26 Ocak 2022

Remembered Pleasures

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It is hard to believe that only two weekends ago we had an Indian Summer day and this picture of me naked was captured on film. It had been a warm day and I had gone for a walk in the wood behind the house, since you were out of town. When I came to the creek I took off my shoes, climbed up on the rock and let my feet and bare lower legs dangle in the water. The cool water flowing over my toes took me back to last summer when you and I had been at this very spot. I started to think how we had splashed water on each other and how my thin T-shirt had exposed my nipples as it clung to my ample breast. I started to get excited all over again as I thought how you took me in your arms and your mouth closed on my nipples through the thin material. My nipples hardened as I thought about you peeling off that wet rag from my body.

I reached under my shirt and rubbed the tip of that hard nipple between my finger and thumb. sincan escort Then I reached down and taking the hem of my shirt in my hands, pulled it over my head and tossed it onto my shoes. I felt the warm fall sun on my body as my rubbing further stimulated my hard nipples. The heat and aching between my legs started to build just as it had on that summer day. I undid my shorts and slipped my hand inside just as you had on that day. The shorts were tight and restricted my access to the target of my desire, so I climbed down from the rock and shed my shorts and sat against the big tree. With my legs bare and spread I was now able to rub my love mound as I thought about how you had touched me during the summer. I remembered how your lips and tongue had traced a trail from my nipples across my belly to the folds of my womanhood. My fingers danced across my magic button as I remembered how your tongue had done ankara escort the same thing that summer day. “Yessss,” I moaned as the warmth spread through my body on bolts of electricity. Every nerve ending became super sensitive and a wave of pleasure swept over me. As the excitement ebbed I became aware that I was no longer alone.

There kneeling next to me was a man. His lips met mine and his tongue darted into my mouth. His hands were strong, rougher than yours were, as they passed over the soft flesh of my breast. I reached around his neck and pulled him close to me. His hand slipped down my body and found the wet area between my legs. I struggled to undo his pants as the desire to be filled grew within me. His fingers explored me as I finally freed his stiff organ from his pants. His fingers danced over me like a musician playing a masterpiece and my body responded like a well-tuned instrument. The excitement etimegut escort rose within me and I heard myself say, “take me, I want to feel you in me now.”

He lay me back on the freshly fallen leaves, his body covering me, his hardness rubbing my wet private areas. I felt him push, his organ stretching me as it entered. My legs went up and wrapped around him as I tried to pull him into me. He resisted my efforts and would not be rushed. Slowly he entered me, making the desire within me burn that much hotter as he controlled the pace. The excitement rose within me and then gave way to ecstasy as he thrust into me. His action would not let the waves of pleasure stop and my nerve endings were on fire when I felt him stiffen and moan as he exploded within me.

I lay there exhausted as he got up, fixed his pants, picked-up his camera and my clothes. Then he slipped one arm under my legs and one under my neck, lifting me from the forest floor. He carried me back to the house.

“Nicole, my little woodland nymph,” you say as your hands rub my shoulders and your lips touch my ear. “Maybe we should invite Tom here during the summer?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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