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(c) 2011 by Cactus Juggler

I lay there on the floor next to Giselle, my pretty, slender, blond friend. We were both undergraduate art students at the university, and at the moment we were also both tied up with lengths of clothesline. The carpet in Reyna’s apartment felt rough on my cheek as I lay there glaring at Giselle.


It had all start three weeks before, though I guess it goes farther back than that. Giselle, Reyna and I were all close friends. Reyna is older than we are, she’s in her first year of the university’s law school. At times, the age difference really shows, too. Our Hispanic friend sometimes has to play the moderator between us.

Giselle and I have a tendency to get into heated arguments, sometimes to the point that we stop talking to each other for a while. Most of our problems come from our constant competition. We’re both painters, and we always have some classes together. The nature of art school is pretty competitive, and it spills over into our personal relationships.

We’d all been out drinking together when I’d made fun of Giselle’s last painting for a class we had together. The teacher had been harsh on her, and I couldn’t help gloating about my own superior performance. Fueled by alcohol, the argument snowballed pretty fast.

Giselle got so mad that she said she would bet anything that a room full of people would pick her work over mine. She said that that’s what we should do, both paint something and then get a group of people to pick one or the other. She claimed that it would be a better test than having one snobby art teacher make the call. Then she told me that if we could do that she’d eat my pussy if she lost, but that she wouldn’t. That the public would pick her, and then I’d have to eat her pussy to pay off the bet.

I couldn’t believe how crazy she was getting. She’d always talking about trying sex with a woman, so it was no surprise that she would fantasize about putting a ribbon on showing me up in that way. I was sure my work was better, though. Even though I’d never had sex with a woman either, I found myself more than a little turned on by the idea of her having to go down on me after I proved I was better. It was all just silly ranting though, because there was no way either of us would pay up even if we did make the bet.

“That’s stupid–you’d never go through with it after you lost,” I told her.

That’s when Reyna stepped in. She’d silently been watching us with an amused look up until then.

“I know how you could do it, so the loser would have no choice but to pay up,” she said.

We both looked at her.

“I’ll pick a subject to paint. And a date to have it done by, say the first of the month. On that day, you bring your paintings over to my apartment and I’ll tie both of you up. I’ll look at your pictures and judge them, and then I’ll just untie the winner and leave you two alone. Fair enough?”

She smiled at us, and then I was surprised to hear Giselle agree. It was crazy, but it also sort of made sense. Reyna was the only common friend of ours that didn’t know anything, or care for that matter, about art. With Giselle already having jumped into the deal, I couldn’t back down.

That’s how we ended up tied up on Reyna’s floor next to each other three weeks later.


Reyna was standing over by her kitchen table, where she’d put both of our wrapped up pictures. I heard paper tearing as she opened them up, and then there was a long pause.

“Wow, these are both really good.” She looked down at both of us. I smiled hopefully at her, but from the impassive look on her face I knew I couldn’t sway her.

I illegal bahis looked over at Giselle, and she looked daggers back at me. Reyna looked at the paintings again and then turned back to us. “I can’t decide, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to declare a draw.”

A draw? Giselle and I looked back to each other, and I could tell she was just as unhappy with Reyna’s decision as I was. We wanted to settle this, for once and for all. Then Reyna began to get undressed.

“Reyna! What are you doing?” Giselle asked.

“At the casino, when there’s a push, the house collects all bets, right?” Now Giselle and I were looking up at her stripping and back to each other in disbelief. Reyna held her panties as if she was going to drop them onto the pile of clothing at her feet, but then changed her mind.

“So, who wants to pay up first?” Still holding her underwear in her hand, she put her other hand behind her back and looked down at me. “One, or two?”

“One?” I guessed.

She pulled her hand from behind her back and showed that she was holding out one finger.

“You win, so I guess Giselle goes first,” she said. It was a small victory, but I flashed a smirk at Giselle anyway. Then Reyna crouched over me with her balled-up panties and a short piece of cord, and my smirk disappeared. She smiled though, as she pushed her panties into my mouth and then tied the piece of cord around my head to hold them in.

