22 Nisan 2021

I’ll Be Your Wife for the Night #04

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There are no underage characters in this story. All characters portrayed are over the age of 18-years-old.


Lord Dudley has sex with his Head Cook, Susan.

Continued from Chapter 03:

He had no idea if she was in his bedroom for sex or, as she said, if she was really there just to check up on him. Wishing he knew why she was really in his room wearing what she was wearing or not wearing, he had no idea if she sexually wanted him in the way that he sexually wanted her. He had no idea if he made his move, if she’d allow him to kiss her, touch her, and feel her. Yet, she did say that she’d do anything for him, anything at all.

“You seemed much better today, My Lord, but how are you doing overall? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you happy or are you still sad?” Not even waiting for him to respond, she offered her help. “Tell me what I can do to help,” she said again while giving him the eye again. She stood from her seat on his bed and, as if she was a model posing for him and he as an artist ready to paint her in the nude, she stood in the light as if she was already naked. “I’d do anything you ask of me to help you, My Lord, anything at all,” she said again while giving him the sexual eye as if hinting for him to take her and have his wicked, sexual way with her.

As if she was his wife, his girlfriend, or his mother, there was genuine concern along with what he imagined was sexual lust in her voice. She not only sexually aroused him by all that he could see of her nearly naked body but also she sexually titillated him by her warm, kind, and loving manner. Having known her for years, he was already romantically connected to her. Having known her for years, now was the time for him to make his romantic move. Having known her for years, now was the time for him to be sexually intimate with her and to tell her that he loved her and wanted to marry her.

Only, he was a Lord and she wasn’t a Lady. He’d alienate himself and his house if he married the likes of her, his lowly Head Cook. Yet, his heart knew nothing about Lords and Ladies. His heart knew that she was the right one. Just as he’d make her happy for the rest of her days, she’d make him happy too. Moreover, she came with an instant family, a young daughter that he’d raise as his own.

“My sleep is terrible,” he said taking her hint while looking at his bed before looking at her.

He stared at her beautiful, blue eyes again before staring down at her big tits, her erect nipples, and before staring at what he could see of the shadow of her pubic hair.

“I’m sorry to hear that, My Lord,” she said staring in his hazel eyes before staring down again at the bulge that tented his blanket again.

He nodded his head in sadness.

‘I can’t believe she looked again at the bulge my cock is making in my blanket,’ he thought. ‘Is she offering me sex? Does she want to have sex with me as much as I want to have sex with her?’

He pretended that he didn’t notice her looking at the impression his erection made in his blanket in the way that she pretended that she didn’t notice him staring at her tits. Just as how could he not notice her staring at his erection, how could she not notice him staring at her tits?

“Plenty big enough for two but too wide for one, my bed is so cold, so empty, and so lonely, and,” he said with a pause while staring up at her and while hinting for her to share his bed. He stared again at the big impressions her erect nipples made through her thin nightgown. Then, he said what even he couldn’t believe he said. “Being that you asked if there was anything that you could do to help me, anything at all, I’m horny all of the time,” he said. He stared up at her while slowly rubbing the head of his cock through his blanket as if he had a sudden itch.

Even as he said the word horny, as if asking her for her sexual help, he couldn’t believe he just confessed to her that he was horny. He couldn’t believe he rubbed the head of his cock in front of her. He could have been subtler about his horniness by not staring at the impressions her erect nipples and the shadow of her pubic hair made through her nightgown. He could have been subtler about his horniness by not rubbing his cock through his blanket with his horny hand in front of her. Not wanting to pressure her for sex, he only hoped she’d take more than the not so subtle hint and give him sex.

‘I’m so tempted to throw back my blanket to show the sexual lust that I have for her by showing her my erect cock,’ he thought but didn’t dare do what he was thinking.

The last thing that he wanted her to do was to offend her. The last thing he wanted was for her to flee his room. If he wanted anything, he wanted her to stay. He wanted her to have sex with him. She did volunteer that she’d do anything to help him, anything at all.

Impossible to behave with her alone with him in his bedroom, especially with her in her flimsy dressing gown, he so wanted to hold her, kiss her, and feel her all over. Impossible xvideos porno for him to behave with what little she was wearing and all that he was seeing through this sheer, sexy nightgown, and with her not wearing a robe, he wanted to strip her naked. He wanted to finger and lick her pussy before she sucked his cock. He wanted to make sweet love to her before fucking her hard and fast.

