22 Ocak 2021

Ellie Ch. 02: Spa Day

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After the weekend, it was with some trepidation I made my way to the first lecture of the day, ‘Graphical User Interfaces’, over in the Maths Institute building on Monday morning.

I’d not seen either Ellie or Laura or, in fact, many people at all over the weekend as I’d played football on the Saturday and popped back to see my family for a Birthday meal afterwards. I spent Sunday with my brothers l, playing a rare game of football for our old team back home, and had only got the train back late evening, retiring straight to bed and falling asleep to an episode of some Netflix series I’d been binge watching recently.

I’d had a few texts from Ellie saying her and a Laura had chatted and cleared the air, both apologising for going too far due to Wine influence and yet I still wasn’t quite sure they would put it behind them as easily as they seemed to be. Equally, I was sure I would struggle to forget that Friday for a long time as it had played like a movie clip in my mind over and over in flashbacks over the last 48 hours. Every time I tried to concentrate my mind was filled with either the vision of Laura’s brazen masturbating or Ellie’s face as she had forced Laura to swallow her piss.

I was somewhat surprised to arrive and see them both waiting for me, chatting away like everything was completely normal, with Laura looking stunning as ever in tight jeans that clung to every inch of her slender legs and disappeared between them at her ass showing the smooth curves of her buttocks. As I greeted them she turned to say Hi, and I couldn’t help but follow the line of the thin gold tear drop on the centre of her necklace that may as well have been an arrow to her Firm C-cup breasts proudly displayed in her tight black blouse. She also had her blonde hair loose instead of her usual pony tail and I commented complimentarily her on this new look.

“I hardly think getting in the shower too late to dry your hair properly so leaving it loose qualifies as a ‘style’ laughed Ellie, playfully, while she handed me a cup of coffee in a Starbucks cup, “Now where on earth have you been you muppet? We were beginning to think you weren’t turning up. Too busy masturbating this morning?” Ellie chuckled before heading through the doors to the lecture theatre and to our usual position a couple of rows back on the second tier of seats. “Well you do know how horny I get thinking about Graphical User Interfaces, can you blame me?” I joked, following behind her and surreptitiously admiring her equally sexy butt through her white jeans as it climbed the stairs in front of me. I couldn’t help but notice that Ellie had dressed up a little more than usual today, her purple top not as sexy as Laura’s but showed perfectly her curves while the higher neckline left me slightly disappointed I couldn’t see a little more. Her long dark hair was now punctuated with a small purple streak and as she had passed me I had detected a new perfume that was very sweet with a hint of cherry to it. “I like the purple streak I said as I sat down, “I never know what colour you will choose next, which do you choose first? Your top, your hair or your underwear?”

“What underwear?” She teased, winking. “Now shut up, I need to listen to this cos I didn’t understand some of the bits last week when you made that stupid joke and I had to do my best not to giggle in the middle of the lecture.”

Ninety minutes later we were filing back out, after a lecture which, though I’d been bored a little at one point, had given me quite a few good ideas for improvements güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to our project. I wanted to quickly run through them with the girls and, with a couple of hours left till my next lecture I was just about to head back to my dorm to make some changes to the programming when Ellie split off from Laura and grabbed my hand to pull me back. “Just a sec Andy she said, before calling over her shoulder to Laura telling her to wait for her she just needed to ask me a quick question.

“He won’t marry you Ellie!” Joked Laura.

“Shut up! Adults are talking” replied Ellie before turning back to me. “I wondered what you were up to Saturday? Only, I’ve been given these two day passes to the Eden Health Spa including a massage and free meals.” She paused for breath and i noticed that she still had my fingers in her hand and was unconsciously rubbing her index finger along my finger in a very sweet way. I decided not to embarass her and point this out. Instead asking if she wasn’t taking Laura because if Friday and immediately feeling stupid for bringing it up.

“No, you dick! I thought you were more feminine and would like the treatments more” she teased.

