24 Şubat 2021

Cajun Spice Ch. 05

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April bounced down the steps, inhaling the smell of eggs that was drifting out of the kitchen. She stopped on the last step, eyeing the overnight bag that was lying on the floor. She gave a little sigh, then leaped off the step and swung into the kitchen.

Jasmine looked up from the omelet she was making, a little startled from April’s sudden appearance. She smiled, realizing that this was the first time she’d seen April looking truly rested. Jasmine felt a little thrill course through her body and settle in her pussy. Tearing her gaze away, she refocused on her cooking.

April passed behind her on her way to the refrigerator, and Jasmine felt the tingle between her legs increase. Letting out a shaky breath, she scooped up the omelet and laid it on a plate, handing it to April as she passed her again, on her way to the kitchen table.

“Thanks,” April said, giving Jasmine a smile as she accepted the plate. She could get use to this, she thought, Jasmine making her breakfast every morning. Just then, memories of last night with Jade popped into her mind and, suddenly feeling guilty, settled into a chair at the table.

Shortly after, Jasmine walked over, her own breakfast in hand, and sat down across from April. Noticing that April was suddenly giving her plate way too much attention, Jasmine decided to push her buttons a little. Taking a bite of her own omelet, Jasmine slipped her foot out of her shoe and let it brush against April’s leg.

April’s head jerked up. Jasmine felt a grin tugging at the corners of her mouth, as she watched a mixture of suspicion and heat spread across April’s face. “You know, if you were sitting a little closer, I could slide my foot up the inside of your leg.” Jasmine’s voice soft and husky, as she watched the spark ignite in April’s eyes, and pushed a little more. “I’d let my foot settle in between your legs, maybe give your clit a little massage. I know for a fact, that the feeling of the fly of your jeans rubbing against it is a real turn on.” Jasmine gave April a wicked grin, feeling triumphant when she realized that April’s mind was flashing back to what happened in the alley, same as hers.

April just about chocked on her food. Jasmine was gleaming at her like a cat that had its prey cornered. She finally forced her food down her throat and desperately tried thinking of a safe subject she could switch to.

“What’s with the overnight bag?”

Jasmine gave a knowing laugh. “It’s Friday, cher. The Tequila Club never misses a Friday night at the Cat House. My party clothes are in the bag.”

“Cat House?”

“That’s what my friends and I call The Kitty Club. It’s kind of an inside joke.”

April frowned, realizing Jasmine intended to go out tonight, heedless of the fact that she had a thief stalking her. “Oh well, it was nice while it lasted,” April thought, knowing that she and Jasmine were about to have a major argument.

“That’s really not a good idea, Jasmine, or are you forgetting that we still don’t know who your thief is?”

“I’m not forgetting, but he’s a thief, a coward sneaking around snatching money out of the cookie jar. I seriously doubt he’ll show up at a lesbian club. He’ll stick out like a swore thumb.”

“True, if it’s a man. But he could also wait outside and attack you as you’re coming out, or walking to the parking lot. That lot’s not very well lit. No, too many risks. You’re going straight home after work, Jasmine,” April said, her voice firm. She watched Jasmine’s temper spike. Here we go.

Jasmine felt a few, very choice words, begin to well up in her throat, but watching April bracing herself for a verbal punch, she felt the words die in her throat. She let out a sigh and picked at her omelet. This is how she screwed up in the first place, letting her temper take the lead. And while she was in April’s face, arguing, trying to let the P.I. know she wouldn’t be pushed around, Jade had slipped into April’s bed. Deciding it was time to try something else, she met April’s gaze.

“Ok. I realize trying to guard someone in a crowded nightclub isn’t the ideal situation, but really, what harm could it do? Like I said, this guy will stick out like a sore thumb in a lesbian club. Besides, you’ll be with me, and I know you’ll get me home safe.”

April had sat, watching Jasmine intently as the fiery beauty fought for control of her temper. April swore she could see the wheels turning inside that pretty little head, as Jasmine mapped out a new plan of attack. But that last sentence had really struck her, because she could tell by the look in Jasmine’s eye that she had meant it. She truly did have complete faith that April could protect her, no matter what. She felt her heart leap at the idea that Jasmine trusted her that much. Then her mind started running through all the ways tonight could go wrong, all the ways she’d seen a situation spiral out of control, regardless of how many precautions she had taken.

