29 Ocak 2022

Four Way Holiday

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“Come here sweetie, I think I found one!” she called to her husband.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“A castle to stay in on our vacation. It’s called The Castle Liebe or Castle Love. It’s on the Rhine near Koblenz. Read the ad.” she said.

“Wilkommen to Castle Liebe. This is where Medieval Lovers come to enjoy Germany and each other. Your accommodations include an entire floor of the castle to yourself. All meals are included. Spend your night in a luxurious royal suite custom made for princes and princesses. Our servants are more than willing to please and care for your every need. Enjoy medieval food and drink. Thrill in the majesty of the Middle Ages on the Rhine. Castle Liebe is for lovers with open minds, not for the shy.”

“What do you think?” she asked.

“Sounds like fun, a romantic getaway full of sexual adventure in a castle on the Rhine. What’s not to like. Any adventure that offers me a chance to make love to you, is a priority in my book.” He said as he leaned forward and kissed her on the top of her head. He then put both hands under her arms and gently cupped each breast with his palms. She gently slapped his hands.

“No groping.”

He gave her braless breasts another gentle squeeze then pulled away. He loved the early morning when she ran around the house with no bra on and only a t-shirt covering her lovely shapes. More often than not her nipples poked out a little and got his attention. He was often caught staring.

“Send them an email inquiry and get more details.” He said

“Okay” she replied. Then she stood up and turned around to face him. She gave him a light kiss and grabbed his cock through the material of his shorts and gave it a good firm squeeze.

“I can see you’re interested. You’re getting hard all ready.”

“Always for you sweetie.” he said as he walked away into the other room with the bulge in his shorts sticking out several inches. He headed into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. She followed.

“I can’t believe the boys aren’t up yet.”

“We could always take advantage of the quiet time.” She said. She moved in behind him and pressed her self against him. Having already removed her shirt, her breasts pressed against the bare skin of his back. She could feel the warmth of his body through her skin. She reached around slid her hands inside the waistband of his shorts. Her right hand wrapped around his half-erect penis and her left gently cupped his testicles. She could feel his cock growing just from her touch. Control is a powerful aphrodisiac. She loved having power over the human flesh of her lover. One of her favorite things was the feel a man’s cock grow long and hard in her hand and especially in her mouth. She loved to take a soft, flaccid cock in her mouth and feel it grow and stiffen from the hot manipulation of her lips and tongue until it was long and rock hard.

She would have to skip that this time as here lover was already at full attention from her touch. She slowly stroked up and down his shaft. She pulled the skin down tight to the base and then up again. At the top she ran her thumb over the swollen head and felt her lover’s whole body shiver. His hands gripped the counter top tight and his breathing intensified.

She leaned farther forward and kissed him between the shoulder blades. Her hard nipples pressed into his back. She removed her hands from his shorts and took a half step back.

He turned around to face her. His shorts bulged in front of here eyes. She put her hands on his head and brought her lips to his. She kissed him deeply running her tongue over his and tugging his lips. She ground her mound against his erection. His hands found their way to her firm ass and he messaged her cheeks through her panties. He started to remove her bikini underwear and she stopped him.

“Not yet” she said, reminding him that she was in control and was seducing him.

She lowered herself down to a kneeling position. As she did she let her fingers slowly comb thru the hair on his chest. She loved running her fingers thru his hair. With one swift move she pulled his shorts down to his ankles. His erection immediately sprang forward. She was face to face with his throbbing cock. It was a full 7 inches long and 2 ½ inches in diameter. Not one more cc of blood could fit in its tight wrappings. Her mouth was less than an inch from the reddened head. He could feel her hot breath on his penis. It throbbed up and down as if bowing to its master.

“Now this is a cock, I can’t wait to have it in my mouth and in my pussy” she thought to herself. A few small droplets of precum had begun to emerge from the slit in the head. With the tip of her tongue she licked the fluid up into her mouth and tasted his offering. She licked her lips and moaned to his enjoyment.

She really wanted that cock inside her, but needed to satisfy her oral fixation first. She also felt the need to arouse and tease her lover a little more to maintain control. It was hard for her to resist her urges especially when she could feel her vagina heating up and the moisture beginning to soak her panties. Sucking cock was the best foreplay for her. Needless to say he was in complete istanbul escort agreement. She loved getting her pussy licked and feeling his tongue inside her and on her clit, but when she cums, she likes to have a long, hard cock filling her vagina.

