22 Nisan 2021

I Take a Short Trip to Mexico

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Catherine and I were in Chicago picking up Catherine’s engagement ring.

I was nude, in a big bed in our suite at the hotel, having recently deposited a load of swimmers into my fiancé’s very hot, tight and wet pussy.

We had an energetic sexual workout after I spent some time downstairs in the gym and Catherine swam her laps in the pool.

It was a nice sex romp, it always is when you come together. It’s magic.

Our sex session wasn’t over yet as Catherine, still nude, her pussy dripping, lowered her mouth onto my still erect, wet cock and started licking me back into shape for another round.

I sighed and swept her hair back behind her ear as she kissed my still sensitive tip with a smile.

She loved me and she loved my cock.

I told her she could have it whenever she wanted it.

She kissed me and she said “You can have me anytime, anywhere and any way you want me.”

Then she smiled and said “But not my ass … just yet.”

We both laughed.

The past ten days had been hectic.

I was still fielding calls from clients and from the car dealership.

I was busy, dealing with endless emails, text messages and conference calls.

We finished our Canadian vacation with her parents (Tom and Isabella) and her daughters from her first marriage (Marie and Natalie).

After rejoining them in Ottawa we visited Toronto, and enjoyed a baseball game there between the Blue Jays and the LA Dodgers. Using Facebook the girls connected with two other families from their school and we met up with them at the game.

I knew the kids because my late wife had been their teacher and the parents were surprised to see me with Catherine.

Catherine shared with later that the moms told her to never let me go! And that they were happy to see us together.

She also said that the two ladies discretely asked about our sex life and Catherine replied “Its unbelievably incredible.” Both women told Catherine they were envious. One whispered she was open for a threesome.

I spent some time explaining the game of baseball to Catherine and the girls and they seemed to get into it.

I told them I would teach them more when we went to games at Dodger Stadium.

When we got back to the hotel we told the girls that we were going to get married and they could be maids of honor at the ceremony.

We were planning on a civil ceremony before the school year started.

The next morning Tom and I made the long drive back to Quebec in the rental SUV after we put our females on the train, something new for them to experience.

Tom and I got along well on our road trip and he gave me his blessing and permission to marry his only daughter, Catherine.

Back in Quebec we handed the girls off to Catherine’s ex husband Rick, and his parents, for their vacation.

Out of sight of Catherine, I gave Rick another American Express gift card worth $5000 and some more Visa gift cards.

There were some tears leaving the girls, most of them originating from Catherine but we told Marie and Natalie we would be back in about two weeks to pick them up to fly back to Los Angeles to the new house.

Tom and Isabella were going to meet us at LAX so they could start making the transition to living in California.

Catherine and I were on our way back to LA too but we had to make a stop in Chicago to pick up her engagement ring.

We arrived in the afternoon on Monday and went straight to Tiffany’s before checking into our hotel.

Jennifer, the young and beautiful lady who had sold us the rings, was waiting for us.

We picked up the engagement ring, I slipped it on Catherine’s finger, and Jennifer took photographs.

I was able to get Jennifer aside for a moment and asked if she had given notice yet; she had agreed to join us at CYNSuits.com as our in house photographer.

Jennifer told me that she wanted to, but that her manager had been swamped and hadn’t been able to sit with her.

I asked Jennifer to introduce me to her manager, and I smiled as I shook hands with Vanessa.

Vanessa knew about us and was very nice. She was also very attractive, as you might expect a manager to be at Tiffany’s.

Catherine and I had already invited Jennifer to dinner and she had accepted; I asked Vanessa to join us.

So, that night at dinner at Morton’s, I was able to convince Vanessa to accept Jennifer’s resignation in exchange for the promise of future business for the location, our wedding rings and all other jewelry we would buy, plus, we would gladly play for a one week vacation for Vanessa and her plus one in Las Vegas, everything included.

I also asked Vanessa to consider being a model for CYNSuits.com and she smiled and replied that she would think about it.

She was flattered but a little concerned about the risqué nature of the swimsuits.

I explained that if she went to the website she would see plenty of models who did not show their faces.

I went on to say that we used camera angles and sunglasses to protect those who wanted privacy.

The next morning, still in Chicago, having picked up submissive cuckolds porno Catherine’s engagement ring and having ordered our wedding rings from Jennifer, I received a text from Susan. You remember Susan, she is part of many of my stories.

