19 Nisan 2021

Sex Fiction

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“Hey Mom do you have any leftover dinner?” Steven asked, perusing the fridge.

“I bought Chicken n’ Biscuits for us.” Jane said, walking into the kitchen. “It’s on the lower shelf.”

Her son reached down and pulled out a plastic bag full of fast food goodness. Jane’s eyes raked over him as he made a plate for himself. Steven had one year left of training in college before he would graduate and become a security officer. At home he often wore just his briefs around the house. Jane couldn’t help admiring his smooth, bare chest, and large arm muscles that clearly showed his dedication to physical activity.

“Do you want some?” Steven asked, licking his fingers after putting food on his plate.

Her son had deep brown eyes and black, wavy hair that he kept very short. He was a sexy, younger version of his father. Jane was divorced and lived with Steven.

“Um, no, thank you.” She said, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge and walking back into the living room.

They watched some TV together as Steven ate dinner. After the show ended, Jane got up. “Well, Steven, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Okay.” He said, with a mouth full of food. “Oh, I will be going to the gym tomorrow morning.” He worked out every Saturday.

“Okay honey.” She smiled, then went upstairs to wash up.

Jane laid down in bed and thought of her son. Jane had been feeling especially lonely lately. She figured at some point her son would meet someone wonderful and end up leaving. She knew it was inevitable but it made her sad to think of living all alone. Over the years she had really gotten used to Steven being around. Steven – with his smooth pecs, and defined six pack, and those strong legs…

Jane sighed, and rolled over to her nightstand. She pulled out her vibrator, then grabbed her phone and started looking for sexy videos.

She found one a few minutes later. The guy had a remarkably nice penis. It looked thick and long, and was decorated at the end with a piercing. Jane had never been with anyone who had their penis pierced. He spent a few minutes stroking himself. Jane turned up the volume when she heard him talking.

“I’ve been saving myself all week.” He was saying, slowly stroking himself, then stopping at the head and putting pressure on it. “I want to show you guys what I’ve been saving myself for.”

Jane turned on her vibrator. She loved when guys were vocal while pleasuring themselves.

The camera shifted out the window, and with a cold realization, Jane could see the rose bushes that were a pain in the ass to keep trimmed in the summer. She could see the chairs with the ugly cushions that were purchased on clearance at the local hardware store. And she could see a woman with auburn hair that burned a fiery red in the sun who was sunbathing nude.

Her heart froze as she realized she was looking at herself.

“Oh my…” She whispered, horrified.

Every Saturday, while Steven was at the gym, she sunbathed outside, often in the nude, by the pool out back. Their backyard was surrounded by a high fence that offered much privacy from the outside world.

“Oh no…” She trailed off as she watched herself pull something out of the bag next to her.

“Oh yes.” She heard her son whisper in the video as she pulled out la pièce de résistance – her 9 inch vibrating cock. Jane was frozen in bed as she watched herself in the video, quite obviously rubbing it against her clit and pussy, then inserting it in fast strokes into her vagina.

The video shifted back to Steven’s erection, and Jane wondered when he had gotten his penis pierced. He was stroking himself faster, obviously in need. “Normally I would edge for awhile, but it’s summertime now, and my mom walks around the house basically half naked all the time. She thinks I’m at the gym right now…” He paused to take a breath, trying to control his urge as he slowed his hand. Then he shifted the camera back to the window and she could see herself pounding her pussy hard with the vibrator, cheeks red, oblivious to everything except the hard rod that was buried inside.

“So I just wanted to share with you guys the source of my sexual frustration.” He said, panning the camera back to his pulsating cock. He grunted. “I’m so close…that’s it Mom…harder…oh yes…”

Jane realized she still had the vibrator on in between her legs, and as she saw her son on video, losing himself to his uncontrolled orgasm, she pressed the vibrator hard against her clit and felt herself reach orgasm quickly as she watched white fluid spew out of his enlarged member, shooting out all over himself.

She could hear him breathing hard in the video. She stopped the video and scrolled down and was shocked to see nearly 80,000 views. The comments ranged from the reasonable (Dude, hot mom – but does she know you spy on her??) to the obscene (Go out there and fuck that slut senseless!) Jane turned off her vibrator, and phone. Did her son lust after her? Jane was mortified and czech harem porno dismayed. She felt violated. Why was Steven posting inappropriate material online?? Despite the turbulent thoughts, Jane soon fell asleep.

