22 Haziran 2021

First Time at the Rim

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He was fifty-two and she, his research assistant, was still several months away from her thirtieth birthday. His book had just been published and they were at a party in the faculty club held in honor of the accomplishment. It was his greatest achievement to date and would surely cement his reputation firmly in the halls of academe. Her participation, which had been considerable, would also be a major feather in her cap as well. She had already decided she wanted to thank him in a special way.

The party had passed the most raucous stage by now and the crowd was thinning out, leaving only the die-hards, and most dedicated drinkers. Quite a few were obviously well beyond being able to safely walk, let alone drive home and, already, one of the faculty heads had stumbled into the pair whilst making an unsteady bee-line for the bar.

“Good Lord,” she said, shaking her head with an amused roll of her eyes. Suddenly, she grabbed his arm and maneuvered him out through the French doors and out on to the verandah. It was warm that evening and the relative quiet was a relief after the drunken hilarity inside. She stopped before an ivy covered stanchion and turned to face him.

“Listen, I really want to say thank you for taking me on as your assistant,” she said to him. “It’s really been an honor working for you, you know.”

She was looking up at him as a young girl might gaze at a favorite teacher and he couldn’t help but be struck by her beauty in the soft moonlight. She had ash-blonde hair, long and lustrous, but her eyebrows were both dark, a combination he had always found exquisite. For a moment, and not for the first time, he found himself wondering if ‘cuffs matched collar’, as they say, and he was trying to push the thought from his mind when, suddenly, she wrapped her arms around him.

The action startled him. It was not that having her slender form pressed against his was unwelcome, by any means, but it was totally unexpected. For a second or two, he just stood there in astonished silence before, uncertainly, hugging her back.

“Oh… Really, there’s no need to thank me,” he began to protest, but she cut him off.

“Yes… yes there is,” she said firmly. “You have no idea what this experience has meant to me and I will never forget you. I can’t express how important this has all been for me in words, so I want to do something special for you… something… well, anything, actually. Anything you want…”

He was conscious of her face being turned very closely towards him and he could feel her breath on his neck. Then she suddenly leaned back and looked directly into his eyes in a very meaningful way.

“And I do mean anything,” she whispered. Then she paused. “Except…” she said. “Except for one thing…”

He started at her in confusion. For a few seconds, he couldn’t credit what she was saying. He hardly dared to believe the promise her words seemed to contain but the ‘anything’ seemed so laden with thrilling carnal suggestion they surely couldn’t be mistaken for anything less. Now, she seemed to be dashing his brief hopes. It turned out, though, that she wasn’t finished. There was a low bench running along the verandah wall and she sat, pulling him down.

“I’m a virgin,” she announced, quite matter-of-factly. “And that won’t change until I marry… but, anything else… anything else you might want to do, or have done to you… it’s all on the table, if, well… if you want it.” Her voice dropped to a low, almost husky whisper. “Is there something… something special I can do… something you want?”

He was… well, flabbergasted wasn’t strong enough a word for it…

For several long seconds, he stared at her, his heart thumping in his chest. It wasn’t that he didn’t know what to say, or at least what he *wanted* to say (that actually came almost instantly to mind)… Rather, he didn’t know if he dared to say it. In a turmoil of indecision, he suddenly girded himself and, fearful he was making a terrible mistake, he leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

In the moment or so that followed, her silence made him sure he had, in fact, gone too far, but then he saw her looking at him in a thoughtful way.

“Well… that’s rather…um… intriguing.” she finally said. It was clear that she had chosen the last word carefully but it was also clear, from the look in her eye and the way she shifted slightly on the bench, that it was more than that. She fell silent again for a moment or two. “Do you mean getting it done to you… or doing?” she asked.

“Oh… me doing,” he answered hurriedly, as though reassuring her. “Me doing the… uh… doing”.

She smiled at his clumsiness and one of her lovely eyebrows arched prettily. She looked away then, and stared off at nothing. She then uttered a single word, almost dreamily, letting it seem to roll off her tongue and hang in the air.

“Rimming…” she said softly.

He gazed at her, still not entirely certain what she was thinking. Then she turned canlı bahis back to him.

