16 Ocak 2021

Number Three Love Ch. 02

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It was late. Chen new that Charlie was looking at her as she bent over the table assembling the pieces of their project. They worked together at a mail order catalog company, and often worked in close proximity for very long hours, creating the layouts for catalogs. They were the only ones in the office, but that wasn’t unusual.

She arched her back a little and pushed backwards to give him something to think about. He wants more, she thought, silly white boy. Slowly she shifted her weight from one leg to the other, making her ass move from side to side. She wasn’t really trying to tease him, but she wasn’t going to change her behavior, either. She wore silky dark blue slacks that clung to her bottom and revealed every curve, every cleft, every dimple, and to Charlie, every desire. He came and stood beside her, ostensibly to lend her a hand, but in reality to get close enough to smell her and taste her. She smelled like licorice– the sweet, tangy aroma wafting off of her like heat. She was a beautiful woman-a classic Asian with alluring almond eyes that looked slightly crossed when seen from a certain angle. They were soft, but piercing, like the eyes of a child and a hawk. Her cheekbones were very high and her hair long and straight and jet-black, after the style worn by Oriental women before they were influenced by the West. She was a small, trim woman, solid from her years of weight training. She and Charlie had been working together for four years, ever since she came to the U.S. from the central hills of Thailand. She new that she aroused him-they had dated very early on in their relationship, though nothing intimate came of it, but it was their one night together a month earlier that lit Charlie up like a roman candle.

“Can we talk about it, Chen?” Charlie asked, pleading like a lovesick puppy. He referred to her shunning him since their incredible night together.

“There’s nothing to talk about, Charlie, silly boy. We can’t make a thing of it. You know I’m married.” She looked up, sorry for him.

She knew how he felt; she had this effect on many American men. The difference with Charlie was that he had sampled Number Three Love– the first time she had given it to anyone from outside her village in Thailand– not even her husband had been so blessed.

“Charlie, I was upset with Steve, that’s all.”

Steve was her American husband-the first American she had ever met-who had a penchant for bosomy blondes and indulged himself at every opportunity. Steve was supposed to meet her the night she had the tryst with Charlie, but stood her up and lied to her, to boot. Chen knew in her heart, and in her loins, that she didn’t go with Charlie because she was mad at Steve-she went because she wanted to fuck, she wanted to fuck the way she had been trained to fuck, and she wanted to show white men just what silly sexual neophytes they are.

“Damn, Chen, this ain’t something you can just turn on and off. You are incredible, that asshole doesn’t deserve you all to himself. And you deserve better, too! A lot better!”

She smiled at him. “Sweet boy,” she sighed, and turned away, busying herself with her work.

Charlie went to the lunchroom to see if he could scare up some coffee that late at night. He heard the phone in the office ring, and he heard someone talking, but he couldn’t make anything out. Having no luck with the coffee, unless he wanted to make a whole pot, he headed back down to the front. As he passed by the office, he saw Chen standing by the desk, her head down, her shoulders quaking.

“What’s up, Chen? Are you crying?” He moved to her side and put an arm around her.
She shook her head no, but when she turned, she revealed her lie.

“It was Steve, huh? What’s he doing now?”

Chen pulled herself together, smoothed down her sweater and said,

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Tears still welled in her eyes.

Charlie canlı bahis turned her a half-turn, and she fell into his arms, burrowing her face into his chest. She rested with him for a few minutes, seeming to gain control of herself. Charlie was just about to push her back a little when she said,

“Take me, lover. You can have me.” She put her arms around him and sidled up to him. She licked his cheek and ear as he pulled her tight, the light licorice scent and humor finding it’s way to his senses. She shied her head and dried a tear with her fist.

“Chen, I don’t want you like this-I don’t want you if you’re just trying to get back at Steve.” Charlie was resigned to serve his nice guy sentence.

“In my village, it’s impolite to refuse an advance.” She half-smiled, “I’m not trying to get back at Steve, he offers me the opportunity to pursue my own desires.” She wriggled in closer, looked him in the eyes and said, “Kiss me, lover. Shhh, just kiss me.”

Charlie leaned down and touched his lips to hers, little apricots, and licked. Her tongue came forth to wrestle with his, and they twined together like whispers and secrets. Her tongue tasted fresh and vaguely familiar.

“What is that? I’ve tasted that before.”

“It’s fennel. It’s a spice that many of the women in my village chew.”

“It’s nice,” he whispered, “Is it like gum or something?”

