7 Mayıs 2021

One Big, Happy Family Ch. 01

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Am I really a whore?

I spent my entire shift at the diner pondering that question. Can I be a whore if I don’t get paid? What about if I only service one guy? The fellas here tease me and make suggestions regarding my anatomy and morality, but I’ve always kept up appearances.

In between dishing-out hash and beans yesterday, I came to this stunning revelation: No Lori Manning, even though you both say that you’re a whore, in reality, you’re just a slut. “Maybe I should set the bar a little higher.”

So with my feelings assuaged, I could find time to stare into my coffee mug and slowly stir the dark brown liquid around, searching for a sign. You know in the movies when the vapor rising from the coffee forms a dollar sign. Or you stir a small tempest in the cup and it fogs over, revealing a new path in your life; like “the ghost of sluts future.”

Well none of that happened, all I got was cold coffee. I don’t even know why I use a spoon, I don’t take cream or sugar. Once, I overheard a fancy woman say in a very theatrical voice, “A proper lady doesn’t drink her coffee, black.”

“Oh yeah bitch. If you’re such a fine piece, why are you stealing all of our sweeteners?”

So back to my dilemma.

I’m thirty-two years old, divorced, and living with my older sister and her two grown kids. Her name is Maria, and she was packing and expecting a cab. She was going to pick-up her twenty-one year old daughter Christy from the hospital and catch a plane to visit our mother. Mom was in ill-health and those two were best-equipped to help. Maria was a forty-four year old widow and living off her husband’s prodigious estate, in this semi-mansion. Christy was a new nurse and had two weeks vacation.

I am the one best-suited to stay behind. My menial job offered no vacation, I was now a near-permanent house guest, and we always joked that my lifestyle is what brought on Mom’s illness, anyway. I could justify my position by catering to the needs of the house and family, for all that was worth.

When the dispatcher called to say the cab was five minutes out, my sister was scrambling to gather last-minute items. My nephew Will, hung up the phone and relayed the info to Maria. Then he casually rubbed his hand across my backside and whispered in my ear, “as soon as she’s out the door, I want you on your knees sucking my cock. My dear Aunt Lori, I’m gonna fill you up with cum!”

Yep. My torturer was my twenty-five year old nephew William. I never would have imagined. We used to be so close and he was such a great kid. Our age difference was such that Maria would take us both, to the zoo, and even today, I have dated guys younger than him. But now, whenever we’re alone in the house or sometimes just alone in a room, Will has somehow assumed property-rights to my body.

It seems like a long and complicated story of debauchery and incest, but to tell the truth; about two months ago we hooked-up after a night of drinking with others and played a game of truth-or-dare in the living room. One thing led to another, mostly me sucking him, and things quickly spiraled out of control. Let me correct that. Things spiraled into his control!

He managed to follow me into my bed that night and with my sister and my niece down the hall; he coerced me into allowing him to penetrate me in a dozen ways and suck his cock in between each position. With each maneuver I laughed or moaned so much, he would shove a sock in my mouth until his pecker was available. I would like to blame this continued abhorrent behavior on alcohol, or on not wanting to hurt or shame my family. But ofcourse, that would be bullshit!

There was something thrilling about a man dominating me, and the incest, well how do I explain it? If I didn’t stop it, I was complicate to it. It is so nasty. And if caught, I would shame the family for generations. But the appalling nature of it is what made the affair so exhilarating. And it brings me the most intense, mind-blowing orgasms I can imagine.

Let me describe my co-conspirator and rapist. Will is twenty-five. He is well over six feet tall and 220 lbs. He has thick, wavy blonde hair that is almost white in the summer and he often sports a goatee or full beard. His father died just as he finished engineering school and he took some time-off to regroup. He lifted weights rigorously, spent days at the pool working on his Zen, (and tan), and bought a motorcycle. Today he is clean-shaved and preppy-looking, yesterday it was beard, chains and a Harley.

He is built like a Roman God, wealthy as a Roman emperor and has the evil mind of Caligula. He has a lot of free time, some very deviant thoughts and a young aunt, pliant and eager to please. A recipe for disaster.

I remember one day I was washing the lunch dishes at the kitchen sink, staring absently out the window when he appeared behind me. I was in rubber gloves with an apron around my waist. My reddish hair was falling loosely from a bun atop my head and steam was rising in my face. I wore no makeup ataşehir escort because I needed to shower for work in an hour, and I had on old grey flannel gym shorts and was bare-footed.

