12 Mayıs 2021

Shaming Steve

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I met Amanda outside Steve’s flat. Although I was her ex-boyfriend, we had stayed good friends – unlike Steve. Their breakup was fresh and angry. As Amanda didn’t have a car, I’d agreed to meet her at Steve’s apartment when he wasn’t in to help her collect her stuff. And, let’s be honest, now she was single again, I was hoping that one thing might lead to another.

‘Hi Al, thanks so much for doing this. Steve’s such a prick I wouldn’t put it past him to agree a time to be out and then deliberately stay in.’

I wouldn’t put it past him either. He was a sly character who I’d never liked, especially after I found out he’d been cheating on Amanda. At six foot two, I was a lot bigger than him and was half hoping that things could turn a little ugly just to put him in his place.

‘No problem. Is there much stuff to collect?’

‘Not much – a few clothes and some old CDs which I don’t really listen to but I certainly don’t want him to have.’

It was a warm spring day and Amanda looked good, as always. Some girls are pretty, some girls are beautiful, and some just have sex appeal by the bucket load. Amanda was right at that end of the spectrum. She was wearing a pair of ripped black jeans and a white hoodie but looked hotter than most women could ever look in high heels and lingerie.

I followed her up a flight of stairs, frowning in appreciation of her tight rump swaying in front of me. She headed up to the first floor of the building then fished in her pocket for the keys to Steve’s flat.

While she fiddled with the lock I took the opportunity to sneakily try and look down the front of her hoodie at the top of her breasts. We’d dated when we were both 18 and she’d been slim with C-cup tits. Now in her mid-20s she was still as slim as ever, but her chest had clearly grown up a lot since then and was straining against her zipped up top.

‘Good, he’s not here.’

Amanda went into the flat – it was small and grubby. A single bed, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers with an old TV on it. There were clothes strewn around the floor and the bed hadn’t been made.

I watched Amanda going through his drawers, and making a pile of her things on the bed.

‘Is there anything you want me to help with?’ I asked, although I was perfectly happy just watching.

‘No, you’re ok. God, this guy was such a cock. I’ll be glad to be rid of him,’ she said.

‘This doesn’t even fit anymore, but I don’t want him wanking over it,’ Amanda added, pulling an old bra out of a drawer and dropping it onto the pile of stuff she was taking.

I picked it up and looked at the label – 32C, as I remembered. Amanda caught me looking and playfully raised her eyebrows.

‘What? I was just looking!’ I laughed. ‘This is old – I think I remember this one.’

‘He was such a perv. He kept it because he liked to get me to put it on, just so he could see me bulging out of it. I used to be the same size as his old girlfriend and he said it made him feel all superior to see how much bigger his new girlfriend was. I’m not giving him the satisfaction of leaving it for him.’

‘What a sleazeball’ I said, although I was thinking that I wouldn’t mind seeing the same thing. ‘How much bigger are you?’ I tried to make it sound casual.

‘FAR too big for that bra, put it that way.’ Amanda said, turning back to rummage through drawers. I’d have loved to have found out her new bra size but didn’t want to sound as sleazy as Steve, so dropped the conversation.

After a couple of minutes she’d bagged everything up by the front door.

‘Are we done?’

‘Yeah, but there’s one more thing I want to do.’

She picked up a can of shaving foam, pulled back the covers on the bed and wrote ‘Prick’ in cream across the mattress.

‘I didn’t want to run into him, but I’d love to see the look on his face when he comes back to that’.

‘Really? It’s not exactly bunny-boiler level. I don’t think he’ll give two shits about a bit of shaving foam on a sheet.’ I paused before trying my luck. ‘You know what’d really fuck him off? We should have sex on the bed and leave the condom for him. Coming back to find out some stranger had banged his ex-girlfriend in his flat while he was out, that’s a pretty sick burn.’

Amanda escort kartal laughed. ‘Dude, I love you, but we’re not having sex just to get back at Steve. Why don’t you just jizz on his pillow, or something?’

‘Seriously? Cos I will if you want to.’ I was still feeling pretty aroused by the idea of Amanda having outgrown her old bras and was curious to see what would happen if things turned a bit sexier.

‘Go on then,’ she dared me.

We were in that stage when everything we were saying was a joke, but it seemed that we both wanted it to happen for real.

‘Well I might need a bit of a hand’

‘Ha ha! No way! This is your idea. You’re on your own.’

‘Not even a little something to look at, just to get me warmed up?’

‘Look all you want.’ Amanda put her hands on her hips, struck a mock sexy pose, pouted and waggled her eyebrows in a stereotype of seduction.

I began to rub my crotch. ‘Phwoar. Well you are very attractive. But what about unzipping that top a little bit.’

Amanda giggled. ‘Are you actually going to do this? Oh my God!’

‘Why not? Don’t you want me to?’ I could feel my cock getting bigger as my body committed to what was happening.

‘You fire away, if that’s what you want to do.’

‘Ok, but seriously I’m not going to get turned on looking at some guy’s pillow. Just show me your tits to help me on my way. We don’t want to be here all day.’

