21 Nisan 2021

It Was a Beautiful Evening in May

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It was a beautiful evening in May when Greg arrived at Charles and Mary’s house. They had just moved into the house a month ago and were having an open house party with family, friends and associates. Greg had worked for Charles for the last 10 years, but they had been friends since childhood. Greg was a software engineer, tops in his field. He could have worked anywhere, but his loyalty had always been to his lifelong friend.

Greg had been single for the last four years. He had married too young, and for all the wrong reasons, and had gotten hurt enough to not want to get into any heavy commitment any time soon. Girls came and went, he had his fun, his one night stand, but never seemed challenged or fulfilled by anyone he had met.

Greg knew most of Charles’ family, and most of his friends, and it was a comfortable scene that night. He grabbed Mary when he arrived and asked her when she was going to “leave that looser, and run off with me!”. Mary was always happy to see Greg, he made everyone happy, except himself she thought.

Charles entered the foyer, and pretended to defend his wife. Fists flailing in the air, words mouthed as if it were a foreign film. Laughter filled the room, and a few people poked their heads around the corner to see what the fuss was all about. That made the threesome laugh that much harder.

Mary escorted Greg into the main gathering area, made introductions, and left him to the crowd of people. After 10 minutes of exchanging pleasantries, he moved into the living room, poured himself a drink and sat down in the big leather chair by the fireplace. He was laughing and telling jokes to a group of Charles’ family that had stopped by to talk when she walked in.

Jackie was stunning, not model gorgeous, but beautiful. She walked in unescorted, gave Charles a handshake and a kiss on the cheek, and Mary a hug. They seemed animated in their conversation, and they looked very happy to see her there. Greg was mesmerized by the interplay between this beauty and his friends. He could not stop looking at her. She was dressed in a black long suit coat and an almost miniskirt, black stockings, and black high, very high, ankle strap shoes. She had to be 5’7″ as it was, but with the high heals, her legs looked like they were 5 feet long.

He watched as Mary introduced Jackie to other people across the room. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. What was it about this woman? She exuded power in her look and how she held herself. This was a woman in charge of whom she was. He sat there, watching her every move. When introduced to people she smiled and held out a hand to shake. This was no wimpy shake either. You know the kind, the miss pris shake, limp wrist and all. This was strong, intelligent, and powerful. He kept wondering about this woman as she walked around the room, talking, laughing, impressing. He started to see the whole picture around her. Everywhere she was, men and women both looked at her. He could see that some of the men were as entranced with this woman as he was. One poor stiff even got caught looking too long and took an elbow in the side from the woman he was next to for looking too interested.

He watched her walk over to where the bar was set up. She ordered a white wine with a twist of lemon. Even ordering a drink from the bartender was a site to see. She flirted a bit, smiled and winked at him, and left a $20.00 in his tip glass. She said she had a tough day, and that she would probably see him once or twice more, but probably more she added. They laughed and she took a nice long sip from her glass. That ended up being just as stimulating. A small drop was left on her full lips as she ran her tongue across her bottom lip to get that remaining taste.

She spoke to a few people standing by the bar, and she was close enough to him for him to hear her speak. She had an intelligent voice, somewhat deep, and very sexy. He could hear that she had put in a long week in California, and just gotten back to Chicago about two hours ago. She was some type of buyer for an interior design store, and had just gotten back from a design show. She said that she had picked up some things for Charles and Mary’s new house while she was there, and that she thought that her assistant had done wonders with the plans that she had left for Mary’s redecoration of the house.

So she was intelligent, sophisticated, witty, and at ease with everyone she spoke to. This woman had really gotten his attention. How had he not seen her before? She was certainly friends with Charles and Mary, how could his friends have held out?

He was so engaged at what he was watching and listening to that he didn’t even hear Mary talking to him until she hit him in the arm. That little slug brought street blowjobs porno him back, and Mary chuckled. She had been watching him watching her for the last 10 minutes. She could see something in his eyes that made her want to go and help him out. She thought an introduction would help break the ice, but she hated to take him away from the fantasies she could see were running thru his head.

She asked how he was, if he needed more ice for his drink, maybe a cold shower. She was giggling the entire time. He felt somewhat embarrassed, but tried to recover himself. Mary sat down on the arm of the chair and he quietly asked her who this woman was. Mary said that they had been friends since college and that Jackie had volunteered to redecorate the house for them for free as their 10-year anniversary present. Jackie had been the Maid of Honor at their wedding.

Mary asked if he would like to be introduced to her. He stuttered out a yes, and she knew Jackie had gotten to him big. Mary turned on the arm of the chair to see if she was still at the bar, and she was gone. Her eyes began searching the room, and his did too. Where could she have gone so quickly? They had only been talking for a few minutes he thought. “Well,” Mary said, “I guess the love of your life is gone forever!” The look on his face was of panic, and Mary had never seen this before. “ Well don’t worry, she is still here, probably went to powder her nose. I’ll find her and make some excuse to bring her to meet you.” With that Mary was off on a search.

