12 Mayıs 2021

Moving Mirrors

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I needed to get ready for Joy n Kaitlyn’s arrival on Saturday and had lots to do before tomorrow’s celebration for the 4th. I started cleaning the house and moving things around, moving furniture and pictures from one place to another to see how it looked. I wanted to put some mirrored glass panes around the house and deck areas too. I have several large mirrors which are too heavy for me to move by myself so I called up to Monica’s house to see if Tyson was there.

Rachel answered the phone I asked if Tyson was there, she told me that he and Monica were outside in the pool. I asked her to have him give me a call back when he had a quick moment. About 10 minutes later he called me back and asked what was up. I told him I was rearranging my house and that if he wasn’t busy that I could use his muscle in moving some mirrors. He asked if he would he need to bring Bart, his brother with him. I said no that we could probably do all ourselves so he said he’d be down within 30 minutes.

I continued moving things around and made up a pitcher of ice tea for when he came down. I had changed into a thong as I was getting quite hot moving things. I heard the gate buzzer and looking up on the monitor I saw his truck and buzzed the gate to open. He drove in and I opened the screen door for him. He walked in with sneakers and shorts. I approached him, gave him a hug and kiss and thanked him for coming down. I showed him what I wanted to do and where I wanted the mirrors to go.

We were able to move everything within 45 minutes but had worked up a sweat doing so. I asked him if he would like a glass of iced tea and he accepted. I took his hand and led him to the kitchen and told him to have a seat. escort kartal As he sat on the bar stool, I grabbed the pitcher of tea and grabbed 2 glasses and filled them with crushed ice then filled the glasses. I handed him a glass and he took big gulp from it. He rubbed the glass over his forehead to cool himself and I grab a paper towel and stood in front of him and dabbed the beads of sweat from his face.

As I had my arm raised, he cupped my right boob with his hand then rolled the nipple between his fingers. He bent forward abit and took it into his mouth and began tonguing it then sucking it. It felt so good to feel his hot breath on my nipple. He then took his glass and rolled the glass over my nipple then moved to the other. I dropped the towel onto the counter and cupping my boobs I offered them to his glass. He rolled the glass over them then sucked each one while caressing the other. I told him how good that felt. Looking down and seeing his huge dark hands on my body always gets me so hot because I love the contrast of skin tones.

I reached down between his thighs began caressing his inner thighs before wrapping my hand around his growing shaft. His cock shot to full staff in no time. I watched my tiny hand caress his thick long shaft. I ran my fingertips over his cockhead before pumping it thru my hand. I felt his teeth biting at my nipples and I wanted to feel him in my mouth. So I took his hand and took him outside to the deck. Having him sit down in lounge chair I moved to his side. I took his cock in my fist and began tonguing the head. I took him into my mouth and began sucking the head. I ran my tongue over his shaft moving from below the head to over maltepe escort the top before sucking him back into my mouth.

I took my time with him as I wanted to feel his excitement. I felt the head ooze his precum as I tongued his slit. I cupped his balls in my hand as I sucked as much of his length into my throat. I came up off him slowly before going back down onto his beast. I started to pump his shaft thru my tiny fist as I sucked the head. Forcing more precum from his cockhead til my tongue was slick with it. He closed his eyes and adjusted the lounge chair so that he was now completely flat on his back. He motioned for me to 69 him. I crawled up his body and straddled his face. Never taking his cock from my mouth in the process. I felt his tongue stab at my clit as he worked his tongue into my slit. Lapping at my shaven pussy he began fucking my entrance with his tongue as his hands gripped my ass pulling apart my cheeks and stabbing at my backside with his slender fingers. I felt him slide a finger then two into my wet pussy before pulling them back out. I felt him place them at my tight backdoor and push in.

I felt his fingers entering me as his tongue continued to suck and lick over my clit. I felt pure pleasure at this point as I was about to cum for him. I sucked his cock harder and pumped his thick veiny shaft harder. I felt his hips begin thrusting into my mouth as my hips did the same to him. His fingers sliding in and out of my backside as he lapped away. I clamped my lips down over his shaft just as I began to cum. He slid his fingers so deep into my backside at the same time my orgasm ripped thru me. He licked and sucked, fingers pumping away in my ass pendik escort bayan that I had another orgasm and another right after. Multiple orgasms for women are so intense. I couldn’t get enough of his ministrations that he kept licking and pumping as I continued to cum over and over again.

I kept pumping his cock, I wanted him to fill my mouth with his hot seed. I sucked the head while pumping him in long strokes. I felt his moan vibrate thru my pussy as the first spurt of cum rose and discharged into my mouth. I took it to the back of my throat as another followed by another rapidly filled my mouth. Swallowing his hot cum as I sucked him deeper into my throat. His balls contracting with each spurt after. I found my mouth full of his hot cum several times as I swallowed him all. Never letting a single strand escape. He pumped my face as his moans filled the air around us. I kept sucking his head wanting to get every drop he had of that delicious cream.

As I sucked the head I felt him collapse under me. I stroked his still hard cock in my hand as he kissed my pussy and clit. Still pushing his fingers into my backside, everything felt so good. I scooted off his body and sat next to him on the ground. I slid my own fingers into my pussy and pulled my fingers from inside me. Bringing them to my lips I sucked them loving the taste of myself after a nice hot orgasm. I reached up and stroked his cock which was laying across his stomach. I thanked him again for coming down the hill to help me. He said no problem.

We sat there and talked for a bit then both dived into the pool and did a couple laps each. We got out and dried each other then went back inside… we finished the rest of what I needed to do and he left shortly after. After about 20 minutes, Monica called me and told me I was a slut because I seduced her boyfriend again. I countered with, ‘and how many times have you seduced Michael’… we both laughed cause we know what we do….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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