21 Nisan 2021

I was a Bitch on My Holiday

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Ali and I met around 2 years back. We were immediately attracted to each other — him to my figure and I to his vicious looks. We started dating almost immediately. We spent a week getting to know each other and we both flew to Madagascar for a workshop. Here, we seriously started smooching and fucked for the first time (I’ll share this experience in another story). We are both in our 30’s. When it comes to sex, we are very wild, and we are open to kinky things which spice up our life- we do not restrict ourselves at all. We both have a terrific sex drive and let ourselves play with sexual fire. I have a hungry pussy and a craving for hard cocks. I also like admiring dicks, especially when we are at the swimming pool, my eyes wanders to check all the males in their swimming suit, with their dicks very visible — I try to get a sense of their size and imagine how I’m sucking them. This is what all ladies do anyway — but some of them are shy to say it loud — but I love to say it and Ali loves to hear it. This is what makes us such a wonderful couple — we don’t have to hide anything from each other, and we enjoy it so much when our partners narrate their fantasies and their time with other partners.

The following is the story of our recent trip to our favorite honeymoon destination, the Seychelles. This time, Ali wanted to get me a temporary tattoo on my tits and pussy before we travelled. I’m here to do what I’m asked to do, or rather; I do what my master orders me to do. Immediately I called Jerome, the tattoo guy. He knows me well as I am a regular client. I set up an appointment with him and he was very excited to hear that I’m going to visit him. He has already anticipated what he is going to see.

On the eve of our departure, Ali accompanied me at Jerome’s place. At the order of my hubby, I was wearing a wrap-around dress without undies. Once we were there, Ali and I selected the designs that would look best on me. We showed them to Jerome and I told him I wanted one on my boob and the other one on my pussy. He was immediately excited to work on my body. He told me he will work my boobs (or rather on my boobs) first. I opened the top of my dress and displayed both my boobs to him, although he had to put the tattoo on only one boob — but as you must have noticed by now, I like to show my sexy boobs. He took a very close look at them, while placing the design on my boob, and seldom touching my nipple, which was growing and sticking out with excitement. It took very long (longer than needed) to complete the tattoo, due to his playing with it and exciting me.

In the meantime, I was looking at Jerome’s cock growing inside his shorts. I could see that his cock was becoming hard and long. I enjoyed it as I knew Ali was getting excited, watching me expose myself before another man. Once the tattoo was done, both Ali and Jerome were admiring the perfect tattoo on my boobs — and Ali said to Jerome, “a nice tattoo on a beautiful boob isn’t it and now she can expose it more to others”. Jerome said indeed and he suggested that we do the second tattoo — clearly he couldn’t wait to see more and seemed very excited to do the second tattoo.

I then opened my dress completely, exposing both my boobs and my well-shaved pussy to him — I am such a bitch, exposing myself to other men. Yes I like it so much and Ali likes it even more than me. He likes to show off to other men what a sexy bitch he proudly owns. He is very happy that he owns me and can display me when ever and where ever he want — and I like to obey his commands.

Ali suggested to Jerome that it might be easier for him to do the tattoo if I lie on the couch and that I would also be more comfortable and accessible. I knew perfectly what Ali was doing — he wanted me to lie on the couch and spread my legs wide open for Jerome to do the tattoo on my pussy but more than that, for me to well expose my pink pussy. Ali was also excited seeing his woman lying in front of another man, nude, with pussy well exposed. Jerome took all his time to find the best position for the design on my pussy or I should say all his time to admire my pussy closely — he took some liberty to caressing my pubic area while he was placing the design. Ali told him to take his time and not to be hesitant at all and that he wants the work to be done perfectly. I glanced over Jerome’s crotch and I could see it getting bigger and bigger. I could feel the heat all over my body watching as Ali’s cock grew and throbbed in his pants. I could easily see it as Ali never wears any underwear when he is in my company.