Susan and Monica were in Puerto Vallarta running CYNSuits in Mexico. I suspected that they were lovers too.

Catherine was laying nude between my legs licking my balls and sucking my cock to show her appreciation for the expensive engagement ring when I got the text.

Her manicured finger nails were tickling my sack, which was already tight. My balls were refilling with cum and I was getting the urge even though I had just filled Catherine’s pussy with a load.

She punctuated her sucking and licking with time spent rimming me. Catherine was very grateful for the gift.

My cock responded accordingly.

Blow jobs are great things, one of the finest things in life and it a real shame when you’re interrupted getting one.

Anyway, the text was disturbing to me. It read: “Jack, I need some personal space so if you agree, I will go back to Las Vegas for a couple of weeks so I can clear my head and figure out if this is what I want to do and where I want to do it. Can I go back to LV?”

I thought ‘what the fuck is this?’ then texted her back: “Please go to LV and stay at our regular hotel. I will arrange a reservation for you. If you need a car we have one at the factory you can use. I’ll talk to you later. Safe travels.”

I then texted Monica and said: “Catherine and I will be there in a two days. Is everything okay?”

Monica replied in seconds: “I’m okay Mr. Jack, do you want me to make a reservation at a hotel?”

I replied: “Please make a reservation for a two bedroom suite with ocean view. Can you arrange this for us? And, you will be joining us. Don’t say anything to Susan. This is between us.”

Monica replied back: “I know just the place and will send you photos. I will do massages.” She ended her message with a red heart.

I texted her back: “Who will be massaging you?”

Monica replied: “You, please.”

Monica knew she was going to get laid. For the first time since I was there with Lisa, months prior. She was probably dripping just thinking about it. But sex was off limits until Catherine allowed it.

As Catherine continued to work on what she called Mister Pleasure Stick, I closed my eyes and dreamed of coming into Monica’s ass. In my mind I was fucking her without lube and she was moaning in a blend of pain and pleasure as I pounded her very tight hole going deeper with each stroke.

Just a minute or so later I erupted into Catherine’s mouth, giving her such a big load she gagged at the volume.

She coughed and swallowed, coughed some more and finally got it all down and then she looked at me and said “What was that all about Jack?”

I laughed and said “You give the best blowjobs sweetie; I was thinking of coming in your fantastic ass for the first time and that was all it took.”

She smiled at me and said “Everyday is one day closer for you honey. You won’t last a minute the first time you fuck my ass” and we kissed, and I didn’t mind tasting my cum in my lovers mouth.


Summers in Mexico are hot. Being by the beach helps, particularly on the Pacific side, but it is hot and steamy nevertheless.

Monica was waiting for us in the lobby of the hotel when we arrived.

She greeted me with a quick kiss on the mouth and crushed her big breasts into my chest with a bear hug.

She wasn’t wearing a bra.

Her nipples were hard.

I’ll bet she was wet too but I couldn’t smell her (yet).

Monica gave the same greeting to Catherine, except it was a peck on the cheek and not on the mouth.

Monica also introduced us to someone she called “her niece” but I suspected that this young lady, Lourdes, had job responsibilities more like Sonia (Kathy’s maid) had. For the details please read “That Was The Week That Was.”

Meaning, taking care of Monica the way Sonia took care of Kathy — between her thighs, between the sheets satisfying her mentor orally.

Monica looked better than the last time I had been in Puerto Vallarta, back in June.

She was always a beauty but she looked healthier.

Monica had lost some weight around the middle and had gained, or regained, some muscle tone.

I could see it in her arms and legs and so I assumed her belly and ass were tighter too.

Monica’s breasts had gotten a bit bigger and they appeared to firmer; maybe she was working out her pectoral muscles under the breasts, strengthening them.

I wanted to see all of these things in the flesh.

You know, to check them personally.

As I looked at Monica I was hoping Catherine would give me permission.

Lourdes had a beautiful face with a nice tight body; full breasts and a nice ass.

As Bob Seeger sang in Night Moves:

She was a black-haired beauty with big dark eyes

And points all her own sitting way up high

Way up firm and high

There sex parties porno is only one thing I could say about this creature: she looked just like Monica would have at 18, except she was a bit shorter.