“Actually, I thought you might enjoy just chilling and chatting in the spa pools and stuff” she continued, with a hint of a blush “That and Laura is away with the Hockey team so my first choice wasn’t available…” she added, quickly and smoothly replacing her awkward few seconds with a joke, something she did quite often.

“I’d love to Ellie, I said gently squeezing her hand and brushing a hair off her shoulder. “Can I bring my rubber duck? Or is it not that posh?”

Ellie grinned stuck her tongue out at me before a quick hug, where I caught another fragrant scent of cherries on her neck.

“Just your trunks… or speedos… or you know whatever.” She said backing off back towards an impatient Laura who wasn’t used to waiting around for people. I couldn’t help wondering as I walked back to my dorm room what sort of bikini she’d wear on Saturday and if I’m honest, how much I was looking forward to finding out.


I waited, in what can only be described as a large white towel dressing gown, outside the changing rooms in the ‘Eden Health spa and country retreat’. We had gone through a brief induction to our ‘journey of tranquility, mindfulness and relaxation’ while sipping our complimentary grapefruit and elderflower blend (I mean, is that even a real drink? I was assured it would cleanse my sense of oral cognizance, at which Ellie had whispered that she loved when oral was congnizant as the young ‘personal guide’ had continued her explanation of the 7 different hydro pools and various other facilities that Eden had to offer oblivious to our stifled giggling as we forced ‘serious’ faces. After that we had received towels and gowns and headed off to our respective changing rooms to get changed. “Guess who!” whispered a sexy voice behind me as a small soft pair of hands covered my eyes. “Hmmm?” I pondered, theatrically, “Is it Gorilla Grodd?”

This earned me a playful slap as Ellie grabbed my hand in hers and half dragged me down the corridor, “He doesn’t have as much hair as my hands do” she joked back, “but good guess, now hurry up, I wanna see the starlight room and get in the oxygen pool.”

The Starlight room was a huge circular room with huge windows on all sides letting in a lot of sunlight, several Romanesque stone pillars were evenly spaced around the outer edge of the room güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri with three rows of sun loungers all then facing inwards surrounding a large sunken circular pool. Around the edge of the pool you could lay in soft bubbling shallows, while in the centre was a fountain with two naked stone ladies holding each other in a slightly sexual, slightly twisted manner and dolphins, which from the decor and murals clearly featured a great deal in faux-roman baths. It was only as Ellie led me, almost excitedly round the side of the pool to a pair of loungers that were free together bathed in sunlight from the windows to the outside gardens that I noticed the ceiling above the pool was curved and adorned with small lights in the same design as star constellations. This allowed you to lie back in the pool and look up at the stars twinkling above you. “I’ll go get us a dolphin while you find a girl with her tits out to hold onto like the fountain” I joked.

Ellie laughed, then placing her towel on her lounger she removed her gown and placed over the back. As she turned round, and I saw Ellie in her purple bikini for the first time I couldn’t stop myself.

“Wow… erm I mean… shit… erm… ” I frantically fought to say real words and instantly became aware of the swelling in my swim shorts and cursed my decision to wear Lycra swim shorts in an effort to show off my body.

Ellie, for the first time since I’d known her seemed genuinely surprised by my reaction and slightly shy. Regaining her composure she grinned. “You like? Hurry up and get your gown off, I wanna get in the water. “

Realising that I had nowhere to hide I decided to just get it over with, threw my gown and towel on the lounger beside me, smiled as I noticed Ellie’s eyes flick down to my impressive erection in my shorts and then back up to my chest, before stealing another quick glance at my cock and trying her best to cover up the barely perceivable lust in her eyes. I was grateful that I’d lost a few pounds over the last few months due to a summer of tennis with my Dad and running training for a half marathon I had done and looked quite good. Walking past Ellie to the pool I mimicked her response to me, “You like?” before playfully pretending to flick my head like a model and entering the water.