Yet, even as he said the word horny, as if he was asking for her sexual help, he still couldn’t believe he told her that he was horny. She did ask him if there was anything she could do to help, anything at all. He wondered if her help included giving him sex. If she wanted to help him, she’d help him with his horniness. If she wanted to help him, she’d give him sex. If she wanted to help him, she’d give him some alone time with her big, naked breasts. If she wanted to help him, she’d give her naked body.

If she was serious about helping him with his loneliness, she’d allow him to make love to her. If she was serious about helping him with his horniness, she’d allow him to fuck her. If she was serious about doing anything, anything at all, she’d suck his cock. If she was serious about doing anything, anything at all, she’d allow him to cum in her mouth and swallow his cum while he fondled her big tits and fingered her erect nipples. Then, as if imagining it, he couldn’t believe what she said next.

Chapter 04:

“I can help you with the last one if you so desire, My Lord. I can help you with your horniness,” said Susan in a sexy voice while giving him a naughty look. “Your wish is my command, My Lord. If it will help you to ease your loneliness, I can give you the sexual comfort of my naked body. If it will help you to get a good night’s sleep, I can give you sex,” she said giving him the eye.

‘What? Did she just say that she can me the sexual comfort of her naked body? Sex? Did she just say that she can give me sex?’

As if he was imagining what she had just said, he couldn’t believe what she said. As if he didn’t hear her correctly or had imagined what he thought she said, he stared at her with disbelief. He stared at her with sexual lust. She offered him the sexual comfort of her naked body. She offered to give him sex. He couldn’t believe she offered to give him sex.

“What? Sorry. I don’t think that I correctly heard you. Pardon? Would you mind repeating what you just said?”

He smiled and then chuckled his nervousness at the awkwardness of his comment, by her retort, and now by their uncomfortable silence. With them both not speaking, he wondered again if he heard what she said. Did he hear her correctly or was he imagined that she said what she said? Was this it? Was this really it? Sex, sex, sex, was he about to have sex with Susan?

‘Oh, my God. I don’t believe this,’ he thought.

As if she was already his girlfriend or his wife, she gave him a warm smile.

“I can help you with your horniness, My Lord,” she said putting her hand on his knee through the blanket. “I can give you sex,” she said again.

He stared down at her hand in the way she had stared at the bulge beneath the blanket. He was so tempted to move her hand on his erect prick, but he didn’t dare. He didn’t want to pressure her for sex. Besides, even though she said that she could give him sex, what if he had misinterpreted her? With her Irish accent, what if sex meant something else in Ireland that it meant in England. With her his cook after all, instead of wanting to give him sex for his sexual hunger, perhaps she wanted to give him food for his stomach and not for his cock.

Indeed, instead of sex, what if she meant something else in helping him with his horniness. What if she just wanted to feed him? What if she just wanted to give him something sweet to eat? If she did mean sex, what if someone walked in his room while they were having sex? What if someone heard them having sex? He’d be so embarrassed. Besides, if anyone caught them having sex, he’d alienate her with the rest of the household staff. Looking at her as if she was the chosen one, the special one, they’d all be jealous.

‘Oh, my God. Oh, my God,’ he thought while possibly anticipating more than she was ready to give. ‘I don’t believe this. Even if I’m mistaken and she doesn’t give me sex, I’ll be masturbating tonight and tomorrow morning over this moment of Susan in my room wearing her sheer dressing gown.’

He quickly replayed all that just happened in his mind. After telling her that he was horny, she told him that she could help him with his horniness. All that he could think of was that she was willing to help him by giving him sex. Yet, she did say that she could give him sex, didn’t she? Did he hear her correctly or was he imagining what she said? She said that she could give him sex twice.

Thinking the worst, he hoped that he hadn’t insulted her by misreading her intentions. He hoped that he hadn’t pressured her to think that he expected her to give him sex and that she had to give him sex. He hoped that yerli porno she didn’t feel that she was obligated to give him sex as part of her household duties and because he took her in and gave her and her daughter jobs and a place to live. Besides, hoping she didn’t misunderstand his intentions, he wanted more than just sex. He wanted a relationship that may eventually lead to marriage.

