16 Haziran 2021

Sharing the joy of Dirk

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“It is just so divine being with Dirk” I told Lorraine, “he is divine and sooths my soul.”

“I can imagine,Louise?” Lorraine replied with a wistful smile.

“I do think you are jealous ” I suggested noting the blush in her cheeks after I told her about Dirk and I doing our beachcombing bit.

“But dear sister” acentuated Lorraine ” he is half your age, don’t you feel at all embarrassed about that?”

“Well I don’t, what does age matter? I know what you are thinking; the proverbial toy boy and all that, well he is 22 and I am 40 so what the hell! We are good for each other, he makes me laugh and he is a wonderful lover.”

Lorraine looked puzzled and again I asked if she was jealous.

“I s’pose I am if I really thought about it.”

“Well there you go” I continued. “Why not find yourself a new guy, you have been stuck with Robert too long, it is habit, anyone can see you don’t love each other any more, if you ever did.”

“That’s cruel Louise.”

“But true?”

She looked forlorn, and then she admitted it was all over between her and Robert, that he was a dick- head and the rest of it.

“We shall have to see what we can do, you are my twin sister and we have always shared our problems and helped each other.”

Later I was telling Dirk about it as we strolled along the river bank on a wonderful sunny June Sunday afternoon. He had stayed with me over night and it was divine, actually having a guy to snuggle up to.

It had been a hectic week in the hospital and being a theatre nursing sister I needed some relaxation. And if anyone could give me that it was yummy Dirk who knows all the things I like to do.

We sat on the river bank canlı bahis on a blanket and had a picnic. It was so quiet and we could only hear the sound of the river trickling in a gentle flow and the song thrush which was rather divine.

Afterwards, when we relaxed and stretched out a bit Dirk told me he liked my twin and that we ought to find someone for her, someone who could please her as much as I did him.

“That would be nice” I said starting to unzip him. “You are so divine, Dirk, and I love you so much.”

I always enjoyed the feel of him, the utter joy of pampering him to the hilt – and he was all mine.

“I know,” he laughed, “A nd if you want to do with me what I think you want to do You want me to keep a look out huh?”

“Well we don’t want anyone to see, do we” I replied winkling him out over the waist of his blue boxers shorts, he knows I love that colour, blue for a boy and blue for what we do when we are alone together. I just laid on his tummy and took him warmly in my mouth, my lips still tingling after a deep prolonged French kiss and then it was full,I could feel it starting to grow.

It was so lovely, moving it around in my mouth, tasting him and so enjoying the feel of prime cock against my exploring tongue.

That is how it was before we went to sleep the night before. We had fucked twice, once he was on top and next me, it was divine. After that we were both well ready for sleep and I slumbered with him still in my mouth. It really sooths me to sleep.

I rested on his chest as he enjoyed me with his gentle fingers running around and around my moist divinely fucked pussy and it was so lovely – especially to be deep sucking my baby at bahis siteleri the same time, feeling the flexibility of his fully grown cock make my cheeks bulge.

And now I wanted it again. I could never get enough of the taste and feel of cock, the splendour of his well hung balls as I gradually slipped down his boxer shorts to reveal all.

I continued to suck and taste, he moaned some which made it all the more thrilling.

“Baby I wont be able to concentrate on keeping a lookout if you suck me much more.”

To hell with it, I couldn’t stop, I was too much into it, if anyone saw us then bully for them. I was enjoying myself, bending it, stroking its length divine as I started to enjoy that gorgeous p-hole I loved so much.

Dirk was really moaning now, I felt the electric in his body, he wanted to fuck but I could not let go of him, the simple joy of just chilling and sucking him was so very good..

But he grasped my hair from the back and pulled my head away and it made a deep slurping sound as he finally won. He was in one hell of a state and I knew he wanted me there and then, I had a quick look around as he pulled down my thong and pressed his face into me and there he was, sucking and pampering me like there was no tomorrow.

I knew there was no stopping him, he heaved me around onto all fours and grasped my hips as he pressed his well sucked cock deep into me.

It was some fuck, and it was sheer heaven, just to be taken like that by such a demanding and strong young man, my toy-boy supreme,

Afterwards we laid there for a while, enjoying those special soothing moments afterwards when all in the world seems perfect.

Then I heard a sneeze bahis şirketleri nearby. It was a female sneeze. I recognised that sneeze. It was Lorraine hiding behind a bush opposite us.

“Come on out whoever you are” I yelled knowing it was Lorraine.

And there she was looking as good as ever in tight jeans and a loose top, I knew she was commando, she always was when it was hot. She had a figure to die for and although I am slightly overweight Dirk says he doesn’t mind because there is plenty to get hold of.

“So sister dear are you going to tell me you just happened to be passing and didn’t know we were here?”

She said nothing, looking very awkward and embarrassed.

“You have been watching haven’t you?”

Again she was quiet and I knew then she had.

“Don’t you owe us an apology Lorraine?”

Eventually she came out with it, “Sorry Louise, sorry Dirk.”

“I should think so too, what shall we do with you?”

“I know what I’d like to do!” piped in Dirk quite out of the blue, I could see he was eyeballing her. He had often said how much alike we were.

Lorraine smiled and said I was so lucky having a great guy like Dirk.

I was feeling benevolent. She was my nearest and dearest sister and we had shared everything.

“Okay then. Come and join us, I can see you want to and I know Dirk does, just look at the lust in his eyes.”

“But your picnic basket is empty Louise” Lorraine chuckled .

“But Dirk’s isn’t” I pointed out seeing his swelling grow beneath those gorgeous jeans he’d so quickly done up when he heard someone sneeze.

“I think you can open up house again now, Dirk – you have another customer.”

“Wow! Said he, talk about a double whammy” and soon Lorraine was so hungrily enjoying what I had just before, and for a double fuck we were both soon gratified.

Talk about twins sharing, I never thought it would come to this.

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