14 Haziran 2021

She Hates Me? Not! Pt. 04: Marriage

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Monica, David, and Karly the cougar are back. Thanks for your patience.

I’m putting this one back into the Erotic Couplings category, despite the Mature and Group Sex bits. Most of the sex is one-on-one.

As usual, I thank you for taking the time to read my scribblings, and ask only that you cast a vote when you finish, and send me some feedback for future consideration.

I hope you enjoy it.


I was now officially the man of the Pudzianowski household, and had been so for a little over a year now. Even though I didn’t share a name with either of the ladies….yet…. they made it abundantly clear that I was part of the family. Some families are closer than others, and this one was very, very close.

My days and nights were filled with Monica, or Karly….often with both on the same day, if not actually the same time, although that took place quite frequently as well. It was all any young man could want, or handle, for that matter.

In Monica, I had a stunningly beautiful girlfriend my own age. We were in love, so besides her incredible body and willingness to satisfy my every sexual need, she also took care of my emotional side. I just really liked being around her, and enjoyed cuddling with her in bed, after sex, almost as much as exploring her body during the act. Almost.

Then there was Karly, my insatiable MILF, possible future mother-in-law, and lover of my adolescent dreams. Every young guy wishes for a sexy, mature woman to show him the pleasures of the fairer sex, preferably one built like a brick battleship. Karly qualified in spades, and she still surprised me from time to time despite the fact that we’d slept together a hundred times. Between the two of them, all my fantasies were coming to fruition.

Things were about to change, however, and as usual, I would be the last to know. Thinking back, I was witness to the beginning of the change, but didn’t have a clue what I was watching at the time.

Monica and I were getting along swimmingly, falling deeper in love every day. It was actually Karly who first brought up the potential of marriage, citing her opinion that Monica couldn’t ask for better husband material. She winked at me as she said it, so I took it with a grain of salt, pretty sure her opinion was based on the size of my dick, and what it frequently did to her pussy, and occasionally, her ass. Still, a useful testimonial no matter what the reason. She also made it clear that marrying her daughter wouldn’t alter our relationship one bit….she wasn’t going to come on the honeymoon, but she would be waiting for me, legs spread in anticipation, as soon as we returned. Then she told her daughter not to dally, or she’d take me for her own.

Anyway, I began to notice an increase in whispered conversations between mother and daughter….conversations that stopped short when I entered the room. When queried, I got the same answer from both of them : “just girl talk”, and that would be the extent of the explanation. Under normal circumstances, I would have been wise to be concerned, but these circumstances were hardly normal. I chose to believe they were planning a surprise for me.

I could have pressed for more information, but they both had this way of avoiding subjects they didn’t wish to discuss. I jokingly called it ‘misdirection through sex’, and it worked pretty much the way it sounds. After a blowjob, or an hour of frenzied fucking, I rarely remembered the question I wanted to ask. It was an obvious tactic, but very effective.

I knew the two of them were cooking something up….something involving me, but since they were being so tight lipped and evasive, I gave up trying to figure it out. I figured I would find out soon enough.

I believe that I mentioned before about reading an article that women who live together, and their cycles coming into synchronization. I can now say that it’s true, because that’s what happened at the Pudzianowski house. It was my monthly, four day respite.

Don’t get me wrong. I was living the dream….sharing the beds of two beautiful, voluptuous, highly sexed women….and I knew it. Sex was available every day, from both of them, often multiple times. What red blooded young man wouldn’t give his eye teeth to be in this situation?

Still, a bit of rest every once in a while was a good thing, and even though both ladies offered me the use of their ass, mouth or tits to fuck, I usually took advantage of their downtime to get a little of my own.

Of course, some women are extra horny during their period, and Karly was a member of that sorority, so even though I tried to rest, it didn’t mean I was always successful. She liked to wake me with her lips dancing along my cock, and during her period, her mouth was extra expressive, providing the most exquisitely pleasurable blowjob any man had ever received.

Both of them seemed to want to make up for lost time after they finished, and the days after were always more strenuous canlı bahis for me. That was the pattern of life with these two.

So, when the pattern was altered, I should have noticed, shouldn’t I?


I was just coming off my monthly ‘vacation’, and expecting to be met by a wave of horny Pudzianowski women. Instead, I was left alone. Not shunned, by any means. Both of them were every bit as loving and cuddly as ever, and I was beset by kissing lips and soft breasts pressing in from all sides. Just no sex. No morning blowjobs from Karly, either. It took a few days for me to notice that my vacation had been extended.