Will very casually bumped me against the sink and proceeded to grind his pelvis into my rear-end. I glanced over my shoulder to give him a look that said, “are you kidding me?” When I scanned down, I saw that he wore only a tee shirt and sandals. His big cock was erect and angry-looking. What could he have possibly found attractive? My hands were in suds and I was holding a dish rag and dinner plate, while he yanked my shorts down to my ankles.

Will reached around me and scooped a handful of warm foamy water and started to massage the triangle between my legs. The hot water felt delicious trickling down my thighs and the bubbly liquid served as a lubricant for his giant cock. He plunged none-too-gently into my steaming hole and drove me into the formica for a few minutes. With each mighty thrust, the clean dishes rattled in the strainer and the small plants on the window-sill vibrated with the beat. I could only pray that no one else was home to walk in on us from behind; so my attention was on the window where I figured that at best, I could only be seen from mid chest level. To any outsiders I hoped that it would only appear that my dear nephew was just whispering in my ear.

That is when he brought his hands up to my collar and violently ripped the shirt straight off my body. It hung in tatters from my sleeves and my boobs bounced freely, hidden only by a thread-bare apron that read, “it’s not a chore if you love it!” His warm, wet hands cupped my 34C’s and he tugged at them while he continued to plow into me. I kept an eye out the window because now it would be obvious I was being molested, and the dishes would have to soak for another day.

He yanked my hips back towards him and flattened me out, parallel to the floor. With his cock banging inside me, he loosened my cinnamon hair and spanked my rear end loudly. He kept dipping his hands into the warm dish water and rubbed the soothing liquid onto my ass and upper thighs spreading a warm glow all over my tingling body.

My tits bounced on the cold counter-top and my pink nipples tensed at the sensation. Will grabbed my hair and pulled my head up to lift my tits and arch my back. The tips of my red hair were soaked and sudsy, laying plastered against my shoulders. I had a firm grip on the sink in my latex gloves and needed it to prevent him from ramming my teeth into the faucet. My tits wobbled and smacked together with that sound of slapping wet flesh. The tension was building and my orgasm mounted beyond the breaking point. He leaned heavily on my back, his clutches like a vise on my hips. I heard his throaty grunts and knew that the intensity was at it’s fullest.

I felt that final, powerful thrust and a tremendous shudder passed through me. I had never experienced an orgasm through intercourse and had also never cum simultaneously with a partner. Now my nephew was pumping his seed into me and my body shook hard enough to measure on the Richter Scale. We rocked like this for a few moments, my knees trembled and I was holding the counter to remain upright. I could see that I was slipping over the edge of reason.

Will slapped my ass with his wet palm and pulled his nine inches of pleasure out of me. I felt suddenly empty and abandoned. My inner thighs were running with a mixture of his semen and soapy water, and a milky grayish puddle was spreading at my feet. When I looked behind me, his red, veiny member was beginning to shrivel and he wiped his crotch with soapy water. I decided then, that the dishes were all going into the dish-washer!

I was pleased to see that none of the neighbors had discovered us. And my sister was mercifully not at home. I’m not sure if Will worried about either one. I also discerned that after that experience, Will would continue to fuck me at his leisure and I was going to revel in it. From that day, I belonged to him. Whore-slut, whatever?

There was another time when we were all gathered in the family room. Maria was watching an old movie that she loved and Christy had her nose in a book. Will and I were on the couch. The movie was truly sappy and we had sat through it many times before. Will was whispering in my ear the extremely nasty things he had planned for me; while surreptitiously strumming his hands along my thighs or darting-in for a quick bite on my tits and then sitting back in his place. Christy harrumphed and went to her room to read. Maria thought we were joking about her movie and was annoyed at our infantile behavior. She was captivated with her film and oblivious to our true intentions. (After-all, who would suspect that your son was fucking your sister?)

She would look over from time to time, not even realizing that she was catching us making-out like teens. She shsshed us and finally lost her temper, “look, I like this movie. If you two are going to ruin it kadıköy escort for me, just go somewhere else and leave me alone.” Will took this as an invitation and an opportunity. He grabbed my wrist and told his mom that we were going to watch tv. in the downstairs den.