He’d much prefer it if she willingly and voluntarily wanted to give him sex as much as he wanted to give her sex. He’d hoped she liked him and sexually wanted him as much as he obviously liked her and sexually wanted her. He hoped that she wanted to give him more than just sex but also love too. He was even willing to forgo the sex for now, if she’d give him love later.

Unable to tell what she meant by her saying that she could help him with his horniness, he wondered what she was thinking. He wondered if she was sexually thinking what he was sexually thinking. He wondered if she was not only going to give him sex but also if she was open to giving him love too. He continued to replay everything that had just happened over again in his mind. Only, with his horniness in control of his thoughts, unable to think straight, his mind was consumed by all that he was seeing of her nearly naked body.

Yet, she did come to his room uninvited to deliver him water. Moreover, she entered his room without wearing the modesty of a robe over her practically see-through nightgown. If he didn’t know her better, he’d think that she was coming on to him. If he didn’t know any better, he’d think that she was deliberately flashing him bits and pieces of her naked body. If he didn’t know her better, he’d think that she wanted him to give her sex as much as he wanted her to give him sex. Then, perhaps waiting for and wanting him to make his sexual move, she had the audacity to sit on his bed.

‘Shocking. Scandalous. Surprisingly forward. She’s in my bedroom and sitting on my bed while wearing that threadbare dressing gown. She just volunteered to help me with my horniness. She said that she’d give me sex,’ he thought while staring at her big, naked breasts through her nightgown. ‘Does she know what she’s saying? Is she really willing to give me sex?’

Instead of looking away, when she caught him staring at the impressions her nipples made in her nightgown, he continued staring. His more than subtle way to let her know that he was more than interested in her giving him sex, he’d love nothing more than to see, touch, feel, fondle, and suck her big tits. He’d love nothing more than for her to see, touch, feel, fondle, and stroke his big, hard cock. He’d love nothing more than for her to suck his stiff prick before and after humping him as hard and as fast as he wanted to hump her. Wishing he could make love to her, he wanted to fuck her.

Nonetheless his horniness, his sexual frustration, and his emotional, physical, and sexual attraction to her, he couldn’t believe she said what she said. As if he was sexually fantasizing it, did she offer him her help with his horniness? Did she just solicit him for sex? While wondering what she meant and wondering if she meant what he thought she meant, he looked at her while waiting for her to clarify her meaning. With his mind sexually aroused enough not to discern her meaning without twisting and convoluting it with his meaning, he asked for her clarification again.


### SusanJillParker 11 – Susan helps Lord Dudley with his horniness ###

Head Cook, Susan, and Lord of the Manor, Lord Dudley, have sex.

* * * * *

He looked at her while watching her voluntarily move her hand from his knee to the bulge beneath his blanket. He watched as she squeezed her hand around his erection through the blanket. She stared in his eyes while holding his hard prick through the blanket with her hand. In the way that she was holding his cock in her hand, he so wanted to hold her tits in his hands.

‘Oh, my God,’ he thought. ‘Susan is holding my erect prick through my blanket. I can’t believe this is really happening.’

He stared at her with sexual excitement while she stared at him with sadness mixed with sexual lust. As if she was his mother instead of his Head Cook, she looked at him with an innate understanding. With her having gone through the same emotions after having lost her husband, she looked at him with commiseration. With him a widower and her a widow, they were both lonely, horny, and sexually frustrated. They were both looking for love and for someone to love.

“My Lord, pardon my boldness, my impropriety, and my inappropriately touching you but I understand that men have strong, sexual needs and their bodies crave being touched. I’m more than willing to rub you a little while you feel my breasts and finger my nipples, if that would help your horniness,” she said while fondling the head of his cock with her fingertips through his blanket.

‘Is she kidding me? She wants to rub my cock,’ he thought. As if he was dreaming, he couldn’t believe what he youjizz porno was hearing. ‘If that will help my horniness, she invited me to feel her breasts and finger her nipples. My sexual fantasy come true, I don’t believe this.’

Wanting to jump from his bed and hold her before pushing her back on his before he controlled himself.

“Yes, of course, Susan, you have my permission to touch my cock,” he said with a dirty laugh.

As if tempting him, teasing him, and daring him to touch her, as if she was striking a sexy pose for him, she stuck out her chest more before slowly, sexily, and purposefully, removing her nightgown.

