22 Nisan 2021

Sisters with mother’s boyfriend

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After 12 years of living and working in the UK the 35-year old comes home to mummy. Wamuyu is a slender girl with large tits, a size D cup. Last time she had come home for Christmas, she had heard it mentioned that her mother, at 58, had snared a boyfriend. She had joked about her mother keeping him to herself instead of letting her have him, but it was not a serious thing at the time. Now staying at her mother’s she met Richard, a tall, slender man in his early 50s but looking like he was still in his late 30s. In spite of herself she felt a dangerous attraction for him; he had a way of looking at her (especially her tits) that made her weak in the knees. Then when talking to her elder sister Bernice, 38 years old with a 13-year old daughter, she discovers that she, too, in spite of having a live-in relationship with a man 5 years her senior, is also fatally attracted to her mothers boyfriend; they decide to seduce him.

Whenever Richard visits during the weekend, she makes sure to serve him anything he wants, making it look like she’s sparing her mother the bother, thereby making her grateful and keeping suspicion at bay. She sits opposite the sofa he likes to sit in and when Mother is not looking flashes her thighs at him while ostensibly changing sitting position. One evening while her mother is late coming home and elder sister Bernice is at home with her, they flash thighs at him, while wearing only light tee shirts over their large bra-less boobs. Bernice is a tall, heavily built woman, whose beauty still shines on her dark features. He cannot help admiring these outdoor sex porno two gorgeous women.

The elder sister accidentally drops something and while trying to catch it, trips. But he strikes out to break her fall and they both collapse into the sofa he was sitting in, one hand at the side of her breast. They all start laughing with relief that no harm has been done, while she moves in such a way that her breast, even larger than her small sister’s, is now in his hand. Looking deep into his eyes she sighs contentedly, letting him know she does not mind being touched even more. Wamuyu, still laughing, comes to sit near her sister while her breasts are being fondled, the large nipples standing out like soldiers at parade. She puts her arms around Bernice in sisterly fashion but this puts her own breasts within his reach. With his other hand he tenderly rubs against this bouncing orb.

Pretending its all a big joke they continue laughing and letting hand encounter breast here and there. Soon he has both girls in his lap and is himself in erotic heaven. They rub their backs against his erection and send him higher and higher. When he turns one sideways and kisses her hotly, the other also turns her head demanding her own kiss. That first evening he kisses them, caresses them all over, on the thighs and crotch, until their panties are soaking wet with desire. He discovers the elder sister has a large protruding clit, which he is soon sucking and rolling between teeth and tongue. Wamuyu is rubbing herself against his leg, while he dips his two public agent porno fingers in her dripping cunt. Bernice is the first to hit erotic heaven letting out a loud moan in her deep voice. This seems to set Wamuyu off, collapsing onto the pair amidst cries of delight. They roll their bodies together as the two women come down slowly.

By the time Mother arrives, Richard and Wamuyu are back to their best behaviour, while Bernice has already left for home and her family. As they watch TV they are hoping the air freshener has chased the smells of sex from the house. During the night Wamuyu can hear Mother & Richard fucking furiously, no doubt because of the heat Bernice, herself and Richard had worked up during the afternoon. Wamuyu can hardly wait to have him to herself, to have his cock buried deep inside her, giving her more of the delight he is now giving her mother! She calls Bernice at home, and first making sure her man is not near, telling her sister how she can hear the sounds of frantic fucking from their mothers bedroom.

Richard is actually fantasising over the two sisters boobs while driving his pole into their mother. Much as he enjoys suckling these elderly tits, they are nowhere as big as her daughters’. But this play quickly sets the older woman to moaning in ecstasy, and when he dips his finger into her cunt, finds it pleasantly wet, ready for his tool. He holds it in his hand and runs it up and down her crack, causing her to twist herself uncontrollably in lust. Little by little he starts to enter this juicy cunt until reality kings porno his mushroom is making slurpy, wet noises with her secretions. Suddenly he removes his hand and plunges all the way in. She screams. These are the sounds her daughter is hearing from the next room. Richard does not try to keep her quiet, knowing that Wamuyu will be crazy with desire, and that very soon he will be delighting her with his marvellous cock.

Giving Marjory long, hard strokes he continues to suck one of her boobs, which he knows always sends her sky-high. Tonight he does not want her coming too soon, wanting to punish the younger woman for torturing him so badly in the afternoon. Marjory loves these long ones, and as if the excitement of the afternoon had infected her, she unexpectedly climaxes her first one, with a deep-throated sound. Richard slows his strokes for a bit and then picks up speed gently. She is moaning in hoarse whispers when she comes again. He increases the tempo some more, making her scream in a shrill tone. Without reducing amplitude, Richard brings down the frequency of his plunges, drawing sounds of satisfaction from deep inside her.

In the next room, Wamuyu’s finger is furiously rubbing her swollen clit as she tells her sister of their mothers ravaging by this gorgeous man. Telling each other how they must fuck him before the end of the week, both sisters come at the same time, while stuffing a fist into the mouth to prevent the noise disturbing anybody elsewhere in the house; Wamuyu the couple in the other bedroom, and Bernice her daughter and the maid. Bernice is also wondering what she will tell her man about the smells of her orgasm, but hopes it will make him want to fuck her; he hasn’t desired her since Sunday. At least that would cool her fires for the next three days until she and Wamuyu can have Richard to themselves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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