29 Ocak 2022

Fixated on Oral Ch. 03-04

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Chapter 3

They both got out of the shower and didn’t bother to towel off. Aly followed him up to his bedroom, staring at his tight ass the whole time. Everything was erect on their bodies from excitement and the cold air. They let the water drip off them and hurried up to the bed to continue.

Once in the room Aly asked, “So can I play again now?” Looking at his cock not his face, it was hard and wet and she wanted it back in her mouth.

He laughed and said, “Sure, be my guest, I wouldn’t want to deny your favorite thing.”

He stood next to the bed and she approached dropping to her knees in front of him and without hands took his throbbing wet member into her mouth and swallowed the whole of it. He threw back his head with a moan and placed his hands on the back of her wet hair and enjoyed the sensations running through his cock.

Reaching up Aly grabbed his ass and pulled him towards her swallowing more of his cock and kneading his ass cheeks with her hands. Moving up his back she scratched and worked her hands. Sucking and fucking his cock with her mouth, saliva and water oozed down his balls and along his shaft as she continued her oral treat.

She couldn’t get enough, sucking playing, bobbing and swallowing his hard rod, she knew he would last this time and she was taking full advantage of it. She was so into it that is seemed she was enjoying it more than Christian. With every lick and suck she’d constricted her muscles and brought pleasure to her cunt and clit herself. Her hands came around and rolled his balls in her palms and returned to his ass and back. Faster and faster she would move his cock in and out of her mouth, tonguing the underside and slurping all the juices and reapplying them, making quite a mess of his balls and floor. She knew the wetter the better and she could care less about messes, tastes, or anything. All she cared about was sucking this cock, and fulfilling her oral fixation.

Christian was in absolute heaven, he had a goddess on her knees in front of him and she was going to town in ways he never thought possible. The absolute pleasure mixed with the pain of her hands on his ass and back made him almost fall over and he had to use his hands for support on the bed behind him or Aly’s head. He didn’t even need to coax her on with his hands she was doing everything perfect and he felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

He was expecting her to stop any minute but she just wouldn’t, it was like she needed it for life and had to get her fill. He lost track of time as she continued sucking, kissing, licking, swallowing, every inch of his cock. It was uncanny but every time he started to get close to cumming it was like she knew it and would change what she was doing and relive some of the buildup holding him in a state of euphoria he had never been before.

Aly’s head continued to bob and swerve over her favorite thing, she felt him get close a few times and wanted to continues so she alternated between different styles prolonging her fun. She knew exactly what to do to make him cum but she wasn’t done yet, and besides she still wanted him inside her again, knowing if he finished now she would have to wait a while this time before he could get it up again.

She enjoyed hearing him moan and his hands on her head. The water had evaporated off their hot bodies and her pussy and his cock were the only things still wet. She continued to focus on his cock and squeezing her clit and vagina with her legs. She looked up at him and watched his facial expressions as she tried different things to him. She finally realized her knees were starting to hurt and Christian’s legs were slightly unsteady so she finished with one long suck and rose up to her feet.

He looked at her and jokingly asked, “Done already?”

She smiled, “Shut up,” she said and pushed him onto the bed.

He fell down onto it with a big smile and asked, “Have I ever told you how good you are at that?”

“Duh, every time,”

“And that’s a bad thing?” he questioned.

“Well not really, but I kinda already know,” she told him.

She climbed onto the bed and over the top of him, straddling his body. She reached down between her legs, found his penis and pushed it back vertical and eased herself down onto it. Her wet hot pussy enveloped his cock and they both moaned in harmony as the full length pressed in. Reaching up, he went right for her lovely tits and began playing, pulling and pinching her nipples with his thumb and index finger as the rest of his hand cupped her orbs.

She ground down on him grinding her clit into his pelvic bone kadıköy escort above his cock, rocking back and forth she didn’t slide much just worked the clit on his body with his full length pressed inside her. His hands found her tight ass and he helped her push down adding more pressure and pleasure to her clit. Leaning over him he was able to nibble and lick her nipples and breasts as she continued grinding.

Aly grabbed the bed sheets in her fists and started rocking faster, her clit was so engorged that the pressure and friction was going to make her climax and she was actively making that happen. She could feel the wave coming and was going to ride it to its full capacity. Her climax peeked and she let out a small scream as she felt her whole body convulse and began to roll with wave after wave of gratification.

Christian saw and heard her getting off and felt the spasms her pussy were performing on his dick. Her breathing was fast and her chest was heaving from the effort and orgasm. She tried to roll him over but had no strength left. He knew what she wanted, she needed to lie down or she was going to collapse right on top of him.

He rolled and she went with him falling on her back still breathing hard. His cock stayed inside her and he let her catch her breath kissing her neck, collarbones and upper chest. He kept the bottom half of his body still until she came off the peak. She opened her eyes and looked into his, their lips met and eyes closed together in a passionate kiss. They made out for a while, touching tongues and biting each other’s lips gently.