The next morning she awoke, she felt like she was supposed to be upset about something, but couldn’t put her finger on it right away.

Then she realized it was Saturday, and she sat up with a start. Steven was supposed to go to the gym this morning. Or was that entirely made up? She recalled the video and felt herself flush slightly. How many people watched that video? What if someone recognized her? Jane sighed, then got up.

Her son was already downstairs, eating cereal. “Morning, Mom.”

“Hi.” She said, not quite sure how to act. Her son had his gym shorts and a t-shirt on. She put a pot of water on the stove for some tea.

“I’m going to be offering some extra training lessons today, so I might be home after lunch.” He said, between bites.

She almost felt like saying sarcastically, oh really? But instead she focused on picking out a tea bag from the cupboard. “Okay.”

He finished up, then left. Jane wondered if he just drove around for a few blocks, then came back to the house to spy on her. She didn’t know what to do. After thinking about it, she came to the conclusion that she didn’t want him to know that she knew his secret, so she undressed, grabbed her bag, then went outside.

It was hazy outside, and the tanning oil felt good on her skin as she sat back and tried not to think about all the people that had watched her during an intimate moment. And did her son seriously lust after her? Jane thought that they had a very good relationship together. But it was never sexual. Did he want that? It was so inappropriate. Then she thought of him, struggling with need as he watched her outside. How long had he been watching her?

Jane’s chair faced the back of the house. She was pretty sure the video was taken from his bedroom upstairs. The shades were pulled down. She waited, watching them. She was curious to see if he pulled them up.

Sure enough, about an hour later, the shade closest to his bed was raised about six inches. Jane froze for a second. Her son was home. And he was probably staring at her, maybe with his cock in his hand. Maybe taking another video.

“Wow.” She whispered. She was naked, but she did not bring her vibrator out with her today. She started thinking of his hard cock, with that metal piercing, aching to be touched…

“God…” She said. She realized she was horny for her son. He was probably in his room right now, stroking himself. Despite her rational thoughts, she opened her legs in the warm summer sun, then put her hand over her clit and started rubbing it slowly at first, thinking of his large hand massaging his hard member, moving up and down. He was probably in his room right now, watching her, wanting her.

After a few minutes, she started feeling self-conscious. What if he was taking a video? She stopped what she was doing, and stood up to go into the house.

All of her clothes were in her bedroom. She walked quietly up the stairs. She had to walk past Steven’s room to get to her bedroom. His door was partially open. She started to walk past when she heard him call out to him.

“Mom, what are you doing?” He said.

She was stark naked. She concealed her body behind his door and slowly poked her head in. He was laying on his bed with his underwear on. Jane felt a flush as her eyes were drawn to his crotch but it was too dark in the room to see if he had a raging boner.

“Ah…” She cleared her throat. “I was just outside for a bit. I think I’m going to make a snack and then go back outside.” A thought occurred to her. “I thought you were going to be late coming home today?”

He stretched, and she couldn’t help staring at his smooth chest muscles. “The lessons got cancelled.”

“Okay.” She started to close the door.


She paused. “Yes?”

“Come in here. I want to show you something.”

She swallowed. “Steven…I’m not decent.”

Her son grinned as he saw her squirm. “No?”

“No.” She started to shut the door again when he spoke.

“Okay, fine. I’ll go first.” He pulled his thick cock out of his underwear.

Jane froze. She knew this was inappropriate on so many levels. But at the same time, she couldn’t tear her eyes away from his proud erection, glistening with precum.

“Steven.” She said weakly as he got up and slowly came over to her, moving the door aside. Steven’s mom looked pretty good, with sparkly blue eyes, high cheekbones, full breasts that remained firm despite her age, and dark lustrous hair that fell almost to her waist. She also had a cute round bottom that Steven loved to check out whenever she had her tight jeans or bathing suit on. He got closer to her, and a jolt shook her body as his piercing grazed her clit, then he slid himself in between czech mega swingers porno her legs as he whispered in her ear.

“I’ve been watching you for awhile, Janie.” He slowly pushed his cock in and out between her legs. The feeling was sensational as the head grazed her suddenly aching pussy.