‘Oh, my God. She’s removing her nightgown. She’s stripping herself naked. I can’t believe my eyes. I can’t believe what I’m seeing,’ he thought while staring.

As if he was hypnotized by the sexy sight of her and mesmerized by the naked sight of her, he stared at her unblinking. Ever so slowly, as if she was doing a striptease or mindlessly dressing to start her day, she removed her nightgown. As she gradually lifted her nightgown higher over her head, unblinkingly, he stared at her naked thighs, her red, bushy, pubic hair, her sexy stomach, and her naked breasts.

‘God, she has such big tits,’ he thought.

She was naked. Susan was naked. He couldn’t believe his Head Cook was in his bedroom naked. At that moment, once naked, she looked at him as sexually excited as he looked at her with sexual lust. Unable to talk, left speechless, all Lord Dudley could do was to stare and to leer. He wasn’t sure if he had fallen asleep and was dreaming and if what he was experiencing was real or imagined. She was so sexy. She was so beautiful.

‘Naked, oh, my God, she’s naked. Susan is naked. Her big, naked breasts are right there before my horny eyes,’ he thought while staring from her tits to stare down at her red, bushy pussy.

Perhaps, he was already fast asleep and was dreaming. Perhaps, this was nothing more than a sexual fantasy. Perhaps, he was hallucinating. Perhaps, she wasn’t really in his room and naked. Perhaps, he was just imagining that she was there. Perhaps, he hadn’t heard what she said but just imagined her saying what he thought she said.

Not shy nor ashamed, after exposing her naked body to her Lord and Master, Susan pulled down the covers to expose her naked Lord to her sexually excited eyes. Just as she was naked, he was naked too. He looked from his naked cock to look at her staring at his exposed prick. As soon as she removed the blanket, his cock sprang to attention and when it did, she stared at his stiff prick before staring up at him. Not waiting for his invitation, in the way that he couldn’t wait to touch and feel her naked breasts, she wrapped her soft hand and long fingers around his hard cock and fondled the head of his prick before slowly stoking him.

‘Oh, my God. She’s holding my cock. I can’t believe Susan has her warm, long fingers wrapped around my prick,’ he thought. ‘I can’t believe she’s stroking me. I can’t believe she’s masturbating me.’

Just as he couldn’t believe she was in his room naked, he couldn’t believe his cock was exposed to her. He couldn’t believe she was holding his stiff prick. In the way that he was staring at her enormous breasts, her areolas, her nipples, and her red pussy, he couldn’t believe she was staring at his naked prick. Staring at her while in shock, he couldn’t her hand was wrapped his naked erection in the way that he couldn’t wait to caress her naked breasts.

“Oh, my,” she said. “You have such a big, hard cock, My Lord. Your prick is much bigger and harder than my husband’s prick. My husband was Irish and, judging by your big cock, the rumors that I heard that Irishmen have smaller penises than Englishmen are true.”

While she continued staring at his erect prick, he continued staring at her big tits and erect nipples.

“And you have such big, beautiful, and shapely breasts, Susan,” he said still staring at Susan’s big tits.

She took his hand in her hand and moved it to her naked breasts. Something he had wanted to do for years, since the first day he saw her gardening in front of her house, he touched and felt her big, naked tits. While she fingered the head of his cock, he fingered her hard nipples. While she had her wicked, sexual way with his engorged prick, he had his wicked sexual way with her big tits. While she stroked his cock, he groped her breasts. Touching them, fondling them, and squeezing them, he acted as if he had never felt a woman’s breasts before.

“Forgive me, My Lord. I may be a little rusty. I haven’t pleasured a man since my husband died five years ago,” said Susan. “Just wanting to give you pleasure, My Lord, I really want you to enjoy yourself. You deserve to be happy,” she said. “May I make you cum?”

Susan returned her hand to his cock while he moved both of his hands to her naked breasts. Better than he had imagined, she had amazing breasts, so soft and yet so firm. For breasts so large, they were so shapely and barely sagged at all. Her breasts were nothing like his deceased wife’s tiny breasts. With Elizabeth barely an A cup, if he had to guess, he’d guess that Susan was a D cup, perhaps even a double D cup. Begging to be sucked, her nipples were so big, too big for him not to put his mouth on them.

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