Rising up onto his knees Christian knelt in front of her and she spread her legs and lifted them up onto his shoulders. This bent his cock horizontal and gave him great friction and added to the depth for her. She urged him on and he started moving his cock in and out of her very wet pussy. He got faster by the minute and was really driving it home enjoying the feeling in his cock and the sight of Aly’s tits moving in circles as he thrust.

Aly looked up and watch Christian pound away at her, his cock was getting bigger inside of her and she felt the added tightness. He began to get faster and harder and her breast rolled and swayed on her chest. Her nipples were erect with excitement and her clit and pussy were humming with rapture as she watched the expressions on his face as he drove his cock into her.

She urged him on with, “that’s it; give it to me, hard and deep.”

And he obliged with no comment, only increasing his force and speed. He got careless and his cock flipped out of her slick pussy a few times and he had to put it back in but she didn’t mind the feeling of it completely leaving and reentering was nice. His balls were tightening once again and the tell tell signs of another climax were starting. He wanted to last for one more position so he slowed and flipped her legs off his shoulders and rolled her over onto her tummy.

She got the idea of course and lifted herself onto her hands and knees spreading her legs as she felt him come up from behind and rub the head of his hard cock on her ass crack and down her pussy. She felt him move it around with his hand and it made its way back into her hot cunt. He grabbed her hips and pounded it into her with attitude. She turned her head and looked back at him. He broke his composure first and started to laugh as did she.

“Sorry just screwing around,” he said laughing.

“Oh so you want it rough?” she joked with him. “I can give it to you rough if you’d like,”

“Maybe later,” he snickered and went back to his rhythmic thrusts holding her hips and ass, spreading her cheeks and pushing them together as he pushed in and out.

He reached forward as well and would grab her swaying tits, playing with the nipples and then back to her ass. She reveled in the attention he was giving her and basked in his hard cock, from behind her, thrusting over and over into her hot depths. She felt him get faster and with more intent. His cock was hardening and he was breathing hard and really going to town on her now. She knew he was getting close and she looked back again to watch.

“Go, Go Christian give it to me,” she whispered to him watching his face and hard chest.

Christian was at the point of no return and drove his steely cock into Aly’s cunt, held it there and exploded.

Aly saw the look on his face and felt his load explode inside of her, his cock continued to throb and he began to move it again finishing himself off inside of her üsküdar escort in an incredible orgasm.

He finally stopped moving and she collapsed on the bed and he fell next to her kissing her neck and rubbing her sexy back.

He caught his breath and said, “Damn! Look at the time we’ve been at this for awhile, I’m starving, what about you?”

“Yes, me too, I can eat now,” she responded.

They laid there for a few more minutes and then got up to get some food.

Chapter 4

“Hey I forgot to tell you, Jason called and emailed me a bunch today complaining about Heather and their sex life,” Aly mentioned to Christian as they ate the food he found in his fridge.

They had dressed somewhat and were enjoying the snack after all the fun they had just had.

“What good will it do to tell you?” Christian asked, “What does he want you to do about it?”

“Well that’s why I brought it up, he wants me to talk to Heather and try and convince her to try different things and just too actually do it,” she responded.

“Hey, it’s a lost cause; she is never going to change. Jason knows you too well and wants Heather to be more like you, and you and I know that will never happen, even if she tries,” he said with a chuckle.

“I know, but I’ve known them forever, since before high school, hell I set them up, it’s kinda my fault that Jason is so unhappy, I convinced him to marry her,” she said.

“It isn’t your fault Heather is the way she is. So what do you plan on doing? Heather doesn’t even know you are the way you are, hell she thinks we’re just friends for hell sakes. You would have to reveal things you don’t want to, to try and help her,” he explained.

“I know but if it helps maybe it will be worth it for both of them.”

“I don’t think it is a good idea at all and you should stay out of their marriage, it should be none of your business anyway,” Christian exclaimed a little too forceful and Aly went on the defensive.

“That’s your opinion,” Aly said snippy.

“I don’t get you, always trying to help people out that don’t want the help and will never change. I mean look at the girl at work, what’s her name, Veronica? Ya you freaking told her and taught her lots of shit, even how to suck cock using a banana. You wasted your time with her damn husband as well, getting his hope up and then she didn’t do shit. Now you want to try again on someone else. Why waste your time?”

This pissed Aly off and she just looked at him not bothering to comment. She was fired up inside and couldn’t believe he could be so mean after what they just did together.

Christian realized from her silence that he probably just made her mad but somehow turned it around and made himself think he should be the one pissed off and that she needed to just get over it and listen to him.

They finished the meal in silence and Christian got up and went up to his room alone, expecting her to follow him shortly. She stayed down stairs for a while thinking.

“Man sometimes he can be a real asshat,” she whispered once he had left.

The food had given her a second wind and she needed to get her oral fix again but didn’t know if she wanted to ‘reward’ Christian for being such a dick.

“Well shit I’d only be hurting my self if I didn’t do it,” she thought.