“This is so inappropriate, Steven.” She whispered. “I’m your mother.”

“And I’m your son.” He said, grabbing a fistful of her dark hair and pulling her head back, exposing her neck. He bit her ear, the nibbled down the side of her neck. Jane was dripping wet and knew he could feel it as his member throbbed eagerly. “And, Mom, I have needs. I’ve been waiting too long for this. And I think you are ready for me.”

Why did he make her feel so good? Her resolve to withstand incestuous relations was melting faster than butter on a hot day.

“Steven. You should be with someone your own age.” She said softly. Then she moaned as he reached down and took a soft nipple in his mouth. He played with it, rolling his tongue around as it hardened for him.

“I don’t want someone my own age.” He said finally, after letting go of her breast. “You are beautiful. And you are my Mom.”

“I saw the video you made of me. The one of you in your room, and then you took a video of me outside-”

Steven was rubbing his cock against her again. Fluids were smeared across her inner thighs. “I came so hard for you. Did you watch the whole thing?”

She felt a flush reach her cheeks. “Um…”

He kissed her on the mouth, pressing his firm lips against hers. She felt his tongue probe against her mouth and she opened, letting him in. It had been so long since she had been kissed passionately.

“I know you have needs too, Mom.” He whispered finally. “I can help you.”

Jane started feeling a dull warm feeling from his cock stimulating her and soon it intensified. The head slid across her, opening her lips, cruelly tempting but not penetrating. She started moving her hips, wishing he would go faster. Suddenly there was nothing else she wanted in the entire world more than to ride her beloved son until she came.

“Okay.” She said softly.

“Okay what, Janie?” He put the other nipple in his mouth and started sucking hard.

“Okay.” She cried out this time, throwing her head up as her pussy ached for release. “Let’s have sex.”

“Good girl.” He muttered, standing and laying down on the bed. “Come here. I want to see your face when you feel me inside of you for the first time.”

Jane felt like the Devil was standing on her shoulder as she walked to the bed, feeling powerless to remove herself from the wanton situation. Her son’s body was so toned and masculine. She needed his pulsating cock, sticking straight up, waiting impatiently to be relieved. She straddled him, and hovered over him as he rubbed the tip against her. The piercing felt like a foreign object but Jane hoped it would feel better once it was rubbing the inside of her hot pussy. He started pushing her hips down, and she felt his tip start to enter.

“Do you have a condom?” She asked. She really didn’t want him to stop but she knew it was necessary.

“No. I’m clean.”

“I was actually referring to pregnancy protection.” She said. He pushed in a little farther. “I’m not…I’m not on anything.”

He pushed farther in, and the piercing grazed against her g-spot. She leaned forward, moaning, and started moving his delicious cock against her. The piercing was incredible. It gave a localized, intense sensation that quickly brought her to orgasm.

“Oh yeah, you like that huh.” Steven said, waiting for the spasms to lessen before picking up the pace, pushing deep inside her. She cried out, feeling his invading fullness penetrate her completely.

“Steven. Don’t cum inside me.” She said weakly as he rocked her hips.

“I’ve been waiting too long.” He muttered. She felt him stiffen and knew it was too late. He held her down, groaning as he spurted himself inside her.

After he finally calmed down, she disentangled herself from him.

“This was very inappropriate.” She said, grabbing some tissues from his nightstand.

“Didn’t it feel natural though?” He said, winking at her.

Jane was overwhelmed with mixed emotions. Instead of answering him, she turned and went back outside to ponder the situation. The sex was phenomenal. She had never climaxed so fast. But he was her son. It was so wrong of her to be intimate with him. She rubbed some sunscreen and oil onto her skin, then laid back down on the chaise.

The following week, Steven was busy with classes and training at the gym so Jane did not see him much. On Saturday she got up and noticed her son was not around. It was another sunny summer day, so she grabbed her bag with sunscreen and tanning oil and a new book and went outside.

A few hours later, the back door opened and her son came outside, completely naked. His powerful biceps czech pool porno glistened in the sun from a sheen of sweat, and Jane’s eyes trailed over his fine abs, down to his flaccid manhood resting on a small patch of pubic hair. The piercing glinted in the sun and Jane felt an unexpected flush as she recalled how it felt inside her. He was such a handsome, powerful man.