It was a complete lie – I was already turned on but I could tell that she was on the brink of getting caught up in the moment and wanted to see if she could be pushed over the edge.

Amanda looked down at her sizeable chest, shook her head and muttered, ‘Can’t believe I’m going to do this, but here you go.’

It wasn’t a sultry strip. She quickly unzipped her hoodie and pulled it back to reveal to a pair of huge tits in a plunging white bra. She was clearly nervous and started to babble. ‘Nice bra, isn’t it? It’s a bit tight on my shoulders, though.’

Fuck the bra, I thought. Look at what’s in it.

‘Woah! You’ve grown a LOT since we went out. How big are you now?’

Amanda pulled on the bra straps and hefted her massive chest up and down.

‘Well this is a 32G’

‘Jesus Christ.’ I wasn’t pretending any more – I was firmly stroking my dick through my jeans.

Amanda had a devilish look in her eye which I hadn’t seen since we were going out. ‘But it’s actually been feeling a bit tight for a while, so I got re-measured yesterday and now I need a 34H’.

She looked at me in genuine surprise. ‘I had no idea you were so into big tits.’

‘Your tits were always great. And it’s not a good idea to tell your girlfriend you wished her body was different in some way. But now. Jesus – your body is amazing.’

‘Good for getting free drinks,’ she joked, and once again pulled her tits up with both hands, this time leaning her head forward and resting her chin on the top of her wobbling chest. Each breast was larger than her head.

The sight of my ex’s huge rack dwarfing her head was getting too much.

‘Ok, you better stop warming me up or I’ll let loose in my trousers, rather than on Steve’s bed.’ I pulled down my jeans and boxers, and gripped my cock. Now it was Amanda’s turn to gasp.

‘Oh my God! You’ve been keeping that a secret!’

That was the reaction I’d been hoping for. In the five years since we’d stopped dating, I’d become obsessed with growing my dick as big as possible. After trying a load of junk methods off the internet, I’d worked out my own technique using regular pumping to stretch it and then supplementing the stretch with bodybuilders’ bulking and tissue repair shakes to keep it growing.

‘You’re, like, twice as big as I remember!’

When we’d dated, I’d had a perfectly good seven inches. Now I was just shy of a jaw-dropping thirteen inches. After I’d grown to fill the first penis pump, I’d simply bought another, joined it onto the first one to make a super-long pump, and kept up the good work.

I swayed my hips slightly from side to side and my cock lazily followed suit, slightly out of time. I held it as close to the base as possible so as not to cover up any of its length while keeping it pointed upwards towards maltepe escort Amanda. Since getting so big, the weight of the thing had surprised me

‘I mean I remember you being big – but that’s like a foot long. You must be REALLY proud.’

It was a curious comment, but the kind of sweet insight that Amanda would often have.

‘Actually it’s about an inch over a foot.’ I didn’t want to brag, but if she was ever going to tell her friends about it then, y’know, why not have the facts?

‘You should feel it too,’ I added, innocently. ‘It’s so different. For a start it’s literally rock hard – if you squeeze it, it barely gives. But it’s also really hot. You can feel the heat coming off it from a foot away.’

Amanda tentatively reached her the palms of her hands towards my monster, like she was warming them on a fire.

‘My God – it’s a cock radiator!’

It was such a weird scene, I wished Steve would walk in right then and see his ex-girlfriend warming her hands on a giant cock being brandished by some complete stranger. By now I was using both hands to steadily wank myself off. Even using two hands, more than half of my dick was still visible.

‘Apparently it feels amazing when it’s inside you, if you can manage it. There’s been a couple of times it’s been a bit too big to, y’know…’

‘Dude, I’m not surprised. I’m not sure I could take it on.’

‘Well, there’s more than one way of handling the job,’ I said playfully and took a step forwards. Being nearly a foot taller than Amanda and, of course, wielding over a foot of thick cock, the tennis-ball sized tip of the shaft rested on top of her deep cleavage.

‘Err, not right now,’ she laughed and used one hand to take it off her tits. Unsupported, it swung back and hit her side with a meaty slap. ‘Ha ha! I think I can guess where it wants to be!’

Having showed my dick to quite a few women, I was used to the various stages of reaction. First came shock, then a nervous hilarity, and after that – as Amanda was finding – they all moved on to fascination, unable to take their eyes off it and wanting to explore it more closely.

‘I mean, it’s huge, isn’t it?’ she said, wrapping both her hands around it next to mine. Even with four hands covering its length, the inflamed head stood out angrily. I squeezed my cock muscles, causing it expand further, letting her feel its strength as it pulled at her grip. ‘How do you get anything done? Don’t you spend all day jacking off? If I was you, I wouldn’t leave the house!’

By now Amanda’s hands had fallen in sync with my own and was rhythmically massaging the whole length of my beast. Meanwhile, my eyes flitted from her bulging chest to the look of awe on her face, then back to the tits straining out of her undersized bra. All of a sudden, I felt a shudder.

‘Ok, I’m going to cum. You better get out of the way, so I can cover as much of Steve’s apartment as possible.’