“Thursday night.” She said. “You can come to my place…. Nine o’clock?”


When Thursday finally (and very slowly) arrived, he wasn’t sure whether he should go through with it. He started to convince himself that she had made a reckless promise in the heat of the moment and was probably now regretting it. But… he told himself… she hadn’t been drunk… barely drank much at all that night, actually… and she spoke with such a deliberate manner that it seemed unlikely she didn’t really mean what she said. Moreover, each time he had briefly considered calling to beg off with some excuse or other, he was deeply aware that he was aching to fulfill his admitted desire and, in the end, that was what ruled.

Two hours before the appointed time, he took a long, hot shower, scrubbing himself almost obsessively until he was squeaky clean. Afterwards, he agonized over what to wear. She had never given any indication of what he ought to expect in that direction and he didn’t know if a suit was appropriate, or maybe just jeans. In the end, he took the middle road and chose a sport jacket over simple slacks, then fretted for the next 45 minutes until it was time to leave.

The drive to her place took no time at all and he ended up sitting outside the small 4 unit apartment block for ten minutes or so, not wishing to appear over eager. When he did eventually make his way to her ground floor apartment door, his hands were sweating with nervousness and he almost lost his grip on the bottle of wine he had brought. It seemed an eternity until she answered his knock but when she appeared at the door she gave him a beautiful warm smile, making him feel suddenly more relaxed.

“Come in,” she said.

She was wearing a light summer dress in stripes of alternating pastel greens and blues and her hair was tied back in a loose pony-tail. She looked terrific and the prospect of what was about to happen made his heart leap at the sight of her. He clumsily thrust the bottle towards her.

“Thank you,” she said. “I’ve just opened a bottle for us though… but who knows, maybe we’ll manage two.”

He followed her inside. It was the very first time he had been to her home and, though small, it looked comfortable and neat in a simple way. It was an open-architecture little space, with the kitchen opening directly on to the living room. There was no bedroom, as such; rather, her simple futon on a low frame took up most of a large alcove sort of area. The lights were low and there was a light floral scent hanging in the air.

She put his gift bottle on the kitchen counter and poured them each a glass of her wine. She brought it over to him and then clicked his glass with hers before taking a swallow. He followed suit and then nervously cleared his throat.

“You know… I wasn’t… wasn’t sure if this was… well, was really going to happen,” he told her. Her pretty eyebrows arched and a little smile teased the corners of her mouth.

“Did you think I wasn’t serious… or that I might back out?” she asked him. He only gave a sheepish little shrug by way of reply and she shook her head slowly. “You didn’t need to worry,” she said. Then she suddenly tilted her head. “You know what? I have an idea… why don’t we save ourselves all that awkward fumbling around later and maybe slip into something more comfortable now? I have an extra robe in my bathroom… why not go in there and change out of your clothes and I’ll do the same out here… sound good?”

He nodded, his face suddenly flushing with the first real ramping up of his excitement. She took his glass and pointed to the bathroom door.

“Just through there,” she said.

The tiny bathroom was gleaming, smelling of lavender, and he found the robe she had told him about hanging behind the door. It was white terry-cloth and could as easily have been made for a man as a woman. His hands were trembling as he removed his clothes and neatly folded them before placing them on top of her laundry hamper, and he could feel his pulse beating rapidly when he pulled on the soft white robe and tied it closed. He waited for a minute or two, giving her plenty of time to get ready and then emerged.

She was standing near the little sofa that faced her bed and he suddenly felt almost dizzy at the sight of her. She was wearing a little Japanese house-coat that just covered the tops of her thighs and her hair had been released so that it hung loose on her shoulders. She was holding both of their glasses of wine and she motioned him over as she sat down, He came to her and, as he sat down beside her and she handed him his wine, his leg brushed hers and the feel of the silky smooth skin sent a delicious shiver up his spine.

“Thank you,” he said, conscious that his voice was little hoarse. She took a sip of her wine and looked at him as though carefully considering her next words.

“You know, I wanted to ask bahis siteleri you…” she began. “This thing you asked me about… this experience we are about to have… have you ever, you know… done it to anyone before?”

