21 Ocak 2021

Pool Party

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I met a guy while out cruising for cock and met this guy behind the adult store in the parking lot while I was parked and tapping my brake lights as cars went by. Dave pulled up next to my car and asked what I was looking for. I told him I was looking to suck some cock, which he replied he needed a blowjob and said to follow him as he had a place to go rather than in the parking lot.

I followed him to an area that had a boat ramp and was behind a coke bottling company and it was pretty secluded at late at night. We got out and standing between both cars I dropped to my knees and pulled his zipper down and fished his semi hard cock out. Dave was in his 50’s I would guess but tall and slim build and his cock was about 7 inches long and maybe average thickness but I enjoyed it and sucked him off in about 15 minutes swallowing his load and after we were done we walked down by the ramp just chatting about anything.

A few days later I ran into him again but this time we went back to his place where we both got naked and 69’d and he fucked me in the doggie position in his living room and shortly afterwards I left. That following Saturday evening I ran into Dave at the local gay club where we bought each other a couple drinks and chatting and being I am always horny I was running my hand up and down his leg and rubbing his crotch from time to time. The guy sitting to the right of Dave knew each other and I could tell he could see me rubbing Dave’s crotch but I didn’t care. We ended up back at Dave’s place and sucked each other off and he fucked me in several positions all the while telling me how much of a slut I was and he could tell I really enjoyed the taste of cum and getting fucked which was true.

After we were done for the night we were sitting naked on the couch just chatting and he mentioned he was planning canlı bahis on having a pool party in a week or 2 with some guys and asked if I would be interested in coming, said it would be a BBQ and drinks and being he lived out on the edge of town his closet neighbor was a good distance away so we wouldn’t be bothered and skinny dipping is no problem. I said sounds like fun and to let me know when, we exchanged phone numbers and I left.

Between going to the book store and cruising in a few known areas for cock it was about 2 weeks later and Dave called and asked if I wanted to attend the pool party that coming Saturday afternoon. I said sounds good what time did he want me there. Dave said to show up around 2pm and I could help him with setting things up and give him some time to use me before the guys got there which he said was 6 others he invited. I said great see you Saturday.

Saturday came and I got showered and cleaned myself out before heading over to Dave’s. We got everything set up and ready to go and had about an hour before the guys would start to get there so we showered together and we sucked each other for a bit while in the shower and edged each other some. Afterwards we dried each other off and went into his bedroom where we got on the bed and was 69ing and after he got me to cum in his mouth he moved around and then lowered his face to mine and we started tongue fighting and he surprised me as he push my cum that I thought he swallowed into my mouth which got me excited as I later found out it was called snowballing and I liked it.

After which he spit on my hole and worked his cock into me with my legs pushed up by my head and shortly after I could feel his balls slapping my ass as he slowly started sliding in and out and making me moan then after a few minutes he started jack hammering my ass bahis siteleri and I swore he held my legs where my knees were on either side of my ears and he was grunting and groaning while kissing me as he pumped which was the hardest anyone has ever fucked me. I was rock hard and could feel my balls tightening up and before I knew it I was cumming on my stomach and then Dave flooded my ass as he drove deep and held still as he was cumming and calling me a cum slut.

After we got done we took another shower and he gave me a enema bottle and said to clean out. About the time I got out of the shower a couple guys had shown up and were about the same age as Dave (which I had found out he was 57) they were sitting out by the pool when I walked out wearing the little white/yellow speedos Dave told me to wear even though I had brought a pair of shorts to wear.

The 2 guys looked at me and were checking me out up and down. No I was not built but did have what they call a swimmers body being I did swim a lot. I always had little hair so could be considered smooth for the most part and I did shave my pubes as I always thought it helped make my little cock look bigger. We chatted about different things and by 6 or so it was Dave and 4 other guys there and we figured the other 2 weren’t going to show. By this time I was kind of buzzed and it was pretty hot out so I jumped in the pool to cool off.

After a couple minutes Dave is standing on the side of the pool watching me then he bends over and pulls his shorts down and is naked. He sits on the side of the pool with his feet in the water and calls me to come over. I swim over and he spreads his legs and tells me let’s get this party started and grabs his cock and shakes it at me. I lean in and started licking his cock head and then went down to lick his balls while stroking bahis şirketleri his cock and going back and forth.

The other guys all go in the pool and were surrounding me and out of all 5 of them Dave and one other guy had decent bodies while the others were somewhat out of shape and had good size beer bellies but I had told Dave a while back I liked the thought of sucking and getting fucked by several guys in one day so I didn’t care about that at the moment.

As I was sucking on Dave’s cock I could feel hands all over my body and around my cock and ass. While sucking Dave I was grabbing cocks in my hands and pushing my ass towards the guy behind me as I could feel his hard cock rubbing into my ass cheeks. Ever so often someone would sit on the pool side and take turns having me suck their cocks. While sucking whoever off at the time I could feel different size cocks fucking my ass while in the pool.

After a little while not sure how long we all got out of the pool and I found myself on my hands and knees on the deck with a seat cushion under my knees and having cock in my mouth and ass and trying to stroke cock with my hands, all the while hearing comments about a really horny cock sucker and cum slut whore and even one saying Dave you hit a jackpot here and we love it.

The party went on for awhile and I would say it started (sexually) around 8 pm and the last guy left about 11 or 1130 and I am pretty sure I sucked every cock at least 3 times and with the amount of cum dripping out of my used hole I think I got at least 6 or 7 loads inside me. They took brakes here and there but I wasn’t able to shower or even get back in the pool as I was instructed by Dave to stay on the cushions being I wanted multiple guys use me and I did just that, sure I laid down on the cushions as well as sat up sucked their cocks when they wanted and got fucked when they wanted. I really did enjoy getting used by them and it seemed not long after this night that I started losing interest in having sex with women but not totally yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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