Jasmine watched as countless emotions rolled through Amsterdam Shemale April’s eyes. She saw the sadness creep in, the regret, and knew she was about to lose her case. Trying for the preverbal Hail Mary, Jasmine spoke up.

“Just for a little while, cher,” she pleaded. “It’s been a rough week and I just want to relax with my friends for a bit. Please.”

April was about to put her foot down, tell Jasmine that there was no way in hell she was letting her go to a nightclub tonight, but she felt her resolve crumble at the sound of Jasmine’s voice.

“Oh hell! Ok. But just for a little while. The club starts to get too packed; I’m taking you home. Without an argument,” April quickly added, her voice stern.

Sensing she’d won, Jasmine flashed April her most brilliant smile. “Agreed. Thank you, cher.”

April let out a sigh, starting to feel the pinch. Here she was, butting her head against wall after wall, still without a single thread to pull in terms of finding her thief, but she was having some of the best sex of her life with Jade, and falling in love with Jasmine. “God, but I’m screwed,” she thought with a groan.


April paced the lobby of Dupree Enterprises. She had called her friend Mike, the computer ace, and asked him if he could recommend anyone he might know in this area. She wanted a pro to go over Jade and Jasmine’s computers, in case she missed something. Mike had called his friend Mason, a fellow computer geek who lived in the area. Mike had promised April that Mason would meet her in the lobby at 10 a.m., but so far, the guy was nowhere to be seen, and it was now 10:30.

Suddenly, April spotted a teenager making a beeline for her. He was tall, at least six feet, lean and very handsome. “I’ll bet the girls in his high school are lined up down the block for this guy,” she thought to herself. But that still didn’t explain why the kid was headed her way. Finally, the young man stopped in front of her, stuck out his hand, and introduced himself as Mason, apologizing for being late because he missed the bus.

“Oh shit! Mike didn’t tell me he was sending a baby.” She was really aggravated. Things were starting to escalate and she didn’t have time to baby sit some wet behind the ears kid.

Mason stiffened, taking offense at April’s outburst. “Most babies are a hell of a lot shorter than I am, ma’am,” the kid shot back, his accent thick. April had to contain her smirk. “Ok,” she thought, “so the kid’s got a spine.”

“Mike tells me that there’s very little you don’t know about computers. Was he lying, or were you bullshitting him?”

“Neither. I’m the best. I’m sorry if you’re too old and jaded to believe that.”

Balls too, apparently. “All right, baby boy, I’ll give you a shot. But you better be able to back it up. I don’t have time to spare here.” That said, she headed for the elevators, motioning Mason to follow her. While they stood and waited for a set of doors to open, April regarded him with narrowed eyes, “You’re not skipping school, or anything, are you?”

“It’s summer, ma’am,” Mason replied, sarcasm dripping from every word. April could tell from his tone that his temper was on a short leash. This kid might just do after all.

Twenty minutes later, she had Mason set up in Jasmine’s office and had already shown him how to find Jade’s. Jasmine had joined them, and was now explaining to Mason how the company’s computerized accounting system worked. April figured while he was at it, she’d have him check out the accounting entries. Maybe he could tell if someone had overridden, or altered, the initials of the person who had made them.

Moments later, she and Jasmine were heading back to John’s office. “Is he even old enough to shave?” Jasmine asked, glancing back at Mason, who they could see slurping on a coke while he worked the keyboard, one handed.

“He isn’t old enough to have been born yet, but he’s all I’ve got. Besides, I really do trust Mike, so if this is who he sent, then I’ve gotta believe he really is that good.” Shaking her head, she placed her hand at the small of Jasmine’s back, gently steering her back towards John’s office.


Hours later, April and Jasmine had joined the sisters’ friends at The Kitty Club. Lisa and Jade had gotten there early, and April had been glad to see that Lisa had made the women get a set of tables against the wall. They were still in their usual spot, just farther back, away from the main line of traffic. This way, Lisa and April could sit with their backs to the wall and have a good visual of the entire club.

April was nursing a coke when Jasmine got up and announced she was going dancing. “No, you’re not. Sit down, Jasmine. I can’t watch you on the dance floor, it’s too crowded.”

“Oh, come one. Pleeeeese? Listen, if you stand near the fence on this side, I can dance right on the other side, right near the entrance to the dance floor. That way, if something happens, all you have to do is reach around Rotterdam Shemale the edge of the fence and I’ll be right there. Pleeeeese,” Jasmine begged like a little kid. April and Lisa exchanged a look.

