7 Mayıs 2021

Fall’s Rapture

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The moonlight slipped through the bedroom, a suitor contending for the hand of the graceful ladies that danced against the wall…the ballet of candlelight soft and elegant. Engulfed in the sweetness of gardenias, I lie naked upon your bed, smoldering with longing. Thoughts of you kiss me, as I watch the ballet play before me…the intertwining and mating of light in the black of the night.

I hear the steady rhythm of your shower running, images of you in my mind’s eye drenched in a symphony. Closing my eyes, I let the softness of the sheets that I lay upon caress my body, slipping to thoughts of your fingers lightly brushing across my bare skin, awakening it from a deep sleep. My senses fill with your presence, my body ready for your touch…a journey redefining passion, rewriting reality…quenching my thirst for you.

The song stops…I lie naked, waiting…in the hushed silence of a warm fall night, a smile touches my mouth that thirsts to drink the wine of your kiss. Only moments separate us now…after all this time…mere footsteps…before the passage to ecstasy begins. My breath catches as I hear your footsteps carry you to me…my nipples tingle with need, my body flushes with expectancy and I feel the longing build…my legs parting slightly to let the air flutter against my swollen, wet pussy…all for you.

I feel your presence as you walk silently across the room, inhaling the scent of your masculinity… quietly waiting for you to be silhouetted in the warm glow of moonlight so I might feast upon your tanned, glistening body. The hair upon your chest holding the droplets of the lingering symphony that had washed over you only minutes before. My fingers ached to touch you…to feel the softness of your skin, to glide through the notes that still cling to you…to find your manhood…delight in its velveteen softness that contrasted so sharply with the hardness I would find sheathed in the velvet.

The moonlight caught you in its spotlight, holding you before me. The passion in your eyes electrified the room, causing me to once again catch my breath and caused my legs to open wider…and you knowingly let your eyes travel over my body, that was calling to you…from my parted lips ready for you kiss, to my breasts begging for your touch, to my pussy shimmering with my already flowing juices.

You returned your eyes to mine, hypnotizing me, whispering to my spirit. How well you know me…for to claim my body completely you must first become a lover of my soul. For then your body will take mine to yours, your waves of pleasure mine, mine yours…two heartbeats one…as you become my breath…my breath becomes yours…every sense awaken to the deepest depth…even our souls become lovers, joining bostancı escort us…carrying us to the place few ever go…Deeper and deeper you travel, through the flesh to my spirit, that waits, arms open to receive you…ready to soar with you.

My name falls from your lips in a soft whisper just as your spirit takes mine, a rainbow of colors exploding around us. You never break your gaze from my eyes as you lower yourself over me, whispering my name. Our spirits now joined, I reach up to receive the gift of your mouth claiming mine…feeling the heat of our bodies meet even before flesh met flesh.

Your fingers wrapped through my hair that fanned out across the pillow, a subtle claiming of me as your lips brushed lightly across my forehead and then down my cheek, gently kissing the teardrop that had escaped when you first touched my spirit…even in that gentle gesture, my body flamed. Your eyes caught mine, your smile settling deep within me before you brought your mouth to mine once again…the sweetest wine I have ever tasted…and I greedily drank of your kiss.

My fingers lightly play across your back…taking in your strength before they glide across your chest…wrapping through the hair that covers you, feeling the song that plays in the droplets for it now keeps rhythm with the beating of your heart…floating across your nipples…I smile beneath your kiss as your nipples harden at my touch. Just as your nipples respond to me, I feel my nipples harden to the calling of your flesh…and I bring my harden nipple to yours, brushing nipple against nipple…they respond in unison…each taunt…the tingling traveling back and forth between us. You drop your head to my breast and fervently take my harden nipple in you mouth, your tongue flicking across the tautness, then suckle…first gently…then with a fevered passion…my other nipple the willing prisoner of your fingers, tweaking and rolling the nipple between them. Back and forth you claimed them…always taking me just to the edge of pleasurable pain before releasing the nipple and reclaiming the other…my heartbeat echoing throughout the room…reaching out to grasp yours…

As you claimed my breasts for your own…branding them with your kiss… I continue to delight in the feel of your nipples beneath my fingers, enjoying how they responded to my teasing…my other hand traveled the length of your torso…memorizing the feel of your skin burning against my touch…until I found your throbbing cock…the skin that held my lust soft as the petals of a rose. My breath caught in my throat…veins pulsating, alive with sensation…hard and soft…so much contrast yet so perfect. Slowly I rediscover your manhood…lightly çeliktepe escort running my fingers the length of your shaft…you moan beneath my exploration, sucking harder at my breast…over and over my fingers tease you…barely touching you…outlining the bulging veins, lost in the contrast between your softness and hardness. My hand wraps gently around you, you gasp as I encase your cock…and begin leisurely taking control of your pleasure.