Jerome was taking lots of time to finish türbanlı porno the design (a butterfly) and he was touching my pussy lips from time to time, exciting me more and I was getting wet. I’m sure Jerome must have noticed that I was so wet. On purpose he did part of the tattoo wrong. So he wiped out part of the tattoo to do it again saying that it should be perfect. Ali told him that yes he better does a very good job on such a pretty pussy and asked him isn’t it pretty? Jerome smiled. We were all very excited. At that very moment, I was so turned on that I wanted Jerome to leave the tattoo and to finger fuck me in front of Ali; I also wanted Ali to fuck me with his hard cock — I so much wanted to feel it inside my juicy pussy — I could not wait any longer. I was so excited lying there on the couch naked in front of two men who were admiring my cunt. Once the tattoo was done Ali took a few snaps and bent on me to give me a kiss while Jerome was peeping on us. We paid Jerome and left very excited. I so much wished we paid him in kind. But he was too shy so he missed the opportunity to fuck a pretty lady who has been naked in front of him for hours. After we left, he must have been thinking what a dumb he is.

The next day Ali and I met at the airport. I was wearing a short sleeveless cotton dress and a pair of black high heels and nothing else. Ali was wearing a short and a polo shirt without underwear too. We kept smooching and hugging in the lounge waiting to board. We couldn’t wait to be in Seychelles. During the flight, Ali was playing with my clit and nipples to tease me and keep me excited. We had some wine and I was already feeling a little dizzy and that made me so horny and didn’t want Ali to stop teasing me. He took advantage of that and lifted my dress completely so that when the cabin crew served us, he could see my tattooed pussy and his fingers teasing it.

We finally reached our destination. At the hotel, we checked in rapidly and very quickly went to our room and the terrace which had a very beautiful ocean view. Ali couldn’t get his hand off me. We kissed so passionately and Ali was getting so wild making me more and more excited. I like the wild side of him. I begged him to fuck me but he continuously said no but continued to play with me and kept me excited. He tightened his grip on my hips and pulled me back while simultaneously leaning my own body forward. The hard bulge in his pants bumps against my cunt. That was damn so good. I said again “Oh fuck me– please fuck me”. But he instead ordered me to wear a very short dress that hide nothing and said we are going to the bar. I so wanted him to fuck me but I changed my dress to wear a very short white dress with a plunging V neck that ended just where my ass ends and with the same black shoes. While we were walking to the bar, it was getting darker; from behind he lifted further my short dress and displayed my ass to whoever was watching. He likes to keep his hands on my ass while we walk.

At the bar he selected a place where all the people can see us. It was in a corner just next to where a band was playing. So everyone watching the band could also see us. We sat facing each other and I put my feet on his legs as I wanted him to massage my feet. He does it so well. I have noticed that some of the guests and waiters were looking at me. My dress was short enough that my pussy could be seen from any view, especially with now my legs lifted up. We had a drink. Then Ali’s friend Nikki called to check if we are already in. Nikki, is a very a sexy chubby girl with a big ass and big boobs. She was supposed to meet us to go clubbing with some of her friends. Ali told her we were ready and she could come to the hotel so that we could leave together to the club later.

Nikki is bi-sexual but likes ladies more that men. She came with another girl Cheryl, who is also bi-sexual. Cheryl is slim and sexy with curvy shapes just as me. We invited them in our room. Ali served them wine and we chatted with them as I had never met them before. Ali knows Nikki well. Each time he travels to Seychelles, he calls Nikki and her friends and spends some of his nights with them, clubbing and flirting. Nikki and Ali get along very well. Tonight I was sitting between Nikki and Ali.

Ali started kissing me in front of them while fingering my pussy. I love being watched when I smooch and fuck. I get very wild when there are people around us watching me. Ali was proudly showing to his friends what a sexy girlfriend he has and how much of a beautiful pussy I have. He continued kissing me, licking my neck then nibbling türk porno on my nipples, while with his hands he was massaging Nikki’s boobs. However, I could not see what he was doing behind me. So I whispered to him “I want to see you flirt with Nikki”. I also wanted to see Ali flirting with Nikki in front of me, since watching him do other girls is so exciting. He is so so good with his tongue — I like watching him play with his tongue on other ladies as much as I like his tongue over my body.

