16 Haziran 2021

Show , Tell Ch. 28

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This is a long chapter, really two, that needed to be told at the same time so the reader could follow how it all actually happened. I hope you have/take the time to read it all at once… and enjoy how erotic it all turned out. Thank you


Show & Tell

Chapter 28

After our weekend in New York, and the time it took both of us to recuperate, I figured there would be nothing I could come up with that would even approach that level of debauchery.

But with the new school year beginning in a week, I figured one last day out would help get her… and I, off to a good start.

I had no idea how “good!”

Picked her up early, promising breakfast, which was always a “fast” start into her heart. I got a quick kiss and then the first words out of her mouth… “You’re not going to believe this!”

Luckily, she said it with a look of… “excitement,” rather than “dread.”

Oh, and she was wearing a tiny summer dress, a cute “Ed Hardy” print that was more a “Man’s” button front shirt that a dress, the top four buttons of seven… were unbuttoned.

As always, she wore nothing underneath… but what was underneath was sometimes quite visible.

After giving her a favorable appraisal, I replied to her, “… you’re not going to believe this,” remark with, “TJ made the All Star team?”

Big smile, leaning across the seat and giving me a bigger kiss.

“That’s sweet,” another smile and another kiss, this one including her tongue.

“But no… that’s not it. Kathy called me last night… Judy is separated from her husband and she’s going to get her marriage annulled!”

“Judy?” feigning ignorance.

“You remember Judy… the sexy young teacher at the school. She had the crazy Bachelorette party that I went to… the one where…”

I knew who Judy was and Elle had told me all about the Bachelorette party. I’d also met Judy once and she was not someone I would easily forget.

“Didn’t she just get married?” another question for which I already knew the answer.

“Yeah… anyway… Kathy said Judy went home early from work one night last week… did you know she’s a bartender at her family’s tavern…? Well anyway, when she got home… she lives in a townhouse, her husband’s car was there but she couldn’t find him in the house. She guessed he’d gone to visit one of their friends in the development, so she went outside into the back yard and… she told Kathy she was about to yell out his name when she heard soft voices and moaning noises coming from the pool house on the other side of the pool… and she recognized one of the voices, so she stormed into the pool house and found him with a teenage girl who’s family lives in the community… and the girl was on top of him and they were fucking and Judy went nuts on him and called the police because she thought the girl was only sixteen… and she threw him out and she’s already seen a lawyer and the priest and she going to get an annulment.”

“Jesus! How long were they married… three months?”

“Not even,” Elle answered, “but they’ve been living together for almost two years. A neighbor, the lady who lives next to the pool… she told Judy that Vince…that’s Judy’s soon to be ex… the neighbor said he’d been screwing around with that girl for a long time… even before Judy moved in with him. Oh, and the girl just turned eighteen… in May… before Judy got married.”

“What’s going to happen there?” I asked, more to myself than to Elle.

“Asshole will probably continue to fuck her!” Elle replied.

“No, I meant with the girl’s family and the cops. If he was screwing around with her for as long as that neighbor alleged…his ass could be going to jail for statutory rape!”

Giving me a pensive look… “Nobody’s said anything about that.”

We’d arrived at the restaurant and Elle continued to pontificate on the injustice perpetrated on Judy… giving no thought to what she and I had been doing for the past… almost four years… and Judy’s own performance at her bachelorette party!

I listened and offered a comment now and then… mostly playing “Devil’s Advocate” and wondering how I could find an eighteen year old girlfriend.

Needless to say… my input wasn’t warmly received.

From the restaurant I was heading for 2Hot, where I figured Elle would get over the Judy misadventure and instead regale Kat with stories about her own adventures in “Gotham.”

Unfortunately, we found the store was closed, a sign on the door “apologizing” for “… plumbing problems.”

Bummed, I had no alternative but to offer “Seductive Nights” as a worthy substitute.

Elle had no problem excepting that offer.

While Hue and Helen took very good care of Elle, neither could replace Kat as a confidant and mentor.

As we drove, I noticed a small, very cute smile on Elle’s lips.