Your heart beat catches mine and your hands begin the descent down my body as your mouth comes to claim mine once again…tongues dancing in slow seduction…you take great pleasure in my silky softness…and my body quivers beneath your touch, back arching, silently urging you to touch your finger to my clit, to open me and let my wetness run over your fingers. Your breath becomes mine…another joining, subtle, natural…and still our bodies’ burn for release in the coupling that would come.

Your finger brushed lightly against my clit, a moan escaping my lips, my body pushing towards you… “Please touch me…” my voice a whisper, husky with need pleads. Your thumb finds its home against my clit, a gentle circular motion, before opening me and slowly thrusting a finger deep within me…my juices flowing like a river from me. My hand on your cock quickly matches the rhythm of your finger deftly fucking me. Your breath comes hot against my neck, two fingers probing deep inside… your thumb doing its magic on my clit.

My hand adjusts to your swelling cock. Taking my hand from your nipple, I let my finger glide across the head of your cock, wet with precum…and bring my wet finger to my mouth to remind my taste buds of you. Your body ripples with pleasure…your hips thrusting foreword, building momentum. Friction builds between my hand and your engorged manhood…shivers of pleasure run through my palm…and then back into your cock.

Lost once again in your kisses, your tongue filling my mouth as your fingers fill my saturated pussy I wrap my legs around you, pulling you closer and run the tip of your wet cock across my stomach, dipping it into my navel. Silk caressing velvet…your moan comes from deep inside of you.

Never had I wanted a man more than you…I broke from your kiss and searched the depth of your eyes…then I leaned and whispered, “Fuck me, take me, claim me…”

“Not yet…” the answer comes as you continue your manipulations of my body as it flamed beneath your touch. So lost I was in your strokes, I didn’t even question your hands had now become four, then six…all touching, stroking…a warm mouth covering my bulging clit, a tongue flicking across my taunt nipple… as you once again claimed my mouth. cihangir escort My body totally possessed by the ardent attention being lavished against it, my mind lost in the bliss of surrender.

How long had I known I could trust you with my deepest fantasies, my intense desires? How often had I felt you would take me to the places I longed to go? How well you know me…How subtly you brought me to this place of total surrender into ecstasy.

You moved away from me, and I knew you were moving to watch…and just as you went to watch, I watched, her long blonde hair cascading across my stomach…her fingers teasing the inside of my thighs as her tongue flicked against my clit, then before I could cum, she would leave my clit and dip her tongue deep inside of me…my back arched, the sensations of her silky hair trailing across my skin as your tongue came in a tender fury against me…her finger tips finding the most sensitive of skin on my inner thighs…floating…nothing more than the gentle manipulations of pleasure…

I watched as he left my breast, and moved behind her, running his hands the length of her back, whispering words that did not reach me, yet they seemed to fuel the passion that drove her against me. Each touch that was stroked against her…shuddered through her to me…our moans becoming one…mere extensions of the others pleasure.

Your eyes feasted on the sight…your eyes blazing with ardor, and when they sought my eyes that fire consumed us both… your cock throbbed in your hand…from the ministrations that played against me to the fire in your eyes…the sight of your cock, ready for me…from mind, to body to soul…the climax built…a tidal wave of ecstasy that began in my mind…traveled through my body and released in my soul…my orgasm crashed through me…a new surrender…

Three bodies, three orgasms…I slowly opened my eyes, my breath returning to me to as you positioned yourself over me. You, the one of my affection…Reaching up to bring your lips to mine, I’m once again lost in the sweetness of your kiss, the heat of your body caressing me and I arch to beg you entrance.

Your cock teases me, brushing against my wetness. Your kiss taking my breath from me, and once again it is one breath that holds us, our heartbeats a sweet melody of unison…and I reach down, grabbing your cock, arch my hips higher and take you into me…slowly… every fiber of me tingling, electrified by the feelings of your hard manhood stroking my wet pussy…

our audience moans at the sight of you filling me…and I wonder if perhaps this is the most beautiful sight in the world…your tan body hard, beaded with perspiration, flush with passion, your eyes smoldering with want, the perfect contrast against me, my body a light golden, soft as silk from the daily massages of oils, my passion for you tinting my breasts a pale pink and my eyes holding the fire of my depths … buried deep inside me…

to be continued…

(c) 2003 Kit Sorenson All rights reserved

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