7 Mayıs 2021


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There were days when life really sucked and this was fast turning into one of them.

It wasn’t bad enough that she’d missed a turn somewhere and managed to get completely lost; oh no. While she was trying to figure out where the heck she was, she had the good luck to have a dog run onto the road and, in her efforts to avoid it, she managed to put the car in a ditch and bog it to the axles.

She looked up and down the road, trying to remember how far behind her the last house had been. A very long way. She couldn’t see any sign of habitation ahead of her either. She sighed, might as well keep going east. There might be a house just around the next corner.

Half an hour later, she decided that life definitely sucked out loud. The weather had closed in. It was distinctly colder with a nasty biting wind and she’d left her nice warm leather jacket far behind in the car. Her feet were beginning to ache like a bastard. Sensible shoes or not, she wasn’t used to hiking down roads.

At least it looked like there was a village ahead. She could see houses and what passed for a business district, with a couple of shopfronts and some tables and chairs set out on the footpath, and, oh joy of joys, a garage!

Right at that moment it began to rain. She was still some way from the nearest shop.

A small stone church stood on the left, set back from the road and with a small neat graveyard at the side. The door was open.

She ran up the path and into the church as the rain pelted down, big cold heavy drops. She was soaked to the skin despite being caught out only a minute.

The carpet muzzled her footsteps as she stepped from the vestibule into the church proper and finally out of reach of the wind. Silence. That silence that you only find in empty churches. She sank onto the edge of a wooden pew in the back row. She was tired, she was cold, she was wet. Could this day get any worse?

“Seeking sanctuary from the storm?”

She jumped and whirled around to face the voice. Son-of-a-bitch! She’d nearly screamed. Thank goodness she hadn’t blurted out her first thought! Standing before her was a tall priest. At least she assumed he was a tall priest — he had the dog collar, the black shirt and trousers…but the shirt was lacking sleeves, showing off a well muscled set of arms and a beautiful set of shoulders and chest to go with it. His piercing green eyes seemed to look right into her and his mouth was just begging to be kissed. Damn but he looked fine.

She blinked away the thought. He was a priest! What was the matter with her?

“Sorry I startled you,” he smiled at her. She melted under the force of it. Oh, what a waste. “You looked cold. May I offer you this?” He held out a black jacket. Ah, so that’s why the sleeveless look. “It’s not super warm, but it’ll be better than that wet blouse — you could use the confessional as a change room if you want.” His eyes swept across her chest and something flickered across escort ataşehir his face.

She looked down at herself and gasped. The wet blouse had become translucent and was plastered to her skin, showing the outline of her bra. Her cold nipples could clearly be seen through the fabric. She blushed and stammered out: “Yes, of course.” Grabbing the jacket she stumbled in the direction of the confessional.

She could feel his eyes watching her and she just couldn’t help but add a little more swing to her hips. It was wrong, but she wanted him to look at her. As she stepped into the confessional she glanced back at him and her breath caught in her throat.

He hadn’t moved, was still standing by the last pew. But he was eating her with his eyes. His lips slightly parted and his face slack with desire. He saw her look and his jaw clenched. She licked her bottom lip at him and began unbuttoning her blouse as she disappeared behind the confessional curtain.

What the hell was she thinking? Was she really coming on to a priest? She turned away from the curtain, shaking her head and mentally continuing to berate herself as she stripped off the sodden garment. But god, he was so beautiful!

As she pulled the wet fabric from her arms — damn, it was hard to peel off wet clothes — her mind made a lazy inventory of the man outside and the look on his face as she slipped behind the curtain. She hadn’t imagined it. He was definitely one of the finest specimens she’d run across, and he certainly appeared to think she was worth a second glance.

Trust her, the first decent looking bloke she’s seen in weeks has to be completely off limits. If he was married she could’ve justified it, but not a priest. Even if he did look interested, that was just wrong.

Suddenly she wasn’t alone. Hands cupped her breasts and a warm body pressed against her back. She could feel his breath on her neck as he leaned in to nibble her ear. She gasped and leaned back into him, shivering.

“I thought so. You need more than a coat to warm you up,” he breathed, turning her to him and hungrily kissing her mouth, forcing his tongue between her lips, tasting her, probing her, while his hands held her close to him, exploring her back.

She was melting into his arms – he kissed as good as he looked – when alarm bells dragged her back. She forced herself to pull away from him, pushing at his shoulders.

“We can’t do this! You’re a priest!” She was shaking, but not from the cold. Her hands stayed on his shoulders. She didn’t have enough will to totally break the contact and lose the delicious feel of him.

He blinked, momentarily confused. Then he smirked. “Let me worry about that.” Reaching forward around her body he traced the lines of her bra to the fasteners and expertly undid them, pulling it away from her body and down her arms. With a shiver she let it fall. “You need a him far more than a prayer right now,” he said, still smiling, kadıköy escort bayan as he unzipped her skirt and let it join the bra on the floor.