By the time the count reached ten days, I had a case of blue balls that was almost painful. I was nearly ready to take things into my own hands, when Karly came to my rescue.

I was leaning against the sun room door jamb, watching her exercise. Monica was at school, and I was bored, and horny, so watching her was like watching live porn. She was dressed, in that yellow leotard of hers, but underwear was optional, and on this day, she had opted for none. That meant she may as well have been naked, jiggling around the sun room, working up a sweat. What I was working up was a lather.

“You know….you could join me,” she smiled, dabbing her chest with a towel. The sweat had rendered the leotard transparent, and my eyes were drawn to her nipples. “A workout might help you relax.”

“I agree,” I grumbled, “but this isn’t the kind of workout I had in mind. It’s been far too long since……”

“Poor baby,” she interrupted, stepping closer. Her eyes sparkled at me, and she craned up for a kiss. “Follow me.”

Karly was sympathetic, and horny after her workout, so she and I made a beeline for her bedroom. Clothing flew in all directions. Desperation and need was in the air. I was just about to plough her ass from behind when she rolled submissively onto her back, and offered her juicy pussy for my use. I didn’t really care which opening she wanted it in, as long as I got laid, so I slipped into her cunt, and started to fuck her hard.

“Easy, easy honey,” she whispered, stroking my hair. “I know it’s been a few days, and I’m sorry about that, but I’d really like it gently, okay? I’m feeling a little emotional, and want to feel safe in your strong arms.”

Okay, I thought. I can do gentle, if that makes her happy.

I slowed my pace, and Karly’s legs wrapped snug around my waist, holding me close. We kissed, cuddled, and caressed each other lovingly, my desperation melting away as the pleasure of her body took over. We went from fucking, to making love, and to be honest, it wasn’t a big leap for me.

While I was in love with Monica, I loved Karly too. I knew we were never going to have a ‘normal’ relationship, especially once I married her daughter. There would be no ‘mother-in-law jokes’, unless they were recounting occasions like this one, and we’d always have a unique physical relationship.

I was stroking into her buttery snatch with long, slow thrusts. The sensation of her pussy rippling around my shaft was incredible, and it wasn’t until I experienced it again that I realized how much I missed it.

She began to shudder in my arms, and gasped as she had a first, gentle orgasm. When her eyes opened again, she smiled.

“Ooooo, yes honey, that gets the ball rolling,” she whispered. “You know how I like it, don’t you? Do me, honey. Do me good.”

I had been between her legs often enough to know what she meant. Karly was well beyond multi-orgasmic, and could build on each climax, making successive ones more pleasurable for her, and more frequent. In the end, she would have them like popcorn, and I was thrilled to be able to do it for her.

I set about my task, and was soon rewarded with a second orgasm from her. Fifteen minutes of gradually increasing intensity later, I was drilling her furiously, watching her big tits wobble uncontrollably on her chest, and she was screaming through number six. Or Seven. I lost count. The only thing I knew with absolute certainty was that I was going to cum.

“I hope you can hold your breath, baby, ’cause I’m gonna drown you!” I grunted, planning to pull out and let it fly all over her. Her legs clamped around my hips, and she grabbed my ass with both hands.

“NO!” she screamed. “Inside! I want it inside! Fill my cunt with your hot cum!”

Well, there was no stopping that now, anyway. She was too strong, and I was far beyond the point of no return. I screamed and erupted, spewing white hot cum up her twitching twat so hard, I’m surprised it didn’t come out her nose. Not having had sex in days, after getting used to being active daily, this was not a small load, and I spurted, over and over and over, until she was awash in creamy goo. Through it all, she held me, and cooed in my ear.

“That’s it, sweetie, let it all out. Give me what I want. One more time.”

I melted, resting atop her for several minutes, while she embraced me.

“I think bahis siteleri I’d like some more of that, later,” she whispered, softly caressing my butt.

“Give me a couple of hours, and I’d be happy to,” I mumbled, feeling a little wasted.

“No rush, honey,” she breathed, holding me close against her chest, still with her legs wrapped snug around my waist. My cock had withered, but still plugged her opening. “Just rest, right here, in my arms.”