“She seems to have thought this through,” Lisa said, her eyes going back and forth between Jasmine and April.

“She always does,” April said with a sigh. She looked up and studied the woman standing in front of her. Jasmine was giving her that pleading look with her eyes, her full, red lips in a little pout. She was wearing a black bustier and skin hugging leather pants. “One song, Jasmine, then your ass is right back in that chair. For the night,” she added.

Having won again, Jasmine just gave April one of her gleeful little smiles and reached out to take April’s hand. April let Jasmine lead her to the dance floor. She stopped at the edge of the fence and pointed to the spot of dance floor right in front of her, on the other side of the fence. Jasmine waved a hand at the DJ and nodded her head yes.

“What the hell is she up to,” April wondered. Suddenly, she heard the first few strains of Luscious Jackson’s “Under Your Skin”. The little brat had gone through her things! This was one of the songs on the CD she had burned and brought with her, the one that she was playing this morning. Her eyes narrowed on Jasmine, who just gave her a sassy grin and started swaying to the music.

It didn’t take long before April realized that Jasmine was dancing for her, and she felt her blood begin to thicken, her heart pound. She was fascinated, even while that little voice in her head kept screaming that she should be watching the crowd, not drooling over Jasmine. She just couldn’t take her eyes off of her. April tried to swallow the lump in her throat as Jasmine’s lithe body swayed seductively to the music.

Finally, it was over. Jasmine stepped around the edge of the fencing, keeping her promise to go back to their table after one dance. April grabbed Jasmine’s arm, a little more forcefully than she would have normally, and held Jasmine to her side as she escorted her back to her chair.

April took her own seat, she and Jasmine staring at each other across the table. April never noticed the glare they were receiving from Jade.

About an hour later, the waitress was bringing a second round of tequila shots, when Jasmine reached over and laid her hand on April’s arm.

“Take me home, cher, please.” At first, April thought it was a come on, then she saw the sick look on Jasmine’s face. Figuring Jasmine really didn’t feel well; April nodded her head in agreement, and walked around to help Jasmine out of her chair.

They said goodbye to everyone, Jasmine explaining to them that she didn’t feel good, and headed for the parking lot. They stopped beside Jasmine’s car.

“Why don’t you give me the keys and I’ll drive home,” April suggested, but Jasmine just laughed and shook her head no. “I thought you were sick, angel,” April said, getting suspicious of Jasmine’s sudden recovery.

“No. I just couldn’t take any more of Jade’s evil eye. It was putting a damper on things.”

April was surprised. She hadn’t noticed anything. Then she quickly pushed thoughts of Jade aside and gave Jasmine a sly grin.

“Well, we should still make it look good. You know, just in case anyone is standing around out front, watching.” Again, she motioned for the keys.

Jasmine fished the keys out of her purse and dangled them in front of April’s face. April had been dying to drive her car, ever since she had pulled it out of the garage this morning. Jasmine had chosen to drive her classic today. It was a 1964 ½ Ford Mustang Convertible, painted candy apple red. April’s jaw had hit the ground when Jasmine eased the car out of the garage this morning. She’d practically purred the whole way to work. Secretly, Jasmine was pleased that April liked her car so much.

“Well I don’t know, cher. You know, this car’s worth a fortune and you’re not covered under my policy, should anything happen on the way home. I don’t think I can risk it.” Jasmine watched the disappointment spread across April’s face.

“Oh. Ok,” she mumbled and started to walk towards the other side of the car.

Jasmine reached out a hand to stop her. “I could be persuaded to change my mind though. You know, if I had a good reason to.”

April’s eyes narrowed suspiciously on Jasmine’s face at the sound of the red head’s teasing tone. Jasmine wanted something, and April just knew she wouldn’t like it. Well, she’d probably like it; it’d just be a bad idea.

April crossed her arms over her chest. “Ok, spill. What do you want in exchange for letting me drive,” April’s voice a mix of resignation and suspicion.

“Relax, cher. I’m not asking for anything you can’t deliver. Just promise me you’ll do a few shots with me when we get home. Before you shuffle me off to bed.”

April had a funny feeling there was something Jasmine was leaving out, but she really Netherlands Shemale wanted to drive this car. She found herself conceding, once again, and the thought occurred to her that she was doing a lot of that since meeting the Cajun beauty. “Fine. It’s a deal. Now hand over the keys, angel,” April said with a growl.

