3 Mart 2021

Innocence Has Its Secrets

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Brad Giovanni was the kind of guy that was in every woman’s delightful fantasies; the kind of guy who is tall, dark, and handsome. He took that to the fullest extreme. Brad had managed to work out every morning and every night so he could look his best at any occasion.

At a decent 6’2″, he was of the perfect stature, with the most chiseled body in town, and only at eighteen years of age. He nearly looked like a living stone carving. Even as he stood naturally, the tight shirts he adorned himself in made his Pecs, his abs, his shoulders, his biceps…everything stand out ruthlessly. The girls in his school always seemed to look at him enviously, and it wasn’t out of the ordinary that he’d have to scoot away, or sit alone to stop drawing attention to himself. His piercing blue eyes didn’t help his situation either. As crystal clear as the mountain air, in the light many swore they could see the Caribbean in Brad’s eyes. His hair was the darkest brown ever, and he had the shaggy skater-boy hair, just because he knew medium length was “in.”

In this town, he had never expressed much interest in any of the jock girls, girls with the title of “gorgeous,” like himself. He had noticed they all were conceded, and quite frankly full of themselves. They cared more about their appearances than anything else, never really cared about true relationships, and were more tuned into gossip about which one of their friends had a one night stand with which hot guy. It made him sick.

Most people knew him by his accidental image. The way he knew these girls was his own mistake. The previous year was a load of drama with this picturesque girl named Alicia Dennis. She was a flashy sophomore, and she knew it. She wore tight, showy tops, and always completed her wardrobe with a pair of stilettos (every color imaginable) and either designer jeans or some kick ass skirts. She would flaunt herself at the man of her choice on any occasion. The way Brad knew she was into him was simple, she followed him around and almost always dropped something if she was in front of him. Her body was rockin’ and he didn’t waste one minute. He asked her out right away.

Through a series of crazy dates, she seduced him, and he lost his virginity to her. Before he knew it, she was dressed, out of his house, and on the phone before he could even say a single word. She dumped him right after she left through a text message that said “Baby that was great, we’ll have to do it sometime again, but I can’t handle a relationship. Love ya, Ali.” The next day was followed casino oyna by questions, and his friends surrounded him like he had just won the Super Bowl. He hated it, and she made him look like a prick too. Not only did she dump him unemotionally, she went around and said that he just wanted her for a one night stand. It got to the point where he got so pissed off, he called her out at the next Pep Rally, and told the whole school what really happened. She moved shortly after. His status returned to normal shortly after, and he started all over.

He was always picked as King in courts, always picked as the top selection in every poll, once he was even picked as “Most Likely Computer Nerd”, and he the only thing he used computers for was to do his assignments and keep in touch with his friends. He was more than happy to participate in nearly everything, and thought flirting with the girls was an awesome experience for he could make them blush by looking at them.

Not only did the man have the looks, he also had the smarts. Taking a Biotechnology class, a girl at his table really caught his eye. She never seemed to look at him, never seemed to care that she was lucky enough to sit beside him, like other girls did. This drew his attention. He gave her his all, since she actually seemed to be worth his time. Something drew him into her, intrigued him. He tried to break the ice through flirting, and she kept strictly to business. He always requested to be her partner, and with the other girls boring a hole in the back of his head, he ignored all of them. As the pair started to draw DNA out of a strawberry, he made his move.




The prom was coming up soon, it was the end of a new beginning for the senior class. Every girl had one thing set on their mind: make Brad ask me out. Ana Marie thought the whole idea of prom was pointless. It had nothing to do with school, therefore it really didn’t appeal to her. Her parents were from wealthy heritage, and they weren’t short on cash. From her background, priorities were listed in a defined fashion: get through school, go to college, get a job, find a man, have a family, then have fun. Fun, being on the bottom of her list, was always pushed out of the way. She had been almost completed the first three, and was just starting to look into finding a decent guy. In her school, she hadn’t really caught many eyes since she had always blown off men. That didn’t mean that she wasn’t good looking, for she knew she was by all the heads she could turn.