I knew what was about to happen; I would end-up naked and dripping cum. I could easily have offered to keep company with my sister. Instead, I followed Will to the kitchen where he snagged a six-pack and we headed down to the rec-room. We hadn’t hit the landing when he squeezed my ass and declared quite plainly, that I was going to suck his cock until he exploded. “You are my little whore now, and it’s time you learned how to act.”

I was stunned. Nobody had ever called me that name. And this was my nephew, he was only seven years younger than me. I wanted to scream at him but I knew that Maria would here. And somewhere deep in my demented psyche, I wanted this terrible, exciting, incestuous, breath-taking relation to advance. I don’t completely understand it, but I muffled my voice, undercutting my own protest; and revealing to Will, the weakness of my position. “William,” I whispered firmly but softly, “I am not a whore.” I almost pleaded with him. Yet I still offered only token resistance as he roughly gripped my tits and slathered sloppy kisses down my neck and into my cleavage.

“You are my whore.” He countered. “And your body belongs to me. It’s time you learned obedience and how best to serve me.” He turned on the tv., only to muffle our voices, and cracked a couple beers. He yanked his huge cock from his shorts and pushed me to the floor, tearing my shirt to shreds in the process. “First, I want you always topless when you blow me. And you will suck and swallow me atleast five times a day.”

He was taking for granted that I would be sucking him and I was accepting for granted, that I would follow his orders. As his big, stiff penis slapped against my cheeks, he twisted my nipples in his fingers and proceeded with his lecture. “You’re my whore to fuck whenever I desire. I want you to understand this. Your sweet pussy belongs to me (I felt his calloused hands palming my clit.) Your big, juicy tits belong to me (he wrenched my nips, again.) Your tasty mouth belongs to me (his heavy, thick cock thumped against my lips and tongue.) And your tight, little ass is mine too (I managed to squirm out of reach at that one!) Now suck me down to the root and swallow my load.”

I arranged some pillows on the floor to be more comfortable on my knees and gripped his cock as I’ve done dozens of times already. I slobbered some saliva on the purplish, swollen head and rubbed the moisture down the full length of his thick meat. Before I took it in my mouth, I uttered my meager protest. “I’m only a whore for you. I wouldn’t put up with this for anyone else.”

Wow! Even to me, that sounded pretty lame. My absolute surrender was official and unconditional. ‘Maybe I should set my sights abit higher, huh Lori?’ He did not even deem to reply. I engulfed his rigid tool and slurped like he might take it away from me. I looked-up to see him staring down at me with an evil smirk, and steering my mouth into position with my ears. He had cast a spell on me. I pumped his throbbing knob furiously with my right hand as my left hand snaked it’s way to my pussy. He alerted me before, that he likes to watch me diddle myself when I suck him. I would do it anyway.

This entire scenario turned me on more than I could explain. So as my fury began to mount, I shoved him further into my mouth and could feel him banging at the back of my throat. My right hand was a blur pumping his cock and my left was a squishing mess fingering my snatch and flicking at the firm nub of my clit.

Will’s hand was at the base of my neck and I recognized the straining grunts for what they portended. It would not be long now. “Take it whore. Take it. Swallow my load like the dirty little slut that you are.” He pumped and yanked. Squeezed, tugged and shivered. I felt his sperm rising inside his shaft as I hurried it along and instinctively began to swallow as I stroked it faster. One last push and I tasted the stream of warm, salty goo lathering my insides and filling my cheeks like a chipmunk. I swallowed greedily and licked my lips and chin, savoring every sticky drop.

It’s a filthy act and a horrible family situation and I was so excited and aroused, I creamed myself continuously for five minutes. My nephew owns me and rapes me at his pleasure. I am an incestuous slut, and the only thing that would make me happier would be if I could share the news with someone! So I repeat his degrading remarks and add a few raunchy ones of my own. “Yes, I’m your whore. (Swallowing and licking the sticky remnants of semen from his shiny cock.) I’m your fuck-toy. My cunt belongs to you. I only want to please you. Tell me what to do and I’m yours.”

Our days were all like this. My niece was most times at the hospital and my sister could shop for hours on end. bostancı escort When we were left alone, I was taught to never cover my tits. And that at all play times, either my hands, tits or some orifice should blanket his tool. My time as my nephew’s slut was at hand. It was the best summer of my life.