Monica was stunning in her forties so you can imagine what Lourdes looked like.

Guys give people nicknames, and I would have named her Monica Junior.

As I stood there lusting, I might have even licked my lips.

I think my staring at Lourdes was a little much for Catherine who put her arm on my shoulder and whispered so only I could hear “Jack, she’s off limits, honey. Look all you want but no touching without permission.”

Monica just grinned at me; she knew exactly what I was thinking.

In LA, before the trip, I had explained to Catherine my arrangement with Monica following the death of my wife.

I didn’t hold anything back.

Catherine got all the details, all the dirt.

I also showed Catherine a few pictures of Monica on the CYNSuits.com website.

When I finished explaining Catherine slapped my arm playfully and said “No wonder you never called me!” and then she kissed me and said “I am glad you found someone to get you through that rough patch and I know I will love her as much as you do.”

Monica said to Catherine “I am so glad Mr. Jack found you, Miss Catherine, you are perfect for him. You will make beautiful babies together.”

Laughing, Catherine took Monica by the hand and we went into the restaurant for a light dinner.

Catherine sat on my right, Monica was on my left and Lourdes sat across from me.

Catherine had her left hand on my right thigh and Monica had her right hand on my left thigh.

They weren’t competing they were complementing one another.

Monica knew who was the queen and that she was the princess and to her credit, there was no jealousy.

As you can imagine, sitting at dinner that night I was quite hard.

Under the table, one or the other of these two beauties was sensuously scratching or rubbing the inside of my leg and once in awhile, one or the other would squeeze my hard cock.

Monica started to rub my cock sort of aggressively and I had to pull her hand off because I was sure I was going to shoot a load in my slacks.

Normally I can get excited and not worry about that sort of thing happening.

Catherine and I had had sex a number of times during our quick two day layover in LA.

In the hot tub, in the pool, standing in the outdoor shower, out on the patio on the lounge chairs under the misters, in the cottage and in the downstairs master bedroom.

No threesomes, just the two of us, one on one.

I ate her to screaming orgasms. She sucked my cock and I came in her and on her. She enjoyed swallowing and when I spurted on her she would rub my baby batter all over her.

A lot of the time we were nude. I loved looking at her body. I loved touching it more.

It was nice, very nice.

We were on one another like white on rice.

We were constantly touching, even with our clothes on.

It was almost as if the damn had broken and we knew our new life together had started and we couldn’t stand to be apart.

Back at the restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, we had champagne and toasted to old and new friends.

I told Monica we would talk business later, that tonight we would just keep it personal.

Dinner was great, lots of stories and laughs and at one point Monica and Lourdes excused themselves and went to the ladies room.

My fiancé turned to me and said “Kiss me” and I did.

She loved to kiss me and I loved kissing her, every inch of her body.

Catherine smiled at me and said “Monica is so pretty and nice Jack. I know she is lonely and misses you so if you want to fuck her tonight you can. Just don’t make love to her, you can only do that with me. Remember?”

I nodded. Smiling. Getting harder if that was even possible at the thought of plowing Monica.

Catherine continued “I have my eyes on Lourdes; I think she is beautiful. Do you think I could have her for dessert tonight? Not all night but for a few hours? Her little mouth on my pussy would be something I’d like to experience. She’s precious.”

Lourdes did not know too much English, or so I believed, so when Monica and Lourdes returned, Catherine asked Monica If Lourdes was staying in the suite with us and Monica smiled and said “Yes, Miss Catherine, she can attend to whatever you need.”

They exchanged a look that sealed the deal and Monica knew exactly what Catherine had in mind.

As we headed up to the suite, Catherine and Monica walked together, and after a short exchange, they both laughed.

Something was up.

When we got to the room, Monica spoke in Spanish to Lourdes, telling her that she was going to help Catherine get settled in for the night.

Catherine looked at me and said “Jack, Monica is going to give you a massage and then I want you to come to bed with me.”

Catherine kissed me and said “Don’t stay up too late sweetie.”

Catherine took Lourdes by spankbang porno the hand and they went into the master bedroom, closing the door behind them.

Monica turned to me, put her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a long, intimate kiss.

Our tongues dueled and then our lips parted.

She said “Mr. Jack, I need for you to fuck me. I have been with no man since the last time you visited me.”

I could feel those nipples again.