“Um … no,” he admitted. “But I’ve wanted to…. Have you ever…”

“Had someone do it to me?” she finished for him. She didn’t wait for a reply but, instead, shook her head. “No,” she told him. “It’s not like I’ve ever been uncomfortable with that sort of play… I really enjoy it actually…being touched and stimulated there… by the right person, or even… you, know… alone.”

This frank admission, uttered in her soft, throaty voice, made him feel almost giddy with sudden, desperate longing. He took a deep draught from his glass.

“I’ve had this as a fantasy for a very long time,” he told her shyly. “And just thinking about it… especially talking about it with you while knowing what… well, what is going to happen… I find it so… well, very arousing!”

She nodded, and then suddenly reached over and undid the tie on his robes and opened it. He wasn’t hard yet, but he was also not limp either, and his cock twitched at her soft touch. She looked down between his legs.

“So I see,” she smiled. Then she said, almost with a sense of wonder “It is exciting, isn’t it? It’s more than just the usual anticipation though… it’s something deeper, I think… is it the thought of doing something… well… taboo, maybe?”

Her words were sending little shivers of excitement up and down his spine and he couldn’t speak. He merely nodded as she continued.

“You know what excites me about this?” she asked. “It’s the thought of doing something not just… well, naughty… but something that’s so wonderfully dirty but so very intimate at the same time. Is that how it makes you feel? Is that what excites you… when you think of putting your mouth on me that way… putting your mouth to my bottom?”

Oh Sweet Lord…

She was looking into his eyes now and he could see that hers were glistening. She was clearly aroused and he was now fully hard. His cock pointing up from his lap. She saw his swollen staff and gave a little sigh of delight.

“And… you’re uncircumcised,” she observed. “That’s so rare these days. I like that… it’s very sexy, I think.” She set her wine glass down on the table beside her and then reached down to caress the turgid shaft, holding it gently like a little bird. He gave a little shudder at the wonderful sensation and a slight gasp escaped him. She quickly let go.

“Should I take it easy for now,” she asked in tender concern. He nodded. The level of his arousal was such that he didn’t want things to go too quickly. “Alright, then,” she nodded. “Maybe you would like to see me now? Would you like me to undress for you?”

Without waiting for a response, she rose, took his glass from him and set it down, then took him by the hand. She led him over to the bed and, after sliding his robe from his shoulders, she stood before him and looked down into his eyes. He could tell by the light flush coloring her cheeks that, for her, the act of undressing for him was something deeply arousing. Slowly, she slipped apart the little belt closing her own house-coat and let it slip to the floor.

Her breasts were perfect. They were small, like those of a ballerina, and capped with tiny little nipples only slightly darker than the light tan of her skin. Her stomach was completely flat and, beneath, the skimpy little panties she wore revealed the answer to a question that had plagued him. The fabric wasn’t see-through, exactly, but it was so whisper thin he could just make out that the outward curve of her prominent mound was covered with a dark, luxurious bush. Still looking at him, savoring the effect she was having, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband and slid the inconsequential little garment down over hips and let them drop to the floor.

“My God,” he whispered as she gracefully stepped out of them. “You are so beautiful…” She smiled and slid her hands up over the smoothness of her tummy and cupped her breasts.

“I’ve not got much up here, but many people have told me my bottom is my best feature…. are you ready to see?”

She turned then, and when he saw what she had, he exhaled sharply. It wasn’t just a beautiful derriere, it was the most exquisite he had ever seen. She might be lithe and slender everywhere else but her bottom, though tiny, had a lovely fullness to it, like a ripe peach. Soft, but delightfully firm, the inviting crevice widening ever so slightly to form a slight crease where cheek met leg. She let her hand drop then ran her finger tips around the curves of her thighs and then upward, lightly pulling at the underside of each globe of flesh. Almost, but not quite spreading them apart, teasing him.

“Do you like?” she asked him, with a teasing little lilt to her voice. She was half turned now, looking over her shoulder,. He nodded dumbly, unable to bahis şirketleri form words, and then she spoke again. Not teasing this time, but shyly. “I’ve never done this before,” she said softly. “Not let anyone see me… well, so … you know… openly back there.” She almost shivered right then, but it wasn’t hesitancy, he could tell, rather, it was as though she had just discovered something deeply exciting and new to her. “I know,” she said suddenly, turning around again. “Let’s do this properly… let me get on the bed, okay? It’ll be better that way … why don’t you kneel down… so you’re close to me… I want to make this special.”