Delighted to have won again, Jasmine tossed April the keys and ran around to jump into the passenger’s side.


An hour later, they pulled up in front of the house. The drive took a little longer than usual, since Jasmine had let April take the car onto the freeway, so she could open it up a little. Jasmine had loved watching the joy spread over April’s face as she cruised around New Orleans in the old classic. Climbing out of the car, Jasmine held out a hand and led April into the house.

Jasmine didn’t bother to turn on any lights and, grabbing a bottle of tequila and a couple of shot glasses out of the bar in the parlor, she dragged April with her into the kitchen. She rummaged around in the refrigerator for some lemons and told April to grab the saltshaker from the kitchen table. The two women met in the middle, and Jasmine dumped everything on the counter top. Pouring a shot, she tucked the glass between her breasts and carefully turned to face April. There was a reason she had decided to wear a bustier tonight.

April leaned a hip against the counter and stood considering Jasmine for a minute. She knew damn well what Jasmine had planned. Body shots. April decided to give Jasmine a run for her money. She shook her head in a combination of disappointment and amusement. “I’ll admit, you rebs know how to drink, but you don’t have a clue how to do a proper body shot.”

Jasmine felt a moment’s disappointment, and then her temper soared, her Southern pride prickling at the insult. It never occurred to her that she was walking right into April’s trap.

“Fine, cher. Since you seem to think you Yanks now it all, why don’t you just show me what I’m missing.” Jasmine could hear the prissiness in her voice, but didn’t care. No self respecting Southerner would take a snide comment like that, from a Yankee yet, without a challenge.

April’s eyes gleamed in triumph and a wicked grin spread across her face. She gave Jasmine’s chest a pointed look. “Well, first angel, you’re going to have to loose the shirt.”

Jasmine just stared at first, the demand taking her by surprise. Then she noticed the look on April’s face. She gulped down air, realizing that she might be in over her head. But then her pride took over, and Jasmine glared defiantly at April as she slammed the shot down on the counter and worked herself out of the bustier. Now she was naked from the waist up. She felt a combination of excitement and fear jolt through her body at the way April was staring at her breasts.

April had guessed, from their encounter in the alley, that Jasmine had a splendid chest. But now, seeing the 36C breasts free from their restraints, free for her to touch and taste, she felt her heart beat kick up a notch. Privately, she hoped she could stay in control.

Sliding up to Jasmine, until they were barely a breath apart, April stared into her eyes. Satisfied that Jasmine was willing, she gripped Jasmine’s hips and hoisted her up onto the counter top. Jasmine yelped, surprised at suddenly being lifted into the air. But then April maneuvered to stand between her legs, leaning against the counter, and pulled Jasmine tight against her. On instinct, Jasmine wrapped her legs around April’s waist.

April chuckled as she felt Jasmine’s legs clamping down around her. This was going to be fun. She reached out for the shot glass, sliding it within reach. She looked Jasmine dead in the eye, held her questioning look for a moment, then lowered her head and slowly eased her mouth over Jasmine’s breast, engulfing it. April began lathering the ample globe with her tongue, getting the skin good and wet. Then she slowly pulled back, Jasmine’s nipple making a little popping sound as it came free of her mouth. Her tongue darted out to flick the nipple.

Jasmine hissed in a breath, her nails digging into April’s shoulders. April just stood there, grinning like a cat, shaking salt all over Jasmine’s breast. She dipped her head back down and licked the salt off, taking her time. Jasmine moaned, the sound coming from deep within. April’s mouth on her breast was sweet torture and Jasmine tightened her hold on the back of April’s head.

April let her lips skim over Jasmine’s breast as she pulled back. Jasmine softly protested as those exquisite lips disappeared. A chill shuddered through her as she felt the cool air of the room on her wet skin.

Next, April gave Jasmine’s shoulders a little push, indicating that she wanted Jasmine to lie on her back on the counter. Jasmine did what she wanted, then gasped as she felt the tequila being poured into her belly button. April leaned over and sucked the liquor out, using her tongue to lap at the sides of Jasmine’s navel, not missing a drop. Then April yanked Jasmine back into a sitting position. Picking up the lemon wedge, she squeezed it gently, so a little juice spilled down over Jasmine’s other breast, then lifted the wedge to Jasmine’s lips.

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