“Thinking about me with an eighteen year old?” I asked.

That was greeted with a smirk and then followed by a very canlı bahis provocative statement, issued as if she was describing a receipt for sugar cookies… “No, I was thinking about how much I really like the taste of cum.”


I turned to look at her.

The cute smile was back!

I had to ask… “Is that a recently discovered appreciation… or a long held conviction?”

A pause… a deep sigh… then, “I guess I’ve always liked sucking on men’s cocks. There’s something about the way all men seem to… I don’t know… the way you become very still when I first go down on you… then how you begin to move, with soft moans or cries. Then, once I’m really in to it, how you all take my head in both hands… or put a hand on the back of my head. Sometimes, you move my face down to your balls… but I always want to anticipate you doing that and move to your balls right away… so you know that’s one less thing you have to worry about. Then… when I pick up your scrotum and I lick your asshole… that’s when I really get a reaction… and that’s when I really concentrate on getting you off. Sometimes… I don’t get to play with you… and I don’t mean just you… but men in general… because you’re too excited by me just sucking on you and I know you’re going to cum quickly… so I just concentrate on swallowing as much of you as I can and then enjoy the pushing and feeling your ejaculation… especially if it’s deep in my throat.”

Impressed, I ask, “You seem to be paying a lot of attention to what we’re doing as you’re pleasuring us. Does that diminish your own excitement or pleasure in any way?”

Nice smile and then, “Oh no… not at all. Feeling you move, feeling and hearing all of what I just described are all a part of getting excited. I know that a few times… like the first time a sucked another man’s cock… another man that wasn’t you… I almost had an orgasm it felt so good…”

“Do you remember who that was?” I asked.

“Oh course,” she responded, “it was Brendan at the motel and he had to leave before I could finish. But it was so… hot… sexy… so unexpected because I never dreamed I’d find myself in a motel with a stranger… never mind a stranger that I’d invited into the room!

Suddenly, the idea of a benign visit to Seductive Nights didn’t seem like the best use of the day.

As usual, my perusal of the “Friend Finder” site and the “Profiles” of nearby members, had elicited a nugget of information that suddenly became significant.

The profile of a “Couple,” listed as, “… straight… would like to meet other couples and select singles for adult fun…” raised my interest. It wasn’t the description that had piqued me, but rather the dozens of pictures that accompanied the profile. While neither of the individuals were “glamorous” they were both attractive and, if the pictures were evidence, both very happy and confident in their appearance and sexuality. More importantly… one of their likes was listed as, “… the Glory Hole.”

While I knew what a “Glory Hole” was… to be truthful, the idea of one being available in our general vicinity seemed doubtful to me. Southern New England would never be thought of as on the, “cutting edge” of sexual experimentation.

“Witch Hunts and Dunking Stools”…?


An establishment that promoted their “Glory Hole…?”


When in doubt, consult the “Bible.”

In this case, the “Bible’ to which I refer was the weekly scandal sheet… “The Phoenix.”

Within the pages of the Phoenix, just about every “Adult” establishment of any kind was listed, and that list covered areas of three states!

No “Glory Holes” advertisements to be found.

So I went to “Google” and asked about the subject…

Who would have thunk…!

There’s an etiquette for every facet of the existence and use of said subject.

The key is first finding an “Adult Book or Video Store,” and then search for certain code words. In this case, one needed to look for, “Video Booths, Preview Booths or Adult Arcade.” While those words wouldn’t guarantee you’d find a Glory Hole in that establishment… the chances of finding one would be nil if any of those words weren’t posted somewhere inside or outside the business.

And as luck would have it… I knew of just such a place.


About four months earlier, on another “Faculty Advancement” day, from which she was exempt, and with nothing else planned, I’d taken Elle to an adult video store, cleverly named “Fore Play”… an attempt, maybe, to “obscure” the products they sold?

That said, their Phoenix advertisement boasted the, “The Largest Selection…” in Southern New England. In addition to the videos, the store advertised, “The Largest Selection…” of sex toys, “The Largest Selection…” of adult books and magazines and a “Large Selection…” of lingerie and “Sexy” clubwear.