Nikki has a piercing in her tongue and it looks so sexy seeing him kissing Ali in front of my eyes. Ali was caressing her boobs. Since she was on the couch, Ali was kneeling in front of her and was almost lying on her. From the back, I was caressing Ali’s ass to let him know that I was enjoying so much and wanted him to continue. Slowly I pulled him towards me to kiss me again and then asked him to flirt with Cheryl, as she must be feeling unattended. She was clearly also enjoying the show. Cheryl was also interested with Ali as they kissed passionately. Ali pulled down her dress and licked her tits. Nikki wanted more. At that time, I felt a little jealous. I then went in between them so that Ali could kiss me. Nikki couldn’t resist and hug me from behind; with her pussy on my ass she was caressing my nipples. Ali was kissing my neck and his hand was playing with my juicy pussy. It was awesome.

It was time to go to the club. I wore another short white and grey dress, wide open on my boobs and backless with a black stiletto. I looked like a bitch and my man was so proud to expose me in the club. We had more drinks and then we went on the dance floor. After a while, Ali pulled me out of the dance floor as he wanted to flirt with me in front of everyone. He made me sit on his knees with my back facing him while his fingers were playing with my pussy. My short dress was pulled up so much that my half of my pussy was on display. Some guys who were smoking in a corner not far from us and were watching the show with excitement. We were amused and were exciting them more. Ali started to finger fuck me hard there and as Ali pulled my dress further up to show my pussy and ass completely. One of his hands was inside my dress playing with my nipples to excite my pussy more and the other was fingering me. I was so excited looking at those guys watching my pussy being finger fucked. Ali made sure to open my pussy lips well to show them how pink it is inside. I wished another man could come and join us, as I wanted more hands on me and someone to kiss me as well. I also wanted to hold a big dick in my hand and feel it getting hard.

I so wanted to be fucked and whispered it in Ali’s ear. We went back to the hotel and changed into a transparent blue short dress with thin strip. We were so drunk that we wanted to have some fresh air. We walked to the pool and laid on the beach chair. Ali is such a good pussy sucker, especially mine. If he is not licking it, he liked to play with it. He is so good at giving me pleasure. I was sitting on him and he was mumbling dirty stuffs between our fiery kisses. He was massaging my boobs and I was rubbing my naked pussy on his legs while trying to hold his cock….yes it was so sensual and I was almost having an orgasm. My pussy was drenched. It was a real pleasure and we kept smooching. His hand was caressing my boobs while at times licking my ear lobes and neck. I loved the feeling of his tongue on my body. There was a light breeze but still not enough to cool down our body temperature that was increasing intensely. Suddenly, it started raining and we run to our room and went out on the terrace to fuck like wild beast. I was screaming and I could hear Ali’s moan with pleasure. He fucked me deeply until he cum. We were still horny after fucking. We slept tight in bed hugging each other.

A few hours later, it was already morning. I woke up Ali while caressing his cock. That obviously made him so horny that he got down on me running his lips and tongue up and down and back and forth on my pussy lips. He wallowed in the slippery wetness of mine, smearing my juices over his cheeks. He closed his mouth around my clit and sucked on it, flicking his tongue around inside his mouth. “Get up here and fuck me” I ordered him after a while. He hooked my legs around his waist and pulling me towards him. I said “fuck me, fuck my cunt”. He penetrated me gently and when his cock was deep inside me I could feel the sensation of his cock getting so hard as he slides in and out. I also wanted to please him as I worked the magic of my mouth on his cock and his balls. I am so addicted türkçe porno to his cock and liked sucking him — I also like watching many cocks get hard in front of me. We fucked again – our favorite position- doggy style. We fucked hard and fast until we both orgasm. We then got ready for breakfast.

