to kiss her bottom, then started to explore her with my fingers, sliding inside for a few moments then seeking her nub with my slippery fingertips. “Ohh,” she gasped, “that’s nice.”

“Just relax and enjoy,” I chuckled. I bent towards her, kissing again, then ever so softly touched my tongue to her pink star. “Like that?”

A quiet moan, a nod. I moved my fingers a little more quickly on her, then started to use my tonguetip in earnest, circling, probing, running the flat of my tongue hard across her star. “Mm -” she gasped. “Maybe your finger for a while?”

“Even better,” I murmured, wetting my fingertip, pressing it a little way into her tightness, then circling my tongue round my finger. “Ohh,” Alice moaned, “that and your touching me is definitely getting me there.”

“What shall we give Tim as a treat tonight?” I murmured. “Think he’d like to do this to you while I use my mouth on your breasts, or…?”

Another nod. “Or I could do it to him, put my fingers on him while your tongue is on his nipples -“

Alice’s fantasy was the last little push she needed, and I felt her tighten around my finger, hips flexing, wetness filling my palm then spilling onto the sheet. “Ohhh – god – Beth – yes -“

She subsided, and I moved up, half-covering her with my body, my arm across her back. “Mm… we definitely need to come up with a reason every so often to get alone with one another…”

After a few minutes I sat up. “Wow, it’s nearly lunchtime. Shall I give Tim a call, maybe he can meet us somewhere and we can have something to eat.”


I picked up my phone, dialling. “Hi, Tim. Yes, we got everything done we needed to -” I flashed my eyebrows at Alice – “Do you want to meet us for lunch? That carvery’s quite good. OK, fifteen minutes.”

We pulled on our clothes and splashed our faces in the sink – “Do I look OK?” queried Alice.

I kissed her. “Perfect. Don’t forget your uniform, or we’ll have to come right back after lunch.”

She grinned. “Tempting – but no, I’ve got it.”

Tim had already got us a table and ordered drinks when we reached the carvery. “You two go ahead,” he offered.

We came back with heaped plates, and Tim went to get his meal. “Anything out of the ordinary happen while we were out?” I queried.

He shook his head. “Postman came, nothing exciting. The washing’s all done, and I made the bed.”

“Well done,” I nodded.

When we’d finished eating, we made our way back to the flat, and I looked around. “Everywhere does look spick and span.”

Alice chuckled. “We can put that down to the good influence of Tim’s girlfriend, if anyone comes to visit.”

“Right, Tim,” I said briskly. “Alice and I need to do some preparation for class tomorrow, so if we can use your desk?”

I caught his look at the mention of the desk, and threw him a wink. “And when we’re finished, I promise we’ll both put our uniforms on and you can tell canlı casino us how we look.”

Tim grinned. “Definitely, Nurse Oakes – I’m liking your bedside manner already.”

Alice and I went through to the office, leaving Tim reading in the lounge. “Let me guess,” teased Alice. “Something fun happened involving the desk? I saw the way Tim’s eyes widened.”

I nodded, breathing in deeply as I remembered. “Tim had me from behind over the desk – I really liked how my breasts felt when he pushed me down on the desk, it was cold on my nipples.”

Alice fanned herself. “Phew. Probably we should concentrate on our induction stuff, if we’re not careful we’ll either drag him in here, or I’ll make you pretend to be him and have me over the desk anyway.”

Her mention of me somehow pretending to be Tim reminded me of one item we’d bought from the online store. “What?” she queried, seeing my expression.

I grinned. “Something I’d forgotten about, maybe I’ll show you later.”

“Mm, please.”

We got down to work, only pausing when Tim brought coffee and cake halfway through the afternoon and stole a kiss from each of us before leaving us to carry on.

Finally I closed my folder. “OK – I think I know how this all works, placements and rotations and stuff.”

Alice nodded. “We’re going to be pretty tired, though.”

“Tim’ll look after us,” I grinned. “And he gives a really good foot massage.”

Alice raised an eyebrow. “That has all sorts of possibilities, too.”

I stretched. “Now, we promised him something, didn’t we.”

Alice nodded. “Absolutely.”

She threw me a knowing look. “What will Tim expect to find under our uniforms?”

I thought back to the last time, and chuckled. “I know what he expects, so let’s surprise him with something else.”

I shed my t-shirt and jeans, leaving only panties, then carefully buttoned my uniform over bare breasts. Alice followed suit, and we went back to the lounge, finding Tim still absorbed in his book.

He looked up as we entered, and his eyes widened. “Hmm – I don’t know how, but the two of you look utterly professional and the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, both at the same time.”

Alice and I exchanged grins. “Think that’s what we were aiming for,” I chuckled. “Now, put your book down and let us look after you.”

Tim laid his book on the table, and I stepped closer. “Definitely we need the patient to undress if we’re going to do a thorough examination.”

Tim obliging shed his clothes, then stretched out on the sofa. “What’s supposed to be the problem, that I need treatment for?”

“Oh, no problem,” I tried to sound breezy. “Just a check-up to see that everything’s in proper working order.”

He grinned. “OK.”

I glanced at Alice. “So, Nurse Hannigan, perhaps you’d like to begin.”

“Hmm,” she chuckled. “I think some basic checks first. Hold out your left arm, please, Tim.”

He complied, and Alice moved nearer so that his outstretched hand made contact with her breast through the fabric of her uniform. “Very good. Now to test coordination and dexterity – if you could undo the buttons, please, from top to bottom.”

Tim’s fingers proved up to the task, and he smiled as Alice’s bare breasts were revealed. “Perhaps hand mobility next?” he suggested, “and to make sure I don’t have any loss of feeling in my fingers.”