Over the next half hour we lay in the water next to each other just chatting, at one point another couple waded past us, holding each other’s hand and Ellie, almost defensively, moved herself slightly closer to me as we continued talking. I carefully put her hand in mine, all the time making her laugh and as she described her family I felt her intertwine her fingers with mine. In the middle of one story about how she’d missed her school prom because she spilt up with her boyfriend a week earlier and was so pissed of with him she couldn’t face going, she seemed to pause as she noticed another couple on the far side of the pool from us as the girl had delicately kissed her boyfriend. Ellie bit her lower lip as she stared into space, something I had realised usually meant she was considering an action, before surprising me by moving across, brushing her hair from her face and carefully and sweetly kissing me. This was not a sexual kiss, it was hesitant and soft, her eyes looking into mine trying to read my reaction.

I placed my hand on the side of her face and kissed her back and, if her first kiss had been hesitant, this was more urgent, more sexual and like a heat between us had been ignited. She slipped her güvenilir bahis şirketleri tongue between my lips and as I passionately reciprocated felt her hand slide beneath the water and gently rest on my cock which immediately swelled and throbbed against her firm caress. I pulled back from the kiss, surprised at Ellie’s boldness in public but not completely sure I wanted her to stop. “I have wanted you so much this week,” she breathed, her thumb and forefinger softly squeezing the very end of my shaft through my trunks under the bubbling surface of the pool. “I just, she paused, almost apologetic for a second, “it’s just that I like you Andy, and I thought after a Friday I’d ruined it.”

“Ellie, Friday was hot! Drunken yes, but hot as fuck! But I like you to… and… you are gonna have to stop you know.”

I batted her hand away as she continued to gently stroke my cock and I realised that I’d be in trouble if she didn’t stop soon.

“I find you a betwitching combination of beautiful and yet sexier than any girl I’ve ever met, now no more worrying or silliness,” I said, pretending to be stern, “or I’ll have to punish you.”

“Oh really?” She looked at me, challenge in her eyes. Without breaking eye contact she took my hand and moved it to her bikini bottoms, sliding closer to me and inconspicuously so it wasn’t obvious to those around us, she slid my hand up and then inside where, despite being underwater I could tell how wet she was from her own slippery wetness. “What if I do this?” She asked, and before I knew what she was doing, I felt a gentle warmth against my fingers.

“Are you… you… seriously?” I stammered incredulously as she feigned disinterest in me, while simultaneously holding my hand against her pissing pussy lips in a public spa pool. “I can’t believe you…”

She cut me off, “there’s a lot you won’t believe about me, now shut up while I finish, and with that she held her fingers in the stream from her Pussy, lifted them out of the water and pushed two of them straight into my mouth. She whispered in my ear as I sat there, both astonished and incredibly turned on, “that’s it suck the piss from my fingers, one day I’m going to make you drink me, then I’m going to turn around, while my piss is still trickling down your throat and I’m going to slide my pussy onto your cock and make you explode inside me with the taste of my golden nectar still filling your mouth… then will you punish me??”

With slight horror I realised that her hand had resumed rubbing my cock and this time, now she’d finished peeing, her hand had found its way inside my shorts and I was seconds away from orgasm. I noticed that no one around us was paying us any attention as I expected. Her hands were well hidden under the water, yet I felt so paranoid and worried. These feelings soon gave way to pure lust as Ellie leaned in, again in a sexy whisper and breathed “Are you gonna cum for me? Are you going to fill your shorts with my cum as i stroke you? I just pissed on your hand in this Spa pool. Later I am going to fuck you so hard… But right now I want your cum…ready?…5… 4… “

I looked at her in horror, “No Ellie… stop”


I’d reached the point of no return, I did everything, I possibly could to not give myself away.


I exploded in her hand, fighting back my orgasm from appearing in my face and from crying out as she kissed me passionately and continued to caress my cock expertly beneath the bubbling waters of the Spa pool.

Smiling a broad grin, she kissed me once more, got out of the water and lay down on the lounger in front of me and slowly and deliberately licked the cum from her hand as I watch on In a shocked state of ecstasy. It was l clear I had found someone special, but I was going to do everything in my power to get my own back today…

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