“Do you mind if I join you?” He asked, laying down on the chaise next to hers.

“Of course not.” She said. “Were you at the gym?”

Steven stretched, and Jane couldn’t help staring at his genital area. His body was perfectly sculpted.

“Yeah some buddies and I met up for a workout, then a quick run after.”

“I see.”

“Hey Mom, could you put some sunscreen on me?”

Jane got excited for the excuse to touch his body even though she knew it could very well escalate to other things. Things that mothers were not supposed to do with their sons. She hesitated.

Her son flipped onto his stomach. “Do my back first.”

She paused for a second, then grabbed the bottle of lotion and stood over him, leaning over so she could rub the lotion into his skin. Soon she was massaging him, feeling and rubbing his taut muscles. She did his back, then his arms, and then started on his legs, being careful not to touch his butt.

“You should sit on me. You can apply more pressure.”

Jane had a feeling she was getting turned on and didn’t want him to catch on, so she declined.

“Janie.” He coaxed her. “Sit on me.”

Jane knew that this was seriously immoral behavior. But she also knew how good his cock felt. With resignation, she sat on his butt so she could rub the back of his legs. Then he shifted slightly.

“Are you in need of a good fuck, Janie? Cuz I can feel your wetness.”

“Steven! Language!” Jane didn’t know how else to answer him because truthfully, touching his muscular body started making her incredibly horny.

“Stand for a sec.” He commanded. She stood, and he flipped over and Jane was rewarded with a close up view of his cock, which had come alive. She moved her ass closer towards his face so she could lean over and take the throbbing 8 inch cock into her mouth. Steven had a perfect view of her deliciously tan backside. She felt him reposition her, then felt his tongue tickle her clit and taste her sweet pussy.

“Mmmm.” She groaned but the sound was muffled with his hardness inside her mouth. He started thrusting his hips and heard her gag as he hit the back of her throat. His cock was covered in thick saliva and it only added to his fervor as he tried to encourage her to take him all in. He rubbed his tongue over her clit, causing it to harden slightly. He heard her moan again as he pulled it into his mouth and sucked hard. He felt a warmness drip down onto his face and realized her pussy was leaking bad for him.

“Jane. Sit on my dick.” He said. She pulled him out of her mouth and held his cock steady as she sat down, talking him all the way in. She started grinding against him, feeling pressure in different areas as his fullness pressed against her. Then she moved up a little and felt the piercing on her sensitive spot. Crying out suddenly, she rocked against him as she climaxed quickly.

“Oh my God.” She was saying as he started to quicken his pace suddenly. “Steven don’t cum in me!”

She tried to stand but his powerful hands kept her from disengaging.

“I’m going to breed you and you’re going to take it like the good British whore that you are.” Steven said through gritted teeth. He needed to bust so bad.

“Oh my God!!” Jane cried out, partially from the intensity of intercourse with him, and also for the crudeness of his comment.

“No!” She cried out weakly as he groaned, holding her down as he released spasms of semen deep inside her.

“Steven. I can’t believe this.” Jane said finally, getting off of him and standing up. Gobs of white fluids started leaking out and dripping down her legs.

“I know you like it, Mom. And we both need it.”

She watched as he casually jumped into the pool.

Jane didn’t know what to think. She went inside to clean herself up, all the while wondering if perhaps this whole thing was a mistake.

Over the next few weeks Jane was preoccupied with how her relationship with her son would change now that they crossed an obviously taboo boundary. But if anything he was more affectionate with her. He would often kiss her and grope her at random. He was also a little demanding. She discovered he had a high libido and needed to be serviced often. But he would not use condoms and didn’t want her to seek out birth control.

“My God, Steven, do you seriously want to get me pregnant?” She said. They were sitting outside by the pool. She felt sweaty in the sun and thought about going for a swim. Her and Steven regularly swam naked now that they were so comfortable with each other.

“Yeah.” He said matter-of-factly, sipping some lemonade.

“We can’t have a baby. I’m approaching 50. And we run the risk of genetic defects.”

“I guess we will take our chances.” He said.

“Absolutely not.” Jane said.

Steven left for a minute, then came back with a box. He opened it and produced a weird black thing with straps and a lock.

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