She swirled her tongue around the head of his penis making his eyes roll back and his knees weak. This was the only dick she had ever known. After 11 years of marriage, she knew everything about it. She knew how to get it hard, how to make it cum quickly or how to make it cum slowly after time. She could control it all with her mouth. She had a hard time controlling it when he was inside her. He could hold out pretty good during a blowjob but had very little control when he was inside her, especially when she used her pussy muscles to milk his shaft. She found the longer she took the more forceful his orgasms.

Once during a shower she had sucked his manhood for a while and then he licked her pussy to a powerful orgasm. Since she had all ready cum, she decided to go ahead and finish him off in the shower. She combined her expert lip and tongue techniques with long strokes from her hand under the hot water. She sucked voraciously on the head while her hand pumped the shaft. His whole body tightened as he leaned back against the shower wall. She felt his cock swell even more and start to pulse. She knew he was cumming and cumming fast. She moved to the side and pumped faster. His cock exploded with cum. The first blast went over her shoulder at least 3 feet. Big squirts flew from the end of his penis and splashed on her chest and breasts. She loved the hot feeling against her skin and kept pumping just as fast. She wondered if he would ever stop cumming.

It is nice to have that power. It seems men live for orgasms and if she can control the orgasms. She couldn’t control his masturbating, but she was sure it couldn’t be near as good as cumming with her. She was fairly sure he didn’t do that too often, only when she asked him to do it for her so she could watch.

She moved closer and buried her face in the hair at the base of his shaft. She inhaled deeply. She loved his manly smell. Her tongue traced its way up the shaft. She parted her lips and took his cock inside her mouth. The heat made him gasp. She slid her mouth all the way down his dick and touched his pubic bone with her nose. He swayed a bit. Up and down she went for a minute or so every so often stopping to look in his eyes and lick her lips. She liked putting on a show for him. She coated his cock with saliva. Every time she went all he way down her hands pulled his ass cheeks toward her. His hands held tightly to the back of her head.

He pumped faster into her mouth. She knew he wanted to cum in her mouth so badly but she couldn’t allow that. He would have to wait until she was ready. Her pussy was soaked already but she couldn’t resist running her hand inside her panties and stroking her clit for just a little bit more pleasure.

She stood up and looked into the eyes of the man she loved.

“You know how much I love sucking cock.” She said and then kissed him. Her hand grabbed firmly around his penis and she led him from the bathroom to the bedroom and had him lie back on the bed. She wanted to guarantee her orgasm exactly like she wanted it. In order to do that she had to be on top. She would have to fuck him just right to give her clit and pussy the maximum amount of stimulation but at the same time hold off his orgasm. The way she felt after sucking his cock, she knew this wouldn’t take long. She straddled his cock with her pussy and slowly slid down. It was always tight at first penetration. She gasped bit. When she was all the way down she wiggled her hips to make sure he was in as far as he could go. She leaned forward resting on is chest and began to rock slowly lifting her ass up and then back down again. His hands were on her ass messaging it. His finger was stimulating her anus as she ground her pussy on his cock. That always drove her wild especially when he slid the tip in while she was cumming.

She pushed her clit against the base of his cock and began to shudder. She bucked faster and cried out “oh fuck me, fuck me with you hard cock.” She bit his neck as the pulsing raged in her pussy and her juices flowed all over his cock. She was cumming and damn it felt good. He couldn’t hold it any more and thrust his hips up meet hers as his cock throbbed and his cum filled her vagina. Together they rocked. The pleasure slowly subsided as they both went limp and breathed heavily. After several minutes of silence he whispered in her ear “I love you.” Then he kissed her gently.

“Off to the shower and then to send some email” she said in an almost giddy fashion. She thought to herself as she walked away from the bed, “There is nothing like a good fuck with the love of your life to start the day.”

A few days later she met him at the door with a cold beer in her hand. She offered him the bottle and kissed him. He accepted the beer and put his bag down.