Like most people, Amanda had been so stunned by the size I’d grown my cock to that she hadn’t noticed what was hanging underneath it – a pair of balls each the size of a small melon. For as long as I’d worked on developing a monster cock, I’d also been growing my balls as big as I could. I’d applied exactly the same principles of adaption that I’d used to nurture my penis. Like a gym workout, every morning and evening I would spend at least an hour looking at porn online, bringing myself to the point of climax but, crucially, never ejaculating.

When I did allow myself to cum at the end of each week they’d be hugely engorged with semen – painfully full. The pressure behind the orgasm would explode like a rocket. The idea was to generate as much sperm as possible, but not to release it so that the testicles would be forced to constantly grow to accommodate the fluid. Like forcing air into a party balloon, they had steadily expanded over the years until they were now producing litres of cum.

Amanda had given me a withering look at the boast of drenching Steve’s apartment with my jizz. With a quivering ‘Uh!’ I released the first explosion and shot a huge bolt of fluid at the wall behind the bed with such force that the splash back sprayed both of us. Amanda let out a short scream pendik escort bayan in time for the second blast to do the same.

She instantly took her hands off my shuddering monster to wipe the spatters of cum off her face.

‘Just stand back and watch the show’ I thought, as I expertly manhandled my giant cock, shooting jet after jet of thick creamy fluid around room. After drenching the bed, I turned and shot Steve’s cosmetic products off the top of his chest of drawers, like a shooting range at a fun fair. Next I picked up his pillow and pumped load after load directly into it, until it began to drip through the fabric. Then I pulled out and hosed down the mirror on his wardrobe. Everywhere I turned, I was leaving metre-long streams of sticky cum across the floor.

I did a 180-degree turn and hit the window with enough power to make the pane rattle. Amanda looked so startled by the noise that I couldn’t help but hit it again and again, until the glass ran thick with jizz and the sunlight partially blocked.

Methodically, I started hosing down each wall in turn, while Amanda gaped at the sheer quantity of cum being shot out of my foot-long cock. I was beginning to run out of steam and the power of my blasts was waning when I caught sight of the look of shock and wonder on Amanda’s face. Her obvious worship of me extreme virility made me feel powerful. I looked down at her tits and imagined that outsized rack bulging out of the tiny old bra she’d worn when we used to go out. The sheer difference in size from a C cup to an H cup fired me up for one last volley.

Slightly drunk with the madness of the moment, I couldn’t help myself. I wrangled my beast between Amanda’s clothed legs and pulled her toward me, pressing her tits against my chest. Looking over her shoulder, I could see a few inches of my huge cock sticking out from under her tight butt. I reached around with one hand and kept jerking off, now shooting jet after jet towards the floor while I fucked the gap between Amanda’s thighs.

‘God, it’s so thick. I actually can feel it pumping!’ she gasped.

With one last show of strength, I reached my other arms around her and gripped the end of my dick with both hands, then lifted Amanda clean off the floor – leaving her sat in mid-air on my rock-hard fuck pole.

‘Agh!’ Amanda screamed in shock as I thrust my hips back and forth, using the weight of her body to massage my monster to its final climax.

As I finally finished, I drew back from Amanda, panting. Although it was incredibly tender, I lifted up my heavy, limp schlong and wiped the dripping tip in long, slow strokes across the curtains in a final act of humiliation for Steve. The walls, the ceiling, the furniture – the whole room was dripping with hot, thick, white cum. The air was thick and steamy with the smell of sex. I had never witnessed the sheer amount of coverage I could achieve by spraying my cum around so aggressively. It was impressive and even slightly scary at the same time.

Amanda burst into uncontrollable giggles. ‘Jesus, dude. This is EPIC humiliation. There’s no way he’s going to get this cleaned up without covering himself in jizz.’ She looked around the room and shot me a mischievous look. ‘You know, it’s kinda gross.’

‘Wasn’t that the point? Any way – it’s a clearer message than the one you wrote.’ I nodded my head towards the bed where the shaving foam ‘prick’ had been obliterated.

‘He’s certainly not going to miss it. But just so he’s got something more permanent to remind him…’

Amanda picked a biro out of a puddle of cum and wiped it dry on the back of the curtains.

‘Ick! Come here.’ She grabbed the end of my still-engorged cock and used it like a dog lead to walk me over to an area of wall which had escaped the hosing. ‘Fucking hell, this thing is heavy,’ she muttered as she lifted it up and carefully drew around my king-size meat, massaging it out to its full 13 inches. Next, she knelt down and gently drew around my gargantuan ball sack.

I pulled up my boxers and jeans, gasping a little as I tried to fit such a large amount of tender flesh back into clothing.

By now Amanda had finished her graffiti project. Above the outline of my monster cock she’d written ‘Fuck you, Steve. Moved in with the guy who owns this.’

‘Moved in?’ I asked.

‘What? You think I’m going to let some other girl take you off the market after what I’ve just seen? C’mon – you need to rehydrate. And then let’s get a proper drink.’

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