It was really early in the morning and she had work today but she had gone without sleep before, and walked into work thinking everyone could tell what she had been up to the night before. She didn’t care and hid it rather well. Whatever she had to do to fulfill her need, that’s what mattered.

She headed up stairs and found Christian asleep, but she expected that. He seemed to need more sleep then her. She didn’t bother to undress and slid into bed next to him. She really wanted to wake him up, even though she was still pissed off at him but the urge to suck outweighed her anger.

She felt his body, he had his shirt off but his pajama bottoms were on and he was sound asleep and didn’t even stir as she touched him. The bottoms were loose enough she was able to pull them down enough to get to what she wanted without waking him. His cock was flaccid, which she expected after the last two explosions she caused. Working her head under the covers she found his cock in the dark and started slowly licking it. She kept her hands away from it and just teased it with the tip of her tongue, tracing it. Up and down the shaft and over the head, back down the shaft to his balls. His cock started to move from the attention and she continued to lick it softly tuzla escort as it bounced and pulsed up to its erect position.

Christian woke up almost immediately when she started licking his cock, but he acted like he was still sleeping.

“Man she must not be that mad, well knowing her, she still could be and is doing this for herself,” he thought to himself.

He felt his cock rising and Aly just kept on licking. He was waiting for her to suck and swallow it before he would appear to wake up.

Aly licked from the base to the tip of his cock and knew it was fully erect. She moved her head above it and put her ear down on his tummy and put the head of his cock in her mouth and played with her tongue on the slit. She felt Christian stir and wake.

“Well hello,” he said

She mumbled something back to him and proceeded to swallow more of his cock working slowly down the shaft. Once his cock was half way in her mouth she rotated her head and moved his cock vertical just with her lips and cheek. Then taking more of it in, she swallowed all of it down to the base.

He moaned loudly with pleasure and put his hands under his head watching the sheet over her move as she went further down. He wasn’t expecting what she did next and it made him jump and twitch. Instead of the gentle warm soft feel of her lips and tongue coming back up, she ground her teeth on his shaft and pain shot through his cock.

“Damn that hurt,” he said.

He heard her chuckle a bit and then she grabbed his cock with her hand and yanked on it, pulling so hard it hurt again. He knew now that he was in for it and she really was mad at him. Her other hand scratched his inner thigh with her long nails and she pulled on his cock again and actually bit the head. He didn’t know what to do; it wasn’t like terrible but made him a little nervous.

“Ahh! Fuck, damn that hurts Al,” Christian said and kept on moaning in pain. He tried to get her to stop by pulling her head up out of the sheets and kiss her but she was having none of it. She kissed him hard and bit his lip, pulled his hair and scratched his chest on the way back to his cock.

He gave up then and decided he’d ‘suffer’ through it.

Aly was enjoying herself, her clit was pulsing and the excitement of the oral play and pain was making her really wet. She bent his cock further towards his feet, knowing full well as hard as he was it would hurt. She scratched his legs and stomach again and then squeezed his eggs making him squirm and yelp like a puppy. She laughed again and ground her teeth down the shaft and bit the base harder and scraped back up the shaft.

She tortured his cock for quite awhile, making him squirm and getting herself really worked up. She wanted to make him cum again in her mouth so she stopped being mean and got down to business. Her hands became gentle on his legs and balls and her mouth became hot wet velvet. Up and down his shaft she worked her mouth and tongue sucking the head and swallowing his shaft, twisting her head making a mess of his balls with pre-cum and spit.

Christian was now in paradise and he was thankful she quit when she did on the rough stuff. He was thinking he would have scraps for sure when he looked at his legs and cock. But all of that was fading quickly as she worked her magic. He felt her cup his balls and push them up towards his cock and deeply take his shaft down her throat again. So hot so wet, so damn good, it was memorizing and he knew she was working on him to climax.

It didn’t take long, it just felt too good, and he arched his back getting ready for the peak and release. She felt his legs tighten and heard the moan of inevitability come from his lips. Seconds later he sprayed the back of her throat with cum. It wasn’t as thick as the last time and she knew that it was because he had already cum twice before. She swallowed it easily because there wasn’t much. He jerked and bucked in her mouth and she continued to suck and lift his balls up, milking all she could out of them. He stopped cumming and she sucked the head hard making him squirm once again.

“Thanks for dessert,” she said sarcastically and came up from under the covers and laid her head on his heaving chest.

“No problem,” was his reply. “What was with the rough stuff?”

“Cause you were an ass when we were eating!”

“Just because I don’t agree with you trying to help people?”

“It was more in the way you said it, you don’t have to be such a prick about it and if you do it again you’ll think tonight was mild compared to what I do next time.”

“Okay whatever you say Aly.”

She looked over at his clock. “Well look at that I have one hour to get some sleep before work, that’s better then normal,” she laughed.

They snuggled up together, his hands on her tits and she reached back behind and rested her hand on her favorite appendage. He played with her breasts for a while but then both ended up drifting to sleep.

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