“We’re all set.” She said as she reached down and patted his crotch. “We’ll drop the boys off at my sisters’ avcılar escort and drive to Chicago. From there we’ll catch the flight directly to Frankfurt and spend the night there. The Castle Liebe will pick us up in the lobby of the hotel the next morning and drive to the castle. We will spend 2 nights there and then continue our trip through Germany. They even asked for our clothes sizes when I booked the room.”

“You’ve certainly done your homework.” He said with a smile.

“Of course.” She said. “You know how much I love vacation sex.”

As the flight leveled off the flight attendant came down the aisle serving their first drinks of the long flight. A white wine for her and a Heineken for him were put on their trays. After a couple drinks and a Dramamine she would be ready to settle in for a good nap. Eight hours makes for a long flight. Perhaps on the way they could entertain themselves.

There was always something about flying and alcohol that loosened her up a bit. Two hours into the flight, she reached her hand over and began to rub the crotch of his shorts underneath the blanket. In no time at all she felt a stirring. Something was beginning to notice the attention it was getting and was popping up to see the provider.

She whispered in his ear. “Do you think we can get away with a quick fuck in the lavatory? We have never made love on an airplane before. I always wanted to join the mile high club with you.”

It seemed that the traffic to and from the lavatories was too much. She decided to continue with the hand job. As she leaned over to concentrate on her task he slid his hand around her and into the waistband of her shorts. He could only reach far enough to get a few fingers into her blonde triangle and just to the little hood covering her magic button. He teased her with his middle finger as she stroked him. When another passenger or the flight attendant passed by she simply laid her head in his lap as if she were sleeping. She tasted his cock with her lips. Instead of bobbing up and down she merely massaged the head of his penis with her tongue and lips. She was careful to not make too much motion that would draw attention from other passengers. These days they throw people off for any reason.

She continued her pleasure. She thoroughly enjoyed her task and the pleasure he was giving her by massaging her clit didn’t hurt. If he kept it up she would cum for sure. She wiggled her ass a little to encourage his fingers and give him better access.

He leaned over and whispered in her ear. “We didn’t bring a towel.”

“I guess you will have to cum in my mouth.” She mumbled.

He didn’t mind.

“I think we are being watched.” He whispered.

“Where?” She asked.

“One row up on the far aisle. They don’t seem shocked more interested than anything.”

She turned her head a bit and peered over. She didn’t want to be caught outright but the thought of a voyeur turned her on a bit. She could see the couple on the other side of the plane looking over but trying not to be obvious. She caught the eye of the woman. She smiled sheepishly and winked at her. The woman smiled and winked back with a nod. They watched as the woman’s head disappeared into her partner’s lap.

“I guess we are not the only ones playing this game.” She laughed quietly.

She was ready to cum first. She was glad because she could muffle her moans with his cock in her mouth. She squirmed in her seat as the waves of pleasure crashed over her body. She felt her own cum soak her panties. Now with her own pleasure done she doubled her efforts to please her lover. It didn’t take long. She felt his leg muscles tense and prepared for the eruption. His cock throbbed and pulsed and he ejaculated into her hungry mouth. She swallowed fast to keep up. The pulsing stopped and he relaxed. She lifted her head up and gave him a deep kiss. He could taste himself on her lips. There was no doubt of her love for him. A woman would have to love her man to do that for him.

“Who says airline food tastes bad.” She quipped.

They both headed to the lavatory for a quick cleanup and returned to their seats. They decided to check on their audience. The man’s head was thrown back and the top of the woman’s head was barely visible but obviously going up and down. The man looked over at them and winked.

It was time to settle in for the rest of the flight. She raised the armrest and nestled into her husband’s side. He laid his arm over her side as she rested her head on his shoulder. This was her favorite place in the world, resting in her husband’s arms. Here she felt loved, protected and at peace. Sleep soon overtook them both as the silver bird continued its flight east.

The combination of alcohol and lovemaking took a toll on the couple. They both slept thru the rest of the flight. The next thing they knew was that the flight attendant was waking them up and instructing them to fasten their seatbelts for landing. They could see the lush green rolling hills of the German countryside below as their plane descended into the Frankfurt airport.

After a short wait at the baggage terminal they headed to Customs şirinevler escort to check their luggage and passports. The young uniformed attendant stamped their papers and welcomed them to Deutschland.