I was assailed with the smell, and *taste* of another woman’s underwear in my mouth. It was really humiliating, but not as bad as feeling myself getting turned on by the perverse helplessness of my situation. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight of Reyna moving naked over Giselle.

“Stop Reyna, get away from me. This is bullshit,” Giselle said as Reyna rolled her onto her back and straddled her. Reyna sat down on Giselle’s chest and held a finger up to her mouth.

“Shhhh, no more bitching from you two,” Reyna said, and then she slid forward and sat on Giselle’s face.

Looking at them from the side, I couldn’t see Giselle’s face any more, it was hidden behind the smooth caramel skin of Reyna’s thighs and hips. Reyna adjusted herself a little, and then she moaned. She began to rock forward and back, and then I could hear wet licking sounds under her–despite myself, my crotch warmed at the realization that Giselle was actually doing it. This was happening, I was tied up, helpless, watching Reyna force Giselle to eat her out, and I was next.

Then Reyna reached back and worked her hand down into Giselle’s pants. Her hand moved in time to her rocking, she was fingering Giselle’s pussy. Reyna rode her for a long time, until her breathing grew ragged and her moaning reached a fever pitch. Her hips were bucking hard and fast, and her hand was moving so fast it was almost a blur. Giselle wriggled and writhed under her, and it was clear to me that both of them were enjoying themselves.

Giselle arched her back and kicked out her legs and then Reyna cried out. Reyna pulled her hand from Giselle’s pants and hunched over the blond’s head, shaking and moaning for at least another minute before she lifted herself off of the blond and stood up.

For a moment I saw Giselle’s tear-stained eyes and slick mouth, but she quickly turned away from me. I could see her shaking, but I couldn’t tell if it was from aftershocks of her climax or if she was still crying.

Reyna moved over me and untied my gag. “Don’t say anything,” she said, and then she pulled the wad of her panties from my mouth. She used the cloth to wipe at her slick crotch before she slid forward onto my face. I’d never been in that position before, illegal bahis siteleri and as she settled her weight onto me my face I found that my nose and mouth were buried in her sex. She closed her thighs and wiggled, and there was no light or sound, just fragrant female flesh.

For a moment I couldn’t even breathe, and I began to panic. Out of fear more than anything I began to lick her. and then she sighed. Reyna opened her legs again and wiggled herself into a better position and I found could breathe and lick her at the same time.

With my hands and feet tied, I had no option but to try to please her. She just sat there for a long while, letting me softly lick her. Then she must have gotten turned on again, because she began to move on my face. Her hips mashed her pussy in my face and I felt her hand slip down into my panties. Her fingers probed my slit, and then she slipped one inside. She gave a little giggle above me, and I was more ashamed of the fact that she knew I was wet than by the violation of her finger-fucking me.

Everything became a wild blur then, as Reyna humped my face and diddled my clit in time. Her sex was my whole world, and I became determined to make her cum. If Giselle could do it, I could do it better. I lapped at her with all my energy, until she was riding me so hard that it didn’t matter what I did. She was using me and there was nothing I could do about it. Like Giselle, I came well before Reyna did.

When she finally climbed off of me, we were both gasping for breath. She patted me on the head and smiled before rising unsteadily to her feet. “Damn. I need to sit down for a minute. You ladies just stay where you are and I’ll be back to untie you in a bit.”


She left us laying there for an hour, while she padded around the apartment naked. She got herself a drink, and then took a shower. She was wearing nothing but a white bathrobe and watching television when I finally summoned the nerve to speak.

“Reyna? Are you going to untie us?”

She snapped off the television and stood looking down at us. I can’t describe how sexy she was, how totally in control of the situation. Her smile was that of some sort of predatory cat.

“You should both have learned your lesson by now about being so competitive. But knowing you two, I bet you haven’t. I bet you guys won’t feel like this has been settled until one of you has had the other’s tongue in her box. So I have an idea. Let’s have another contest. This time, no draws either,” she told us with a smirk.

I stared up at her. I did still want to beat Giselle.

“What’s the contest?” Giselle asked with a soft, low voice.