He thought he almost might faint as she did as she asked. He watched as she slipped past him and then lightly climbed onto the bed on her knees directly before him, her sweet bottom no more than a foot away. She stayed still like that for a few seconds, then bent forward slowly until her head was on the bedcover, face turned to one side, and her lovely hair spread over her back and shoulders. Her crevice was spread slightly now, but the dark shadows still hid what was within. Then, she allowed one hand to come back and she eased the fingers over her left cheek and he saw the flesh dimple as the tips began to grip.

“I’m going to do it,” she said, her voice now an urgent whisper. “I’m going to let you see me… see .. . Everything.”

Oh, Sweet Heaven….

As she spread herself wide for him, his eye opened wide in sudden awe and his cock seemed to throb to an even greater level of aching fullness at the incredible sight. Her secret little opening was right before his longing gaze now, and it was exquisite. From the pale flesh at the outer edges of her crevice, the skin within became a light pink-tan and then darkened as it began to twist into a vortex of sharply delineated lines, spiraling into a little knot at the center. He was conscious now, not only of the thumping of his heart, but her deep, measured breathing. She was, he knew, as excited as he was by what was about to happen.

“Touch me,” she said, suddenly and breathlessly, her voice tight and excited. “Put your mouth to me… to my bottom!”

H needed no encouragement… Almost reverently, he reached up and slid his hands up the sides of her thighs and then leaned forward. He paused, just a few inches away, taking one last look at her lovely, twisted little orifice, then he closed his eyes and, with no preliminaries, no tentative investigations, he bent and placed his lips firmly, and without hesitation, to, and around, her sweet little hole. At the touch, she flinched, her back and thigh muscles suddenly going taut.

“Oh… Jeeeesusss,” she almost hissed.

He kissed hard, his face wedged deep into the tight crevice between her cheeks and then slipped his tongue against her, first pressing the flat of it hard against her hole and then sweeping it wetly around the surrounding skin. The crenellations that formed the lovely star pattern outside the tight aperture were deep, and it was almost like running his tongue over the teeth of a comb… each little catch transmitting tingles of pure pleasure into her sensitive flesh. Her breathing, already now shallower and more rapid, turned into low moans of intense ecstasy and he now began flicking his tongue tip rapidly against the very center of her anus, pressing a little harder each time. All at once, he became aware that her hand was no longer holding herself open and was now beneath her, reaching up until he felt the fingertips brush against the underside of his chin.

“Oh God…. I’m so fucking wet,” she gasped. He could tell she was touching herself, teasing the sensitive folds of her cunt as he pleasured her ass. His tongue now started to probe more insistently at the vortex of her anus, seeking entry. “Oh yes!” hissed urgently. “Do it! Please!”

She was very tight, deliciously so, but he continued to press home and she, in turn, started pushing her bottom back in to him, urging him in. He probed harder and then, quite suddenly felt her give way to him and he was inside. “Oh Fuck… Yes! It’s so fucking… We’re so fucking… Dirty! Tongue my asshole… go deep in me!”

He was wriggling inside now, the exquisite task made easier by the quickening back thrusts of her hips. Two inches was the farthest he could go, but he used the very tip of his tongue to pleasure the tight, muscular ring inside, twisting it, curling it, teasing her into an agonizing ecstasy. He was distantly aware that her hand was moving back and forth furiously between her legs and then suddenly, her ass bucked hard against him and she cried out. Her asshole clamped hard around his tongue in a vice like grip, pulsing as the waves of her orgasm burst through her.

It must have lasted a full minute or so and then she gasped a final time and went limp, dropping flat to the mattress and panting heavily. The action released him and, as she fell away, he could see the wet hole of her anus wink as the last contractions dies away. He was so hard now, almost dangerously close to exploding.

“I’m not sure I can last much longer,” he said. She lay panting a few seconds later and then a little weakly, she pushed herself up and turned to face him.

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