I wore a very short tight white dress without undies to have breakfast with Ali. All eyes were on me as the shape of my boobs, especially my nipples could be seen clearly. Ali was smiling and asking me each time to get him something to eat. I know he likes watching my firm ass that was exposed to others. We even had champagne with our breakfast to start the day. We then changed to go to the pool. I was wearing a small dark red string bikini with precious stones covering just my pussy lips and nipples. There were a few couples at the pool side and I was the sexiest among the women. We swam for a while and came back to lie on the beach chair with my legs wide open and smoking a cigarette. All those who were passing by glanced at us focusing on my pussy as my legs were wide spear and just a few tiny precious stones were covering or exposing my pussy. We were enjoying the panoramic view while sipping our cocktail. I was so glad that we were spending the whole day together. Ali is very affectionate besides being a naughty horny lover. Later on he asked me to lie on him as he wanted to feel my body heat and I was so happy to grant his wish. I like to hug him and stay close to him. All of a sudden, he asked me to look at his crotch and I could see that it was hard. It’s an excitement for me to see his cock throbbing. My nipples got so hard. Ali also was excited as he pulled my bikini to expose my nipples. He was pulling my nipples openly. We smooched and we did not bother about the hotel staffs and guests that we passing by. We continued chatting and my naked boobs were on display to all. Ali wanted me this way…being his bitch, his naughty bitch.

Time always passes quickly with him. We decided to have a brunch at the bar. I removed my bikini to wear a short transparent dress. In doing so, I got completely naked, and then wore the dress. Ali wanted me naked in front of everyone for a while. I asked Ali to change by the pool itself. On seeing his thick hard cock with a drop of his juice, I couldn’t resist sucking it at that instant and when I lifted my head, i was happy to see a waiter and a woman watching us a few meters away. I blushed but at the same time I was too excited that we flirted in front of others, the way Ali liked. We went to the bar and sat on the terrace. Ali lighted a cigarette for me and for him. As usual, I put my feet on his legs to display my cunt. The waiter couldn’t take his eyes off my pussy while taking our orders and others came afterwards as he must have told his colleagues to go and watch a pussy being displayed. Even the waitresses were peeping from far. It was like a parade of waiters and waitress. Ali and I were amused but what I liked most was that my man was so hard. He had that sexy and hungry looks that made my pussy hot and my nipples hard.

We then went for a “couple massage” after the brunch in the hotel itself. We were completely nude with two women massaging us. We both liked that the women massage our ass so well. We then took a shower together at the spa washing each other, hugging and kissing. We were offered a drink after the massage while watching the sunset. It was so romantic. It was indeed another memorable day for me. In fact, Ali has never failed to make my stay memorable in Seychelles.

It was almost dinner time and we went back to our room to get prepared. I wore a tight black top with silver stones at the back that made the top classy and very sexy. I had also a very short black skirt just long enough to cover part of my ass. If I had bent, my asshole and pussy lips would be easily seen. I kept my hair loose and Ali was smart as usual. We went to Eden Island and had dinner at a restaurant on the marina. We had wine and sea foods. I got drunk and was laughing loudly. Ali liked when am drunk. He said I become bitchy and would do kinky stuffs with him. In the taxi, Ali kept me excited playing with my nipples and kissed my neck and ear. I was playing with his crotch to see how hard he was getting. When we reached the hotel, we went straight in the room and fucked hard. We both were drunk and slept immediately after.

The next morning, when I woke up, I kissed Ali softly to check if he was awake and in no time he was on me, smooching and hugging me tight. It was our last day together as I was leaving Seychelles. His cock was already hard, thick and long and we fucked deeply till he cum. It is like as if I am always on honeymoon with Ali. He takes his time to satisfy me and get satisfied with me. I love him so much and looking forward to our next trip…I wonder what Ali will reserve for me next time.

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