“I’m not telling until you both agree. And if you agree, you *will* participate. But I guarantee you, when it’s over, one of you will go down on the other. There will be a winner.”

I looked at Giselle and she glared back. She gritted her teeth and nodded. I nodded as well. Reyna standing naked and beautiful above us, she just smiled for a moment.

“Then let’s begin,” she said, and she untied her robe. She shrugged it off, and then moved to stand naked over me. Then she bent down and pushed me over onto my back, before sitting down on my chest so that she was facing my feet. Her weight settled heavily onto me, and my vision was filled with her bare behind.

“What are you doing?” I asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

“Starting the contest. The who-can-lick-Reyna’s-butt-the-best contest. If there’s one thing I love, it’s feeling another woman rim my ass. Remember what you’re fighting for here; whoever wins can call herself the better woman for a week, and the loser canlı bahis siteleri has eat her out, as much as she wants. Giselle went first last time, so it’s your turn now,” she told me, and then she moved her rear back in my face before I could protest, and I found myself buried in the soft, fleshy curves of her rear.


I won.

We both tried hard, but I think I made her cum. That put Giselle at a disadvantage, because I think Reyna needed more and more time to come down with each successive orgasm.

Once Reyna declared that I had won, she untied me. Soon I was lying there half-naked, looking down at the blond head between my legs as the still-tied Giselle went down on me. My victory reward would have been more sweet if Reyna hadn’t interrupted it half-way through, when she planted her pussy back in my face and ordered me to please her yet again while Giselle worked. At that point I didn’t have it in me to resist Reyna, so that’s exactly what I did.

Afterwards, she untied Giselle as well and I stood up. Giselle began to, but Reyna motioned for her to stay down. Reyna had me turn around, and then she pushed Giselle’s face to my rear. “Kiss her,” she ordered.

Giselle started to cry again, but she kissed my bottom I guess she couldn’t resist Reyna’s demands either.

I’m tired of listening to you two argue, so that’s over. For the next week, Judi is better than you and you’ll do whatever she wants. *Whatever* she wants, understand?” Reyna told Giselle.

Giselle nodded, and then Reyna let her stand up. I looked at Giselle, and she turned her pretty blue eyes were wet. She looked quickly away from me. Reyna leaned close and whispered in my ear, “Take her back to your place and make her eat you again. She may look unhappy, but I saw her cum while she was eating you. She loves it.”

When Reyna’s door closed behind us, I looked at Giselle’s pretty face and I smiled. At tear trickled down her cheek and her eyes turned away from me.

“We’ll take my car. Come on, we’re going to my apartment,” I told her. I grabbed her ass and squeezed it possessively as I pushed her along.

Giselle just whimpered and went with me.


She stayed at my apartment that night, and while she made some minor attempts to pretend she hated it, she obeyed my every command. I made her lick me until I couldn’t take it any more. I have to admit that I loved lording it over her. I made her say that she could never paint as well as I did, and I made her lick my rear while she said it.

I made her move in for the week, and soon I had her cooking and cleaning for me, in addition to her other chores. Reyna was right. For all Giselle’s competitiveness, she loved it when I was rough with her. Sometimes she came just from me spanking her. We barely left my place at all that week. When the eighth day rolled around and Giselle showed no signs of wanting to leave, I ordered her move the rest of her things in.

We’ve graduated now, and I still have complete control of her, with one exception. We’re still in touch with Reyna, and when she visits she’s the one in charge. I’ve never even thought about resisting, either. When she steps through the door I join Giselle on her knees.

Reyna still likes to sit on our faces, making us smother under her while we lick her. Sometimes we kneel while she stands over us. She makes both of us try to lick her at the same time, so we’re pushing and shoving at each other, nuzzling in her crotch like two puppies fighting over one nipple.

When she leaves, I’m especially hard on Giselle. I beat her while making her tell me I’m the better woman, over and over again, even though we both know it’s not true. For us, Reyna will always hold that privilege.

-The End-

Author’s Note:

As with most of my other one-word titled stories, I wrote this one as part of my Deirdre tribute collection years ago.

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