His hands traced her curves as he kissed her collarbones, his breath hot on her skin as he licked down to her nipples. She shuddered against him and was lost, “Oh. Yes. Please.” His fingers played with the edge of her knickers, then slid beneath the elastic and gently tugged them off her hips, to join the pile on the floor. He tickled her bellybutton then moved down to her thighs. His hands gently parted her knees and his fingers began moving in delicious circles, lapping at the edge of her.

She moaned, running her hands through his hair, thrusting her hips at his teasing fingers. Her knees threatened to buckle and she wedged her shoulders into the corner of the cubicle.

He was still fully clothed and she was stark naked and barely able to stand, waves of sensation rippling through her as his fingers continued to work their magic, sliding across her opening and back to circle her now throbbing clitoris.

She ran her hands down his back and grabbed his cheeks, pulling him close. She could feel his need hard against her belly as she humped his leg, pushing his fingers into her. He shuddered, his hips humping forward. “Oh, you’re so wet, so ready.”

With a desperate moan, she pushed him away, far enough to get her hands between them and onto his belt and fly. As his trousers fell, she cupped his manhood through his boxers, stroking and caressing him. He groaned, his hips making little movements as his whole body shuddered. She removed the last layer of fabric between them and he thrust towards her, sliding between her legs. She could feel the hard heat of him thrusting across her clitoris, seeking but missing his target.

He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him, desperately thrusting her hips. “There’s not enough room in here,” he gasped and backed out of the confessional into the church proper. Before she could protest he carried her to the sanctuary, around the back of the altar and then leaned her over it.

He felt her stiffen. “It’s just a piece of furniture,” he breathed into her ear as he licked her lobe and around her neck, before engulfing her mouth with his. The kiss was hard, raw and needy and she felt his hands cup her arse, positioning her as he thrust into her.

She cried out, quivering at the sensation — he was hot, he was hard and he was huge. Instantly he was still, watching her, reading her face. She was stretched to capacity and maybe a little beyond. Her breath came in little gasps as he began making little thrusting movements in and out, a little deeper with each move until she had taken him all in.

She had never been so full. He was still carefully watching her face to gauge his movements. She looked into his eyes, leaned back further, hooked her legs around his back, smiled and started grinding her hips.

He escort bostancı groaned and his hips jumped, thrusting hard into her, again and again. He was slamming into her, squeezing her breasts, moaning into her mouth, holding her shoulders to ram harder into her. Each thrust sent a jet of sensation slamming up her spine to shatter inside her brain. She moaned and bucked and writhed, hugging him into her, digging her nails into his back, mashing her mouth against his.

He was nearly there, but he could feel something was stopping her going over the edge. He pulled back, withdrawing from her. “No,” she moaned in frustration, humping forward trying to keep him inside her. He gently circled her clit with his middle finger then pushed it to the knuckle inside her. Her hips humped greedily as he once again pulled back, the overwhelming need and want etched on her face.

He stood, his member erect and pulsing, his hips making little needy motions. He watched her face as he gently pressed his middle finger to her backside. She gasped in surprise but her body writhed onto it, her eyes locked with his, trusting him not to hurt her.

He forcefully entered her again, making her breath gasp and hitch. Watching her, he slowly pulled back, while at the same time pushing his finger deeper, then drove back into her. Oh god, that was unbelievable! Shockwaves bolted through her with each thrust as her hips helped drive him in deeper and deeper.

She could feel him losing any control and pumping deeper and harder as his climax came. Her tension rose higher and tighter as her vision blurred. All she knew was him and the incredible sensation of … of … of … complete wipeout as her climax engulfed and overwhelmed her.

She came to her senses, lying on the altar, gasping, as he raised himself off and out of her. He was breathing hard. She looked at him, suddenly realising – he still had the sleeveless shirt and dog collar on — she had just had wild sex with a priest on the altar of a church!

He watched as a mixture of shock and shame flittered across her face. “I told you, you needed a him to warm you up,” and playfully kissed her mouth.

She quickly climbed off the altar. He was a priest! And she was buck naked!

“It’s OK, really,” He smiled down at her. “But, yeah, we’d better get dressed. My brother could turn up any minute. I got bored waiting for him to pick me up after I checked out the old graveyard and decided to try out the fancy dress. I was just getting bored with that when it started raining and you showed up.”

She stood, blinking at him, still stunned at their actions, but beginning to comprehend.

“I’m not a priest,” he confirmed. “I’m staying at the motel down the road for a few days. with my brother while we do a bit of research. How about you? Do you live around here?”

She stared at his grin. Then an echoing smile erupted on her face. “No. I’m just passing through but I had a bit of car trouble. Think they’d have another room at that motel?”

Maybe, just maybe, today didn’t suck so hard after all.

Thanks for reading, but please let me know what you thought – comments and votes are all I have to tell if my writing’s hitting the spot

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