Ana had hair like fine silk, the canlı casino color of English Toffee. Although she typically wore it up in a high pony tail, all the girls were jealous, and would glare at the back of her gorgeous perfect hair. Her skin had a very pretty natural glow, as if the sun kissed her cheeks, or if she were an Egyptian Goddess. Her eyes were the color of pine needles, a very deep and luscious look, but yet altogether, a very mysterious shade of green. Her glowing body always rippled below her carefully chosen wardrobe. She knew what would catch eyes. She would wear a cute, fitted top that showed off her flat stomach, her thin arms, but still would accentuate her perky relatively large beasts. She always tailored designer jeans, and made them for her own body. Being fitted for her tight perky ass, and her fit thighs meant she’d both look good, and feel awesome at the same time.

Her smarts came from her PhD degree father. She was in the progress of taking Biotechnology, one of her favorite subjects, to pursue Genetic Engineering and take over her dad’s position. The first day she went to class, she had secretly snickered at all the girls as they first gawked at her carefully walk in, and take her assigned seat. As soon as she sat down, she noticed she didn’t have their attention anymore. Walking into the room, as if in slow-motion, the stud of the school Brad Giovanni had whirled around the tables, and went to his assigned seat-right next to her.

Even though it was only her young stages of trying to find a decent guy, she didn’t ever want to give in too easily, especially to this guy. Throughout the duration of her class, he tormented her. He left her cute notes on her school stuff, picked her as his partner, and he always tried to start conversations with her. She never really knew what to do, and to tell him the truth, he annoyed the hell out of her! Sure, he was simply divine, like her, but wouldn’t he ever give up? This guy was so fucking hot, and she knew it. She wanted him more than anything, but didn’t want him to know that.




There was a heated connection between the two immediately. They sure were interested in each other, and Brad couldn’t be happier. Now, if only she could get her to buckle, he’d have her number, and they could start talking outside of school. All of his girl-energy went into trying to attract her attention, and keep it. He knew the basics about her. Her age, her family status, her likes in a man, and what she wanted to be. If only he knew more.

This kaçak casino connection finally allowed them to interlace friend groups, he knew who her best friends were, and also knew they all were jealous. His friends always teased him about how he would drop everything to be with her, and he went along with it like any other guy would do. Secretly when he got alone, it really bothered the hell out of him, and he wanted to kill the guys for trying to get under his skin. All his buddies were astounded that this was the girl he chose, over all of the easy preps.

Brad was busy thinking about the newest way to try to get her number, when he had turned the corner in the hallway and crashed right into someone’s breasts. Stunned, he looked up to see her standing there, with her hands over her tits, with a painful look on her face. He apologized immediately, and blushed. He felt so stupid. He just stared at her with nothing coming out of his mouth. Everything was stuck somewhere between thought and words, and just couldn’t make his body talk. As he bent down to help her pick up their things, she looked up, smiled gently at him, “Hey, I was just coming to find you! What’s going on?”. He must be crazy, she was coming to find him! He was walking to her locker to get her number. Finally realizing this could be his chance, he laughed, “Hey, nothing’s going on. I was actually coming to find you, I was wondering if you’d finally let in to give me your number?”




Wow, Ana couldn’t believe her ears. She, too was thinking about asking, but didn’t want to ruin what they had. She really didn’t know what he expected. So far, he had been nothing but nice to her, never expecting too much, and never hinting towards his room, or his bed, anything like that. This drove her crazy. She didn’t think, she just grabbed her favorite pen, grabbed his tan hand, and wrote her number down on it. Smiling again, she put her pen away, and turned quickly on her heels. Never wait around for a man, and never sit around and let him control a conversation. Turning into her next class, she sat down and began talking to her friends.

Within the next ten minutes, she felt her phone vibrate silently within her pocket. Not really knowing what to think, she slowly took out her phone with shaking hands. Opening it slowly, a message read: hey cutie what’s goin on? I can’t believe you finally cracked and gave your number to me! Figuring it’s much too early to text back, she left the message until she got home that night. With quivering fingers, she wrote carefully, biting her tongue: I can’t believe it either, but I’m glad I did. The one reply immediately triggered a new response from Brad, and very pleasingly, she looked at her phone ringing in her hands, and answered it.

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