We kissed again and I said to her “In all three holes?”

Monica had a huge grin on her face and said “Of course, Mr. Jack, just the way you like it. Everyday please, until you must leave.”

I put out the “do not disturb” sign then locked the door and turned out the lights.

Monica took me by the hand to the second bedroom in the suite.

And she closed the door behind us.


Catherine told me the next morning while we enjoyed coffee in bed what happened once she got into the bedroom with Lourdes.

Lourdes disrobed first.

Catherine said Lourdes had on four pieces of clothing (blouse, bra, skirt, thong panties) and her sandals.

Within thirty seconds Lourdes was smiling and very naked.

Catherine looked at me and smiled and said “Jack, as I thought, she was beautiful. Her skin was so smooth, tan in all the right places, firm breasts and lovely nipples. She had a trimmed bush, but her lips were visible. Her ass was incredible and she was a great kisser so I knew she was good at eating pussy. The second I saw that tiny bush I thought you would enjoy shaving it off and eating it.”

Catherine said that Lourdes and she kissed; being nude Lourdes was a bit nervous at first, but Catherine relaxed her with her soft and tender kisses on her neck and mouth. As Catherine continued her affections, Lourdes “Melted into me.”

And Catherine did some fondling, rubbing Lourdes back, her butt, eventually moving her hands to Lourdes front, and rubbing her pussy.

Lourdes groaned into Catherine’s mouth when her pussy got touched by Catherine for the first time.

Catherine said that in no time, Lourdes pussy was moist and that Catherine could smell her aroma.

Lourdes then undressed Catherine, and the two of them got into a warm bath, Lourdes washing Catherine’s back, neck and shoulders.

Catherine confirmed that Lourdes told her that she bathed Monica twice a day.

“Does Monica bathe you, sweetie?” Catherine asked her.

“No” was the reply.

“I would like to bathe you Lourdes, would you like that?”


Catherine said that Lourdes not only washed her but did some massaging of her neck and shoulders too, which was nice.

Lourdes kissed her neck and the side of Catherine’s face as they bathed.

Catherine said her nipples were very hard just from this touching and kissing.

When Lourdes moved around to be in front of Catherine, so that they were face to face, the kisses resumed and the fondling went to a new level.

Catherine said that she took the lead and had her hands on Lourdes large breasts, pulling and teasing her nipples.

After they kissed for a while, Catherine said she put her hands on Lourdes head and gently encouraged Lourdes mouth down to suckle on Catherine’s now aching nipples.

As her lips and tongue teased Catherine’s prominent pink points, Lourdes moved her hands to Catherine’s thighs, separating them.

Catherine had other plans for Lourdes and Catherine spread her thighs and gently directed Lourdes head south and said “Lick me sweet heart.”

Lourdes looked up at Catherine and smiled, the two of them kissed again, tongues busy and Lourdes made her way to Catherine’s shaved wet beaver.

Catherine shared with me that Lourdes was a very good pussy eater and Catherine came three times in short order.

“Jack, she didn’t use her fingers, just her lips and tongue. I think she may have nibbled on my clit with her teeth. It was amazing. I want to bring her home with us.”

“Catherine, are you kidding? We play out of town, remember? Don’t start pouting, she is staying right here. Now tell me the rest of the story.”

“After I came for third time, I kissed Lourdes and then washed her very slowly and sensuously with my hands. I made sure I touched every inch of that firm young body, paying special attention to the parts she was wanting me to touch.”

At that point Catherine kissed me and said “I was so turned on I almost had her lick me again but she had been so good to me I couldn’t do that to her. I knew she needed to cum.”

By this time I was hard from the visual I had and her story telling.

Catherine was alternating between stroking me with her hands and licking me.

Catherine knows how I feel about hand jobs.

If I wanted a hand job I could give myself one.

So I said “More sucking honey. No stroking. Please.”

Catherine wanted to finish her story and I wanted to hear it, so she pleased both of us by sharing her story between sucks and licks.

“Jack, I had her sit back in the tub and I drained out some water until her pussy was exposed to me and I licked her for my dessert. God, she tasted good and she was so grateful. I may have been the first person who ever licked her pussy. She was tight as a monkey fist but I got her lips spread just enough and she went nuts when my tongue was on her clit and I was finger fucking her. I could only get one finger in. That’s how tight she is.”

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