I almost fell asleep on top of her, but about an hour of quiet snuggling later, she finally asked me to move, so she could pee. When she returned, her first order of business was to suck me clean.

Cleaning led to sucking with purpose, and she brought my cock back to life. Moments later, she was riding my renewed erection smoothly, while I played with her nipples, licking, sucking and nibbling at the tall, stiff buds. She had this strange look on her face, like she knew something I didn’t, but I was too busy worshipping her fantastic chest to notice.

“Fuck! Your cock is so good inside me!” she growled, bouncing happily. “I could fuck you all day, every day, for the rest of my life!”

The way things were going, she just might get her wish. Monica was a very sharing person, and I didn’t mind at all.

“Oh shit!….Oh!… OH!… OH MY GOD! YES!” she screamed, bucking in the saddle as she came again. She tossed her head back, and a gurgling gasp of pleasure was heard. She slowed, then stopped her motions, and cuddled in a ball on my chest. “Ooooo, boy. That was good.”

I rolled us over, and picked up where she left off, shafting her deep. She moaned softly, and wrapped her legs around me again, letting me have maximum access to her juicy gash. I fucked her, getting more energetic by the minute, until I was pounding her hard. She was hissing a constant stream of ‘yes, yes, yes, yes’, and quivering through a near constant orgasm.

“Hard… er…. Fast… er….” she whispered, and I moved into high gear, slamming my cock into her furiously. The room echoed with moans and slapping bodies. “Cu… um… in… me… a… ga…in,” she begged.

Her timing was impeccable, and within seconds, I was filling her again. Hot semen flowed into her pussy, and she moaned her enjoyment.

“Wow, that was something to see,” I heard from the doorway. Monica was watching us, which wasn’t usual, in the least. “Can I have some tonight, too?”

“Um, I think I am, uh, done for now,” I groaned, still nestled against Karly’s pillowy chest. “Raincheck?”

“Oh, definitely,” she smiled. “I’ll hold you to it.”


The next morning, after a good night’s sleep in Monica’s bed, I tried to deliver that raincheck, but was rebuffed.

“I’m running late,” she said rolling out of bed, and racing away, “but save it for me, okay?”

Save it? Yeah, right. Oh Karly?…..

You see, this is the point where I should have known I was being manipulated, but I was too horny to notice. Karly always has time for sex. She makes time for sex. Sex is number three on her priority list, right behind sex, and sex.

Another day in Karly’s bed, then another….and another. I hadn’t spent this much time exclusively with Karly….ever, and I had certainly not cum inside her this often. She usually liked to wear a few loads, but recently, had only wanted it in the pussy.

Finally, I found myself between Monica’s thighs. Her feet were pointing at the ceiling, and I was fucking the shit out of her, after she had insisted on a long and drawn out session of foreplay. I hadn’t been with her for so long, I was beyond excited, and she knew just how to push my buttons.

“Oh yeah, baby, FUCK ME HARD!” she screeched. “Cum on my face!”

Oh, that did it. She knew how much I liked to see her beautiful face and perfect lips painted with cum, and I went into overdrive, pounding her harder.

“Get ready, Mon,” I grunted, “gonna spray you good.” Before I could, though, she clamped down on me, wrapping her legs around my waist, and her arms around my back.

“Changed my mind,” she giggled. “Fill me up instead!”

Changed my mind? Changed my mind?! I know it’s a woman’s prerogative, but…..now she tells me?

I shotgunned her vagina full of thick, sticky semen, pumping her so full it oozed out around my still twitching dick, while she just moaned happily.

“That’s my man,” she whispered. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Mon,” I slurred slightly. The room was spinning. A few minutes later, I was asleep.


The next morning made me wonder if I dreamed the whole thing. I woke with Karly’s mouth on my still sticky cock, and when Monica got up to use the bathroom, Karly laid back and pulled me on top of her. By the time Monica returned, we were well into it, fucking loudly and without a care. After I got Karly off twice, Monica subbed in for a few minutes in the saddle, before coaxing another load out of me. It was a very good way to start the day.

In other words….things were back to normal bahis şirketleri in the Pudzianowski household. Monica and I made up for her absence. The three of us fucked each other into submission, and for a few days, it seemed the only place I was allowed to squirt was inside my girlfriend. Even if I was in bed with Karly, Monica showed up in time to play cum receptacle.