Greg went over to the bar and ordered another scotch and soda. Greg asked the bartender if he had seen where Jackie had gone, but even he was unsure. The last the bartender had seen was her walking toward the French doors to the patio.

Greg thought maybe she needed some fresh air and had stepped outside. Long day, long flight, only made sense that she would want to get away from the crowd of people that had gathered in the house. He didn’t even realize that there were so many people till he tried to make it to the doors.

He hadn’t seen the patio or the gardens since they had been finished. It was a very beautiful site. Water fountains in the center, lights hidden in the shrubs to soften the effect. There were chairs and benches scattered around, but no sign of Jackie. Since it was so nice out that night, he decided it was much better out there then it was with all of the people in the house.

He found a chair that had been situated out of the way. It looked like a great place to find peace or read a good book, or a place to get away to when you really didn’t want to be found. You could still see the house, and hear the noise coming from it, but you felt secluded. He sat down, put back his head a little, and started to think about her. He could not stop thinking about her. Even the rise in his pants made him realize how much he was thinking about her, and he laughed to himself. How could someone he had never met, never even talked to, have such a hold on his thoughts?

As he sat there thinking of her, a soft voice told him not to move. The voice was familiar, could it be? He did as he was told, and a caress of warm air moved across his ear and stopped at his neck. He could feel the brush of soft lips against his skin, and just the pleasure of that made his heart race. She whispered that she had seen him watching her since she had walked in the door, and went outside to see if he would come looking for her. Her intuitions proved right, and for that she was going to reward him. Shivers ran down his spine. Is this for real?

Her hands came from behind him. She was caressing his hair, his neck, his shoulders. As her fingers left an area, her lips were right behind. The feeling was amazing. Was this woman taking him? What should he do? She could sense that he was questioning what she was doing, and told him that he should be a good boy and do as he was told, and for that he would have the most enjoyable night of his life. All he could do was nod.

Her fingers continued their exploration, moving down the front of his shirt, pinching his nipples, and as they made their way down to his pants, he let out a low moan. This woman hadn’t even introduced herself, yet she was making his head swim and his pants strain at the sensuality of the moment.

She was enjoying the part as much as he was. Total control of the situation, she thought. She moved around to the front so she was facing him. He was about to say something when she put a hand gently to his mouth and told him not to speak. She said she knew who he was, and she overheard Mary and him talking. She laughed a little, remembering what she had heard, and he was feeling a bit embarrassed. student sex parties porno She said she was flattered by the attention that he had given her that night, and she was going to give back some of what she had received.

His eyes grew wide as she knelt down between his legs and started stroking his raging hard on that he had for what seemed like hours. “My that is nice, mind if I take a closer look?” Jackie said. He moaned a yes, and she slowly unzipped his pants. Her movements were even erotic. She was rubbing her breasts on the inside of his legs as she began moving his straining cock from its hiding place. She slowly began stroking it, making sure that in all of the excitement that she didn’t make him come too quickly. He was breathing harder now, and trying to hold back the orgasm that was building up inside him.

She gently moistened her full lips with her tongue, then slid the head of his cock into her mouth. The wet warm feeling of her mouth instantly made him want to come, but he continued to hold back as much as he could so he could enjoy the sensation. She moved her mouth up and down on his shaft, using her tongue to swirl around the underside of his hard on. She had done this before, and damn she was good at it, he thought. Everything she had done so far seemed like it was done with perfection.

She was watching his face, listening to his breathing, his moans of pleasure. She wasn’t going to let him come yet, there was so much more to do. When she could feel him coming close, she would back off, not letting his cock out of her mouth, but slowing the pace with which she was devouring him. She wanted to let him have a little release, so she began sucking harder, flicking the underside of his cock with her tongue. He felt good in her mouth, and she enjoyed watching his reactions to what she was doing.

He couldn’t hold back any longer. He began to come in her mouth, and to his surprise, she continued to devour him. She sucked every last drop of cum from his cock, then ran her tongue up and down his shaft to get anything she may have missed.

Greg thought he had to be dreaming. How can this lovely creature he had never even met before tonight, and really still had not even talked to, just give him the best, most erotic blow job he had ever had?

But, Jackie informed him that she wasn’t even done with him yet. With his body sedated already, he wasn’t sure if there was much more he could do. She informed him otherwise.

Jackie was still between his legs, stroking his semi-hard cock. She reached across his leg and retrieved her glass of wine that was sitting on the small table. She took a sip from the glass, swallowed, then buried his cock back into her mouth. The sensation of the coolness of her mouth against his cock was intense. As her mouth began to warm, she took another sip and did it to him again. What a feeling this was. Not cold, but cool, then warming slowly.

He could feel his cock becoming erect again. Only minutes before he had an intense orgasm, and this woman was bringing it back to life already. She smiled up at him, “I told you that I wasn’t done yet.” Jackie continued to play with his cock and massaging his balls. She wanted to get him hard again.