She breathed into his ear. “No, lover, it’s for sex. It makes sex better. Do you remember what we did last time? When you put your hand down there.” He nodded.

“Do it again.” She shinnied up his body, pushed her chest into his and spread her legs.

Charlie brought his hand to her mouth, extended his middle finger and pushed it between her lips. She made her mouth gooey with spit, cheeks sucking in, and wet his finger. Charlie withdrew it and reached around behind her. He slid his hand into her pants, finding the elastic of her panties and pushed past it. He was beside himself. He had never experienced anything like what she had done to him. Not even remotely. She had used her ass like a mouth and sucked his cock. He almost came just thinking about it. His middle finger found the cleft between her cheeks, and slid down until it touched her tight little hole. She pressed her mouth to his, kissing him hard. Just as her tongue slithered from her lips, Charlie pushed his finger deep in her ass.

Chen moaned, and began to push against his hand. He fucked his finger in and out as best he could, and she moved opposite him, meeting his every plunge with a thrust of her own. Charlie’s cock shot up like a rocket. Chen moaned and began little grinding motions against his hand.

“Let’s go,” said Charlie, disengaging his finger from her tight, little ass. He remembered what she had done last time when he pulled his finger out, and so, making a fist and stretching out his middle finger, he stuck it in her mouth. She looked him right in the eyes and sucked, her cheeks caving in and her tongue swirling. Charlie stared back, awed, and began to twist and turn his finger and pump it in and out.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he said, not wanting to extricate his finger. “I could come just watching you do that!”

“Don’t do it yet, lover. I have other plans. Look, you go on ahead, I’ll meet you at your place in an hour, OK?”

Charlie hesitated, almost confused.

“It’s alright lover,” she cooed, “I just have to do something that will make it better. Now go!”

Charlie arrived at his apartment feeling very alone. Would she have second thoughts? Would she run into Steve? He paced his living room and pulled back the curtain on the front window looking for her car down in the street. When he saw it pull up, the hair on the back of his neck stood up, and his cock bulged against his pants. He saw Chen get out of the car, and go around to the passenger side. She waited for the door to open bahis siteleri and it dawned on Charlie that she wasn’t alone. His spirits sank. He was sure Steve was on his way up to kill him, but the person getting out of the car wasn’t Steve, it was a girl, or woman, he couldn’t tell. He was still perplexed when the buzzer rang. Opening the door, he found Chen standing with a woman-he couldn’t tell much about her except that she was Asian and bundled up way too much for the weather.

Chen answered Charlie’s look with “This is my friend, Tran Din.” Chen pulled her and began to unbutton Tran’s coat. She removed it along with her scarves and sweaters, revealing a lovely young woman with eager eyes and pearly teeth.

“She is from my village in Thailand, she is here visiting.” Chen turned her to face Charlie.

She was dressed simply in a tee shirt and short skirt, white socks and little cloth shoes. She smiled radiantly. Charlie could see she had nothing on under the shirt, her tiny breasts, such soft pointy pears, ended in hard little pebbles that poked her shirt.

Chen said something to her in Thai, and she turned toward Charlie, bowed lightly several times and went and sat on the couch.

Chen reached for Charlie and whispered “Did you miss me, lover?” She unbuttoned his shirt and slipped her hand in, running it across his abdomen. With her other hand she worked his belt buckle loose.

“Help me, love,” she said as she kneeled down.

Charlie quickly undid his pants and Chen pulled them down. As Charlie lifted his shirt, she reached in side his drawers and grasped his cock sucking in her breath.

“Chen, why is your friend here?” Charlie glanced at the girl who seemed to be preoccupied with her shoes.

“Why do you think, Charlie?” she tugged his shorts down and stared at his cock. “She’s going to help me do you, love.”

She leaned forward and brought his cock to her lips. She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply through her nose, as though appreciating a fine wine. She opened her mouth and made a circle with her lips. She looked up at Charlie and made little sucking motions, but made no move to put her mouth on him. After a minute, she stood up, snuggled into him and kissed him hard, breathing deeply. Charlie kissed her back and wrapped his arms around her, letting one hand slide down on her ass.

“You like my ass, don’t you Charlie? You’d like to put it in me again wouldn’t you?” She hissed at him.

“You know I would, baby, I can’t even think of anything else!” His fire was mounting.

She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, they soon followed. Finally, she pulled off her sweater and stood totally naked in front of him. She moved her hand to her mouth and inserted her middle finger into her mouth. She made loud slurping noises as she sucked it. She then placed it behind her back and slid it down her bottom. Their eyes locked, Charlie watched incredulously as she finger fucked herself in the ass.