“Very good,” nodded Alice, then she gave a quiet murmur of pleasure as Tim caressed her breasts, used his fingers gently on her nipples. “Beth,” she appealed, “I’m not sure I can keep pretending if he touches me like this any more.”

I grinned. “Very well, I’ll continue with the examination.”

Tim continued to pleasure Alice, and she bent to kiss him as I moved closer. “Now, we definitely need to check reflexes to be sure there’s no neurological problem.”

I ran a finger softly along the sole of Tim’s foot, and he jumped. “Hey, that tickles.”

I did it again. “Sure?”

“Ohh… Mm, how did you do that? Somehow that’s turning me on now.”

I chuckled. “It takes special training, right, Alice?”


My fingers trailed up his calf, then his thigh, touching what was now his growing erection. “Hmm, no impairment here as far as I can tell. But probably I need to examine more closely.”

I knelt down, my face level with his hips, and bent over, not touching him but letting him feel my warm breath on his hardness. “Visually everything seems fine.”

I ran my thumb over his tip, and let him see me taste the drop of clear fluid I found. “Hmm, this sample seems normal. Perhaps I’ll need to take a larger sample kaçak casino later to be sure.”

I pretended to consider for a moment. “I think we should see how this responds to contact with skin.”

Alice turned to watch as I undid my own uniform, laying it carefully over the back of the sofa – “Can’t get these messy, right.”

I slid onto the sofa, and leaned down to let Tim’s hardness rest between my breasts, then moved on him a little, feeling him stiffen even more. “That’s the expected reaction,” I nodded. “Now, the question is, do I obtain the sample I need now, or wait a while?”

“Oh, I think waiting is recommended,” Alice managed, despite Tim’s hands still caressing her breasts.

“Very well.”

I paused again. “Hmm, there’s another sensory test we need to do. Nurse Hannigan, if you’ll remove your panties, please.”

She complied, and I glanced at the pattern to make sure I knew which ones she’d been wearing, then slipped my own panties off. “Tim, if you can tell me which ones are mine and which ones are Alice -” I caught myself – “Nurse Hannigan’s, please.”

He grinned, taking both pairs from me. “Hmm, these both seem a little… damper than I’d expected, even given what we’ve been doing the last few minutes. Am I missing something?”

“We… might have got a little turned on when we were picking up my uniform,” Alice conceded.

I was more aroused than ever as Tim lifted my panties to his face, breathing in, then dabbed his tongue into the slightly shiny slipperiness. “Hmm.”

He switched to Alice’s panties, and his expression became even more puzzled. “I’m certain I know the difference between the way you two taste -” his eyes widened as his words obviously surprised even himself – “but I can’t tell with these. Is this a trick question…?”

I glanced at Alice guiltily. “Um, do you think we might have swapped by accident when we -“

Tim chuckled. “I think you two are thoroughly busted – go on, what did you do?”

I sighed. “We confess. When we got to Alice’s room, she – well, we -“

“We couldn’t help ourselves, and we got each other off very satisfactorily,” the words tumbled from Alice’s lips, then she stopped, her expression shocked as though she couldn’t believe her own frankness.

“What she said,” I grinned.

Tim pretended to roll his eyes. “Might have known. Anyway, now neither of you have any panties -” he dropped them out of sight over the back of the sofa – “so you can choose. Who gets to check my oral proficiency, and which one of you wants to obtain that sample Nurse Oakes seems so keen to have?”

Alice thought for a moment. “Actually I’ve never seen you fuck Beth yet,” she said, dropping out of character for a moment. “So if Nurse Oakes can take the sample, I’ll be very pleased to give a report on your oral agility.”

I didn’t hesitate, sliding my body across his, guiding his hardness between my thighs, sinking down so that he was penetrating me fully. “Mm – definitely fully functioning.”

Alice looked puzzled. “Now, how best to approach this? I think it’d be more intense if I faced away from you, Beth, but I really want to watch.”

“I promise to help,” I managed through a gasp as Tim flexed his hips upwards.

Alice slid across Tim, facing me, offering herself to his mouth, and I saw a dreamy look come into her eyes as he obviously began to explore her with his tongue. “Oh, that feels perfect.”

I reached to touch her cheek. “I think this is my favourite so far.”

My fingers strayed down to her breasts, the nipples still damp from Tim’s attention a little while before, and Alice closed her eyes. “Oh, yes…”

I saw the muscles under the smooth skin of her stomach begin to tense, and I smiled. “Tim, don’t forget that one special thing – it does the same for Alice as it does for me.”

I saw his hand move to begin the exploration I’d suggested, and Alice gasped. “Oh god – yes – being touched everywhere all at once – mm – ohhh!”

She arched, her body shuddering, and I saw Tim swallow as a spurt of liquid splashed his mouth. “Mm,” he managed, “I was right about the way you tasted.”

Alice was still flexing her hips, but she managed to reach her fingers out to touch my breasts. “Beth – are you nearly there -“

I nodded, and as she gently pressed her fingertips around my nipples I tipped over the edge, flexing my hips to feel Tim moving in me as my muscles tensed, began to ripple. A spurt of warmth onto Tim’s stomach, and I gasped. “Tim – now, if you can – “

His response was to push up strongly, hands on my hips, and a cry of pleasure tore itself from his mouth. “Oh, god, that’s so -“

I felt his warmth spurting into me, then again and again, and I looked across at Alice, her face rapt. “Wow… now I’ve seen how you look when you’re coming and he’s coming in you…”

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