When she felt that he was ready, she lifted her skirt some, and straddled his legs. He could see that she was wearing thigh highs and no underwear. God what a turn on that was! Did she not have any on when she came in? Did she take them off at some point? It didn’t matter really now. She was sliding his cock into her wet pussy. She moved slowly up and down on his shaft, until it was finally buried deep inside her. She stopped for a moment to undo the top few buttons on her suit coat. It revealed a black satin corset, the kind that laces in the back. Her breasts were not large, but suited her small frame. He began to run his fingers over the satin, feeling her small waist, moving up to her breasts. He moved the corset out of the way and began to suck on her nipple. They were perfectly formed, and he wanted to devour as much as he could of her.

He could tell she was enjoying it too. Her body began to grind to his, moving his cock as deep as she could into her. He could feel the muscles in her pussy change pace, tighten and then massage his throbbing cock. She began to move faster, changing pace not only in rhythm but in muscle constriction. She could feel his breathing get faster, but again she didn’t want him to come just yet. She slowed to almost a stop. “Are you ready for something else?”, she asked. “Yes,” Greg said. She rose from his lap. “ Stand up and get behind me.” He did as she requested, and she lifted her skirt higher and put one leg on the chair. He submissive cuckolds porno could see how long her legs were from this angle. She bent over slightly, and told him she wanted him in her pussy. He was happy to oblige. He had always been an ass man, and this was one beautiful ass to look at.

He began thrusting in and out of her, her muscles seemed to react to every movement of his cock. He could feel her G-spot rubbing on the underside of his cock. He began rubbing that area more and more, faster and faster, making her body tremble with each thrust. She had started off the night by pleasing him, now, he thought, it was his turn to please her. She had other plans though.

The pace was feverish now. Their two bodies moving faster and faster, heat building between them. She reached back and slowed him down, realizing that he was close to coming again. He grabbed her waist, and moved his hands across her ass. He didn’t want to slow down. He wanted to continue pumping her wet pussy. She arched her back slightly, to bring her face closer to his.

“Ever fuck a girl in the ass?” Jackie asked. He shook his head no.

“Ever want to?”, she asked.

“ I have fantasized about it, but never had anyone willing,” Greg replied.

“Well, I’m sure I have made a few fantasies realities tonight, how about one more?”

“ Are you sure? ,” he asked.

She took his wet cock in her hand, and slowly moved it up to her ass. She guided it into her hole, and with short movements at first, slid his cock into her ass.

He had fantasized about it before, what it would feel like, what the sensation would be compared to a pussy. This was beyond even his thoughts.

She continued to move back and forth on his cock, letting him stand still and enjoy it. Her rhythm quickened and looking at that ass he couldn’t stand there any longer. He grabbed her hips and began fucking her harder and harder. The feeling was so intense, he was climaxing before he could stop it. She could feel his body tighten as it exploded in a wave of cum in her ass. He slowed his pumping to a gentle stroke, feeling his erection leave him for a second time tonight. He felt a little awkward as he moved away from her. Did she want me to come in her like that?

She slowly stood up, steading her legs that had become weak from the exertion. She turned toward him, and softly kissed his lips.

“ Well was it everything you had thought it would be?”, she asked.

“That and much more,” Greg replied.

“I’m glad we met tonight Greg. I hope some day we can do this again. I have to go now, it has been a long week, and I need to get home.”

“Is that it? ,” Greg asked. “No talking, no getting to know you, no phone numbers? I would like to see you again.”

“Well you have seen quite a bit of me tonight, and I wanted to please you and please myself at the same time. It is better this way. Good sex, hot night, something to remember. I am sure we will find our way back together again some day, but this is not the right time. Take it for what it is, enjoy the moment, think back and fantasize about what could come next. One day, we will find each other again and I’ll make those fantasies come true too.”

“ But,” Greg stammered for words. “ I have to see you again.”

“ You will, when the time is right.” Jackie said.

With that, she turned, straightened herself, buttoned her jacket, and went back inside.

Greg sat down on the chair, glancing occasionally over his shoulder toward the house. He wondered if that was all there was. This beautiful creature was in and out of his life in a matter of hours, and he had just had the most pleasureful sexual experience he had ever had. “What the hell!”, was all he could say.

He gained his composure and walked back to the house. He was going to go talk to her, talk her into something more, although he didn’t know what more he wanted, just more.

He got back inside the house and was met by Mary.

“I hate to tell you love, but Jackie just left. I tried to find you so I could introduce the two of you, but you were no where to be found! Where the hell have you been?”

“ In the garden,” Greg said. “ I needed some air. By the way, you have a lovely garden.” He smiled at the thought of what had just happened.

“ Well, I told Jackie about you before she left. She said she would love to meet you someday, and she gave me her card to give to you. She said that she only had the one card left, and that she was sorry there were some notes on it, but that you should give her a call sometime,” Mary said.

Greg looked at the card, Jackie Thompson, Interior Designer. It had a work number and a cell phone number on it. He flipped the card over. It read “Fantasy Garden, quiet corners, where all your dreams come true.”

He smiled again, kissed Mary goodnight, and told her he would talk to her soon.

So she had taken care of everything. He couldn’t wait. He picked up the phone in his car and dialed her cell number. “ What took you so long . . . ” was all he heard on the other end.

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