So much for discretion.

Aside from advertising bahis siteleri all of those categories, the store also had the benefit of being just down the street from another of the large “Gentlemen’s Cubs” in the city, this one with a rather sordid reputation. With that kind of characterization… a visit to verify the depiction would have been in order.

It turned out to be an eventful trip.

Since it was nearly the end of Spring, with Elle now in full exhibitionist mode and with no idea what I had planned for the day, she’d chosen to wear one of her denim mini skirts, this one white and very mini, a blue Red Sox tank top that I’d taken the liberty to modify, cutting off all of the hems and then slitting the front deep down into her cleavage, as well as deepening the sides scoops… so while still recognizable as a Red Sox tank top… with pretty much her entire chest constantly on display… it was no longer one the team’s merchandising department have ever envisioned. She added red, 5″ cork soled heels to complete the ensemble.

Again… all of this without knowing what I’d planned, and she probably would have been comfortable if the day included a trip to a local religious shrine, her powers of rationalization such that… she would claim that, “It’s almost summer!” and believe that would be justification enough for wearing the outfit.

The boys we encountered that day weren’t interested in any justification… they just wanted to look… then look some more…

Elle was mesmerized from the moment we entered the store!

Her total experience with “Adult” videos had been confined to our “NoTel” selection and the one rack that sat next to the checkout counter at “2Hot4U.”

“Fore Play” offered aisles of racks… the different categories of videos grouped together for easier perusal.

After two minutes of open mouthed gawking… Elle turned and asked, “Are all of these real? Do men really do this?”

She was holding a video titled, “Shemale Schoolgirls.”


Assuring her that the “Actors” and “Actresses” in the video were all real, “… the setting and actions of the cast may have been… a bit “contrived.” She asked if I would buy her the video.

That was quickly followed by a “Lesbian” compilation video and a “AVN” award winning “Feature” film, starring Jenna Jameson.

That was went she stumbled onto the “Sex Toy” display… leading to more, “open mouthed” gawking and utterances such as, “… no way I could get that inside…!” and “Who would let you use that to…?” or “… I could wear THAT under my skirt to work and have it vibrating for how long…?”

While all that was going on, I was trying to figure out where the people that belongs to the cars in the parking lot were hiding?

Since we’d walked in, I’d counted six people in the store, two of which were employees, the other four following Elle around.

Had to be twenty cars in the parking lot?

Elle, completely unaware of her audience, blithely went on her way… until I interrupted her and pointed out the parade of ducklings behind her.

Smiling at me, she turned and looked at the men, shrugged her shoulders and then slightly opened her legs, while bending at the waist to retrieve a “Bullet Vibrator” off the bottom display shelf.

The bending at the waist did two things…

First, the mini skirt rode up and exposed her entire ass. And with her legs slightly spread, she also showed off her shaved pussy to them as well. Second, bending forward caused both of her tits to fall out of the already useless tank top, the only difference now was intent.

Standing back up… she neither pulled the skirt back down, nor did she stuff her breasts back into the top.

Four men frozen in place… until she bent over again, putting the vibrator back on the shelf…

That was when one of them finally moved.

College looking kid, early twenties, kind of long, shaggy haired, “young” Brad Pitt looking approached, but stopped two steps away. He was wearing a ball cap, but removed it, holding it nervously in his hands… never looking anywhere but directly into her eyes.

She made no move to cover herself.

Now his eyes started to move… up and down, up and down, before finally asking, “Are you looking for something special?”

Nice smile, “… not really. Just looking… exploring. I’ve never been here before.”

“Me neither,” finally gaining some confidence, “just looking too.”

She laughed, “I can see that.”

The kid turned six shades of red.

I’d been standing off to the left, near but not next to Elle. While I wasn’t concerned with the kid’s approach, I also didn’t feel that anything was going to come of it. While he was obviously interested, even he would admit he was probably in over his head.

“Interested?” I asked as I walked over to her.

They both looked at me with confusion written all over their faces.

Now I smiled, “The little vibrator… bahis şirketleri are you interested in that?”