Quickly she moved over by his desk and set the phonebook and phone on the floor, clearing the top. She went to the couch and removed a cushion, placing it on the desk, and said something in Thai. Tran got up and came to her. Chen spoke to her for a moment and pointed. Tran nodded and scurried down under the desk and sat bent over, on her knees.

“Come here, lover, quickly!” She pulled Charlie to his chair and pushed him down. She then climbed up on the desk, her back toward him, and bent over, spreading her arms to hold on. Her face lay on the desktop and her ass was raised high. Charlie wheeled his chair to her, careful not to run into Tran, sitting quietly beneath him. He sat looking straight at her delicious, gold and rose ass and struggled to breathe. It was moist and dewy, like a budding breast. The backs of her thighs were supple, but strong; he could bahis şirketleri see her fleshy quim tucked between them, lush and juicy, like a little kumquat. Staring him right in the face was her tight little orifice, a brown jewel set amidst her creamy skin. Charlie remembered what she could do with her ass and just about lost it. Chen began to clench her cheeks together, making her ass bounce around, beckoning him. She began to moan, calling his name.

“Hurry, lover, lick me! Eat me!” She panted. “Suck my ass!”

Charlie scooted to the edge of his chair, his cock straining, strong as a bull and dark as a storm. He could see Tran under his desk staring at it. He placed his hand on Chen’s thighs, leaned in and licked. She shuddered when his tongue touched her. Charlie probed and pushed at the little hole, but could not get through. He used his finger, pushing it in to the first knuckle. He licked down toward her quim and suckled and nipped at what ever he could find. Chen began to rotate her hips and pushed back against him.

Charlie felt it when it happened-he felt her muscles flexing, heard her strain and watched in fascination as her hole opened. Chen was heaving now, no doubt due to her passion and her effort. The little opening was pushed outward, revealing her darkest recesses. It contracted a few times, growing a little larger each time. When it was about the size of a quarter, the edges of it actually folded outward, forming a kind of rim. He could see down into it, at least three inches. The walls were pink, slick and smooth, and he could see them undulating every time Chen clenched. Charlie licked around the edges of the hole, slipping his tongue into her and lapping. She clamped down on his tongue and held it tight-Charlie was amazed at the grip she had on it. It actually hurt. When she released him, he buried his face in her ass and burrowed as hard and deep as he could. He opened his mouth wide and clamped it tightly over the opening and blew air into it. He could taste and smell fennel as he sucked it back out. He was frenzied now. Watching and feeling her ass burst open was almost too much to bear. He began gasping for breath and calling to her.

“Oh Chen! Chen I’m gonna come!”

She said something in Thai and suddenly Tran rose up beneath him and clamped her mouth around his cock. It took him by surprise. He could see her lips; pretty, fleshy little buds, extended down his shaft. With strength he couldn’t even imagine she possessed, Tran sucked his cock like a shop vac. She looked liked a fish with her cheeks so inverted. Charlie exploded in her mouth, his fury flooding her and rocking her back.

Tran quickly jumped up and leaned over Chen’s ass. As Charlie looked on astounded, Chen opened her hole and Tran spit his jizz into her. Chen Clamped her ass closed and moaned. He could see her muscles working, as she swallowed up his come with her ass. As she came, Tran inserted her fingers into Chen and squeezed them against her thumb, making Chen writhe.

Charlie was spent. Not only was he exhausted from the sex he was drained by the scene he had witnessed.

Chen regained her composure and swung down from the desk, standing in front of him.

“You did good, lover, you did good.” And turning toward her friend said something in Thai, making Tran blush and bow her head. Tran raised her head after a moment, looked at Charlie, and spoke to Chen.

“Tran likes you, Charlie. She has invited you to our spring festival.”

“Oh yeah? What is that?” Charlie studied Tran. She was a slight girl, very lovely and soft, with what he figured might be a very sexy figure under her baggy shirt. She smiled a big toothy smile at Charlie.

“It’s our initiation ceremony, where we bring young adults into citizenship. Tran is an initiator this year, and she wants you to come. It’s quite an honor, Charlie, not many outsiders are invited.” Chen began gathering her clothing. You should go, lover. You will be amazed. Tran is in Y’an, Charlie,” Chen referred to the social club that trains the women of her village in the arts of making love, “She is a trainer of Number Two Love.”

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