I know, I know….you’re right, I should have seen it, but I’m a guy. We don’t always see the obvious, especially when we have no reason to question the order of things. I didn’t have a reason. I was getting laid more than a porn star, so why rock the boat?


I had no idea the boat was about to get crowded.

“Honey? Could you come up here, please?” Monica called from upstairs. I was in the living room, watching TV, and turned it off, anticipating that I was being called for the usual reasons. I bounded up the stairs, searching for her.

“In here,” the voice came, from Karly’s bedroom.

Oh boy….Karly has the bigger bed. Maybe it’s threesome time again!

I walked in, and was surprised to see both of them still fully clothed. Karly was sitting on the bed, and Monica was pacing around the room. Something was up.

“Yes?” I asked. Monica turned to see me, and smiled.

Karly laid back, and motioned me to her. I never turned down a hug, so I crawled in beside her. Monica followed me onto the bed, and the ladies sandwiched me, snuggling into me under each arm.

“Okay, you’ve got me,” I smiled, kissing each in turn. “I assume this is more than just a hug?”

“Yes, it is,” Karly said softly, but with a smile. “It’s time we had a little talk.”

“Talk? About what?”

“Well, several things, really, but one in particular,” she replied. “We have some news for you, and I’m hoping you will find it as happy as we do.”

So, it’s not even ‘good news or bad news’. I don’t have a choice of which I get, just whether I like it or not. What the hell is it?

Alright,” I nodded. “Is this going to hurt?”

“I don’t think so,” Karly smiled, and nodded to Monica, who reached into her pocket. She produced a white, plastic device, like a big flattened pencil, with a display window on it and handed it to me.

Oh. My. God. I had a feeling I knew what it was, and took it with trembling hands.

Yep. The logo said EPT, and in the window, it said…. Pregnant!

My brain shortcircuited. I had nothing against having kids, and wanted to be a Father at some point….just not necessarily now, before we were married.

“Honey? How?” I asked. “I thought you were on the pill?”

Monica just looked at me, a happy grin on her face, and shook her head. She pointed across me, at Karly.

Okay….I correct my previous statement. Nowmy brain shortcircuited. I turned my head slowly toward Karly, and she smiled, waving her fingertips at me.

“Hi Daddy!” she giggled.

Oh….but….what?….how?….why would….really? My mother-in-law-to-be? Pregnant? With. My. Child.

Words failed me. I vapour locked, unable to say a thing.

“Don’t freak out,” Karly whispered, and kissed me. I didn’t respond, my lips limp. “I wanted this. It going to be my last chance, I’m sure, and I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather have as my baby-daddy.”

Fine, but couldn’t we have talked about it first? Still no words. Suddenly, the change in routine made sense. Only fucking Karly, and only cumming inside her. I had been set up, and Monica was in on it. Now, I found words.

“So, I’m the last to know, huh?” I asked, a bit angry, looking at Monica. Not about the baby….just the way I was tricked into supplying the sperm. “Is that the way it’s going to be?”

“David, if you’re going to be angry at anyone, then make it me,” Karly said, turning my head back to face her. “My idea. Yes, I should have told you, but I wasn’t even sure I could get pregnant again, and didn’t want to pressure you. You have some pretty potent spermies there, stud!” she giggled.

Okay, that was funny….calling me stud, after using me as one….so I laughed.

“That’s better,” she smiled. “This is a happy day, honey. I’m very happy!”

The three of us cuddled together, talking, and eventually fell asleep together. When we woke up, it was late, but we went out for dinner to celebrate anyway. I was feeling less shocked.

That feeling was premature.


Two days later, I came home from class to find Karly and Monica sitting in the kitchen, drinking tea. I had made my peace with the idea of being a father, and walked over to them.

“Hi sweetie,” I smiled, kissing Monica.

“Hi Mommy,” I laughed, kissing Karly.

“Um, yeah, well…” Karly smiled. I looked at her, and she pointed at Monica. I flinched, and turned slowly, to see my sexy girlfriend holding another test device. She wagged it at me, like it was dancing.

“Me too!” she giggled.

Oh my good God!


I was laying in my room, curled up in a rather appropriate fetal position, contemplating life. Two days ago, I was a happy-go-lucky, carefree guy, with a hot girlfriend and a sexy MILF at my fingertips. Sex was fun, frequent, and string free. Now…..I was going to be a Daddy. Twice. Holy shit!

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