Another afternoon I had just emerged from the bathroom. It was a rare day that I was totally alone in the house. Will took every opportunity to get me by himself. He knew my schedule and monitored my activities. He was insatiable. But hey, if I was a young man with an incestuous, slut slave-girl; would I be any different? This day, I relaxed in the tub, painted my nails and curled my long blonde hair, (I’ve forgotten what the natural color is and my pussy is now shaved clean.)

When I strolled down the hall in robe and pajamas I did a double-take at his bedroom. He was home. I found him sprawled naked on the bed, his enormous cock announcing his presence as if it were flying a flag. Which it appeared capable of supporting.

My path was halted when he whistled, and then snapped his fingers, nodding at his erection. My lingering toilette meant that I needed to hurry or be late for work. I trembled slightly at his “request,” aware of the punishments for disobeying him. “Please Will, not now. I have to get to the diner. I swear I’ll make it up to you later.” I shook and shuddered like a child facing a disapproving adult.

“It’s okay,” he answered, “I already stopped at the diner and told them you were sick and would not be in today.” My belly dropped. “How dare he call me off from work? On the other hand, what’s more sexy than a take-charge guy? And boy, did that describe my nephew.” He reached out to me with one hand and in the other he held a container of lube. “Mom and Christy are out for the evening and today we have the house to ourselves.”

I took a deep breath, my tits heaving. And gulped down what was left of my pride. If ever I was unsure of my surrender, this would answer the issue. My nephew lay naked on the bed, we would be alone for hours, and he fondled a tube of Vaseline in his fingers.

I shrugged the robe from my shoulders and left it in a heap at the doorway. I watched transfixed as he stroked his rock-hard cock to impossible dimensions of length and circumference. He had blonde body hairs and light-brown pubic hair. I had never noticed since we were normally in a rush or in the shadows. I ambled toward the bed and he grasped the pajama front savagely, scattering the buttons on the carpet and exposing my heaving mammaries.

I shed the top easily and slid the trousers down my hips and around my ankles, lightly stepping out of them. The warmth of my shower was replaced with a chilly perspiration. I had applied a silky-smooth coat of oil to almost every inch of me. Will was about to slicken the one area I had excluded.

From experience, I knew to begin sucking that gigantic rod and bring my butt up to his hungry tongue. He normally liked me to play with my smooth cunt, but this time he went to work without me. He kissed and licked my slit, nibbling on my fleshy nub and gliding a wet, warm path to my anus. I could hear his hands warming and kneading the lube and soon felt it’s slick texture between my legs. This anal-taboo on top of the incest-taboo set my heart racing. And my pussy kept pace. With the first probing of his moist fingers my body’s contractions began. The muscles in my abdomen tightened. My ass clenched and dilated. My thighs stiffened and flexed while my fingers pawed at the edge of the mattress. He explored with two fingers for a second, then plunged a third one deep inside my rectum up to the webbing of his hand. I almost sprang off the bed!

I erupted in a torrent of cum! The waves of exhilaration consumed me. I bucked and moaned, feeling nothing but the beat of my heart and the pulse-pounding stomping in my vagina. After seemingly hours of his preparing me, he extracted his sloppy digits with a plopping sound as the small, brown ring of my asshole closed back into place.

His cock made a similar noise as I released it from my lips. I have never seen it shine as much. My saliva coated it and his viscous pre-cum leaked from the large, bulbous head. Will scrambled from underneath me and positioned himself directly astern of my slick, round bottom. I had to look back, like at a car-wreck, to watch the impending deflowering of my anal-cherry. The enormous mushroomed head was sticking straight-out and looked monstrously oversized for what was about to take place. After the sloppy blow-job I had just given, I didn’t think any more grease was necessary; but he squirted another gob into my hole and layered the rest along the entire length of his shaft. I did not kid myself that this was for my pleasure. He wanted to jam it home on the first attempt. It was time, and he aligned his missile at my tight, unwilling target.

“My little whore is going to enjoy this. After today you’ll be spoiled. You will beg me to finish every one of our fuck-sessions with an ass-blast.” I could only hold my breath and clench my eyes shut. He pressed my face into the sheets and raised my butt up, supporting my underside with folded pillows that after today, nobody will want to rest their head on.

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