“I am glad we packed lighter this time.” He said as they carried their luggage thru the airport and out to the Taxi stand.

“Yeah me too, we always bring more than we need. This time we packed better and I don’t plan on wearing too many clothes.” She said.

They hailed a taxi and loaded their bags into the trunk.

“Hotel Anchor bitte!” She told the driver.

“Ja meine frau.” He responded.

“Where is this hotel anyway?” Her husband asked.

“It is down by the hauptbahnhof. I figured since it is close to the Red Light District we could go for a walk down there later tonight to have a look around.”

They checked in at the front desk and headed up on the elevator to drop their bags in their room. They went back to the lobby for a beer and light lunch. They decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea for a little catnap after the flight. He locked the door while she undressed. After all the years of marriage he still enjoyed watching her undress. She was still the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had the same figure as when they met. Her body was nice and taught with all of the right curves in the right places. Her skin had a light tan from sunbathing. He loved tan lines. The perfect white triangles that covered each breast and her pubic hair caused a stir in his crotch. Because she wore a thong bikini, her ass was nice and tan except the little strip than ran up her cheeks. His love for her was stronger now than it had ever been and seemed to grow each day.

She pulled on a pair of sheer black panties and an old t-shirt to sleep in. He just stripped down naked and crawled in bed with her. She kissed him and then rolled over with her ass to him. He slid in closer pressing his penis against the sheer material covering her ass and placed his arm over the top of her. Comfortably entwined they drifted off to sleep to reduce a little of the jet lag.

At 4:00 pm they woke and showered together. He announced that he was going commando in the tightest jeans he had. She liked to see his ass in tight jeans and she really enjoyed the way his crotch bulged in his “nut huggers” as she called them. She always said she liked the wrapping but really wanted to see was the package.

They headed for the hotel bar to start the evening with a few good German beers. From their table they caught a glimpse of another couple looking their way. Oddly enough it was their voyeurs from the plane. Sheepish grins were on all of their faces as each couple caught the other’s glances. They all held up their drinks in acknowledgement and approval.

They headed out onto the strasse for a night of German pleasure. Their first stop was a schnell imbiss for a gyro sandwich and another beer. They sat at little shaded table on a cobblestone patio and took in all of the sites and sounds of Frankfurt’s Red Light District. There were large numbers of pedestrians about, all going to and fro on their own business. Music was echoing down the narrow streets. Most of it was techno pop. Neon signs could be seen as far as their eyes could see in any direction. This was what they came for.

Satisfied by their meal they headed down the nearest strasse hand in hand. They still loved to hold hands. A Rastafarian looking gentleman on a street corner offered to sell them some hashish but they politely declined and he moved on. They laughed lightly as they walked on.

Further down they were approached by what appeared to be a tall woman. As they got closer they could tell it was definitely a man in woman’s clothing. He looked good for woman. He had on black pump heels and black fishnet stockings. A tight black leather mini skirt complimented these with an obvious bulge in the front. His blouse was silk and cherry red; he also had a feather boa around his neck. A whig of red hair topped off the ensemble. He walked very feminine.

When their distance closed the streetwalker stopped. He thrust his pelvis out and winked.

“Are you interested in some fun tonight?” He asked.

“No thanks!” They replied in chorus and walked on.

On the corner of the next street there was a brightly lit up sex shop. They went in to have a look around. Down the entire left wall were adult videos. There we VHS tapes, DVD’s and CD’s. Every sexual activity a person could think of was represented. Throughout the center of the room were several turnstile racks with magazines for all tastes. The other wall was filled with sex toys. They walked over to the sex toys and began to browse. They looked over the ropes, chains, leather bondage toys, lotions, lubes, vibrators and realistic latex dildos. She picked up one package and showed it to him, it as a black leather strap on harness. The outside had a small plug onto which could be fitted one of many different attachments. This particular version had a 6″ lifelike latex dildo. It was approximately 1 1/2inch in diameter. It was totally realistic down to the swollen head and the purple veins running down the length of he shaft. It was firm but still soft and flexible. Inside the harness was a small latex dildo approximately 4 inches long. It was designed to be inserted into the vagina of the wearer for her pleasure. The small latex penis also had a vibrator inside it with variable speeds. Included in the package was a small bottle of lubricant.

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