They both blushed… before Elle stammered, “No… you already bought me something like that.”

Shrugging, I said, “Okay… want to look at the lingerie?”

Now a smile, “Sure,” while looping her arm through mine.

I looked at her chest and she rolled her eyes before stepping away, turning to look at the boy and the other three men still standing in the aisle… pulled down her skirt and pushed her tits back into the tank top.

The groan was audible an aisle over.

As we walked behind the Checkout and Customer Service counter in the middle of the building, I saw two men coming out a door, with a sign above declaring, “Not An Exit.” At the same time, one of the men who’d been following Elle entered the same door.

Because I was preoccupied with Elle, her exhibitionism and wondering if the kid or either of the remaining two guys would follow us to the lingerie area, nothing registered with the comings and goings of the door.

At least not until later.

The lingerie area was a little disappointing… all of the products boxed with only three items on display.

In spite of that drawback…Elle found something that she liked and wanted to model it for me.

Okay… but where were the dressing rooms?

“Sorry,” the young black guy at the service counter told me, “we don’t have a dressing room. If she wants to try something on she can use the bathroom in the hallway with the “Emergency Exit” sign.

No one came to check on what she carried into the bathroom.

Did anyone care…?

The kid and the remaining two guys who’d been following her around… had followed us to the Lingerie area and were hanging back, waiting to see what would happen next.

At least someone… other than myself, did care.

When she stepped out of the bathroom… she was wearing pearls.

Not the kind of pearls that your great aunt wore with her Mink stole… no… these pearls were fashioned into something one might have been called a bra and g-string set… except the bra was formed by three strands of pearls, each slightly longer than the others, that draped her tits rather than framed them. The g-string was one set of pearls that wrapped around her waist and another that attached in the front and back, running down her ass and up through her vagina, disappearing in the space in between, before reappearing at the top of her slit.

Nope… not something you saw every day.

A collective intake of breath was all I heard from her audience.

She walked to the opening of the hallway and did a slow pirouette, asking, “What do you think?”

I cocked my head, pursed my lips, but said nothing.

The boys in the back…?

“Holy shit!”… “Madre de Dios!”… “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!”

She liked their responses much better than mine.

Another pirouette in appreciation and she went back into the bathroom and changed back into her previous attire.

She didn’t find anything else that interested her in lingerie, so I added the “Bra Set” to the videos and we skipped the Book section and checked out.

Talking to the black kid as I waited for my receipt, I had to ask, “Where is everyone? There are more cars outside than people in here…?”

He smiled, “They’re all downstairs… video rooms, stuff like that. Guys are coming and going all day… and night.”

Must have been through that door.

With only the younger kid still hanging around, watching… I decided I’d seen enough.

When we left the store I figured we’d check out the “Gentleman’s Club” that I’d discovered was nearby. If all that I’d heard and read was true, “Shameless” would more that live up to the name.

While I wasn’t sure of the address, finding the building wasn’t hard… and I knew immediately how the business got its name.

The building was big… big and block shaped… big and block shaped and… PINK!

And I ain’t talking just kind of a soft Pedal PINK… or a rose Champagne PINK… This bad boy was HOT PINK… the whole friggin building!

“What is that?” was followed by, “I’ll bet it will be fun,” after I explained what it was to her.

That turned out to be true… but my initial reaction when we walked through the door…?

“Turn around and walk back out!”

Dark and dingy is the best way to describe what we encountered when we walked in.

The entry was the middle level of three, the main stage to my left, down four stairs to the bottom level, the bar four steps up to my right on the upper. A stairway was visible almost directly across the room from where we were standing, leading up to what… I had no idea.

A heavy set girl was dancing listlessly on the stage, not one patron sitting on the bottom level, only a dozen or so anywhere in sight.

“Sit anywhere you’d like,” the large “doorman” standing to my left offered, “won’t get busy for another twenty minutes.”

“Must be another “noon time” crowd,” I figured.

We took two seats at the railing overlooking the stage, the place looking even more run down as my eyes adjusted to the dark.

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